Cozzia is a wonderful massage therapy chair brand that creates a wide range of massage chairs. It establishes both affordable and high-end chairs. Also, it incorporates some of the best technologies in their chairs that make them be effective in providing massage similar to that of human beings. Their chairs are also easy to use and are very comfortable. In this review, we provide you with a guide that will help you pick the best Cozia massage chair on the market. For those who are ready to spend, the Cozzia 16027 model is considered by many as the best. Read this Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews to know more about this massage chair.

Factors to consider when looking for a good massage chair

  1. Design – when searching for a quality full-body massage chair, it’s essential to look for a design that will offer you the best experience. The chair should be S-shaped, which will comfortably rest your body as the massage takes place.
  2. Size – consider the space that you have before acquiring a chair that won’t fit in the space set aside. If you stay in an apartment, look for a massage chair that fits in your room well without taking up much space, causing congestion.
  3. Comfort – comfort is also essential. The chair that you acquire should fit you well. Also, it should be well made with quality material such as leather that gives you the comfort that you need while massaging. Some have leg rests, and neck rests that add comfort.
  4. Features – with the advancement in technology, many high-end massage chairs come with sophisticated features that make massaging to be effective and comfortable. These include zero gravity, LCD display heat vibration, and other fancy technologies. Look for features that you think are necessary to make your massage experience be one of a kind.
  5. Massage techniques – which part of your body needs massage most? Not every full body massage therapy will give you the results that you need. Look for one that has massage programs such as kneading, shiatsu, rolling, vibration, clapping, tapping, and Swedish.
  6. Reviews – go through reviews of several chairs before landing on one. This article will help you know what to expect from the chair that you choose, whether it’s from Cozzia or any other brand.

Best Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews 2019


Cozzia 16028 Feel good series Shiatsu massage chair

Cozzia 16028 is a comfortable chair with 22 airbags that support the air system in the seat, back, calves, neck, and feet. The zero-gravity feature raises the knees to the level of the heart and brings the spine parallel to the heart. It incorporates different massage techniques that the user can benefit from, which are rolling, shiatsu, vibration, kneading, clapping, and tapping. Also, the massage therapy chair has easy to use LED remote and a one-touch power recline button. It automatically shutoffs after a 15-minute massage program. Whether you want to relieve pain in the back, neck, or legs, this massage chair will assist you to feel better.

Major features:


Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you are looking for comfort and luxury, the Cozzia 16027 zero gravity massage chair is the best. It is well built and comes with several airbags. It has a remote control with an LCD display that makes customization of this quality chair to be easy. The zero gravity position makes massage to be very useful. The LED remote makes using the chair to be secure by adjusting to their preferred massage program. It has 5 levels of adjustability and pre-programmed massages, which include kneading, rolling, vibration, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, Swedish, and clapping. With the automatic recliner and S-shaped design, this is more than just a massage chair. It can be a great addition to any home.

Major features:


Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Zero Gravity chair

This massage therapy chair can hold a maximum of 350 pounds. It is made with quality leather and has 5 airbags that bring comfort to the user. The s-curve shape of the chair conforms to the user’s body for a perfect massage of the entire body. Besides, it has an LCD display control for easy setting and adjusting of the different massage programs. Also, it makes customization to be simple and prompt. It can just hold a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. The chair allows the user to adjust the height according to preference. These and other features make this Cozzia EC363E perfect for home or office massage.

Major features:



Cozzia is among the brands that create full-body and luxurious massage chairs in the market. As seen from their reviews above, this brand has some of the most comfortable and cozy chairs. In addition, it is incorporated with some of the latest technologies—no matter what pain you might be having in your back, neck, shoulder, or knee. Cozzia massage therapy chair is built to relieve and cure such pains while offering the user great comfort. Choose from the above 3 Cozzia reviews or use the information in this review to land another quality Cozzia brand. I hope you have found this Cozzia massage chair reviews on the Cozzia brand to be helpful.

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