No person plans to have muscle pains, muscle tension, or muscle stiffness. These are conditions that happen as a result of the daily activities that people engage in. It can be exercising, working on the farm, or sitting next to a computer the whole day. The good news is that getting a massage can help relieve or cure these conditions.

Some of the best massagers to use are handheld massage devices, which function similarly to a human massage therapist. These devices are available in different sizes, types, and functionality. Most of them are built for home use while there are a few that are built for travelling. They will help you relieve muscles, get rid of toxins in the body, improve circulation, and provide relaxation.

Why spend cash visiting a spa or a professional massage therapist regularly when you can acquire a percussion massager and have the same experience at home or as you travel? The initial cost of these handheld devices is not very costly, but again it depends on the quality. Read further to comprehend more about handheld massage machines.

Factors to consider when choosing a handheld massager


There are 3 different types of massage, which include: roller balls, pinpoint heads, and large area massage attachment. Roller balls offer a general massage, pinpoint give an intense massage, and large area massage attachments pay attention to large muscles.

For individuals interested in massagers for hand that target one area, a good number of them are created with features that target that specific area. Therefore, such people should go for a device that targets the muscles that they want to provide a massage. But in case you want one that concentrates on the entire body, pick one with roller balls.

These handheld devices are versatile in nature in that they can be used anywhere as they are lightweight and durable. Also, most of them can be applied to the whole body, which enables users to save some cash that could be spent visiting a massage therapist or spa.

This is the first thing a person should look for in a handheld massage machine. It relieves muscle strains, muscle soreness, and knotted muscles. For the best massage experience, you can select one with dual percussion action. This closely appears like the kneading motion of a professional masseuse. Most o the people who use this technology say that it feels great.

For many years, massagers that use vibration technology have been popular. A good number of individuals love this technology because it covers a wide area of their body. In addition, vibration appears to be less aggressive than percussion technology, which means a more comforting massage in return.

Normally, massagers for hand are powered using cords or rechargeable batteries. For travelers, the best device to utilize is one with a rechargeable battery. But if you want a powerful massager for home use, then the corded model is the best option. Not only is this device powerful, but it can as well give you a deep massage that a rechargeable type can’t.

People who are ailing and need regular massage are the ones best suited for portable massage devices. There are different types of massage devices, and picking a powerful and most effective device is crucial. To relieve tensed and sore muscles as you travel, you will need a quality rechargeable massager that is handheld. Also, you will have to consider things like a carrying case and attachments for the device.

Several percussion massagers come with a heating function. One of the most famous heat functions that you will likely find is the infrared heating option. This heat function penetrates the muscles very well to provide a relaxing and comforting impact. In addition, the massagers with the infrared heat function usually have a thermostatic sensor so that they won’t overheat and reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Sports people love the heat function because it offers effective pain relief for muscles and assists the massage stimulates the whole muscle.

What size of a handheld massager do you want? If it’s for traveling with then, you need a massager that you can easily pack up. Some devices are long such as those that are created to reach your back, and packing them maybe somehow hectic. Also, it should be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down on your journey. But if it’s for home use, a long and comfortable massager is okay.

Many of the handheld massage machines are powerfully made with just a single speed. If you want to have full control of your device, choose a massager with a variable speed so that you can interchange it as you wish. A lower speed will provide you a more relaxing massage. A percussion massager with more than one speed is the best.

Not all brands on the market offer the same quality. When looking for the best percussion massager, you should consider its manufacturer. The quality massagers come with additional features that give the user a wonderful experience, and they are as well very powerful. Brands worth buying from include: Homedics, Panasonic, Breo, Thumper, Brookstone and Pure Wave, etc.

There are lowly priced massagers, averagely priced, and costly devices. Before you set out to look for some of the best massagers that are handheld, come up with a budget as there are several types to choose from, and you may be undecided if you don’t know what to work with. Whether you want a cheap one or a more sophisticated but costly device, there are all available.

Picking a device with a warranty is a more secure move than choosing one that doesn’t offer one. A warranty indicates how a brand is confident in its product to the extent of giving a surety to buyers. Acquire a percussion massager with at least one year plus warranty. This will secure your investment just in case the product comes with a defect.

