Sealy is one of the oldest mattress brands on the market. Starting in 1881, Sealy has been in the market for a long, and you can fully rely on its products. Unlike the latest mattress brands on the market, Sealy has a proven track record, as previous users can attest to how their Sealy mattress models have performed over the years. Therefore, you know what to expect when you buy a Sealy mattress. Read our Sealy mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

Besides being a reliable brand, Sealy offers a wide range of mattress series. They are mainly categorized into the response or innerspring line, conform or memory foam mattress line, and hybrid line. In our Sealy mattress reviews, we’re going to pay more attention to the innerspring line, which consists of Sealy Essential, Sealy Performance, Cocoon by Sealy, Sealy Posturepedic, and Sealy Premium. All of these come in different sizes, heights, and firmness. So, ensure that you select the right mattress for your body type.

Technical Specifications of the Sealy Mattress


Sealy Mattress

Firmness: 3.5-7.5 (3 collections)
Collections: 3
Sealy Essentials: made up of a polyfoam comfort layer and a support core
Sealy Performance line: gel memory foam layers and standard Poly foam layer
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 120-180 nights free trial period
Sealy Premium: gel memory foam comfort layers, standard polyfoam layer, and a support core
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Ideal for: All types of sleepers (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combo sleepers)
Thickness ranging from 8.5 – 16 inches (3 collections)
Off-gassing: doesn’t last very long
Durability: last for more than 6 years
Shipping: free shipping (depends on the store) and free white glove delivery, and old mattress removal
Cover: made from ComofrtLoft fabric
Contains: pocketed coils
Price: Sealy Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

Here are the full Sealy mattress reviews of the Sealy Innerspring mattresses:

Sealy Mattress Reviews in 2024



The Sealy innerspring mattress comes with three different mattress collections with different compositions. First and foremost, the Sealy Essentials is made up of a polyfoam comfort layer and a support core that features pocketed coils. Furthermore, this collection comes with stretch-knit covers that are breathable and gives the mattress its comfortable cushion firm feel.

The second collection is the Sealy Performance line, and it comes with comfort layers with gel memory foam layers and a standard polyfoam layer. In addition, the support core is made of pocketed coils that make the mattress bouncy and responsive. It also has a comfortable cover that is made from ComofrtLoft fabric.

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Last but not least, we’ve got the Sealy Premium collection. Similar to the other two collections, this line comes with gel memory foam comfort layers, a standard polyfoam layer, and a support core made of pocketed coils. The cover on this mattress collection is made from SupremeLoft fabric, which is also breathable and offers comfort.


This is one of the least durable mattresses on the market. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy and strong mattress that will last for more than 6 years, then this might not be the best option for you. Sealy mattress is not as durable as other mattresses because most of their mattress models are not made with very dense foam.

This has been a major issue for buyers as previous users say that it is not very durable. So, if you intend to buy this mattress, then this is something that you should have in mind.


The firmness varies from one mattress line to another. Depending on the Sealy Innerspring collection that you pick, you may have to select from plush, medium, and firm ratings. For the Sealy essentials collection, you will have to choose from the firmness of 3.5, 5, and 6.5. The Sealy Performance collection has firmness options of 3.5, 5, and 6.5. At the same time, the Sealy Premium collection has 3.5, 5, and 7.5 firmness ratings to pick from. The firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the plushest and 10 being the firmest. So Sealy offers a variety of firm mattresses with different ratings.

When it comes to thickness, the Sealy essentials have a thickness range of 8.5 to 13 – inches, Sealy Performance has a thickness range of 11.5 to 14 – inches and the Sealy Premium with a thickness range of 13 to 16 – inches. Select the mattress with the right thickness and firmness if you want to have a sound and comfortable night’s sleep.

Motion isolation

This is not the best response performance mattress if you’ve got a partner who moves in bed a lot. As we’ve discussed earlier, the Sealy Innerspring collection features mattress models that are made with comfort standard polyfoam, gel memory foam, and pocketed coils. The foam in the mattresses helps in absorbing motion, but the innerspring pocketed coils make them absorb less motion transfer than pure memory foam would.

So, if your partner moves a lot in bed, consider getting a memory foam mattress such as Casper or Nectar mattress to prevent their movement from distracting your sleep.


Another common challenge with innerspring mattresses is that they don’t offer great conforming to the sleeper’s body. This is not different from the Sealy innerspring mattress as they’re also poor in conforming to the body. Therefore, the user will also get little pressure relief as they will sleep more on the mattress than inside the mattress. But if you want more conforming, then you should opt for the collections of plush mattresses with a 3.5 firmness rating. The Bear pressure relief mattress would be great for body-conforming.

Temperature neutrality

Since all of the mattresses in the Sealy Innerspring collection feature pocketed coils, the users will sleep cool. Furthermore, many previous users claim that these mattresses retain very little body heat, and they sleep really cool. As a result, these are very reliable mattresses as you won’t experience discomfort at night, more so in hot environments where sleeping cool is very crucial.

Pick the Sealy mattresses with a medium-firm to firm rating if you sleep hot, as the plush models retain slightly more heat than the firm mattress models.

