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Leesa VS Sapira Mattress Comparison and Recommendation

Leesa and Sapira are some of the two most popular mattresses on the market. These are bed-in-a-box mattresses, and they are all from Leesa. The original Leesa is the flagship mattress, while the Sapira or Leesa hybrid is the latest addition to the Leesa mattress brand. The Leesa mattress has a medium feel and gives a unique balance of support and pressure-relieving comfort, while the Sapira mattress provides greater breathability, and it is very responsive. Read this Leesa VS Sapira mattress comparison to know more about these two brands.

A few decades ago, picking a memory foam mattress was very easy as you could walk into a retail outlet and pick a mattress of your choice. But today, there are many types and models, making choosing the best mattress from the rest to be extremely challenging. You have to know which features or layers the mattress has and many other factors.

Comparison Chart: Leesa VS Sapira Mattress





Layers 3 5
Durability 7 years 7 years
Edge Support Fair Strong
Firmness 5 6.5
Motion Isolation:  absorb motion preventing motion transfer
Trial period 100 nights 100 nights
Returns & Shipping Free shipping and they ship to all the states, Canada, Germany, and the UK Free shipping and they ship to all the states, Canada, Germany, and the UK
Conforming conforms closely to your body slightly firmer
Temperature control fairly cool Cooler
Warranty 10-year warranty 10-year warranty
Sleeping positions back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and even combo sleepers Heavy sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers
Mattress size Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, and Twin Queen, Twin XL, King, California King, and Twin

If you don’t know which mattress to choose between, Leesa VS Sapira, brace yourself as we take you through these two mattress models and help you choose the best bed for your room. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or a combination sleeper, you will find a mattress that meets your needs and budget.

Details Comparison between Leesa VS Sapira

It is very crucial to know what materials the mattress you intend to buy is made with. This will let you know what type of mattress you’re buying. Not all materials are durable or can offer you the comfort that you desire.

Leesa Construction

The Leesa mattress is 10-inches in height and has 3 layers of foam. First of all, the Leesa mattress has a breathable cover that is made of lycra and makes the mattress sleep cool. The mattress would be great for lightweight sleepers because the firmness of the mattress is lower than Sapira. If you want to buy a well-firmed mattress, you can check our reviews of the best firm mattresses.

The first comfort layer is the 2-inch top layer of Avena breathable foam. This is a crucial layer, and it helps the owner to sleep cool as it doesn’t trap a lot of heat. The second layer is the 2-inch memory foam layer. The memory foam layers provide comfort and relieve pressure points on the body. It also acts as the transition layer between the base and top layers. Finally, we’ve got the base layer which measures 6-inches and is made of sturdy support foam. This layer not only gives the mattress its shape but also supports the other layers on top of it.

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Sapira Construction

Leesa hybrid mattress, previously called Sapira, is 11-inches in height and comes with 5 layers. It also features a cover, but it isn’t removable as the one on the original Leesa mattress.

The top and first layer when you cut open the cover is the patented Avena foam that is also found in the original Leesa mattress. The comfort layer measures 1.5-inches, and it is breathable as well. The second layer is the 1.5-inch memory foam, and it provides comfort and conforming to the sleeper. This layer is also able to offer pressure relief to sensitive parts of the body like the hips and shoulders. The third layer measures 6-inches and is comprised of pocketed coils that give this mattress its bounce. The final layer is the base layer which is 2 layers of 1-inch stabilizing foam. This gives the mattress its shape and the support that it needs to bear the weight on top.


Both of these mattresses are durable, but the Sapira mattress is more durable than the Leesa mattress. The Leesa mattress is made with mixed foam and will last for at least 7 years. This is on par with other mixed foam mattresses on the market. On the other hand, the Sapira that is also called Leesa hybrid mattress, is made with premium foam and pocketed coils. Thus it will last for more than 7 years.

If you want the more durable mattress between these two, then you should go for the Sapira mattress though it is costlier than the Leesa mattress.


The firmness of the mattress determines whether the mattress is ideal for you or not. If you’re a lighter sleeper, soft to the medium-firm should be good for you, while if you’re a heavier sleeper, then a medium-firm to the firm mattress should be good for you.

Between these two, the Sapira mattress is firmer than the Leesa mattress, which makes the mattress to be ideal for heavier sleepers, while the Leesa mattress is good for lighter sleepers. The Leesa mattress has a firmness rating of 5, while Sapira has a 6.5 medium firmness on the firmness scaler of 1-10.

