Denver is one of the most prominent mattress retailers on the market. Formally, the brand engaged in providing waterbed mattresses until the late 1980s. After some time, the company decided to diversify and started designing beds for kids and adults. As a result, they opened up their first Denver store in 1995. From that time onwards, Denver Mattress Co. has been offering Americans high-quality, stylish, and affordable mattresses. Read our Denver mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

The Denver Mattress Company is located in Colorado. However, they sell their mattresses all over the country, where they have stores. Additionally, they have an online website where they sell their mattresses. Apart from that, they have a total of 31 brick-and-mortar stores all over the country. What’s more surprising is that Denver stores not only sell their mattress brands but also mattresses from other popular brands. Some of the competitor mattresses that they sell include Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Purple, and Stearns & Foster.

Technical Specifications of the Denver Mattress Company


Denver Mattress

Pricing: below-average price
Layers: 3
Top layer: polyfoam
2nd layer: gel-infused memory foam
Final Layer: tempered steel coils
Edge Support: Excellent
Collections: 22 mattress models
Warranty: 5 to 15-year non-prorated warranty
Designed: lightweight or medium weight sleeper
Off-gassing: between 24 and 48 hours
Trial period: 365 nights trial period
Motion Isolation: little to medium
Temperature Control: Cool
Edge support: Slightly above
Bouncy: Yes
Price: Denver Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

Denver Mattress should be on top of your list if you’re looking for a quality mattress at an affordable price. However, their beds are not very durable, as many users complain after a few years of use. Buy Denver Mattress if you don’t mind using the mattress for a few years before buying another one.

In our Denver mattress reviews, we’ve featured everything that you need to know about this reputable mattress brand. We have also looked at the pros and cons of all Denver mattresses and some of their popular models. Read keenly to the end and make an informed judgment.

Denver Mattress Reviews in 2024


You will find everything in this Denver mattress reviews that you should know before buying this mattress.


Denver Mattress provides a variety of mattress collections. Because of this, mattresses vary in their compositions. There are those made of innerspring, some hybrid, and others latex mattresses. The good thing is that most of them feature a three-layer design without a cover.

In most cases, the first layer is made of a quilt and also functions as the top cover. The layer is made using poly foam, which is breathable and cheap. Also, it offers protection to the two layers below it.

The second layer is the comfort layer. It usually comprises gel-infused memory foam. Besides, the memory foam is supported by small gel particles. Together, they help to release heat from your body. Moreover, the gel plays a vital role in aligning the spine of the sleeper and relieving pressure.

The base and final layer of the mattress typically features tempered steel coils. For memory foam mattresses, the base is usually made of high-density foam. The coils make the mattress bouncy, offer support, and provide strong edge support.


This is one of the main problems of Denver Mattresses. Many users complain that the mattress deteriorates quickly compared to Okioki or Airweave mattresses. It is alleged that the bed starts to sag after a few years of use. Apart from sagging, the mattress also develops indentations. This is a worrying trend, especially for buyers who have wanted to use this mattress for many years.


In terms of firmness, there are several things to consider. For instance, what’s your weight? Or which side do you sleep on? Understanding how weight and the way you sleep go hand-in-hand with firmness is vital for comfort. Denver has different mattress types and sizes to choose from. Also, they vary in firmness rating.

However, most of their mattresses are not ideal for heavy sleepers as they tend to sag over time. But if you’re a lightweight or medium-weight sleeper, you will love most of their mattresses. Also, stomach sleepers will have trouble sleeping, while back and side sleepers won’t. Just ensure to choose the right firmness level for your comfort.


As we’ve stated above, Denver Mattresses quickly sag when compared to other mattresses. The problem is more rampant if you’re a heavyweight individual with more than 230 pounds. Within a short period of use, the mattress will become uncomfortable to sleep on as it sinks and, at the same time, indents.
Denver MattressesCheck Price on Amazon

Motion isolation

Some people love to roll while in bed. This can be uncomfortable for their partners as they may wake them up or even cause discomfort. What we don’t like is that most of the Denver Mattresses do not offer above-average motion isolation. The problem is even worse for their innerspring and hybrid mattress. This bed is bouncy, but it provides little to medium motion isolation. Nonetheless, their latex model provides exceptional motion isolation.

Edge support

Featuring pocketed coils in their structure, most Denver mattresses have slightly above average edge support. The pocketed coils reinforce the edges, which allow users to sleep or sit on the edge without it sinking. But after some time, the edge will sink as the coils are not of the best quality.

The latex mattresses do not offer edge support. The edge will sink if you sleep or regularly sit on the edge of your bed. So, take note before making up your final selection.

Temperature control

The temperature of the mattress is determined by its ability to retain heat. Some beds have a hot feel while others have a refreshing feeling. If you sleep hot, having a cool mattress is vital to have a sound night’s sleep. Both innerspring and hybrid mattresses sleep cool as they have coils in their structure that allow free air circulation. When it comes to memory foam and latex mattresses, these sleep hot and don’t offer great comfort at night. Of course, unless you want a bed that sleeps hot.

