You’ve to consider a variety of things if you’re to land an exceptional mattress. The level of firmness is one of them. To get a supportive and comfortable mattress, you’ve to know your weight and sleeping position. That’s what determines whether you can sleep on a plush, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm bed. Read our Best Firm Mattress reviews to know more.

Although firm mattresses are not the most comfortable, they offer the best support for spinal alignment. With that said, these beds are also outstanding for back and stomach sleepers. Also, heavyweight sleepers love firm mattresses because they don’t sink too deep.

Factors to consider when selecting a Firm mattress

Whether you’re choosing a firm, medium-firm, Plus, medium-soft, or plush mattress, there are various factors that you’ve to look at. These will help you to land the best mattress for your needs. Below are the things that you should pay attention to:

Type of mattress

Never overlook the type of mattress that you want to set up in your bedroom. The kind of bed you choose will determine how comfortable you feel, how durable it will last, and how much you will have to part with. Memory foam mattresses are good at isolating motion and relieving pressure, while latex mattresses last the longest. On the contrary, hybrid and innerspring mattresses are the most breathable and are perfect for sex.

Materials used in construction

The materials used to construct the bed you intend to purchase are also crucial. Some mattresses come with organic materials, while others have synthetic materials. Beds with organic materials tend to be costlier than beds without organic materials. If you love latex mattresses, you will have to choose between Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. Besides, the material your mattress cover comes with determines the bed’s feel and whether it sleeps cool or not.


If you plan to use the mattress for a few months or on a picnic, durability is not a big deal. However, if you’re looking for the most suitable bed for your bedroom or partner, you must consider durability.

The mattress’s durability is determined by the materials used in construction and how the bed is assembled. For instance, latex is more durable than memory foam or polyfoam. Additionally, Dunlop latex is denser and more durable than Talalay latex.


How firm the bed is determined by whether you get enough support to align your spine or not. Depending on your body’s weight, you may find some mattresses to be comfortable and some uncomfortable. Most people prefer medium-firm beds as they are neither too firm nor soft. Heavyweight sleepers like firm beds, while lightweight sleepers prefer plush mattresses. Nonetheless, the firmer the mattress, the more supportive and comfortable it will be.

Motion isolation

If you sleep with a person who tends to change a lot in bed, having a mattress that limits movement transfer is vital. Memory foam mattresses are outstanding when it comes to isolating motion, while innerspring beds are the worst. Moreover, the firmer the mattress, the less it will limit movement. So, if movement in bed causes distractions for you, having a medium-firm bed rather than a firm bed is better.

Pressure relief

Another vital feature to consider is how comfortable you feel when sleeping on the bed. Your spine must align properly on the mattress so that you don’t feel pressure on some parts of your body. Medium-firm and firm beds offer the best alignment as they can support your back and prevent you from sinking deeper into the mattress.

Temperature regulation

Finding a bed that regulates temperature is crucial. You don’t want to wake in the middle of the night sweating profoundly. Latex and hybrid mattresses are more breathable than memory foam and polyfoam mattresses.

Edge support

If you enjoy sleeping on the entire surface of the bed, edge support is something that you’ve to look at. Some beds, like hybrid beds, come with a strong edge, while others, like memory foam, have a weak edge. Choose wisely to avoid rolling off the bed or sinking too deep when sitting on the bed’s edge.


If you’re a couple who wants an excellent bed for intimacy, responsiveness is something that you should look at. Some beds have a bouncy and responsive surface, while others don’t. Latex and innerspring mattresses are known to be perfect for sex as they have a springy feel. Therefore, you won’t feel stuck like memory foam and polyfoam beds.

Trial Period

With many mattress brands selling their beds online, acquiring a mattress with a good sleep trial period is key. This is because most online mattresses don’t have brick-and-mortar stores where one can walk in and test the bed. Select a brand that offers at least a 100-night free trial period.


Warranty is also crucial if you’re investing a lot of cash in the mattress. A reliable brand should offer at least a 10-year warranty. If there the bed comes with a defect, you can return the bed for repair or replacement.

Best Firm Mattress Reviews in 2024

If you’ve been searching for the best firm mattress, your search ends here. This review will highlight all the best firm mattresses on the market. We’ve also included factors to consider to land the best firm bed.



