If you’re an athlete, you know how exercising can be intense and tiring. After a long day, you need to get a good night’s sleep, and having the right bed will help you to do so. The Bear mattress is specifically designed to offer comfort and support to athletes and very active people. The manufacturer claims that the mattress is constructed with special materials that will boost sleep quality and increase performance for individuals who sleep on it. Read our Bear mattress reviews to know more about this mattress brand and features.

With intense exercises, you need your muscles to recover and have relief in sensitive parts of the body. And the best way to get this relief and have your muscles recover is by sleeping on a comfortable and very supportive mattress like the Bear mattress. The Bear mattress features Celliant on its cover, which is famous for improving blood flow and allowing you to sleep cool. This mattress is considered one of the best luxury mattresses for back sleepers who are suffering from back pain. Whether you’re an athlete or not, you still stand to benefit a lot from this mixed-foam mattress. Find out more details in this Bear mattress reviews article.

Technical Specifications of the Bear Mattress


Bear Mattress

Suitable for: back sleepers
Trial: 100risk-free trial period
Firmness: medium firm
Made in: USA
Materials: Environment friendly
Type: Hybrid
Shipping: free shipping and return
Temperature: Sleeps Cool
Bouncy: Yes
Off-gassing: the smell doesn’t last long
Noise: Silent
Adapts: your body shape, weight, and sleeping style
Height: 10”
Certification: Certi-PUR US FDA certified
Warranty 10year warranty
Price Check Today’s Price


The Bear mattress first came into existence in 2015, and its latest model, the Bear Hybrid, was introduced in January 2018. The Parent company has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and it is famous for creating high-quality products that are customer-oriented. So, no matter the mattress that you choose from Bear, you should be certain that you’re getting a quality and supportive mattress.

Bear CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress Reviews in 2024

The Bear mattresses are great for all types of sleepers, and the hybrid bed has a more traditional innerspring feel. To know more about the Bear mattress, read our full Bear mattress reviews article to know about the pros to cons and who is best suited for which type of mattress.


The Bear is a hybrid memory foam mattress that measures 10 inches in thickness. It features a cover, which is one of its best selling points. The cover is a two-toned design and has a unique Celliant technology that is FDA-Determined. Bear Pro is more advanced in features and technology. The manufacturer says that this technology has many proven health benefits for sound and quality sleep. In addition, the Celliant changes energy from the body into infrared light, thus offering many health benefits.

The Bear mattress comprises 4 layers and the Celliant cover. All the foams are designed with CertiPUR-US certified materials, which implies that they hugely avoid particular dangerous chemicals and procedures that can be found in other mattresses. The layers are as follows:

The first layer is made of memory foam infused with graphite gel, and it measures 1 inch. This layer also features an open-cell structure, and it conducts body heat away from the body.

The second layer, which is the quick response foam, is 1.5 inches in thickness. This is a very crucial layer as it gives the mattress its bounce. It also aids in pressure relief and alignment of the spine. The layer is also made up of 1-inch of quick response foam that is firmer than the same foam that is above it.

The base layer gives the mattress its shape, and it measures 5 inches in thickness. This layer also provides support, and it is made up of high-density foam that is very durable. Available bear mattress sizes are California King, King, Queen, Twin XL, and Twin.


The Bear mattress is very durable, and it should be able to offer great support and comfort for at least 7 years. Many owners say that the mattress holds up very well, and it doesn’t show any signs of sinkage. This might be true, but the Bear mattress hasn’t been in the industry for so long to know if it can really hold up as advertised. This is because the Bear mattress was introduced into the market in 2015.

Bear Mattress Firmness

This is one of the weaknesses of the Bear mattress. Unlike other mattress brands, which offer more than one firmness level for their different mattress models, this brand offers one firmness option. It offers a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. Even though this firmness is okay for most types of sleepers, some may find it to be uncomfortable, especially very light or very heavy individuals. You can check our best firm mattresses list to know more about firmness.

Motion isolation

Many Bear mattress owners have applauded this mattress, saying that it really reduces motion transfer to a great extent. This means that when your partner moves or changes position on the bed while you’re asleep, there will be very minimal or no disruptions at all. As a result, you will have a good night’s sleep. This is all thanks to its all-foam construction, which is known to be excellent at absorbing and isolating motion.

Temperature control

Memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot, which can cause you to have sleepless nights. Even though the Bear mattress is made of foam, this bed still sleeps cool. The mattress is able to stay cool because it features the Celliant cover and gel memory foam comfort layer that is designed to keep the mattress cool all night long and prevent heat retention. But just like many other foam mattresses, the mattress retains little heat, and that’s why some people consider it to be sleep neutral.


Since the Bear is made of all foam, it conforms closely, and many owners say that it relieves some pain and pressure on the most sensitive parts of the body. So, if you’re an athlete or an active person who needs a mattress that alleviates the pains and aches sustained from intense training or workouts, the Bear will be a great mattress for you.

Edge support

One of the huge complaints about the Bear mattress is its weak edge support. Like many other foam mattresses, the Bear mattress is no different as it features weak edge support. Owners of the Bear mattresses say that the edges sag when they sit on them, and they don’t provide the much-needed support. As a result, if you prefer sleeping on the edge of the mattress, you won’t get the support that you need, and you may end up falling from the bed. So Winkbeds mattress or Leesa mattress would be great for strong zoned support.