Benefits of a handheld massager

5 different ways to utilize a handheld massager

One of the best ways to use this massager is on the entire body. When you are busy, you can just massage areas of your body that feel tension or stiffness, such as the scalp, back, neck, or feet. But when you are free, you can use this powerful handheld massager machine to massage the whole body for a soothing feeling. Begin by massaging your toes, feet as you go up to the neck and then scalp. You will feel healthier, and it will better your overall mood.

From time-to-time, massage users fall in love with one of the massage styles and forget about the others. If you are that kind of person, you should cease such a behavior. This gadget is better utilized when you use all the massage styles that it comes with. Every massage styles have their own importance, and it’s just amazing to try all of them regularly more so during full body massage.

After an intense workout, the muscles tend to be stiff, and this is when a massage can help relieve the soreness and stiffness in the muscle for quick healing. So, you can use this type of massage after your daily exercise, and you will realize that it speeds up your recovery process.

Accessing all the parts of your body can be very challenging. Some devices are able to reach on the back but can’t access it all. In such a situation, you can seek help from a friend to help massage the tight and tension-filled parts of your body, especially the back. This will enable you to massage the body more effectively, and you will feel very relaxed and rested.

Another great way to utilize these handheld devices is by using them in the bedroom. Before you go to sleep, ensure you run these small machines on the areas you feel muscle pain or stiffness. This will help you relax and enable you to sleep soundly. Just speak to a massage therapist and know how you can best utilize them in a number of ways.


The best 5 handheld massager

With so many brands and models of massagers held by a hand on the market, discovering the best is important. We understand novices in this area find it difficult to select the best. After being asked by different people what is the best handheld massager device, we went back and researched thoroughly on this topic and came up with our best 5 massagers held by hand as follows:

This is an excellently designed massager that comes with heated percussion massage technology. It has multi-phase speed dial that allows the gentle or powerful massage to be set. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic non-slip handle that makes it easy to use on the whole body. With 3 interchangeable massage nodes and 2-year warranty, this is an excellent device to have handy. Acquire it and relieve stiff muscles and improve your mood too.

Main features:



Thumper sport percussive massager is one of the best handheld percussion massagers on the market. It is perfectly designed for easy use and has an ergonomic handle. In addition, it comes with patented thumper percussion technology and a dynamically balanced drive. The variable speed and interchangeable massage heads allow for customization. Such features and others that we haven’t mentioned make this device to be highly effective in massaging.

Main features:



This is another quality percussion massager. The device is excellently designed for easy use. It has speed settings and removable heads for easy customization of the device by the user. The non-slip rubber makes using the device to be easy. Furthermore, it is lightweight and can be carried to any destination of choice. It is suitable for sports people and those who normally experience pains o different parts of the body.

Main features:



The Paloqueth is another powerful body massager that is held in hand and comes with amazing features. To begin with, it has a speed setting; it is cordless, has 10 extra powerful pulsations and has a flexible silicone head. All these features and others not listed make it to be an effective handheld massage device. In addition, the handle is long and ergonomically built for easy use.

Main features:



As simple as this device appears to be, it has several excellent features that place it among the best. First, it comes with a powerful motor, and it is a vibrating massager. The variable speed and 2 interchangeable head attachments offer to enable the user to customize the massager to their likeness. With a lifetime warranty, this massager is a great product to have for human-like massages.

Main features:




Getting a massage whenever and wherever you want, it is very important, more so if you have a condition that is relieved or cured by massaging. The handheld massage machines have become popular and function effectively in offering quality massages. The idea is to ensure that you acquire the best massage device so that you can fully enjoy a massage, which is almost similar to that of a massage therapist.

Visiting a spa or a massage therapist is costly, and these handhelds, portable, powerful, and simple to use devices can help you relieve sore muscles, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and improve mood, among other things. Ensure you pick the best with a longer runtime if it’s a portable device. Check the features, and it should be able to reach the back. Hope you’ve found this review to be very informative.

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