Saatva offers different types of beds at different firmness levels. The Saatva Classic comes with plush soft, luxury firm, and firm beds.  Most people prefer the Saatva luxury-firm mattress, which is neither plush nor firm. The Saatva mattress, which is the flagship bed of Saatva, comes with two thickness profiles. You can either choose a bed with 11.5 inches or 14.5 inches. It depends on your needs and budget.

Technical Specifications of the Saatva Mattress – Classic

Features Saatva Mattress
Firmness: Plush soft, luxury firm, and firm beds
Two options: 11.5-inch custom slim height & 14.5-inch premier luxury height
Layers: 5
Ideal for: All types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, and combo)
Trial: 180 nights free trial period
People of: lightweight body types or a body-hugging feel
Shipping: free shipping and free white glove delivery, and old mattress removal
Lumbar Zone Technology: designed for optimal spine support
Type: Hybrid
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Thickness 15.5-inches
Off-gassing: disappears after 3 to 5 days of use
Designed and Assembled: in the USA
Material: coil-on-coil construction and memory foam
Contains: traditional innerspring construction

The Saatva mattress is a hybrid bed that features a comfort layer with fiberfill, polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed coils. On top of that, it has a support system of hourglass coils. All beds come with the same materials, but the layers differ in thickness, bringing about the difference in firmness levels.

Overall, the Saatva Classic mattress is the perfect bed for couples and hot sleepers. Thanks to the pocketed coil system that keeps the bed cool and bouncy at the same time.




The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress gives sleepers the best sleep of their life. Thanks to the blend of memory foam and innerspring in its structure. You will get maximum support from its firm feel but still sleep cool.

Technical Specifications of the Dreamcloud Mattress Luxury Hybrid

Features Dreamcloud  Mattress
Firmness: 6.5/10
Plyfoam: Eight layers
Designed:  For Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
Great for Hot Sleepers: Yes
Good use: 7-8 years
Off-gassing: takes less than 24 hours
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 365-night
Materials: Gel-infused memory foam
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 14 inches
Weight: 115.2 pounds
Shipping: Free Shipping and Return
Height: 14 inches
Part of the: Resident House of Brands

The DreamCloud mattress has a luxury firm surface, which is preferred by most sleepers. With a thickness profile of 14-inches, this bed has an above-average profile, making it a luxury mattress. It also comes with five layers, which include a soft-to-touch cover with quilted foam and a cashmere top. It is followed by a pressure-relief comfort layer made of gel memory foam. Next is the transition layer that prevents the sleeper from sinking deeper into the mattress. The bottom layers are the support core made of individually wrapped coils and a base layer.

The individually wrapped coils help the sleeper’s body adapt to the bed for a cool night’s sleep. It’s not a big deal if you sleep on your back, stomach, or have a partner. Besides, the mattress is also breathable, making it perfect for hot sleepers. And since the bed is bouncy and responsive, couples will find it exciting and fun for intimacy.

Buyers of this bed also get a full-year trial period and a lifetime limited warranty.




The Helix mattress is the best bed for individuals who don’t know which firmness level is ideal. The bed has seven mattresses with different firmness options, ranging from plush to medium, and Plus firmness. Our focus will only be on the Helix firm beds. These include the Helix Twilight, the Helix Dawn, and the Helix Plus. Aside from the standard version, sleepers have the option of picking the luxury Helix firm models. The Helix Twilight and Helix Dawn have luxe versions, but the Helix Plus doesn’t.

Technical Specifications of the Helix Mattresses

Features Helix Mattress
Materials: 100% safe
Durability: between 7 and 8 years
Bouncy and Responsive: Yes
Temperature:  Cool
Collections: Helix Midnight, Helix Dusk, Helix Twilight, Helix Dawn, Helix Moonlight, and Helix Sunset
Top Cover: 100 percent polyester covers
Offers support: both stomach and back sleepers
Can accommodate: All types of sleepers
Shipping: free anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Firmness: different firmness level
Off-gassing: Quickly
Trial period: 100-night free
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified foams
Pricing: affordable

The Helix mattresses are made with varying foam layers, which gives them a different feel. The Helix Twilight uses memory foam in its comfort layer, while the Helix Dawn features Helix Dynamic Foam. On the other hand, the Helix Plus has a two-layer comfort system with one layer made of memory foam and another with Helix Dynamic Foam.

