Charles P Rogers has been in the market since 1855. The brand specializes in making mattresses, frames, and beds. The company is located in New York, but they supply their mattresses in the USA and organize for supply outside the USA, including the overseas USA territories. Like affordable Eco Terra or Dreamcloud mattresses, Charles P Rogers focuses on designing hybrid mattresses made up of latex comfort foam and pocketed coil support systems. Read this Charles P Rogers mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

At the moment, the brand has three different mattress collections on offer, and they include St. Regis, Powercore Estate SE, and Powercore Nano. Every line comes with at least two mattress models, with the Powercore Estate having four models. The Charles P Rogers brand may not be as famous as other top online mattresses, but they still offer excellent mattresses and services.

Technical Specifications of the Charles P Rogers Mattress


Charles P Rogers Mattress

Firmness: 6-8
Customer Satisfaction: 8/10
No Back Pain: 8/10
Price Value: 8.1/10
Type: hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress
Material: both a memory foam and latex foam version
Pressure relief:
above average
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Sleep Trial period: 100 night
Durability: 7-8 years
Edge support: slightly above average
Off-gassing: 24 hours
Shipping: free shipping and return within the contiguous US, offer white glove delivery at a charge and old mattress removal at an additional charge
Noise: slightly noisy
Certification: OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US certified

Similar to many bed-in-a-box mattresses, Charles P Rogers offers free night period and shipping services. So, you can order from anywhere within the country and have your bed delivered within a few days.

Charles P Rogers Mattress Reviews in 2024


We’ve compiled detailed Charles P Rogers Mattress reviews so that you can easily find the best mattress for your needs. Read our review to the end before concluding.Charles P Rogers beds Review


Charles P Rogers beds are made of some of the best materials on the market. From the famous St. Regis mattress to the high-end Powercore Nano mattress, you will get a quality bed that you’re proud of.

Most of the Charles P Rogers features soft, hypoallergenic covers, durable padding, and strong pocketed coils. They all have foam layers in their structure, but the type of layers vary from one mattress model to another. Some of the layers that you will find in the mattress include Talalay latex foam, memory foam, and a layer of gel cooling foam. Lastly, all of the mattresses have a high-density foam that offers support to the layers above them.

The various layers work together to offer comfort, support and make the mattress durable. What’s more, the mattresses usually feature several layers that make them thicker than most standard hybrid mattresses.


If durability is what you’re looking for, Charles P Rogers mattresses will be a perfect selection. All the beds feature latex in their layers, which is more durable than memory foam. As a result, Charles P Rogers’s mattresses will last longer than memory foam mattresses. Expect the bed that you buy from this brand to last for at least 7 to 8 years.

However, for the past few years, several users have had complaints about the durability of mattresses. Overall, these mattresses are well-built and will last longer if properly maintained. The beds with a firmer surface are more likely to last longer than the plush or medium-firm mattresses.


Different Charles P Rogers mattresses come with different firmness ratings. The firmness ratings of Charles P Rogers beds usually fall between plush and firm. This is with a score of between 4.5 and 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. So, take your time and select a bed that has a firmness level that you’re comfortable with. The plush mattresses are ideal for lightweight individuals, the medium-firm is good for all sleepers, and firm mattresses are perfect for heavyweight sleepers and back sleepers.

The Powercore Nano 2 and Powercore 9000 luxury plush models are medium-soft beds, while the Powercore Nano and St Regis Pulse latex are medium-firm beds. Last but not least, the St. Regis firm, Powercore Estate 7000 Extra comfort, and Powercore Estate 5000 are medium-firm mattresses.

Motion isolation

Since the Charles P Rogers comes with various foam layers, most of their mattress models isolate motion well. They are not better than memory foam mattresses, but the latex does a great job of isolating motion. This includes St. Regis, Powercore Estate SE, and Powercore Nano collections.

You should not worry about being awakened at night for those who sleep with their partners in the same bed. Charles P Rogers beds isolate motion to a great extent, which means that your partner won’t distract you as you take a nap.

Edge support

Having a mattress that supports the edge is very important. This is because people usually fall off the bed or sink when they sit on the mattress’s edge. The good news is that all Charles P Rogers mattresses come with reinforced edges. Hence, users will receive the needed support when they sleep or sit on the edge of any mattress. This means that one can sleep on any area of the mattress as they won’t risk falling or deteriorating, which made this mattress ideal for side sleepers.

Temperature control

If you’re one of those individuals that sleep hot, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Charles P Rogers beds feature slim layers of foam and coils in their structure. As a result, they don’t trap heat. Together with the breathable cover, expect this mattress to sleep cool. Air flows smoothly through the coils in the mattress, which allows heat to escape and sleep cool.

However, different sleepers will have different feelings depending on the mattress that they sleep on. Heavy sleepers should avoid the plush models as they may feel somewhat warm when they sleep on this kind of mattress.

