Many people live busy lifestyles trying to make ends meet. Some have more than one job, while others, like athletes and sportspeople have to conduct exercises in order for them to remain fit. Such activities put stress on the muscles and the entire body. A massage can help relax the muscles, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, assist breathe easily, improve body posture, and many other health benefits. I the past, the only way to get a massage was through visiting a spa or seeing a massage professional. But today, different massage methods have been introduced, with one of the most famous being massage chairs.

Massage chairs have proven to offer the same or even better quality of massage than that of humans. These chairs are created in different designs, styles, features, quality, prices and performs different too. Those who have never owned a massage chair should take it easy as we are about to take you through a guide that will assist you to land the best massage therapy chair.

Top 10 Best Massage Chair Comparison Table 2024


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Types of massage chairs

This is a comfortable massage therapy chair that comes with several features that can benefit a person. They usually cover the back, neck, and legs with their streamlined design. They come in excellent designs, with some being portable. Also, they are less costly than a full body massage.

The highly affordable alternative is the pads that can be attached to chairs or on the couch. A good number of these are known to break easily, but there are still some notable ones that you can acquire from the market.

These chairs have acquired their name shiatsu from the traditional shiatsu technique massage which means “finger pressure”. In this kind of massage, the thumbs, knees, elbow, hands, and feet apply pressure to pressure points of the body. Shiatsu urges that it can cure the body, spirit, and as well emotional problems. At a high rate, shiatsu is a notable term applied by marketers of massage chairs. Full body shiatsu massage chairs will hit all the main pressure points of the body.

These are considered the best human touch massage chairs for home application. They come with slots for arms, legs, hands, and rest of the body. A good number of these chairs offer the entire body a comfortable massage. They are also costly, and some come with heating technology.

If you have enough space in your home for keeping a full body massage chair, then the reclining type may be suitable for you. In most of the quality human touch massage chair, they come with this feature that allows a person to recline. This is more or less the same as laying down on a massage table at a professional spa but in the comfort of your home. The only difference in these reclining chairs is whether it’s automatic or manual.

These chairs are very common in malls, normally set up in the middle of the aisle. Usually, they are very simple to set up and take down, and almost every massage expert has them in their arsenal. They are also easy to move around with as they are lighter. The portable chairs are slightly declined and assist pronounce on the user’s back, making it easier on the person giving the massage.

For those individuals who have come across several massage therapy chairs, definitely, they’ve heard about zero gravity. The term zero gravity is a technology created by NASA. Zero gravity elevates the legs slightly above the heart, and it is a mechanism some human touch massage chairs have in their designs. The chairs that have this mechanism helps increase relaxation of the neck and back, remove pressure on the spine, heighten lung function, and raise your body’s circulation due to the horizontal position.

For individuals who spend most of their time in front of the computer, for instance, gamers, programmers, stock traders, and web designers, among many others, this chair can be ideal for them. An office massage chair can be a good option for such kind of people.

Unique features of massage chairs

This is a common technique found in high-quality massage therapy chairs. The chair uses several airbags for squeezing the large muscles as a form of massage, which is a usual technique among many massage therapies. The airbags are linked to the air compressor, which inflates them at the time of massage

Many of the lowly priced human touch massage chairs are equipped with vibrating features only. On the other hand, costly chair are made with motors and machinery that are specifically created to offer a maximum simulation of the techniques applied by expert massage therapists.

In expensive chairs for massage there are also rollers that form a human-like hand massage. On some types of chairs, the rollers just move up and down, while in the more advanced ones, they can move both laterally and vertically. So, they are able to move left, right, and as well in circular motions.

The simple and less costly massage chair models utilize a vibrating surface that offers a massage. The vibrations are created by small devices, which have a gear or a weighted wheel. The motor of the device pushes and rotates the wheel at a great speed, which causes the vibrations.

Rolling – in this massage style, the rollers massage up and down along the spine. It is created to lower pressure on the discs in your back.

Kneading – the rollers move in circular or up and down movements paying attention to pressure points. Kneading assists in heightening blood circulation to and from the heart.