On the other hand, the Helix Twilight and Dawn firm beds have a polyfoam as their transition layer, while the Helix Plus mattress has memory foam on its transition layer. Finally, all the mattresses have pocketed coils in their support core and polyfoam as their base layer.



Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress is one of the most affordable hybrid firm mattresses on the market. Made by one of the best direct-to-consumer mattress brands, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a bed that back, stomach, and heavyweight sleepers would love to have. It also has a firm rating of 7 on the firmness scale of 1-10.

Technical Specifications of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress

Features Brooklyn Bedding Mattress
Top Cover: TitanFlex foam
Next Layer: Energex transitional foam
Materials: a mix of foam and coils
Firmness: different firmness options
Durability: at least 7 years
Shipping: free within the contiguous U.S.
Warranty: Ten years
Designed for: lightweight and side sleepers
Motion Isolation:  more than average
Pricing: Affordable
Off-gassing: within a few days
Trial period: 120-night free
Models: 6
Certification CertiPUR-US certified

The mattress is built with a cotton cover quilted with a polyfoam to give the surface extra comfort. Besides, the bed also comprises a gel-infused TitanFlex polyfoam layer in its comfort system. This Layer gives it a latex-like feel. Next is the Energex polyfoam, followed by 6-inch pocketed coils supported with a polyfoam base layer.

Generally, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a great hybrid mattress sold at an affordable price. The ideal sleeper will get the necessary support and have a good night’s sleep. Couples will love the bouncy surface, and back sleepers won’t sink too deeply. The mattress is also breathable, which is crucial for hot sleepers.

Featuring a 120-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, you can rest knowing that you’ve invested in a reputable brand.




The Amerisleep mattress offers some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. It boasts five different mattress models: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 mattresses. All of these come with varying firmness levels, with the AS1 bed being the firmest. If you’re looking for a firm mattress from Amerisleep, you will have to choose either the AS1 bed with a firm feel or the AS2 bed with a medium-firm feel. Our focus is on the AS1 firm bed.

Technical Specifications of the Amerisleep Mattress AS1

Features Amerisleep Mattress
Materials: 100% petroleum-based foams
Warranty: 20-year warranty
Firmness: 7.5
5 models: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5
Off-gassing: after 4 to 6 hours
Temperature Control: open-cell structure
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 100-night free trial period
Layers: different for each model
People of: all shapes and sizes
Designed: All types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, and combo)
Certification: Certi-PUR US and OEKO-TEX
Shipping: free shipping and return
Unique Manufacturing process: uses the variable pressure foaming process
Height:  12-inch

The Amerisleep AS1 comes with a firm surface that will support your body and prevent sleepers from sinking deeper into the bed. It has a celliant cover, which helps in the recovery of the sleeper. This material absorbs body heat and reflects it as infrared energy. Additionally, the mattress boasts other layers that make this bed worth sleeping on. These are a 2-inch memory foam Bio-Pur, open-cell Layer, and an 8-inch polyfoam layer. These two layers give the mattress its firm feel.

The Bio-Pur technology in the comfort layer has an open-cell structure that makes the mattress breathable. Despite the bed being firm, it offers little contouring, which should be enough to relieve pressure. However, what makes this bed special is the eco-friendly materials that it’s made with. At such a fantastic price, you get an exceptional memory foam bed.




WinkBed is the perfect bed for people looking for a luxurious but affordable firm bed. The WinkBed mattress is a hybrid mattress with four firmness options: soft, luxury-firm, firm, and Plus mattresses. The WinkBed Firm mattress has a firmness rating of around 8, which provides exceptional support to most sleepers. For this reason, this mattress is perfect for sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or more. Also, back and stomach sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds will feel comfortable on this bed.