Pressure relief

The mattresses offered by Charles P Rogers don’t conform tightly to your body. Even though they provide pressure relief, it is not as close as a memory foam mattress. Nonetheless, the St. Regis collection offers the best pressure relief among the Charles P Rogers mattresses. Powercore Estate and Nano conform to your body, but it is not as close as that of the St. Regis collection.

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When it comes to pressure relief, both mattresses offer slightly above average pressure relief. So, if you’re a heavy sleeper, you may experience a little discomfort, especially on the fewer firm mattresses.


Fitted with individually pocketed coils and latex foam in their layers, expect this mattress to be right for sex. Also, it is bouncy, which means that partners can change to different styles while having fun. The pocketed coil system makes the mattress bouncy, while the thin layers of foam provide excellent traction. The only challenge is that the mattress will produce some noise during sex. This is because of the coils that are installed in the mattress. If you’ve no issues with your bed, making a squeaky or creaky sound as you’ve fun, you will love it.


Yes, the mattresses are slightly noisy. This is normal with hybrid mattresses. However, the sound will not be very distracting, like the one experienced in innerspring mattresses. This is because of the coils in the support layer. Note that as the mattress gets older, so will the noise. So, before you start having fun, ensure that no person is next door if you don’t want them to know what you’re doing.


Off-gassing is typical for all hybrid mattresses. But unlike memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses don’t off-gas for long. It takes around 24 hours for the odor to dissipate completely. Also, the smell is not strong and irritating, like with all-foam beds. So, you should use the mattress shortly after unboxing it. This applies to all Charles P Rogers mattresses.

Trial period

Whether you’re new to Charles P Rogers latex mattresses or not, there is nothing to worry about. The manufacturer offers buyers a 100 night free trial period. Unlike other box-in-a-bed brands that have a mandatory break-in period, Charles P Rogers doesn’t have that. You can return the mattress any time you feel like it. Within 100 nights, the buyer can back the mattress and receive a full refund.

Shipping & white glove delivery

Charles P Rogers ships its mattresses within the contiguous US for free. If you’re from Alaska, Hawaii, or any other international destination, you will pay a small fee. Besides offering shipping services, they offer white glove delivery at a charge and old mattress removal at an additional charge.


The beds from this brand are favorably priced when compared to other hybrid firm mattresses on the market. However, they are still expensive as hybrid mattresses don’t come cheap. So, you should be ready to spend to get one of the mattress models.mattress models


Aside from the various exceptional mattress models that they offer, Charles P Rogers mattresses also provide a 10-year warranty. However, the warranty is non-prorated for the pocketed coils and has 9-year coverage for other mattress issues. Mattress collections such as Powercore Estate and Powercore Nano have a 25-year warranty for pocketed coils and 15 year prorated warranty for defects. Always take note of this before deciding which Charles P Rogers mattresses to select.

Pros of Charles P Rogers Mattress

Cons of Charles P Rogers Beds

Who should buy Charles P Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy Charles P Mattress?

Charles P Rogers mattress collections

Charles P Rogers sells a variety of mattress types and collections on the market. Even though they currently specialize in hybrid mattresses only, they have different models to select from. Here are the various mattress collections that they offer:

St. Regis

The St. Regis collection is the most popular among all Charles P Rogers mattress collections. It features two mattress models. These are the St. Regis memory foam mattress and St. Regis Pulse.

The St. Regis memory foam mattress is also referred to as St. Regis. It is made of memory foam, cotton, and high-density polyfoam. Additionally, it comes with a cotton-blend cover and a pocketed coil support core. This mattress has a medium firmness with a firmness rating of 6 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

St Regis Pulse, which is the second mattress in the St. Regis collection, is a sturdy, comfortable bed. Unlike the St. Regis memory foam bed, this one comes with latex foam in its comfort layer. It is of a medium firmness with a firmness rating of 5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

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These two beds from the St. Regis collection are similar in many ways. The main distinction is the type of memory foam each mattress has. St. Regis has memory foam, while St. Regis Pulse has latex. Also, they differ in their firmness level as one has a firmness of 5 and the other 6. Furthermore, both mattresses have a thickness of 13 1/2 –inches.

Powercore Estate

Our second mattress from Charles P is the Powercore Estate bed collection. This mattress line comes with four mattress models: Estate 5000 firm, Estate 5000 Plus, Estate 7000 Extra, and Estate 9000 Luxury Plush.

The Estate 5000 firm is constructed with a Talalay latex comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core. The bed has a thickness of 13, ½-inches. On top of that, it is of a medium-firm as it is rated 6 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

The second Powercore Estate model is the Estate 5000 Plus mattress. This bed has the same features as the Estate 5000 firm, with the difference being the extra ½-inch of latex comfort layer to give the bed a somewhat higher profile of 13, ¾-inches. Also, this mattress is slightly softer than the first model as it has a medium-firm of 5.5.

