Currently, there are many online direct-to-consumer mattresses available on the market. Among the several brands offering their beds online are Casper and Leesa. These two brands have grown in popularity since they were first introduced on the market a few years ago, and they are doing very well. So before buying any of those two mattresses, read this Casper VS Leesa mattress comparison to know more about these two brands.

The Casper and Leesa mattresses were both launched in 2014. The Casper mattress has Casper as its flagship mattress and two other models, which are Casper Essential and Casper Wave. On the other hand, the Leesa mattress has Leesa as its flagship mattress and Leesa hybrid as its other model. Most of these mattress models are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Both of the mattresses offer competitive prices considering other luxury hybrid mattresses found in the market. They also vary in prices and level of firmness.

Comparison Chart: Casper VS Leesa Mattress

Feature Casper Leesa
Type: Hybrid (Foam and Springs) Hybrid (Foam and Springs)
Firmness Level: Medium Medium-Firm
Layers: 4 3
Thickness: 12 inches 10 inches
Cover Material: Polyester, Spandex, Rayon Polyester, Lycra
Top Layer: Airscape™ Perforated Foam Cooling Foam with Holes
Transition Layer: Zoned Support™ Memory Foam Memory Foam
Support Layer: Pocketed Coil System Pocketed Coil System
Base Layer: Dense Polyfoam Dense Polyfoam
Motion Isolation: Good Good
Edge Support: Good Good
Pressure Relief: Excellent Good
Temperature Regulation: Good Good
Off-gassing: Minimal Minimal
Trial Period: 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years 10 years
Shipping: Free shipping in the US and Canada Free shipping in the US and Canada
Certifications: CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® CertiPUR-US®
Price: Casper VS LeesaCheck Today’s Price Leesa VS CasperCheck Today’s Price

So, today, we’ve decided to compare the original Casper mattress and the original Leesa mattress. These two beds share a lot of features, but they still vary slightly. Both are considered to be memory foam mattresses because they are both made of foam, with the Casper having 4 layers while Leesa has 3 layers. Memory foam mattresses offer great support in body contouring and pressure relief. These two mattresses aren’t just made of memory foam, but they combine it with other materials to provide bouncy, contouring, and supportive mattresses.

Additionally, both the Leesa and Casper mattresses have a nice bounce, a 100-night free trial period, they are silent and come with a 10-year warranty. However, they are different in many ways, such as Leesa sleeps cooler than Casper, and it produces little off-gassing when compared to Casper, which is a bit smelly.


Features Comparison Between Casper Mattress VS Leesa Mattress

Continue reading Casper VS Leesa article to find out which mattress is suitable for your needs and budget. We’ve compared different features, what advantages and disadvantages every mattress offers, and who each mattress is best suited for.

In order to understand which mattress is more durable than the other, it is a good idea to know how they are both constructed. The Casper mattress has 4 layers, while the Leesa mattress has 3 layers.

Casper mattress construction

Before we get to the 4 layers that make up the Casper mattress, let’s look at its cover. This bed features a 2-tone cover with a white top and grey around the sides. The white fabric is made of 100% polyester, which makes the cover to be breathable and cool. You can find different sizes like Twin XL, King, full queen, California king, and XL.

The Casper mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress that will be delivered to your door in a box when you purchase it. It has 4 layers, with the upper layer being the open cell 1.5-inch thick foam created to be breathable for temperature regulation and quick response. Open Cell foam adjusted under the layer of memory foam.

The second comfort layer is the memory foam layer that measures the 1.5-inch thickness, and it is more responsive than traditional memory foam. This layer is crucial as it provides great contouring to the body, which results in relief on several parts of the body, such as the hips and shoulders.

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The third layer is the transition layer, and it measures 1.5-inches. It is made of polyfoam and is designed to form a firmer center and give extra support below your hips. In addition, it has zoned support that provides the firmness that boosts your spinal alignment.

Last but not least, the mattress has a base layer that measures 7-inches, and it is made of a dense polyfoam created to offer proper spine alignment.
Casper MattressCheck Today’s Price

Leesa mattress construction

On the other hand, the Leesa cover features a bold 4-bar design. It is beautifully designed and makes your bed or room look lovelier. This cover is constructed from a combination of Lycra and polyester. The polyester provides durability, while Lycra provides outstanding stretch, moisture-wicking, and breathability.

The mattress is 10-inches in height and is made up of 3 layers. The first layer is made of 2-inch Avena foam that has been formulated to feel similar to latex with properties that make it stronger. This layer helps in regulating temperature by allowing air to flow through the surface by crawling through your body.