Swedish – this massage type in chairs is applied to replicate the feeling of long strokes of palm style massage. Swedish style pays attention o muscle relaxation and blood stimulation.

Shiatsu – this is a form of Japanese physical therapy technique. It is similar to acupuncture as it utilizes fingers to stimulate acupoints offering deep tissue massage and relieving tension.

Tapping – finally, this style of massage works by the rollers pushing in and out of the backrest in quick movements, simulating the ‘’karate chop’’ mechanism. It works by reducing stiffness and alleviates tension in the muscles.


Health benefits that you will get from a massage chair


Best massage chair reviews 2024

Picking a quality massage chair for first-time buyers can be a very difficult thing to do. This is because there are various brands and types of massage chairs to choose. A person should know what their demands are before picking a chair that will meet their massage needs. After using some of the chairs and carrying out research on others, we managed to come up with a list of the best massage chair in 2024.

BestMassage EC-06C  Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

If you are looking for a comfortable massage therapy chair, the BestMassage EC-06C is a great option for you. This chair is comfortably made with more than 30 airbags that provide the back, neck, feet, and thighs massage. In addition, it has powerful rollers that move up and down and acting like human fingers to provide a good massage. It is operated automatically and very easy to use. The chair will help to relax muscles, and lower fatigue. In addition, the manufacturer provides a one year warranty to the purchasers of this quality human touch massage chair.

Main features:


Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Full-Body zero gravity massage chair recliner

The Kahuna Massage chair is one of the top brands in the market. The chair is easy to use and has 6 different auto programs—the dual footers and detachable and washable footer area cotton for sanitary reasons. The air massage technology covers the whole body to provide you an excellent massage. It is FDA registered and has extra foot padding to massage the feet. In addition, the chair takes up less space with 3 inches from the wall. On purchase, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty for 3 years.

Main features:


Ideal Massage full featured shiatsu chair

The full-body massage chair with built-in heat and zero gravity. It is very comfortable and provides great massage to the whole body. It has 3 true zero gravity and is ergonomically created to offer a good body massage. The four different massage functions that it comes with include kneading, Shiatsu, spinal rolling, and vibrating. Also, it has two intensity levels and 6 simulating kneading balls based on the feet to add deeper and stronger massage to those particular areas. For those in need of a quick massage from a chair operated manually, they can acquire this massage therapy chair and have a quick massage within 5 to 30 minutes.

Main features:


Real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair

This real relax full body massage chair is FDA registered and can be a great addition in a home. Relieve yourself from stress, muscle pain and improve blood circulation by using this shiatsu massage chair. The 4 preset auto massage programs enable this chair to massage your whole body. In addition, it has a built-heater that promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism. 35 airbags are placed all over the shoulder, seat, arms, and legs to gently massage the user. The seat massager has heat, vibrate and air squeeze. With zero gravitation design and 3 years warranty from the manufacturer, this is a nice full-body best massage chair to use for massage benefits.

Main features:


Relaxonchair MK-II plus full massage chair

The user-friendly Relaxonchair MK-II plus full body massage is one of the best massage therapy chairs on the market. It has a large viewing screen for easy visualization of the functions that are activated. It is also easy to operate with one hand and has 4 fully automatic programs that are built to resemble the practices of an expert massage therapist on the whole body. Such a quality human touch massage chair can help you enjoy massage in the comfort of your home. The 3 zero gravity features enables you to relieve back pain and relax muscles.

Main features:




Visiting a spa or a massage expert can be costly when compared to having a human touch the best massage chair in your home. If you’re a person who frequents the spa, then you need to get a massage therapy chair to reduce costs but still receive the same or better services of the massage through a quality massage chair. These chairs are very convenient as you can get a body massage whenever you require it and in the comfort of your home. They come in different designs and types; hence getting a chair that meets your needs shouldn’t be an issue after reading our guide above. Hopefully, you’ve been educated on how to pick the best full-body massage chair to help reduce stress, anxiety, improve blood circulation, relax muscles and improve your immunity, etc.