Awara Mattress is one of the most recent mattress brands to enter the market. Launched in 2018, Awara currently offers only one bed, which is the Amara Mattress. Aside from providing beds, the company also provides three different bed frames. Read our Awara mattress reviews to know more about this product.

The Awara Mattress is a hybrid bed made of Dunlop latex and innerspring. Besides, it is of a medium-firm with a rating of 6 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. With this rating, average-weight and heavyweight individuals should have comfort as they rest on the bed. In this Awara mattress review, we’re going to look at the Awara Mattress features, who they are best suited for, the pros and cons of some of the Awara Mattress models.

Technical Specifications of the Awara Mattress


Awara Mattress

Firmness: 6
Thickness: 13 inches
Top Layer: Plush Euro Top cover made with soft New Zealand wool & organic cotton
2nd layer: Sourced from real rubber trees
Type: Hybrid
Third layer: Individually-wrapped coils
Bottom layer: cotton/poly base
Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty
Trial period: 365 nights
Durability: at least seven years
Edge support: Strong
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Shipping: free shipping and return
100% Natural wool: Yes
Certification: Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex
Price: Awara Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

Featuring natural materials, the Awara Mattress is durable, healthy, and safe to use. The materials are also breathable, especially the plush Euro-top cover made of New Zealand wool and natural cotton.

To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ll highlight the features, pros, cons, and people that are best suited for this bed. Furthermore, we’ll compare the mattress with some of the best hybrid and latex mattresses on the market. Therefore, brace yourself as we take you through everything you need to know about this bed.

Awara Mattress Reviews in 2024

Read this Awara mattress review to know everything about this brand mattress.



At 13-inches in thickness, the Awara mattress is thicker than average mattresses. The first layer of the bed is the top cover. It is made of a plush Euro-top cover with natural cotton and New Zealand wool. The top sleeps cool as the cotton wicks away moisture and enables air to flow and regulate temperature. Also, the wool delivers additional breathability, making the surface sleep cool.

The second layer is the 4-inch comfort layer. The layer is made of Dunlop latex, which is dense and more durable than Sleep EZ Talalay latex. The latex in this layer is sourced from the sap of rubber trees. Moreover, it is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, GOTS, and GOLS. As a result, you can sleep on this bed, knowing that the latex is durable and offers a unique feel.

The support and base layer features 9-inches of zoned pocketed coils. These not only support the weight and top layers of the bed but also give the bed its bouncy and responsive feel. Therefore, they make this bed responsive, bouncy, and fun to sleep on. That’s why it is rated as an exceptional bed for sex.


Awara has not been in the market for long to accurately judge its durability. But considering the materials used for construction, expect this bed to last somewhere for at least seven years. Also, Dunlop latex is more durable than Talalay and memory foam, which means that the bed may last longer. Additionally, Dunlop latex tends to defy indentation, which means it can last even longer when properly maintained. The 9-inch zoned pocketed coils offer added support and make sure that the entire mattress is utilized. So, when the bed wears out, it does so evenly.

The Firmness of Awara Mattress

If you enjoy sleeping on a firm bed, you are bound to fall in love with this bed. The Awara Mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. Overall, all types of sleepers will be okay sleeping on a medium-firm bed. However, lightweight individuals won’t be very comfortable as they feel pressure around their hip and shoulder areas.

Average-weight and heavyweight sleepers will be glad to sleep on this bed. This is because the bed has a medium-firm feel, which makes them comfortable. It is vital to note that this bed will sleep more “on” top than “in” the mattress.

Motion isolation

Latex beds do not absorb motion the way memory foam mattresses do. Regardless, the Awara bed still provides significant motion isolation. This is thanks to the latex foam, which is bouncier than memory foam and all-foam beds. However, it still absorbs motion to a great extent, which makes it perfect for couples. Furthermore, the pocketed coils also help to prevent motion transfer as they move independently. Overall, this bed provides good motion isolation, which is good for most couples.

Strong Edge Support

The Awara Mattress has strong edge support. This is partly because of the durable and dense Dunlop latex and thick-gauge coils in the support layer. Both of these materials can be put up with different weights, which means that both lightweight and heavyweight individuals will have ample time to sleep on the bed. So, the owner of the bed can sit or sleep on any part of the mattress without fear of rolling off the bed.

Temperature control

People who sleep hot prefer breathable mattresses that sleep cool. Awara is one of such mattresses. This bed features natural Dunlop latex, which is more breathable than synthetic or synthetic blend latex. Also, the top cover is constructed from wool and cotton, making the mattress surface even more breathable. With pocketed coils that allow free air circulation, you will sleep soothingly and soundly on this bed.

Pressure relief

Awara Mattress is a medium-firm bed, which means that many sleepers will be relieved of pressure if they sleep on it. But that’s not the case with most lightweight sleepers. Lightweight side sleepers will have the most challenge as the bed won’t conform to their bodies as it does with medium-soft beds. However, lightweight stomach and back sleepers will get some conforming; hence, better pressure relief. Average-weight and heavyweight sleepers will get better pressure relief as the bed will contour to their body and provide the needed support.


This is one of the best features of Awara Mattress. Unlike memory foam, latex foam is responsive and allows the user to change positions on the bed easily. Also, the zoned pocketed coils in the support layer make the bed bouncy, which is excellent if you want to have fun the entire night. On top of that, the Awara bed is ideal for sex as the Dunlop latex does not hold you in bed; instead, you can move from one position to another with a lot of ease. Also, it is not as noisy as innerspring mattresses, but there will be some noise.