Of course, this is one of the most silent mattresses that you will come across on the market as it is made of all foam. Mattresses that produce noise normally contain coils in their structure, which squeak and creak over time. The Bear mattress is extremely silent, and you won’t hear it making noise even when you sleep on the bed with force.

Sinkage and bounce

A responsive mattress allows you to get out of bed quickly as opposed to a less responsive mattress. Some mattresses may hug and make you feel stuck in bed, while others hug you and respond quickly when you get out of bed. Very responsive mattresses are normally bouncy and great for sex. The Bear mattress is not very responsive, but it is slightly bouncy. So, if you want a very bouncy bed that is great for sex, then you should consider getting the Bear hybrid mattress instead of this Bear original mattress.


When you unpack the mattress from its box, you notice a smell coming from it. Many mattress brands advise their clients to wait for the gas to dissipate before using the mattress. Like the Nectar foam beds, the Bear mattress also produces some smell, but it doesn’t last long, and it is not as powerful as some other mattress brands. It is projected that the smell dissipates after a few hours of unpacking the mattress.


This is one of the reasons why people love this mattress. Despite its having exceptional features, the Bear mattress retails at a perfect price. It is sold at a below-average price. Even the mattress is cheaper than a Casper polyfoam mattress. Also, the mattress is shipped for free in the contiguous USA. If you order the mattress from Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, you will be charged a small fee. The mattress is normally compressed, wrapped in plastic, and placed in a box before being shipped to your doorstep.

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Trial period

With a 100-night risk-free trial period, you can rest assured that you will have enough time to find out if this mattress is good for you or not. This is a lot of time, and it is the standard trial period. The company suggests that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before thinking of returning it. Actually, this is the break-in period, and after this period, you’re free to return the mattress or wait for 70 more days before making up your mind.

Returns and shipping

If you find that the mattress is lacking in one way or another, you can feel free to return it after the break-in period of 30 days. When you decide to do so, you will get a full refund, and the shipping will also be free. In addition, the company provides free shipping, which takes 4 to 7 days to arrive at your doorstep.

Bear Mattress Warranty

Besides being a reliable brand, the Bear Company provides a 10-year warranty to the buyer of its mattress. So, in case the mattress arrives with a defect in material or workmanship, it will be replaced as long as you have not violated the terms of the warranty. Most of the brands provide ten years warranty to their customer, which is enough. But if you want a lifetime warranty, you can buy a Dreamcloud mattress.

Advantages of the Bear mattress

Disadvantages of the Bear mattresses

Who is the Bear mattress built for?

Who shouldn’t pick the Bear mattress?

Final thoughts about Bear Mattresses

Overall, the Bear mattress is a comfortable, durable, and affordable mattress that will not only relieve your pressure points but also ensure that you have a good night’s sleep as it doesn’t sleep hot. The mixed-foam mattress is unique as it features a Celliant cover that reduces inflammation and helps in muscle recovery. That’s why it is highly recommended for athletes or people who are very active.

The Bear mattress also boasts of two mattress models, which are the original Bear mattress and the Bear hybrid. Both of these mattresses provide close contour without the hug of traditional foam mattresses. If you are unsure about the Bear mattress, you have 100 nights to test it out and make your own judgment. But with our Bear mattress reviews, you now have a vivid picture of what you should expect when you buy the original Bear mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Bear mattress?

Answer: The Bear mattress is sold on the Bear’s website and on Amazon.com as well. Note that the Bear hybrid mattress is only sold on the Bear’s website and not anywhere else. The Bear Company operates a viewing-only brick-and-mortar showroom in Hoboken, NJ. So, this mattress cannot be found in many parts of the country, but it can be shipped to your doorstep. The mattress is shipped in all 50 states but not Puerto Rico. It is also shipped anywhere in Canada for free.

What surface should I put on the Bear mattress?

Answer: The Bear mattress is very versatile in that it is designed to lay flat on a y flat surface such as on box springs, adjustable bed frames, foundation, bunkie boards, platforms, and floors. With such versatility, you don’t need to worry about where to put your mattress, as it is compatible with almost all surface types. To prolong the lifespan of the mattress, use a mattress protector or pad.

How long does it take for the bed to decompress fully?

Answer: It might take up to 48 hours to inflate fully. This is normal as most memory foam beds take a day or two. Also, the Bear mattress dissipates odor very quickly as the smell disappears within the first day. So, you won’t have to wait more than 2 days to start using your newly acquired bed.

What is the procedure for cleaning the Bear mattress?

Answer: The process is very simple but slightly different from other mattresses. The company suggests that instead of using a machine to wash the cover, utilize a mild detergent and water to spot clean it. This is way easier and safer for your fabric.

Apart from the Bear mattress, what other products does the company offers?

Answer: This company has expanded a lot, and they sell a wide range of bedding products such as Bear pillows, Bear adjustable beds, a mattress protector, bed frames, sheets, and foundations. When buying products from Bear, make sure that you find out some of the discounts that they offer.

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