Technical Specifications of the WinkBeds MemoryLux Mattress

Features WinkBeds Mattress
Thickness: 13.5-inch
Materials: deep support springs, Dura-Tec, Extra edge anti-sag support, and Tencel cover
Trial period: 120-night free
Bouncy and Responsive: Yes
Edge Support:  Excellent
Can Accommodate: all types of sleepers
Top Cover: Tencel
Next Layer: Euro-pillow top with gel-infused polyfoam
Firmness: soft, luxury firm, firm, and Plus firmness
Off-gassing: few days
Bottom individually pocketed coils
Shipping: free to the contiguous U.S.
Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified
Pricing: favorably priced

Even though the WinkBed mattress is a hybrid bed, it is not as expensive as other high-end hybrid mattresses. The mattress features polyfoam, micro-coils, and a pocketed coil core. Like all the other WinkBed mattresses, their firm version also comes with a Tencel cover, making the bed breathable. Together with the coil system, this mattress sleeps cool the entire night.  On top of that, the zoned coil support core provides targeted support to the sleeper, resulting in a night of comfortable sleep.

The WinkBed Mattress is the perfect bed for back and stomach sleepers looking for a firm hybrid mattress. Besides selling its beds online, the company also has showrooms in New York City, Chicago, and Austin, where interested buyers can test the mattress before making up their minds.



Layla Hybrid

If you’re unsure whether you desire a firm or soft bed, the Layla Hybrid mattress is your perfect match. The Layla Hybrid mattress is a flippable bed, meaning that it comes with two firmness options. It has a soft feel on one side and a firm feel on the other. The Layla Hybrid mattress is constructed from a mix of memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils.

Technical Specifications of the Layla Mattress – Flippable

Features Layla Mattress
Lifespan: 6 to 7 years
Warranty: 10-year
Designed: All types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, and combo)
Off-gassing: between 24 and 48 hours
Trial period: 120 night free trial period
Motion Isolation: Fantastic
Firmness: 7
Sides: 2 (Soft & Firm)
Includes: 2 pillows
Foam: copper infused cooling system mattress
Cover: blend of polyester, viscose, and poly lycra
Works with: solid platform and adjustable base, box spring or foundation, bunkie board on a box spring, or slatted base
Shipping: free shipping and return
Dimensions: 74 x 54 x 10 inches
Weight: 70 pounds

First and foremost, the Layla Hybrid bed comes with a cover made of a blend of polyester, viscose, and poly lycra. The cover is breathable and wicks away heat. The softer side of the mattress has a 2.5-inch memory foam and a 2-inch of polyfoam. While on the firmer side, it has 1-inch memory foam and 1.5-inch polyfoam. The memory foam layers in these beds are infused with copper to make the bed breathable. There is a 6-inch pocketed coil layer in the middle of the mattress, which makes the bed sleep cool and gives it a bouncy feel.

The Layla Hybrid mattress does not come cheap but has all the features that most sleepers desire in quality and luxurious beds.



Casper Hybrid

Casper is among the most popular online mattresses. It boasts of a variety of mattress models with different firmness options. The Casper Hybrid is one of its popular beds, and it is an improved version of its flagship mattress, the Casper Original. Like the Casper Original mattress, the Casper Hybrid bed comes with foam layers but with a coil support core.

Technical Specifications of the Casper Mattress – Wave Hybrid

Features Casper Mattress
Durability: more than six years
Shipping: free shipping and return are offered for the U.S. and not other areas
Pricing: Very Affordable
Certification: A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Type: Hybrid
Layers: 5
Trial Period: 100-night free
Warranty: 10-year Lifetime warranty
Models: 4
Materials: open-cell foam, responsive memory foam, adaptive transition foam, and durable support foam
Height: 10 inches
Motion Isolation: Excellent
Thickness 9.5-inch
Off-gassing: takes more time
Firmness: medium-firm

The Casper Hybrid bed is beautifully constructed to last long and support the sleeper. It comprises a cover made of recycled materials. The first Layer is made of Airspace perforated breathable foam that increases airflow and keeps the bed cool. It is followed by a zoned support memory foam layer with three ergonomic zones to help align your spine and have a relaxing night’s sleep. Finally, it has a coil support core that offers support and allows air to circulate in the mattress. Also, the coils make the edge strong and able to support the weight.

With such quality features, the Casper Hybrid mattress has a medium feel, ideal for all types of sleepers. However, heavyweight and light lightweight sleepers may find it uncomfortable.  




Fitted with a comfort layer of Rainforest Alliance-certified Dunlop latex on coils, the Awara mattress is one of the superior natural mattresses on the market. Aside from latex, the mattress also comes with various eco-friendly materials that make it an excellent option for eco-conscious shoppers.