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The Denver Mattress sleeps cool when compared to many hybrid and innerspring mattresses. The only issue is that the coils are not very durable and spoil after a few years of use.

Pressure relief

After being busy all day long, all you think of is to relieve pressure and have a relaxing and soothing night’s sleep. The problem is that not all mattresses can give you this comfort. Denver has several such mattresses. Many of Denver’s innerspring and hybrid mattresses do not offer the desired pressure relief. This is because they feature a thin layer of poly foam that does not conform well to the sleeper’s body. As a result, there will be little to no pressure relief.

If you want to relieve pressure, consider getting one of their latex mattresses. These offer excellent pressure relief as they conform to the shape of your body.


Another disadvantage of Denver’s mattresses is that they are noisy. This is because the materials get depleted faster and start making a loud noise. The problem is even worse with their innerspring mattress models. When the coils in the innerspring become worn out, the mattress becomes louder.

For those looking for quiet Denver mattresses, consider their latex mattresses as they are very silent. This is because they don’t feature any coils in their structure. So, you won’t hear a squeaky or creaky sound as you sleep or leave the bed.


If you love a bouncy mattress, then you will love the Denver mattress. The bed is not only bouncy but as well as responsive. Therefore, you will enjoy having sex with your partner on the innerspring and hybrid Denver mattresses. Also, you can change as many positions as you want as the thin poly foam layer won’t hug you or your partner.

But if you opt for their latex mattress, you should know that it is not very responsive. As a result, it won’t be great for sex like hybrid and innerspring mattresses.


Denver mattresses are bed-in-a-box mattresses. This means that they will come with some sort of odor. Depending on whether the mattress is made of memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid, the gas may dissipate quickly or stay a little bit longer. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses have little off-gassing, which dissipates quickly. On the other hand, memory foam and latex mattresses have more gas.

All in all, expect all Denver mattresses to produce some gas, which will dissipate between 24 hours to 48 hours.

Trial period

Denver provides one of the best night trial periods. It offers 365 nights trial. However, buyers have complained that the trial period is not genuine as there is a mandatory 30-night break-in period. Besides, if you’re not impressed by the mattress, you should return it within four months to get a full refund. After four months, you will get a full or partial refund.


When compared to other brands, the Denver mattress is way cheaper. Even though their beds are not very durable, they’ve some exceptional features that make them top quality. The prices of Denver mattresses also vary depending on the collection. Additionally, within the mattress collections, there are different mattress sizes at different rates.


Being a reputable company, Denver provides between 5 and 15 years guarantee, depending on the collection of the mattress. Some like the SilverCreek receive a 5-year warranty, the Breckenridge receives a 10-year warranty, and the Doctor’s Choice Plush has a 15-year warranty. Their warranty is non-prorated.

Pros of the Denver Mattress

Cons of the Denver Mattresses

Who should buy the Denver Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Denver Mattress?

Popular Denver Mattress Collections

Doctor’s Choice Plush

The Doctor’s Choice collection is the most popular Denver mattress line on the market. On that same note, the Doctor’s Choice Plush mattress is one of the bestselling. This product comes with a 1.8-inch convoluted polyfoam comfort layer, and 14.5 gauge pocketed coils encased in polyfoam.

The bed is also bouncy and responsive, but it does not provide excellent motion isolation. This is because the memory foam is small and does not conform to your body entirely. What’s more, it has a zoned coiled system that helps to relieve pressure points on different parts of your body.

This is an excellent bargain at such an affordable price, and it comes with a 15-year warranty.



Doctor’s Choice Euro Top

This is another quality mattress from Denver Doctor’s Choice collection. The bed has a height of around 13-inches. It has three layers: the Euro Top comfort layer, zoned coils, pressure relief, and air circulation, and high-density support foam. All of these together make up a durable and comfortable mattress.

The Doctor’s Choice Euro Top bed is an innerspring mattress, which means that it sleeps cool, unlike latex and memory foam mattresses. It also produces little to no off-gassing. Thanks to the zoned coils in the bed that allow free circulation of air.

However, like many Denver mattresses, this product is not durable and will start to sag after a few uses. Also, heavy sleepers will find it uncomfortable as it is not very firm.



Beckenridge Gel Memory Foam

Another exceptional innerspring mattress from Denver is the Beckenridge gel memory foam. It also features a comfort layer, support layer, and base layer. The foundation layer is made up of a fiber base pad and a layer of poly foam. The core layer, which also acts as the support layer, features pocketed coils. The main difference with other Denver Innerspring mattresses is in the comfort layer. It has three layers, which are poly foam, gel memory foam, and fiber layers. The top layer of the mattress is a damask cover, which is quilted with a layer of poly foam.

With such excellent construction, this mattress will provide pressure relief to different pressure points of your body. It is also responsive and suitable for couples. The only problem is that it does not isolate motion correctly. Aside from this, you can depend on this mattress to give you a cool night’s sleep.



