It is normal to come across foam and latex mattresses but very unusual to find a bed without either foam or latex. That’s what you receive when you purchase a mattress from the Joybed brand. Read this Joybed Mattress reviews to know more about this natural mattress.

Joy is a mattress brand from Michigan. The company specializes in creating affordable luxury bedding products using organic materials. Aside from making mattresses, the company also sells sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, foundations, and much more.

Technical Specifications of the Joybed Mattress


Joybed Mattress

Thickness: 11,12 and 13-inch
First Layer: fiber fire barrier
Durability: 6 and 8 years
Next Layer: breathable cotton
Made of: organic materials
Firmness: various firmness choices
Shipping: free shipping eight contiguous states
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Models: LX, LXC, and LXP
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Trial period: 120-night free 
Edge Support: Excellent
Pressure Relief: Excellent
Certification: GOTS certified
Pricing: Affordable

Besides, Joybed is an online mattress brand, meaning that it delivers its bed to your doorstep. The company provides three mattress models: the LX, LXC, and LXP. The LX is a firm bed, the LXC has a medium-firm and medium-plush, and the LXP has a medium-firm and medium-plush bds. On top of that, the LXC medium-plush bed is a vegan option.

Joybed Natural Sleep Mattress Reviews


In this Joybed mattress review, we’ll be looking at the LX firm bed. This is their flagship mattress, and it comes in only one firmness option: firm feel. Like other Joybed mattresses, this bed is made of all-natural materials with a coil support core. We’ll highlight its features, pros, cons, who should use the bed, and who should stay away from it. Here is a full review of the Joybed LX firm mattress.


The three Joybed mattresses have varying thickness profiles. The Joybed LX has 11-inches, LXC has 12-inches, and LXP has 13-inches. Nevertheless, we’ll be looking at how the LX is built and what makes up the 11-inch thickness profile.

The Joybed LX bed features a lightweight organic cotton cover. This cover is hand-quilted, and the cotton is GOTS certified. It is also breathable and gives the mattress a soft touch.

The first layer is made up of a plant fiber fire barrier. This is breathable and flame-resistant plant fibers that add protection without any toxic substances in them. Next is a layer of breathable cotton. The hypoallergenic cotton delivers cushioned support and allows air to flow freely. This layer plays a considerable role when it comes to relieving pressure.

Another vital layer of the Joybed mattress is the heat-wicking wool layer. The layer is made of a responsibly sourced, anti-microbial eco-wool that wicks heat away from the sleeper’s body. As a result, it keeps the sleeper cool the entire night. Below this layer is a layer of individually wrapped coils. The coils in the support core and ensure that the mattress conforms appropriately to the body’s curves. Also, they provide proper spinal alignment for a comfortable and supportive surface. The coils also play a part in the bed sleeping cool, as they allow air to pass through freely.


Mattresses made from natural materials usually last longer than those made from synthetic materials. For this reason, the Joybed LX mattress will last longer than most foam beds but not better than latex beds. And since it is a hybrid mattress, expected to last between 6 and 8 years.


Finding a bed with the right firmness level will determine if you sleep fine or comfortable. Lightweight sleepers are comfortable on softer beds, while heavyweight sleepers prefer firmer beds. The Joybed LX mattress comes with only one firmness option: 7 feel. This is firm, meaning that people who weigh below 130 pounds or above 230 pounds won’t get outstanding support like those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds.

When it comes to sleeping positions, back and stomach sleepers will find this bed comfortable. The mattress is firm enough to provide proper spinal alignment. Therefore, there won’t be increased pressure in the shoulder, hip, and waist sections of the sleeper’s body.

Pressure Relief

If you’ve been having issues sleeping on a soft mattress, the Joybed LX mattress is the perfect choice for you. However, it is not as supportive as memory foam or all-foam beds as it has coils in its structure. The bed features cotton, wool, and fiber layers, which don’t have the same pressure-relieving qualities as memory foam or all-foam beds.

But if you still want a mattress with excellent pressure relieving qualities, try out the Joybed LXP mattress. This bed has a plush surface that offers better pressure relief. What’s more, it has a nano coil layer that helps in alleviating pressure.

Motion Isolation                       

Since the Joybed LX mattress is a hybrid bed, it does not offer outstanding motion isolation. Also, the wool, cotton, and fiber layers are not exceptional when absorbing motion. On the contrary, the individually wrapped coils in the support core don’t limit motion and may even worsen it.

Overall, the LX mattress limits motion to a fair extent, but your partner may destruct. If you desire a bed that isolates motion to a greater extent, consider getting an all-foam or memory foam bed.

Edge Support

Like other hybrid mattresses, the Joybed LX mattress delivers excellent edge support. The mattress’s edge comes with a double column of coils around the perimeter. As a result, this reinforces the edge of the bed. Therefore, sleepers won’t experience sinking while sitting at the edge of the bed. Even individuals that weigh more than 230 pounds won’t experience serious sinking.

If you’re a sleeper that loves using the entire surface of the bed, you will be glad to have this bed. With a reinforced perimeter, there is no rolling off the mattress.