Technical Specifications of the Awara Mattress  Eco-friendly

Features Awara Mattress
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Shipping: free shipping and return
Firmness: 6
Thickness: 13 inches
Top Layer: Plush Euro Top cover made with soft New Zealand wool & organic cotton
2nd Layer: Sourced from real rubber trees
Type: Hybrid
Third Layer: Individually-wrapped coils
Bottom Layer: cotton/poly base
Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty
Trial period: 365 nights
Durability: at least seven years
Edge support: Strong
100% Natural wool: Yes
Certification: Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex

The Awara mattress features a breathable and soft cover made of organic cotton and wool. As stated earlier, it also comes with Dunlop latex, which is denser and more durable than Talalay latex. What stands out most about the Awara bed is the 9-inch individually wrapped coil system that provides the needed support and allows the spine to align correctly. Together with the reinforced edges, sleepers can use the entire bed without rolling off.

Besides, the coil system does a great job of isolating motion and, at the same time, giving the bed its bouncy feel. Therefore, couples will love this bed. With a medium feel, the mattress will accommodate many sleepers, with people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds having the best comfort.

Since the bed comes with many natural materials, it is safe to sleep on and meets several certifications. What makes this mattress special is that the company plants ten trees for every mattress sold. If you’re ready to spend to get one of the best eco-friendly beds on the market, the Awara mattress is an ideal choice.



Avocado Green

If you prefer taking a nap on your stomach or back, the Avocado Green mattress is the perfect bed for you. This mattress offers exceptional support and comfort, resulting in a relaxing night’s sleep. Thanks to the natural and eco-friendly materials that the mattress features.

Technical Specifications of the Avocado Green Mattress

Features Avocado Green Mattress
Organic: Yes
Standard Mattress:  Thickness: 11”
Weight: 59 (Twin) – 122 lbs (Cal. King)
Motion isolation: 8/10
Edge support: 8/10
Heat retention: 7/10
Durability: 9/10
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 100 days
Shipping: Free Shipping on 50 States
Height: 11-inches to 13-inches
Materials: Latex
Warranty: 25 Year Limited
Crib Mattress: No
Non-toxic: Yes

The Avocado Green bed has a cover made of organic cotton and organic wool materials. It is followed by 2-inches of Dunlop latex, which gives the mattress its firm feel. Next is the 1-inch of memory foam layer, 8-inch of pocketed coils, and 1-inch Dunlop latex layer. Together, these layers add up to 11-inches, making the bed have a slightly above-average profile.

The bed comes with a firmness rating of 7 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. With this setting, the bed can serve many sleepers, stomach, back, and heavyweight sleepers. Additionally, people with back pains will get the necessary support, which will lead to a cozy and undisturbed night’s sleep.

With such fantastic features and eco-friendly design, the Avocado Green mattress is an excellent investment for people who want comfort and support from a quality hybrid bed.




The Birch bed is an ideal mattress for sleepers who want a firm mattress that conforms closely to the sleeper’s body. Birch is a hybrid mattress made up of Talalay latex, polyfoam, and a pocketed coil support system. These layers combine to give this bed a slightly above average profile of 11-inches. Aside from the Birch mattress’s outstanding layers, it also comes with a soft and breathable cover made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, wool, and rayon fire barrier.

Technical Specifications of the Birch Bed

Features Birch Mattress
Firmness: medium-firm
Safe: No chemicals
Made of: Talalay latex, polyfoam, and a pocketed coil support system
Support Core: pocketed coils and natural organic wool batting
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 100nights free trial period
Pressure Relief: Ergonomic
Warranty: 25-year warranty
Ideal for: sleepers who want a firm mattress that conforms closely to the sleeper’s body
Thickness 11-inches
Breathable: Yes
Temperature: Sleeps Cool
Shipping:  free ground shipping to all 50 states
Cover: certified-organic cotton
Certification: GOTS, GreenGuard, OEKO-TEX, 1% for the Planet, eco Institut, and much more

Birch has natural & organic wool batting, together with ventilated Talalay latex in the comfort layer. On the contrary, it features pocketed coils and natural organic wool batting in the support core. These materials give the bed a medium-firm feel, which is the most preferred on the market.

