Osaki is one of the fastest-growing brands of massage chairs despite being introduced just a few years ago in the market. The brand has managed to come up with cutting edge massage chairs that clients have fallen in love with. It has various models it offers, with most of them concentrating in particular areas. One of the most notable creations of the Osaki massage therapy chair is the 0S-4000 model. This model has zero gravity, several pre-programmed functions, and 48 airbags. Read our review further to know the best Osaki massage chairs to buy.

Factors to consider when buying a massage chair


The first thing that you should check with the massage chair that you want to acquire is whether it’s comfortable enough or not. The chair should be soothing so that you can enjoy having a massage on a daily basis. Try it if possible and check what online reviews have to say about the comfort of the chair. Buying a chair that isn’t your size or can’t hold your weight would be a waste of cash.

What do you want the chair to do for you? The more settings the chair has, the better. Choose a chair that has several settings and adjustability. For instance, a massage therapy chair with both manual and automatic settings is just awesome. Also, check other presets to ensure that you can perform a number of things with this chair.

You want a chair that is not only well-built but also one that can hold your weight and contain your height. It should be well made from quality and comfortable materials. Also, it should come with security features like a child lock for added safety.

Picking a full-body chair that has extra features is an added advantage. Such features include a headrest, leg rests, remote control, and Bluetooth connectivity, among other features. They make using the chair to be more comfortable and fun. Also, the chair will be very easy to use.

The size of the human touch massage chair is as well crucial. You want to pick a size that fits well in the space that you have, and it should still be comfortable. Some chairs are so big and will need huge space to place them. Consider the size of the massage chair covers before buying one.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the chair is, but it should match with your interior décor and be appealing to the eye. Acquiring a well-designed massage therapy chair will bring vigor into the room. Choose one that you like so that you can be encouraged to carry out a massage every now and then.

There are different makes and quality massage chairs on the market. Some are meant for luxury and are very effective in massaging, while others are simple and can be easily afforded. Pick a chair that meets most of your needs, and it should be within your budget. But if it’s for commercial reasons, then quality and luxurious chairs are worth considering.

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty? Before you invest a lot of cash in one of the elegant chairs on the market, consider if the manufacturer offers a warranty as you can’t risk a huge sum of your money on an inferior product.  The best brands provide a warranty of at least 3 years.

The best 4 Osaki massage chair

Osaki OS-4000 Zero gravity massage chair

Osaki is an amazing brand with a number of quality chairs that provide comfort. The Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity chair has body scan technology and zero gravity features for an excellent massage. The S track roller is ergonomically designed to follow the contour of your body as it massages the spine. It is simple to control by use of a remote and provides lower back heat therapy.

Main features:



OS-4000 Zero gravity Heated Reclining MassageChair

This is a top-notch model from Osaki with its 5 levels of speed and intensity with 8 pre-set programs. This enables you to change to whatever type of massage that you need. The computer body scan ensures that you get a quality massage suited for your needs. Whether you’re feeling pain in the back, lumbar area, or legs, this chair will help alleviate or cure your condition.

Main features:



Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000 Zero gravity massage chair

The Osaki 0s4000 TA is a simple yet very comfortable massage therapy chair. It has outstanding features that provide the user with the same experience as that of a human.  Some of the notable features that make this chair to be one of a kind include S-track design, auto leg scan, wireless controller, 5 levels of speed, zero gravity, and computer scan technology.

Main features:



Osaki OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair

This is one of the best Osaki models on the market. Not only does this chair come with MP3 and iPod connections that allow users to enjoy music but as well have a multi-layer pillow for added comfort. Whether it’s to correct the spine or relieve pain from the lower back, this massage therapy chair will do it all.

Main features:




Osaki is definitely among the best full-body massage therapy chairs. The brand has specialized in high-quality chairs that offer unrivaled comfort. Their chairs are equipped with some of the latest technology that provides a massage similar to that of a human. They are easy to use but still provide some of the best comforts. The above reviews are a nice indication of the amazing human touch massage chairs being offered by Osaki that you can choose from.


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