Motion isolation

The Leesa and Sapira mattresses are both good at isolating motion. This is because they both feature the multi-layered foam construction that absorbs motion very well. Regardless, the Leesa mattress absorbs motion to a great extent when compared to Sapira. This is because Sapira has some coils, which make it not be as effective as Leesa in preventing motion transfer.

Temperature neutrality

Whether it is Leesa or Sapira mattress, you will still sleep cool. Both of these mattresses feature top Avena foam that is breathable and prevents heat buildup. Though, the Sapira mattress is cooler than the Leesa mattress as it has pocketed coils in its structure that promote air circulation. On the other hand, the Leesa mattress is made of all-foam, which makes it be slightly hot, as some users have noted.

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If you want a mattress that conforms closely to your body and relieves pressure points, then the Leesa mattress will be the best option. Memory foam bed conforms closely to your body than innerspring or hybrid mattresses. Since the Leesa mattress is made of all-foam, you should expect it to offer you relief from aches and pains than the Sapira mattress. The Sapira mattress is also slightly firmer, which makes people sleep more “on” it than “in” it.

Edge support

Typical of memory foam mattresses, the Leesa offers little support when compared to other types of mattresses such as Brooklyn Bedding innerspring mattresses and Eco Terra hybrid mattresses. The Sapira mattress is a hybrid mattress with both memory foam and pocketed coils that make it have strong edge support. So, if you love sleeping on the edge of the mattress, the Sapira will be the better mattress to choose from.


This is another area where the Sapira mattress beats the Leesa mattress’s hands down. The Sapira mattress does not only minimize motion transfer, but it is also very responsive and bouncy. As a result, it is a good bed for sex and partners. The Lees isn’t far behind as it offers great motion isolation, but it is not as bouncy as the Sapira mattress.


If you want a virtually silent mattress, then you should select a mattress that is made of all-foam. This is where the Leesa mattress comes in. This mattress is very silent as it is made of all-foam, unlike the Sapira mattress, which features pocketed coils that make some noise even if it’s very low.


Off-gassing is an issue with new mattresses, which are made of layers of memory foam. Both the Leesa and Sapira mattresses produce some gas when unpackaged, but the Leesa mattress produces more gas than the Sapira mattress. This is because the Leesa mattress is made of all-foam, which is notorious for off-gassing, while the Sapira has coils in its structure.  The Leesa mattress may take up to 2 days for the smell to dissipate completely, while the Sapira bed may take a few hours to a few days.


If you are concerned a lot about the price, then you should go with the Leesa mattress. The Sapira mattress retails at an above-average price which is quite expensive when compared to similar mattress brands like Molecule Air-Engineered Mattress. But it is still worth the price as it is made with some of the best materials.

Sleep Trial period

Since they are made by Leesa, these two mattresses share the same sleep trial period, which is 100-nights risk-free. This is a lot of time to know if the mattress is comfortable or okay for you. But if you find it to be uncomfortable, there is nothing to worry about as you can still return it after 3 months.

Returns and shipping

The returns are fully refundable, and shipping is free within the contiguous US. Also, the mattresses are shipped to your doorstep, and they arrive in a box.


Another advantage of buying from Leesa is that you get a 10-year limited warranty. This is the standard warranty, and the company offers this warranty on both the Leesa and Sapira mattresses. With such policies, you can be certain that you’re buying from a reliable brand. So you have already know the feature’s comparison between Sapira vs Leesa mattress. Now let’s check some advantages and disadvantages of these two mattresses.

Advantages of the Leesa mattress

  • Leesa mattress has good edge support that allows you to switch positions more easily throughout the night.
  • It is good at motion isolation.
  • Leesa mattress provides outstanding contouring and offers support
  • It is very silent when bearing weight
  • It sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam
  • Leesa is very affordable when compared to Sapira
  • It has an excellent trial period of 100-nights
  • The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty

Disadvantages of the Leesa mattresses

  • It produces a lot of off-gassing as Nectar foam mattresses do.
  • It sinks and hugs more than the Sapira mattress

Advantages of the Sapira mattress

  • It is very bouncy and responsive
  • It is great at minimizing motion transfer, and strong edge support makes this mattress perfect for side sleepers.
  • Sapira has great edge support.
  • It is a good bed for couples who want a bed for sex
  • It sleeps cooler than the Leesa mattress
  • Sapira mattress is very durable as it is made with high-quality materials.
  • It comes with an excellent trial period of 100-nights
  • The company provides buyers with a 10-year warranty

Disadvantages of the Sapira mattresses

  • It is quite expensive when compared to the Leesa mattress
  • It produces some smell when unpackaged

Who should choose the Leesa mattress?