Edge support

All three mattress collections in the Sealy innerspring line offer average edge support. This is because they don’t feature a solid construction in their edges like some innerspring models on the market. If you are not happy with this average support, you can buy a strong zoned-supported Leesa mattress. So, if you want a mattress with a supportive edge, then this is not a good option. But if you want slight edge support, then the Sealy innerspring mattress line is still a great choice.

Purchase the mattress from a store that offers a free night trial so that you can test and see if the mattress has the features that you want or not. For instance, if you love sleeping on the edge, get to test this mattress and decide whether it gives you support or not.


This is one of the biggest selling points of any innerspring mattress. And in this case, all the Sealy Innerspring mattress collections are great for sex because they are very bouncy and responsive. This is all thanks to the pocketed coils in the mattress structures.

Since the beds are bouncy and very responsive, changing positions won’t be a problem. So, different sleepers will have a simple time changing from back to stomach and side. This also applies to combination sleepers.


Apart from lacking in durability, the Sealy Innerspring mattresses are known for their off-gassing. Many users say that these mattresses produce a lot of gas and smell when compared to other innerspring mattresses on the market. The Sealy Premium has the worst off-gassing when compared to the Sealy Essentials and Sealy Performance. Nevertheless, the gas doesn’t last very long, and you will start using it after a few days. The Luxury hybrid mattresses will be an ideal option if you are irritated with the off-gassing smell.


This is another common issue with most innerspring mattresses. Some are loud, while others produce little to no noise. For the Sealy Innerspring collections, users say that they produce very minimal noise, but this is still distracting. That’s why you need to test the mattress before making a final decision.

Trial period

Sealy doesn’t sell their mattresses directly-to-consumers. As a result, they don’t have a standard sleep-trial period. But after thorough research from the different stores that sell Sealy mattresses, we found out that most stores provide a 120-night free trial period, with others offering up to 180-nights free sleep trials. Compare the trial period of different stores before buying your Sealy mattress, as this is the only time that you will come to find out whether the mattress is for you or not.

Some of the stores where you can purchase the Sealy mattresses are Sears, Costco, Macy’s, Big Lots, and Walmart. You can also get this mattress on Amazon. A store like Macy’s offers a 180-night free trial period.
Sealy Hybrid MattressCheck Price on Amazon

Returns and shipping

As we’ve discussed above, it all depends on which store you buy your mattress from. Some stores will accept returns, and others will not. So, do your research well and buy from a reliable brick-and-mortar store. Check out their buying process, shipment, and returns policy. Ensure that you’re aware of all the details and if they’re offering white glove delivery or not. This information can be easily accessed through the stores’ website. Continue on our Sealy mattress review article to know more about the price range.


This is another challenging factor for people who intend to buy the Sealy mattress. This is because different brick-and-mortar stores offer different prices. To land the best price, compare your Sealy mattress of choice from different stores and buy from the store with the best rates and policies.

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Despite Sealy mattresses being sold by different stores, the manufacturer still offers a 10-year warranty on all of their beds. The warranty covers against deterioration and sagging. One thing to note about this warranty is that in case Sealy decides to repair the mattress, you will incur the transportation expenses to and fro. And if they decide to replace the mattress altogether, you will have to pay for a fraction of the new bed.

What we liked most about the Sealy mattress

What we didn’t like about the Sealy mattresses

Who will buy Sealy Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Sealy mattress?

Bottom line

If you’ve been looking for a reliable and dependable mattress brand to buy from, then you will love the Sealy mattress. This is a company that has been in the market for a very long while, and they have lots of mattress models on offer. You can choose from the innerspring collection, conform collection, or even the hybrid collection.

Sealy offers comfortable, responsive, and affordable mattresses. However, many users have complained about their durability, which is considered to be below average. Also, the innerspring mattress is not good at isolating motion and slightly noisy. Apart from that, Sealy is a reliable brand with different mattress models that suit the needs of different sleepers. I hope you have got your answer after reading our Sealy mattress reviews.


Does Sealy offer white glove delivery?

Answer: I have already said through my Sealy mattress review that it is not an online mattress brand. This depends on where you buy your mattress. Unlike other brands, Sealy does not offer online purchases but sells its mattress to brick-and-mortar stores. Every brick-and-mortar store will have its guidelines, and it is a good idea to confirm with them details about white-glove delivery before buying. However, if you buy from Amazon, they will organize a free delivery which includes setup packaging disposal and old mattress removal.

Also, this brand doesn’t offer old mattress removal, but they can discuss with customers and plan for them to be picked up by a local donation center.

What is a Sealy Posturepedic mattress?

Answer: This is a dense foam part incorporated into the center of the Sealy mattress. This enhanced zone support technology is designed to provide support to your body’s heaviest points, more so your torso, to promote healthy spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points on your body. This is not a must-have feature for all mattresses, but it is great for individuals who need extra support. So the mattress is ideal for heavier sleepers or people who usually suffer from chronic back pains.

How is the Sealy mattress shipped?

Answer: Sealy does not ship its mattresses as it sells them through brick-and-mortar stores. So, if you want to buy a Sealy mattress, then you should refer to the retailer’s terms of shipment. Different Sealy mattress retailers have different terms and charges. Only customers who buy their Sealy mattress on Amazon get a free shipment to their destination, and the setup is free as well.

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