Choosing between Leesa and Saatva mattresses can be quite challenging as they differ in terms of construction, design, and even feel. But they also share several things in common such as selling their mattresses online and creating durable and high-quality mattresses. Read this Leesa Vs Saatva mattress comparison to know more about these two brands.

Leesa was founded in 2014, and its flagship mattress is the Leesa mattress. Leesa produces high-quality mattresses, and it has become a popular online brand over the years. Besides offering the Leesa mattress, this brand also has the Leesa hybrid, which was introduced a few years back.

Saatva mattress was discovered a bit earlier than Leesa in the year 2011. Saatva is also one of the most popular online mattress brands on the market. They offer high-quality, luxurious, and well-designed mattresses. Apart from selling mattresses, they also sell bed frames and mattress accessories. Just like Leesa, Saatva has its flagship mattress, which is the Saatva classic mattress. Besides the Saatva classic, other mattresses on offer include Saatva HD, Loom & Leaf, Lineal, Zenhaven, and Solaire.

Comparison Chart: Leesa Vs Saatva Mattress




Layers 3 4
Durability 7 years 6 years
Edge Support Fair Strong
Mattress Firmness medium-firm plush (4), luxury firm (6), and firm (8)
Motion Isolation:  absorb motion Not so good
Trial period 100 nights 120 nights
Returns & Shipping Free shipping and they ship to all the states, Canada, Germany, and the UK free shipping to the contiguous US and Canada
Conforming Yes Yes
Temperature control fairly cool Cooler
Warranty 10-year warranty 15-year warranty

In this Leesa Vs Saatva comparison, we’ll only look at the Leesa mattress and Saatva classic mattress. Both of these mattresses are the flagship models of the brands.

Leesa Vs Saatva Mattress Features Comparison


Since Leesa and Saatva Classic mattresses have a lot of differing features, you must look at and compare their features to make the best decision. So, we shall compare their mattress construction, firmness rating, edge support, motion isolation, temperature neutrality, price, warranty, and much more.

Leesa Construction

Leesa mattress features 3 layers that are made of memory foam. It is a 10-inch mattress. The first layer is a breathable foam layer, and it measures 2-inches. This layer is very crucial as it offers cooling, support, and motion isolation. It has a microcell structure and LSA-200 foam technology that increases airflow so that the mattress sleeps cooler than other memory foam beds.

The second layer is also memory foam, and it measures 2-inches. This layer betters the overall comfort of the bed and provides more contouring and support to the sleeper. This layer is also in charge of relieving pressure to aching parts of your body.

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The third layer and final layer of the Leesa mattress is the base layer made of high-density foam. This layer is 6-inches in height and offers support and durability to the whole mattress. It ensures that the mattress doesn’t sink extremely deep for longevity.

Saatva Construction

Saatva Classic features 4 layers and an edge support system.  This brings the total height of the mattress to 11.5-inches. Additionally, two of the 5 layers feature steel coils, which give the mattress its bouncy nature. The first layer is the Euro-top pillow with soft padding that forms a great pressure-relieving cradle when you sleep on the mattress. You can pick a Euro-top pillow that has a plush, luxury firm, or firm rating. Also, the mattress is ideal for side sleepers.

The second layer is the 1-inch memory foam that excellently complements the support and pressure relief ability of the Euro-top pillow. The third layer comes with pocketed layers of coils, and it is 4-inches in height. As a result, you will have an easy time moving on the bed ad your body will contour well on the bed without causing aches. You will get an organic cotton cover if you purchase a Saatva Latex hybrid mattress.

The fourth layer is the foundation layer, which is 7-inches in height. This layer is made up of very durable tempered steel coils, and it ensures that the mattress keeps its form for many years to come. Last but not least, there is an edge support system. This helps to strengthen the mattress and offer the needed support on the edge of the mattress.


Leesa mattress should be slightly durable than the Saatva and Eco Terra affordable Latex mattresses because it is made of all foam, while Saatva is made of foam and innerspring.

Leesa mattress should last for at least 7 years as it is made of mixed foam. This is similar to most foam mattresses. On the other hand, the Saatva mattress should last for at least 6 years. However, users have had complaints about the Saatva mattress, and they say that it doesn’t last long. This is because of its Euro-top pillow cover that is rated to have below-average durability.


Leesa offers one firmness option, which is the medium-firm. This means that the mattress is most ideal for people in the average weight group of between 130 and 230 pounds.

Saatva is more versatile as it offers three different firmness levels, which are plush (4), luxury firm (6), and firm (8). All of these are rated on the firmness scale or 1 to 10. With different firmness levels to pick from, Saatva can serve all kinds of people, from back sleepers to side sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavier sleepers, and even lighter individuals.

Temperature neutrality

Even though many memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, Leesa is fairly cool as it features a breathable layer of foam that has a microcell structure LSA-200 foam technology that increases airflow. But compared to the Saatva mattress, this still mattress still retains some heat, as several users have noted.

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The Saatva Classic features breathable foam and traditional innerspring in its structure. As a result, the mattress sleeps cool, and it is very responsive. When compared to all-foam mattresses like Leesa, this mattress is way cooler.

