Amerisleep is one of the best memory foam mattress brands on the market. Since the company was started in 2007, it has diversified, and now they offer 5 different mattress models. The company puts in a lot of energy and care when constructing their mattresses, which has enabled them to design high-quality, comfortable, and durable mattresses. Read our Amerisleep mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

The Amerisleep mattresses are manufactured in the USA and can be a good choice of mattresses depending on your weight and sleeping style. This is also a bed-in-a-box mattress with 5 different models to offer, which include the Amerisleep AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and Amerisleep AS5 mattresses. These have different firmness and thickness levels.

Technical Specifications of the Amerisleep Mattress


Amerisleep Mattress

Firmness: 7.5
5 Amerisleep models: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and Amerisleep AS5
Off-gassing: after 4 to 6 hours
Temperature Control: open-cell structure
Type: Hybrid mattress
Trial: 100-night free trial period
Materials: 100% petroleum-based foams
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Designed: All types of sleepers (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combo sleepers)
Layers: different for each model
People of: all shapes and sizes
Certification: Certi-PUR US and OEKO-TEX
Shipping: free shipping and return
Unique Manufacturing process: uses the variable pressure foaming process
Height:  6 to 9-inches
Price: Amerisleep Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

If you are not sure whether you should pick a mattress from Amerisleep or another brand, then read our Amerisleep mattress reviews, and you will find out more about this amazing mattress brand.

What are the common features of the Amerisleep Mattresses?

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Amerisleep Mattress Reviews


In our Amerisleep mattress reviews, we’ve expounded on the Amerisleep mattress in order to help you make an informed decision as you select the new mattress for your bedroom.


When compared to many other memory foam mattresses, the Amerisleep is well made for durability. The mattress has 5 models, and every model has different foam layers.

The Amerisleep AS1 is 10-inches in thickness and has two layers. The first transition layer is the 4 PCF memory foam, and it provides comfort, while the second layer is the support core that is made of 1.8 PCF polyfoam. This mattress model is very suitable for heavy individuals.

The second model is the Amerisleep AS2 mattress which is 12-inches, and it is made up of 3 layers. The foam layers include a single layer of 4 PCF, 1.65 PCF polyfoam support core layer, and 1.8 PCF polyfoam base layer.

The AS3 hybrid model is 12-inches with 3 layers. It comprises 4 PCF memory foam layers, 1.65 polyfoam layer, and a base layer of 1.8 PCF polyfoam.

Just like the Amerisleep AS2 and Amerisleep AS3  mattress models, the Amerisleep AS4 mattress is also 12-inches and has 3 layers. Unlike the Amerisleep AS3, this model has a 4-inch layer of 4 PCF memory foam layer, 1.65 polyfoam support core, and a base support layer of 1.8 PCF polyfoam.

The AS5, also formerly known as independence, is the thickest and softest mattress in Amerisleep’s current collection. This mattress is 14-inches in height and has 4 layers. They include a top layer of 4 PCF memory foam layer, a bottom layer of 3 PCF polyfoam, a 1.65 polyfoam support core, and a base layer of 1.8 PCF.


All of the Amerisleep mattresses are very durable as they’re made of high-density memory foam in the comfort layer, and the supporting layers are also of strong foam densities. Density directly affects the durability of the mattress. In this case, the Amerisleep mattresses have a high density, which means that they are very long-lasting. But just like many other memory foam mattresses, the Amerisleep mattresses will degrade faster.


Before purchasing a mattress, you should know how firm it is in order to determine if it’s the ideal firm mattress for you or not. All of the Amerisleep mattresses have different firmness levels. To start with, the Amerisleep AS1 has a firmness level of 7.5. This is the firmest mattress and very ideal for heavy people. The AS2 has a medium-firm of 6.5, and it is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. The Amerisleep AS3 has a firmness level of 5.5, and it is of medium firmness. The Amerisleep AS4 model has medium softness, and finally, the AS5 has a soft firmness.Amerisleep Mattress

Depending on your sleeping style and weight, you can choose a mattress with a firmness level that you desire. Nevertheless, most people prefer medium firmness as it is comfortable and it conforms to your body weight perfectly.

Temperature control

Among the various mattresses found on the market, Amerisleep is one of the most unique when it comes to temperature control. Memory foam mattresses are famous for retaining heat, but this is not the case with the Amerisleep mattresses. This is because they feature an open-cell structure that prevents the foam from retaining heat as you take a nap. The Open-cell structure allows air to pass through the foam easily, and thus less heat is retained. As a result, this mattress sleeps cool even though some people say that it sleeps neutral.

Motion isolation

Memory foam mattresses are known to be good at isolating motion. Actually, this is one of the biggest reasons why people love it. Innerspring mattresses like Saatva or Winkbed are not good at motion transfer. The foam only compresses in areas where weight is applied; as a result, there is very minimal motion transfer from one section of the mattress to another. So, you should expect all the Amerisleep mattresses to offer above-average motion isolation, with models like AS4 and AS5 providing the best motion isolation.


This is another exceptional feature of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is known to be the most conforming mattress on the market. So, if you want a mattress that conforms closely to your body, then the Amerisleep mattresses will be a great option for you. Layers of memory foam will let you sink into the mattress. With such conforming, most pressure points will be relieved, and you won’t experience a lot of aches and pain.