Manufactured by Helix, the Birch mattress meets most of the natural standards, such as GOTS, GreenGuard, OEKO-TEX, 1% for the Planet, eco Institut, and much more.



Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf mattress comes with two mattress options: medium-firm and firm mattresses. Thus, sleepers can choose a firm bed that they feel is okay for their sleeping position and weight group. The medium-firm bed has a rating of 6, while the firmer model has a rating of 7. The mattresses have a quilted cover, memory foam in the comfort layer, and a polyfoam layer in the bed’s base area.

Technical Specifications of the Loom and Leaf Mattress, All-foam

Features Loom and Leaf
Delivered & Set-Up: FREE
Allergen Resistant: Yes
Flame Retardant: yes
Firmness: medium-firm and the firm
Shipping: free shipping and return
Off-gassing: It lasts for one or two days
Antimicrobial: YES (Guardin® Fabric Treatment)
Warranty: 15 Years
Layer: 4
Premium High-Density Memory Foam: Yes
Organic Cotton Cover: Yes
Cooling Gel: yes
Height: 12”
Sleep Trial: 180 Days
Circular-knit certified organic cotton cover: 625-inch foam layer

The Loom & leaf mattress is an all-foam bed, and that’s why it is excellent when it comes to isolating motion and relieving pressure. However, sleepers will have some challenges shifting in bed, and it won’t provide the best surface for sex. Aside from this, the Loom & Leaf all-foam bed is an excellent mattress for hot sleepers who love a memory foam feel.  

When you buy this mattress, you will have to allow it to off-gas before sleeping on it. Also, you should avoid sitting or sleeping on the edge as it lacks support.




If you desire a luxurious mattress that you can flip from firm to soft or vice-versa, the Zenhaven bed is the best fit for you. Manufactured by one of the prestigious mattress brands on the market, “Saatva,” this mattress is a true definition of luxurious and healthy sleep. It is fitted with a quilted organic cotton cover, organic wool layer, latex support layer, and latex 5-zone comfort layer. These layers combine to provide the sleepy with a comfy and cool surface.

Technical Specifications of the Zenhaven Mattress made by Saatva

Features Zenhaven Mattress
Materials: 100% natural
Perfect for: Slide Sleepers
Pricing: affordable
Thickness: 10-inch
4 Layers: Talalay latex
Durability: at least 7 years
Top Cover: organic cotton cover with natural wool padding
Noise: Virtually Silent
Shipping: free in the continental U.S. and a few select locations in Canada
Warranty: 20-year non-prorated
Firmness: 5-8
Off-gassing: few days
Trial period: 180-night free
Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Pressure Relief:  Exceptional

The most exceptional feature of the Zenhaven mattress is the 5-zoned support system that provides targeted support to eliminate pain and aches that people feel cheap and poorly made beds. You can flip the bed depending on the firmness feel that you want to experience. One side has a medium soft feel and the other a firm feel.

Despite being a high-quality mattress with eco-friendly materials, this bed isn’t cheap. Also, it has weak edge support, which may be an issue for some sleepers.



Nest bedding love & sleep

Nest Bedding is one of the pioneers of bed-in-a-box mattresses. The company has seven different mattress models, but we will focus on one of the Nest Bedding Love and Sleep all-foam beds. This is a perfect example of a luxurious all-foam mattress that sleeps cool and offers a responsive surface. On top of that, the bed is made with quality layers, including Energex cooling comfort layer, SmartFlow air flow layer, and edge support base foam.

Technical Specifications of the Nest Bedding Love and Sleep All-foam Bed

Features Nest Bedding
Firmness: firm or medium feel
Comfort Layer: Energex cooling
Air Flow Layer: SmartFlow
Perfect For: back and stomach sleepers
Models: 7
Bouncy and Responsive: Yes
Shipping: free within the contagious U.S.
Warranty: Lifetime limited non-prorated warranty
Materials: all-foam
Off-gassing: minimal
Designed: back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper
Temperature Control: Outstanding/breathable and cool
Trial period: 100 nights trial period
Ideal for: Hot Sleepers
Unique: Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric

The Nest Bedding Love and Sleep mattress may be made of all-foam, but it has a responsive surface because of the EnergexTM foam layer. This Layer also makes the bed breathable, allowing it to sleep cooler than most memory foam beds.