Edge support

Saatva vs Leesa: which mattress offers better edge support to the side sleepers? Many all-foam mattresses do not offer great edge support. Actually, most of them normally have fair edge support, and Leesa is no exception in this case. This is very different from innerspring mattresses as they usually have optimal edge support. Saatva comes with strong edge support that prevents the user from rolling off when sleeping close to the edge.

So, in this case, Saatva is the better mattress as it will support your weight when you sleep or sleep on the edge of the mattress.

Motion isolation

All-foam mattresses provide the best motion isolation as they absorb motion. This is what you get when buying Leesa, as it comes with dense foam layers that absorb the motion transfer to a great level. If you’ve got a partner who moves a lot in bed or sleeps late at night, you can be relaxed, knowing that they won’t distract you from your sound sleep.

Saatva is not very good at isolating motion, just like other innerspring mattresses. Therefore, it may cause sleep distractions for individuals who have partners that change a lot in bed. Choose WinkBed luxury hybrid mattress if you want better motion isolation with more significant support.


This is one of the features that both Leesa and Saatva are almost at par. But as usual, all-foam mattresses offer the best conforming. Leesa conforms closely to the sleeper’s body, thus relieving pains and helping align the spine. On the other hand, Saatva comprises coils in its structure and memory foam that help to conform closely to your body. Compared to other innerspring mattresses, Saatva is regarded as the best choice when it comes to conforming.

Even though you will not get close to conforming like that of Leesa, Saatva is still a great option for you, especially if you want an innerspring mattress with conforming abilities.


Partners normally look for beds that are bouncy and very responsive. Such beds are great for sex as moving on them is easy when compared to a memory foam mattress that hugs you and minimizes movement.

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Leesa mattress offers a little bounciness, but some partners may find it not good enough for them. But then, the Saatva mattress is very bouncy and responsive, similar to many other innerspring beds on the market. More specifically, the plush and luxury firm Saatva mattresses are the most bouncy and will be better for sex than the firm mattress.


Many sleepers are normally disgusted by the noise made by mattresses. If you’re such a kind of person, then you should select a mattress that is silent when bearing weight. Leesa is made of all-foam. Thus, it is virtually silent when you sit or sleep on it. In the case of the Saatva mattress, you will have to bear some noise as the pocketed coils in its structure make some squeaking noise. On the same note, many users have complained about this, and it is something that you should be ready for if you decide to buy a Saatva Classic mattress.


Besides conforming, these mattresses are also rated as good when it comes to producing gas and odors when opened. However, Leesa produces slightly more gas than Saatva as it is made of all foam. Users say that the gas dissipates after 3 days.

Saatva is slightly better when it comes to off-gassing as it features innerspring making it more breathable. This means that gasses escape more quickly than in the Leesa mattress. Also, owners of this mattress say that the gas lasts for only a few days.

Trial period

Saatva and Leesa both of these mattress brands are very supportive and mind their customers. This is because they have great customer support, and they offer a free trial period. This helps the client to find out if the mattress is what they’re looking for or if they should try out another one. Saatva will provide you a free white glove delivery with all of its mattress models.

Leesa comes with a 100-night free trial period, while Saatva has a 120-night free trial period. Therefore, if you choose Saatva, you will have almost three additional weeks of testing the mattress.

Returns and shipping

Before buying a mattress from any online brand, you must find out about its trial period, shipping, and warranty. Both Leesa and Saatva have good policies that will simplify the work of the buyer. For instance, Leesa offers free shipping, and they ship to all the states, Canada, Germany, and the UK. At the same time, Saatva offers free shipping to the contiguous US and Canada.

Leesa also offers a full refund, and so does Saatva. But there is a slight difference as Saatva charges for transportation when you return the mattress while Leesa doesn’t charge anything even when you return the mattress for a full refund.


Leesa and Saatva mattresses sell similar mattress sizes, but they vary in price. The mattress sizes on offer include twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king. Leesa mattresses are cheaper when compared to Saatva and Casper mattresses. The difference in price is small, but it still counts for people looking to save some extra coins.


Saatva comes with a 15-year warranty, while Leesa offers a 10-year warranty. So, if you’re looking for a mattress with a longer warranty, then you should opt for Saatva. But for a lifetime warranty, you can choose a Layla memory foam mattress.

However, Saatva has two types of coverage, which extend to 15 years. The first warranty is the standard warranty where the company covers all repairs and replacement, apart from years 3 to 15, where the buyer has to incur transportation costs. The second warranty is the prorated warranty, meaning that the buyer has to pay a certain amount of the real cost to get a new mattress replacement, but you can still keep your old mattress.

Leesa has no extra charges if you decide to return the mattress, and the returned mattress is either recycled or given to charity.

Leesa mattress is suitable for?

Leesa mattress isn’t suitable for?

Saatva mattress is suitable for?

Saatva isn’t suitable for?

Which is better? Leesa or Saatva Mattress?

After looking at these two online mattresses, it is clear that they are well-made, comfortable, and provide the best sleep experience to users. Leesa and Saatva are two popular companies with quality memory foam mattresses and have a great reputation. Depending on your needs, you will find that both Leesa and Saatva are quality mattresses that you can rely on. Our work was to help you make an informed decision by closely comparing the two and highlighting both their similarities and differences. Make the right choice, and you will always have a comfortable and sound night’s sleep!

Still, have questions after reading this Leesa Vs Saatva mattress? Comment below.

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