  • If you are on a budget, then this is a huge difference between the Sapira and Leesa mattresses. The Sapira is made with quality materials which makes it be more expensive than the Leesa mattress. But this doesn’t mean that the Leesa mattress is not of good quality.
  • If you are lighter and sleep on your side, you may find that the Sapira mattress is firmer, which may cause some discomfort. The Leesa is of medium firmness, which is okay for a lighter person who sleeps on the side.
  • If you don’t want a durable mattress, then the Leesa is a good mattress for you. Unlike the Sapira mattress, which is made with durable materials, the Leesa mattress is not long-lasting and very suitable for short-term use. But for long-lasting use, you can buy a Serta iComfort polyfoam mattress that offers 20 years limited warranty.
  • If you love the feel of a memory foam mattress, then you will like a Leesa mattress. This mattress features an airy neutral-foam feel, while the Sapira has an innerspring feel.
  • If you change a lot in bed or are a combination sleeper, you will love this mattress. This mattress can accommodate different sleeping positions such as side, back, stomach, and even combination sleepers.

Who shouldn’t choose Leesa mattresses?

  • If you want a long-lasting mattress, this is not the mattress for you. It is made with less durable materials when compared to lesser, and that’s why it is slightly cheaper.
  • If you’re a heavy person who doesn’t want to sleep into the mattress but “on” the mattress, then you should look beyond this bed. It is great for lighter sleepers as it tends to sink, which may be uncomfortable for heavier sleepers.

Who should choose the Sapira mattress?

  • If you want a slightly firmer mattress, then you will like the Sapira mattress. The Sapira mattress has a greater firmness than that of the Leesa mattress. The Leesa mattress has medium firmness of 5 while the Sapira mattress has medium firmness of 6.5, on the firmness scale rating of 1-10.
  • If you want the feel of the luxury mattress, you will also love this mattress. The Sapira looks and feels like a luxurious mattress than the Leesa. When you see or even sleep on this mattress, you will be able to tell that it is of great quality.
  • If you want a mattress with a strong edge, you will like the Sapira mattress. This means that you will be comfortable sleeping on the mattress edge or even sitting on it. With the Leesa mattress, the edge is not strong, and it sinks.
  • If you’re looking for a durable mattress that will last for more than 7 years, then the Sapira is the best mattress for you. The Sapira mattress is made with durable and high-quality materials that make it last longer than Leesa.
  • If you’re a heavier individual, the Sapira will support you very well. This is because it has a medium firmness, which is ideal for heavier people as it can support them. The Leesa mattress has a firmness of 5, which is not as firm as Sapira’s 6.5 medium firmness.
  • If you sleep warm at night and want a mattress that sleeps cool, this is a good choice. This mattress is great at regulating temperature as it has coils in its structure. The coils allow free circulation of air which prevents heat from getting trapped, and the sleeper is able to sleep cool.

Who shouldn’t choose Sapira mattresses?

  • It’s not very good at isolating motion. If you’ve got a partner who moves a lot in bed as you sleep, you may want to look at another mattress as this won’t minimize a lot of motion. This is because it is very bouncy and not like a memory foam mattress. For Outstanding motion isolation, you can get an Airweave firm Mattress.
  • If you’re on a budget and want a cheaper mattress, then you should look elsewhere. The Sapira mattress is not only an above-average price mattress, but it is also more expensive than the Leesa mattress by far. But if you want a quality mattress that lasts, then you can go for it.

Which is better? Leesa or Sapira Mattress?

Despite the Leesa and Sapira mattresses emerging from the same manufacturer, these two mattresses have their own similarities as well as differences. But after taking a closer look, the differences are more than the similarities. This is enough to let you know why you need to compare them closely in order to land the best mattress for your needs.

Always ensure to pick the mattress that is good for your health, sleeping position, and budget. Also, you need to know if you want a very bouncy mattress or a mattress that sleeps cool. Our comparison should be enough to help you make an informed decision. But you can as well as get in touch with your doctor or sleeping expert to know which mattress is good for you.

The Leesa and Sapira mattresses are two exceptional mattresses as they offer comfort, relieve pressure, and are bouncy. In addition, the Leesa Company offers a good 100-night risk-free trial period and a 10-year limited warranty.

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