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The second layer is comprised of memory foam that measures 2-inches thick. This layer is vital as it contours to your body and traps body heat away from the surface, assisting you to remain cool.

The third and final layer of the Leesa mattress is the base layer, and it is made of polyfoam and measures 6-inches. This layer is denser than the two top layers, and it provides the mattress’s foundation and firmness.
Leesa MattressCheck Today’s Price


Many users have applauded these two mattresses, and they say that the mattresses are very durable. Considering how they are constructed, both the Casper and Leesa mattresses will offer several years of good. Looking at these two, it is correct to say that they will give you at least 7 years of good use as they are made of mixed foam.

However, since these two brands have been in the market for less than a year, it’s hard to tell how durable they are by just weighing on the few years that they have been in the market.


Choose a mattress with a firmness level that you desire so that you can have fewer aches and pain as you wake up after a long night’s sleep. The Casper and Leesa mattresses have different firmness levels, which are critical if you want to be comfortable and sleep soundly in bed.

The Casper mattress has a firmness level of 5.5 on the firmness scale of 1-10, and the Leesa mattress has a firmness level of 5 on the same scale. This implies that the Casper mattress is slightly firmer than the Leesa mattress. As a result, if you’re looking for a somehow firmer mattress that is great for back sleeping, then Casper is a great choice. But as you can see, both of these mattresses can be said to be of medium firmness. If you want to know more about firmness mattresses, then we have shortlisted some extra-ordinary firmness mattresses in our previous article.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation is essential, especially for those who sleep with combination sleepers. Movements on the bed at night can cause disturbance and disrupt your sleep. But with mattresses that are great at isolating motion, such as the Casper mattress and Leesa mattress, this will be a thing of the past. Both of these mattresses have been reported by users to have outstanding motion isolation capabilities. They are made of foam, which absorbs and minimizes motion transfer.

Temperature control

Not every person sleeps cool as some sleep hot. Before buying a mattress, ensure that it offers you the comfort that you need. If you sleep hot, a cool and breathable mattress is vital. The Casper mattress is a neutral mattress as it doesn’t sleep hot or very cool. Actually, it absorbs small body heat and sleeps fairly cool when compared to other memory foam mattresses. While the Leesa mattress also sleeps relatively cool and has better temperature control than other forms of all-foam mattresses.

Edge support

This is a major issue with most memory foam mattresses. So, if you want a mattress with a good or stronger edge support, then consider looking for other types of mattresses such as innerspring or hybrid mattresses. For proper edge support, you can get a Winkbeds mattress or an Eco Terra Mattress.

Both the Casper and Leesa mattress is lacking in this area, although they provide minimal support when compared to other types of foam mattresses. In addition, these two mattresses tend to sink when you sit at the edge of their beds, which makes them be unsuitable for people who love sitting or sleeping at the edge of the mattress.

Resilience and bounce

Resilience is how fast a mattress regains its weight after sitting up or moving from it. If the mattress has great resilience, it is said to have a great bounce, and if it is slow, it can be said to have low resilience. Even though the Casper mattress is bouncy, the Leesa mattress is more resilient than Casper. So, if you want a bouncier bed, the Leesa mattress is the best option.


Every mattress conforms to your body differently, as some offer more pressure relief than others. If a mattress is firmer, there is a high chance that it will offer lesser conformity than one is less firm. In this case, the Casper mattress is slightly firmer than the Leesa mattress. As a result, the Leesa mattress conforms better to your body than the Casper mattress. It conforms closely to assist align the spine and relieve aches and pains throughout your body.


One of the most outstanding features of all-foam mattresses is that they can bear any weight silently without making a noise. This means both the Casper and Leesa mattresses are very silent when they bear weight. So it won’t irritate you with weird noise like Dreamclould innerspring mattresses do.


This is one of the disadvantages of all-foam mattresses. Unlike innerspring or hybrid mattresses, these mattresses are not bouncy and very responsive. Therefore, they are not the best beds for having sex, and many couples are better off with other beds if they want to enjoy sex.


When the mattress is still new, both the Casper and Leesa clients have reported off-gassing. This smell lasts for a few hours to a few days. People who have used Casper say that the smell is moderate and it lasts for a few days, while Leesa users say that the smell disappears quickly.

Trial period

These two brands are very amazing as they come with a 100-night free trial period. This gives the buyer enough time to test and find out if the mattress is comfortable for them or not. After the trial period, one can either return the mattress or stay with it, considering how comfortable they find it to be.