Another mattress model from this collection is the Estate 7000 Extra comfort bed. Like the Zenhaven latex Mattress, this mattress is made of Talalay latex layers. One of the layers is soft, and another firm. It also has a thickness of 14, ½-inches. It has a medium-firm as it is rated 5 on the firmness scale.

The final mattress model in this collection is the Estate 9000 Luxury Plush. This mattress is uniquely constructed with a latex hybrid and adjustable firmness. Also, it has the Talalay latex comfort layer that can be flipped. This layer is also referred to as the cassette. It can be rotated to make the mattress firmer or softer. Besides, it has a thickness of 15, ½-inches.

Powercore Nano

Powercore Nano is another excellent Charles P Rogers mattress collection. This collection features two mattress models: the Powercore Nano 1 and Powercore Nano 2.

The Powercore Nano 1 comes with natural materials Talalay latex and mini coil layers. Also, it has pocketed coils support in its structure. The mattress is medium-firm as it has a firmness rating of 5. So, it is neither very soft nor firm. Moreover, it has a thickness14 of, ½-inches.

The second Powercore Nano 2 mattress features a flappable Talalay latex cassette. Depending on the size of the bed that you choose, you may get one or two cassettes. It also has two mini coil layers and a latex layer for comfort. The bed has a thickness of 4.5, which is considered to be medium-firm on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. Aside from that, the mattress has a thickness of 15, ¾-inches. For more sizes, bed frames, and models, you should visit the official Charles P Rogers website.

N/B: Looking at the three Charles P Rogers mattress collections, it is evident that Charles P Rogers mattresses are slightly thicker than similar mattress models on the market. Additionally, they are heavier, which makes carrying them around to be quite challenging. Overall, the beds are comfortable and conform to the owner. They don’t sink too much, which is great for sex and relaxing on the mattress. The edge of the mattresses is supportive, and they sleek cool.

Final Thought

Charles P Rogers’s mattresses are worth investing in. The beds are durable with high-quality materials. Couples, partners, side sleepers, and back sleepers will find these mattresses exceptional in performance as it provides excellent lower back support to the sleepers. The beds are also bouncy and very responsive. With a variety of mattress collections, the manufacturer ensures that the user gets a mattress that best suits their needs. The mattresses are also affordable compared to other high-end mattresses such as WinkBeds or Brentwood Home.

You have 100 nights to know if the mattress is okay for you or not. Also, the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty, which indicates how committed they are to ensure that their customers receive support.  After reading these Charles P Rogers Mattress reviews, we hope you will be able to find a Charles P Rogers mattress that matches your needs and demands!


Question: Why should you select Charles P Rogers Mattress?
Answer: Charles P Rogers’s mattresses are handmade to ensure that the user gets a quality, durable, and comfortable mattress. They feature a sturdy base with individually pocketed coils to avoid excess motion isolation and offer support. Besides, the mattresses sleep cool due to the coils in the structure and cooling gel foam and natural materials Talalay latex. The beds are also easy to move around as memory foam or all-foam mattresses.

Question: How does Charles P Rogers compare to other mattress brands?
Answer: Charles P Rogers compares favorably with other top-quality hybrid mattresses. Their mattresses are good at isolating motion, conforming somehow closer to the user’s body, and sleeping fairly. On top of that, they have bouncy and very responsive. And with a strong edge, the owner can sleep or sit anywhere on the mattress surface.

Question: Are hybrid mattresses good for couples?
Answer: Overall, Luxury hybrid beds are excellent for couples. This is because they absorb motion to some extent and are very responsive. If motion absorption is fair or above average, partners can sleep soundly as there is little to no distraction when a person comes to sleep. A bouncy and responsive bed is essential, especially when it comes to sex. It allows couples to change positions easily and have fun the whole night.

Question: After how long should I replace my Charles P mattress?
Answer: Since Charles P Mattress is a hybrid bed, expect it to last for at least 6 years. Most latex beds have an average lifespan of 6 years. However, depending on how well you maintain the bed, it may last up to 7 years. Also, if a heavy person is going to use the bed, expect it to have a shorter lifespan compared to a lightweight person using the same bed.

Question: Which one is better – soft of a firm hybrid mattress?
Answer: There is nothing like a better mattress as the comfort varies from one sleeper to another. Things that determine the mattresses’ comfort are body size, weight, and sleeping position. Lighter individuals usually love softer mattresses as they find them more comfortable. However, any person can use Medium-firm beds as they are generally not very soft or firm, while firm beds are preferred by heavyweight sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Question: What are the benefits of latex mattresses?
Answer: Latex mattresses are more durable than foam and spring mattresses. Most latex mattresses will last between 15 and 20 years, whereas memory foam mattresses usually last for seven years, and hybrid/innerspring mattresses last for six years. Also, Latex mattresses are antibacterial and naturally cooling. This means that the beds are perfect for people who sleep hot, allergic individuals, and different sleepers.

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