Buyers are granted the choice of choosing either the firm or medium feel. The Nest Bedding’s unique feature is the Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric for a relaxing night’s sleep. With such brilliant features at a low price, this is a fantastic mattress to invest in.



Big Fig

Big Fig ensures that larger individuals are not left out. Finding a mattress that is suited for larger individuals is challenging, and that’s why Big Fig came up with this bed. The Big Fig Hybrid mattress is built specifically for larger individuals. However, some average-weight and heavyweight sleepers will love having this bed.

Technical Specifications of the Big Fig Mattress

Features Big Fig Mattress
Built Specially for: larger individuals
Cover: blend of polyurethane, viscose, and lycra
Firmness: medium-firm
Comfort Layer: gel-infused, aerated latex layer.
Unique: thermo-gel cooling technology
Warranty: 20 years
Support Core: 1,600 individually wrapped pocketed coils
Thickness: 13-inch
Pricing: average price
Responsive and Bouncy: Yes
Edge Support:  Excellent
Off-gassing: Not bothering
Trial period: 120 nights trial period
Motion Isolation: Excellent
Pressure Relief: Fairly Well

The mattress features a cover that is made of a blend of polyurethane, viscose, and lycra. It also comes with a latex layer, 3-inch polyfoam, pocketed coils, and polyfoam. When these layers are combined, they give this bed a medium-firm feel. As a result, the bed can be utilized by both lightweight and heavyweight individuals.

What makes this bed special is the thermo-gel cooling technology that keeps it cool the whole night. So, sleepers can sleep without being bothered by the bed trapping heat or sleeping hot. The bed gives larger sleepers the support and comfort that they desire. The only challenge is that you will have to buy the mattress together with the foundation.




After going through the best firm mattress, we hope that you’ve found a mattress that meets both of your needs and demands. The right mattress should ensure that you sleep comfortably and wake up without any pains or aches. Firm beds not only offer exceptional support to your spine, but they are also more durable than softer beds. But if you want to land the best bed, you should consider all factors instead of just looking at firmness.

Take your time and choose the perfect firm mattress for your bedroom. Pick from a reputable brand with a free trial period and a good warranty. All the best as you get a supportive and pressure-relieving bed. I hope that this Best Firm Mattress Reviews article has given you a clear idea about these mattresses.


What are the benefits of sleeping on a firmer mattress?

Answer: A firm mattress has many benefits over plush, medium-soft, and medium mattresses. These beds provide enough support to help the spine align properly. Also, they help the sleeper get a deeper rest as they don’t sag too much. What’s more, these beds do an outstanding job of spreading the weight. For this reason, sleepers can have a sound sleep as there will be relief in the pressure points of their bodies.

What are the differences between firm and plush mattresses?

Answer: A firm bed provides a feeling of sleeping “on” the mattress, while a plush mattress gives a feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress. Firm mattresses give support to the body’s pressure points, while plush mattresses give a hug and relieve pressure. Additionally, firm mattresses are more breathable than plush beds as they don’t trap heat the same way that plush beds do.

Who is best suited for a firm bed?

Answer: A firm mattress is ideal for people who love sleeping “on” the mattress instead of “in” the mattress. Additionally, a firm bed is suitable for back and stomach sleepers. This is because it supports the body’s pressure points, such as the lower back, shoulders, hips, and hips. On top of that, heavyweight sleepers love a firm mattress as it does not sink deeper, thus, giving them a hug that they feel comfortable with.

Who shouldn’t sleep on a firm bed?

Answer: Not every individual will love sleeping on a firm bed. Some prefer a plusher feel that cradles their body for comfort and pressure relief. For instance, you can’t feel comfortable sleeping on concrete or a bare surface. Most side sleepers find firm mattresses to add pressure to some parts of their body. Lightweight sleepers don’t love firm beds, as most of them don’t conform to their bodies. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, stay away from a firm mattress.

How can I make my mattress firm if it has a soft feel?

Answer: If you bought a mattress and feel that it is so soft for your body, you can still improve its feel by making it firmer. You will be needed to acquire a mattress topper with a firm rating, and it should be thick enough to change your bed’s feel. However, if your bed is already wearing out or even sagging, you won’t be capable of changing its feel.  

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