Leesa vs Casper mattress Price comparison

These mattresses are both offered at great prices, although the Casper mattress is slightly expensive than the Leesa mattress. In addition, Leesa provides a better discount than Casper, which makes it be even cheaper. But the Leesa hybrid mattress is slightly expensive and not good for people on a budget.

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Returns and shipping

When you buy the Casper or Leesa mattress, you’ve nothing to be worried about as they both offer a full refund. If you try out the mattress and find it to be uncomfortable, you can return it and get a full refund. In addition, shipping is free, but you should get in touch with the manufacturer if you live outside the USA in contiguous states.


The Casper and Leesa mattress brands are very reliable as they both offer a 10-year limited warranty. This means that you will be fully covered within this period from defects as long as you don’t violate the warranty given. But if ten years is not enough for you, then you can buy a Nectar mattress that offers a lifetime warranty. 

Advantages of the Casper mattress

  • The Casper mattress is virtually silent.
  • The mattress is great at isolating motion. Thus, it is a great bed for partners.
  • This is a perfect bed for different types of sleepers, such as side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
  • It has a medium firmness, which can accommodate people who weigh 230 lbs or less.
  • This mattress is relatively cool and can be great for people who sleep hot.
  • It comes with a 100-night free trial period
  • The manufacturer offers 10-years limited warranty

Disadvantages of the Casper mattress

  • It lacks in edge support
  • This is not a good mattress for heavy sleepers. So if you are above 230lbs, you should check our mattress list for overweight individuals.
  • The mattress produces an odor when its new

Advantages of the Leesa mattress

  • It is amazing at providing motion isolation
  • The mattress produces very little gas, unlike other foam mattresses on the market.
  • It is a very durable mattress that should give you at least 7 years of good use.
  • It is great at relieving aches and pain by properly contouring your body and the spine.
  • The mattress is very silent and comfortable to sleep on
  • The Leesa mattress provides 100-night’s risk-free sleep trial period
  • The Leesa provides buyers of this mattress with a 10-year limited warranty

Disadvantages of the Leesa mattress

  • The Leesa mattress is not responsive enough and thus not ideal for couples. For couples, a plus-sized Big Fig Mattress would be a great choice.
  • It doesn’t have strong edge support, which some people need
  • This mattress is uncomfortable for individuals who weigh more than 250 pounds.

Who should choose Casper?

  • If you weigh 230 lbs or less, then the Casper mattress is for you
  • If you normally suffer from a frequent bout of pain around the shoulder, neck, or lower back.
  • For couples or individuals who share a bed, this mattress has great motion isolation and will allow you to sleep soundly regardless of the movements your partner makes.
  • If you’re a combination sleeper or sleep on your side, stomach, or back, this is a wonderful mattress for you.
  • If you want a good bed for sex with great bounciness and a responsive one on that note, then this is a good bed for you.

Who shouldn’t choose Casper?

  • If you’re looking for a mattress that is either softer or firmer than medium-firm, you will find his mattress to be unsuitable for you. So Leesa or Zinus mattress should be your choice if you want a softer mattress than Casper.
  • If you tend to sleep hot, look elsewhere as this mattress doesn’t sleep very cool but fairly cool.

Who should choose Leesa?

  • This is a good mattress for individuals who sleep hot on all-foams beds
  • If you want moderate conforming, this is a great bed for you
  • If you’re a combination sleeper, you will find this mattress to be interesting and fun to sleep on
  • You will find this bed to be comfortable If you weigh 230 lbs or less.
  • If your partner changes in bed a lot, this mattress is good as it offers excellent motion isolation.
  • If you’re a couple looking for a very bouncy mattress, the Leesa mattress will be good for you.

Who shouldn’t choose Leesa?

  • If you want a mattress that conforms and hugs you closely, then you should look for a different mattress.
  • Like Zinus, Leesa is a soft, medium-firm mattress. So If you want a mattress that is a bit soft or firmer than medium, this is not the mattress for you.

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Which is better? Casper or Leesa Mattress

So Leesa vs Casper: who will win the final battle? Both the Casper and Leesa mattresses are high-quality beds that provide comfort and great contouring to different types of sleepers. They are also sold at an amazing price, and they have discounts. Picking from one of these beds is very challenging, but the 100-night free sleep trial period should be enough to let you know if you should return or retain the mattress that you pick. Also, they are both backed by a 10-year warranty, which assures buyers that they are covered just in case they receive a mattress that is damaged or in bad condition.

All-in-all, the Casper and Leesa flagship mattresses will help you sleep comfortably, have a proper spinal alignment to prevent aches and pains, and isolate motion for a sound night’s sleep.

Still have questions after reading this Casper VS Leesa mattress? Comment below.


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