Temperature Neutrality

As with most hybrid beds, the Joybed LX mattress sleeps cool. Thanks to the coil support core that allows air to flow through the bed freely. Aside from that, it also has a breathable cotton cover and layers that allow air to pass freely. The heat-wicking wool also helps to get rid of heat from the sleeper’s body. You don’t have to worry about sleeping on this bed with such features, even if you’re a hot sleeper.


One of the Joybed LX mattress’s selling points is that it has a bouncy and responsive surface. This allows couples to have a fun time on the bed without feeling stuck or uncomfortable. Besides, the coils in the core make the bed bouncy crucial when it comes to intimacy. And with its firm surface, it is hard for couples to turn down this mattress.


This is among the things that you will have to put up with the Joybed LX mattress. As the bed ages, you may start to hear some pronounced noise from the core. This is because of the individually wrapped coils. These coils may begin to make a squeaky or creaky sound.

If you can tolerate such sounds, then this is a fantastic bed for you. But if you can’t, then you may have to consider getting a virtually silent bed, such as Novosbed or Nolah all-foam mattresses.  


The Joybed LX bed won’t produce a lot of gas like other bed-in-a-box mattresses. This is because it is made of natural materials, which are not toxic. However, like any new mattress, this bed should also be off-gas to some extent. The odor won’t last as it dissipates quickly.

Foam beds produce a lot of smell because they feature synthetic materials. On the other hand, the LX mattress is made of wool, cotton, and coils that do not off-gas. Expect to sleep on this bed after a few hours of unboxing. At most, it should take 24 hours for the mattress to get rid of the gas.

Trial Period

Joined offers buyers a 120-night sleep trial period. This is a lot of time to determine whether the bed meets your needs or not. The only problem is that you cannot return the mattress anytime that you wish to. It comes with a 30-night mandatory trial period. This means that you cannot return the mattress before 30-nights are over. Whether If you decide to return the bed earlier, you will be charged a small exchange fee.


Joybed mattress ships its mattress within five business days. Customers in the 48 contiguous states will get their deliveries for free. But those located in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada may be charged a small fee to have their order delivered.

Joy does not offer free white glove delivery or old mattress removal. However, if you want these services, you can call Joybeds customer care and have them organize them for you with third parties. The mattress is transported while compressed in a box.

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Even though the Joybed LX mattress is a hybrid bed made of natural materials and coils, it is affordable. Hence, you get more than what you pay for as it comes with breathable, sturdy, comfortable, and eco-friendly materials.


The Joybed also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only. The warranty covers dents of up to 1.5-inches deep and defects in material and workmanship. Note that you will be needed to pay for the transport of the bed.

Pros of the Joybed mattress


Who should buy the Joybed LX mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Joybed LX mattresses?

Final Thoughts

Joy is a perfect mattress for individuals looking for an all-natural mattress. Made with no foams but fibers alone, this mattress is non-toxic, safe, breathable, and comfortable for sleeping. It is as well as one of the most affordable natural mattresses that you will come across. This bed-in-a-box mattress company has different beds on offer, allowing other sleepers to select a mattress that meets their needs.

It is the Joybed LX, LXC, or LXP; all of these beds offer comfort, support, and cool sleep. Besides, the manufacturer gives a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. This is more than what many online mattress companies offer. We hope that this Joybed Mattress reviews article has helped you to make up your mind on whether to take a Joybed mattress or not.


Question: Apart from mattresses, what other bedding items does Joybed sell?
Answer: Joined sells three different mattress models. Aside from that, they also sell a vegan mattress topper, wool pillow, mattress protector, organic sheet set, and foundations. Therefore, you get so much more than just a mattress.

Question: Does Joybed have brick-and-mortar stores where I can try their beds before buying?
Answer: Unfortunately, Joybed has only one brick-and-mortar store in the country. This store is located in Michigan, where the factory is located. Therefore, interested buyers who want to test the bed may have to travel to Michigan to try out the Joybed mattresses. However, the company also offers a 120-night sleep trial period, meaning interested buyers will have four months of finding out if the bed is ideal for them.

Question: Can I flip my Joybed mattress?
Answer: No, you can’t. Joined mattress models cannot be flipped as they only come with one firm side. However, these beds can be rotated to prevent them from sagging on one side. Buy a SweetNight mattress if you want a flippable bed.

Question: Which Joybed mattress is best suited for me?
Answer: If you love sleeping on your back or stomach, you will love the Joybed firm mattresses, which are LX, LXC medium-firm, or LXP medium firm. But if you enjoy resting on your side, you will find the LXC medium-plush or the LXP medium-plush to be comfortable. Thanks to their cradling ability, you won’t feel any pressure as you sink in the bed.

When it comes to construction, the LXC model is made of all-cotton, making it ideal for vegans. The LX and LXP mattress models differ in many ways. The LXP bed comes with an additional layer of micro-coils, extra padding, and zoned support in the coils.

Question: Why do Joybed mattresses only feature organic materials?
Answer: This is because natural materials like fibers are better than synthetic materials. On top of that, they are safe to the sleeper’s skin, non-toxic, recyclable, and renewable.  Natural materials also sleep more relaxed and more comfortably. Joybed mattresses are made with wool and cotton.

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