SilverCreek Firm

If comfort is what you’re looking for, then you will love the Denver SilverCreek Firm mattress. This mattress is uniquely constructed with a comfort system. Thanks to the dense layers of poly foam fiber and fiber padding. These offer the sleeper great comfort. Besides, the mattress has offset coils in its support core. The damask cover is also quilted with a layer of convoluted Ecoblend foam that makes it eco-friendly.

The SilverCreek Firm mattress is breathable and sleeps cool. It is also responsive and suitable for sex. Nevertheless, the bed is not good at isolating motion and sags after a short period of use. The manufacturer should also improve its warranty as it is short.

Aside from these shortcomings, the SilverCreek Firm mattress is fantastic for all kinds of sleepers.



Telluride Plush

This is one of the notable hybrid mattresses that you can desire to have in your bedroom. The Denver Telluride Plush mattress is well-built to offer comfort and relieve pressure. The bed features a stretch-knit cover. In the comfort layers, it has memory foam and 14 ILD latex. In its core, there are individually-wrapped 14.5-gauge pocketed coils encased in polyfoam. Finally, the base layer is made of polyfoam. All of these layers give you a cozy and breathable mattress ideal for different sleepers.

On top of that, it has excellent motion isolation, which means that your partner won’t disturb you if you get to bed late. Besides, it is breathable; thus, hot sleepers will be comfortable as they will sleep cool and not warm. With the thick memory and polyfoam layers, this mattress will relieve pressure on several parts of your body.



Durango Firm

Durango Firm is another quality hybrid mattress that offers comfort and support to users. It features a double-knit cover with padded two layers of poly foam. The comfort layer features polyfoam, and the support layer has individually wrapped, pocketed coils encased in polyfoam. Together, they make a sturdy and comfortable mattress that many sleepers enjoy.

This is a firm mattress, which means heavyweight sleepers will be comfortable, while lightweight sleepers will be slightly uncomfortable.  The bed is breathable and offers outstanding support to its users. However, it is not durable, and the coils make noise after some time of use.



Buena Vista Plush

Buena Vista Plush is the third most popular Denver mattress. This bed comes with two firmness options, which are firm and plush. So, the choice is yours on which firmness to pick. What’s more, the mattress is very affordable but bouncy. Couples will love it as they can have steamy sex on this comfortable and affordable bed.

It is made up of a cover quilted with polyfoam padding for comfort. In its support core, it is made of pocketed coils that also make it bouncy and breathable. Similar to many hybrid mattresses from Denver, this mattress comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

One of the main challenges of using this mattress is that it deteriorates quickly. Overall, it is worth every coin spent on it.



Final Thoughts

Overall, Denver Mattress offers some of the best mattresses on the market. They have a variety of mattress types, materials, and sizes to choose from; this allows different users to pick a mattress that best fits their height, weight, and size. They have innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. So, whatever your mattress feel is, they have something for every person.

When compared to other top brands like Dreamcloud or Charles P Rogers, Denver mattresses compete favorably and only lack in terms of durability and pressure relief. But this has been compensated with a lower price point. Hence, you get value for your money. For the best results and a sound night’s sleep, take your time to select the best Denver mattress for your needs. We wish you all the best as you select your next Denver mattress. I hope you have gotten a clear idea after reading these Denver mattress reviews.


Where does Denver ship its mattresses? How do they ship the mattresses?

Answer: Denver Mattress ships its mattresses to any corner of the country. However, they don’t send their mattresses outside the country. It is worth noting that Denver ships its beds for free to brick and mortar stores but charges a small fee for individual home deliveries.

The company ships the mattresses by compressing, vacuum sealing, and shipping them in a box. This means that it is a bed-in-a-box company.

Does Denver offer old mattress removal?

Answer: Denver doesn’t offer old mattress removal, which is really disappointing. So, when you buy a mattress from Denver, expect to remove the old mattress and unbox the new one. This is because they don’t offer white glove delivery as well. If you buy a Denver mattress from a third-party retailer, you should find out if they provide old mattress removal.

Where can I buy a Denver mattress?

Answer: If you live in Colorado, you can buy the mattress straight from the company. Nonetheless, the company sells its mattress in its stores across the country and online. Since they sell their mattresses directly to the consumer, they tend to be slightly cheaper as they eliminate the middleman. Apart from beds, they also sell furniture. Finding Denver is straightforward as you can use their store locator to find the closest Denver store near you.

How do I clean the Denver mattress cover?

Answer: First and foremost, you cannot clean the Denver mattress cover. This is because the bed doesn’t feature a cover. Instead, the mattress layers are hidden by outer layers. As a result, this mattress is unique, unlike most mattresses that feature a top cover. The company uses the top quilted layers as the top surface. However, if stains fall on your bed, you can spot clean them using water and a mild detergent.

How does the Denver Mattress compare with some of the best mattresses on the market?

Answer: Denver may not be the best mattress company in the country, but they deliver high-quality and comfortable mattresses. Their most popular collection – the Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice, competes favorably with some of the best innerspring beds on the market. This includes innerspring mattresses from brands such as Saatva, Sealy, and Brentwood. All of these mattresses have coils and foam in their structures, which makes them breathable and suitable for different sleepers. They also come in a variety of firm choices and vary in price.

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