Edge support

If you want a mattress with strong edge support, then you may have to look for a luxury zoned-supported mattress. This is because memory foam mattresses usually sink on the edge as they don’t have strong support in these areas. This is even a greater problem with medium-soft and soft memory foam mattress models. So, if you’re one of those clients who love sleeping on the edge of the mattress, you won’t get the required support from the Amerisleep mattresses.


When you choose mattresses with pocketed coils in them, you should be ready to withstand the squeaks and creaks they make at times. But if you don’t want to hear any noise coming from your mattress, then memory foam beds should be your top choice. Memory foam mattresses like Amerisleep mattresses are virtually silent even when they bear a lot of weight.

Sinkage and bounce

This feature is highly considered by partners looking for a good bed for sex. If the bed is bouncy, then it will be more responsive, and if it’s not bouncy, it will be less responsive. The Amerisleep mattresses are not very bouncy. Thus they are also very less responsive. That’s why some owners have reported that they feel stuck in the bed as they move away from it. If you want a bed that is very bouncy and responsive, look for hybrid or innerspring beds.
Amerisleep Memory FoamCheck Price on Amazon


Off-gassing is normal with almost every bed-in-a-box mattress. This is not different from the Amerisleep mattress, as owners have reported some smell when they first set up the mattress. Most people have reported that the smell dissipates after a few hours of set up, and the owner can use the bed after 4 to 6 hours.


If you’re looking to save some money or are on a budget, this is not the mattress for you. The Amerisleep mattress is priced above-average. Instead of spending all of this money on these mattresses, you can spend it on slightly cheaper memory foam mattresses and save the remaining cash. In that case, a Zinus affordable cooling mattress could save you money. The brand offers a wide range of sizes which include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, and California king. Pick the right size for your bed. The bigger the mattress, the more costly it is.

Trial period

One of the things that you want to hear when buying a high-end mattress is a free trial period. Not many mattress brands offer long trial periods, and this limits owners as they have little time to test the mattress. The Amerisleep mattress provides a 100-night free trial period which is the industry standard. This is a lot of time, and the sleeper should be in a position to judge whether the mattress is what they are looking for or not. You have to try the mattress for at least 30-nights before returning the mattress.

Returns and shipping

If you buy the mattress and find it to be unpleasant, just feel free to return it within the trial period. The manufacturer accepts their mattresses, and they offer free shipping. The Amerisleep mattresses are always shipped compressed in plastic packaging inside a box that comes to your doorstep. When the mattress is unpacked, it normally takes approximately 24 hours to fully expand.

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The Amerisleep mattress offers one of the best warranties on the market. Many mattress brands offer a 10-year warranty, while Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty. The warranty is non-prorated and cannot be transferred. Stay on our Amerisleep mattress review to know more about its advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of the Amerisleep mattress

Advantages of the Amerisleep mattress

Disadvantages of the Amerisleep mattresses

Who should choose the Amerisleep mattress?

Who shouldn’t choose the Amerisleep mattresses?

Bottom line

Amerisleep is a USA-based company that provides eco-friendly mattresses. After going through our review, you should be able to choose a mattress with the right firmness and comfort for your sleeping style and weight. The Amerisleep brand produces high-quality, durable, and comfortable mattresses that you will easily fall in love with its extra shoulders and hips support.

However, with all of these great qualities, the Amerisleep mattress is pricey and not good for people who are on a budget. Additionally, the mattress is not good for people who don’t love the feel of memory foam mattresses. But with its outstanding sleep trial period and long warranty, the brand offers reliable mattresses that are hard to turn down. I hope our Amerisleep mattress reviews will help a lot to make the right decision.


Question: Where can I buy the Amerisleep mattress?
Answer: The Amerisleep mattress is available on the company’s website. You can also get it on Amazon and on brick-and-mortar stores based in Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Note that different mattress sizes are sold at different prices.

Question: Where do Amerisleep mattress brand ship their mattresses to?
Answer: Amerisleep is one of the mattress companies that ship its mattresses overseas. But first of all, the company shops its mattress in the contiguous 48 states in the country. And if you live outside these states, your mattress can be shipped to your destination upon request. These areas include Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and a few chosen destinations.

Question: How many firmness options do Amerisleep mattresses offer?
Answer: As a matter of fact, Amerisleep is one of the unique mattress brands on the market as it offers all firmness levels for different sleepers. To start with, it has 5 mattress models, and each and every one of them has its own firmness level. The AS1 model has a firmness level of 7.5, the Amerisleep AS2 model has a firmness level of 6.5, the AS3 model has a firmness level of 5.5, and the AS4 model has a firmness level of 4.5, and the AS5 has a firmness level of 3.5. These ratings are from the firmness scale of 1-10, and they can be said to be firm, medium-firm, medium, medium soft, and soft, respectively.

Question: Does the Amerisleep mattress sleep hot?
Answer: I have ready said in my Amerisleep mattress review article that this mattress is not for cool sleepers. Even though most memory foam mattresses sleep hot because they are known for retaining heat, the Amerisleep is slightly different as you will sleep neutral instead of hot or cool. This is all thanks to its Bio-Pur memory foam with an open-cell structure. This structure makes this mattress to be more breathable than traditional foam.

Still, have questions after reading our Amerisleep mattress reviews? Comment below.

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