Awara Mattress is Less Noisy

Despite being a hybrid bed, the Awara Mattress is not noisy like innerspring or other cheap hybrid beds. However, you will hear some creaks and squeaks here and there during sex or when you throw yourself on the bed. If you’re ready to put up with slight noise, you will enjoy the bed. But if you want a virtually quiet mattress, you should consider looking for another mattress. What’s more, the noise may increase as the bed ages.

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You will notice a slight smell when you unbox the Awara bed. The good news is that the odor won’t be as strong as mattresses made with synthetic latex or other synthetic materials. Beds with synthetic materials contain volatile organic compounds, which makes the smell take time to subside. In this case, Awara is made of natural latex, which may take 24 hours to subside. After this period, you can sleep on your bed.

Trial period

Awara Mattress provides one of the best trial periods on the market. With a 365 free night’s trial period, you’ve got enough time to detect if this bed is comfortable or not. What’s more, the manufacturer does not require a break-in period like other mattresses. So, you can return it any day between the day of purchase and before the 365th day.

Shipping & white glove delivery

Awara provides shipping for free within the contiguous US states. But for customers in Alaska and Hawaii will be required to pay a shipping fee. On top of that, the company provides optional white glove delivery together with old mattress removal at a cost.


Awara mattress does not come cheap as it’s one of the most expensive hybrid beds on the market. Regardless, the mattress is well built and deserves the price.


Aside from offering 365 nights free trial period, Awara also provides a limited lifetime warranty. This means you’re investing in a brand that trusts its product to offer such a warranty and trial period.
Awara Hybrid Organic MattressCheck Price on Amazon

How do different sleepers fair on the Awara Mattress?

Overall, lightweight sleepers won’t love this mattress as they prefer a plush or medium-firm mattress. The Awara bed is on the firm side of the scale, making it uncomfortable for lightweight individuals. This is because their bodies don’t sink a lot as they need to for them to have pressure relief. Instead, there will be added pressure in areas like hips and shoulders.

On the contrary, lightweight back and stomach sleepers will that like the firm feel will prefer this mattress. Stomach and back sleepers love a firm feel that prevents them from sinking deep into the mattress. Lightweight side sleepers will have a hard time resting on this bed as they will not get the much-needed cradling.

Average-weight sleepers fared well on the Awara mattress. However, average-weight back and stomach sleepers fared better than average-weight side sleepers. This is because the bed lies between the medium and medium-firm ratings. As a result, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people who prefer a firmer mattress will have an easy time sleeping on this bed. Average-weight back and stomach sleepers enjoy sleeping on this mattress because it offers targeted support to sensitive parts of the body like hips and shoulders. The innerspring layer prevents the hips and shoulders from sinking deep into the bed. On the other hand, average-weight sleepers felt discomfort because the Dunlop latex comfort layer did not offer substantial cradling.

All heavyweight sleepers will love the Awara Mattress. This is because it lies in the medium to the medium-firm range, which many heavyweight sleepers prefer. So, whether you’re a heavyweight sleeper resting on the back, stomach, or even side, you will feel comfortable on this mattress.  The bed will properly cradle heavyweight sleepers, which will lead to better pressure relief than all the other sleepers. Also, the sleepers won’t sink deep as the latex and innerspring will provide the necessary support.

Pros of the Awara Mattress

Cons of the Awara Mattresses

Who should buy the Awara Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Awara bed?

How does Awara Bed compare to other top mattresses?


Awara and Zenhaven mattresses are two different beds. This is because the Amara mattress is a hybrid bed, while Zenhaven is a latex foam mattress. Awara Mattress is made of innerspring and Dunlop latex, while Zenhaven mattress is made entirely of Talalay latex. Also, the Awara bed is a medium-firm bed, while the Zenhaven bed has two firmness options: medium-soft of 4 and firm of 7 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

The main difference between these two beds is that the Zenhaven mattress has two firmness options, while the Awara bed has one. Both lightweight and heavyweight sleepers can use the Zenhaven bed by simply flipping the bed. The Awara bed can only be used by average-weight and heavyweight sleepers.

Since the Zenhaven is made entirely of Talalay latex, the bed is better at isolating motion, offering pressure relief, and it’s virtually silent. On the other hand, the Awara bed is a hybrid mattress; thus, it has a more significant bounce, responds more, and is fantastic for sex. Also, the edges are strong, which allows users to sleep on the whole surface.


The Avocado mattress is similar to the Awara mattress in many ways. To start with, both of these beds are hybrid with Dunlop latex and pocketed coils. However, they vary in thickness as the Awara latex layer has 4-inches, while the Avocado latex layers are 3-inches in total.

When it comes to firmness, the Avocado mattress is slightly firmer than the Awara as it has a firmness rating of 6.5 when compared to 6 from Awara. On the contrary, the Awara mattress uses a thicker layer of latex, which delivers better contouring and enhanced pressure relief. This doesn’t mean that the Avocado mattress does not provide pressure relief as it does. Thanks to the 2-inch latex Euro pillow top.

In terms of cost, the Avocado mattress is slightly expensive, especially if you add the pillow top. All in all, both beds are excellent and a great buy.


Dreamcloud is another quality mattress that competes favorably with Awara. These mattresses are priced almost the same and have similar features. Both beds have a medium-firm hybrid but differ in the material used in the support layer. Dreamcloud features a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer, while Awara is a natural Dunlop latex. This makes Dreamcloud be more breathable than the Awara bed.

Another vital thing to note is that Dreamcloud’s Euro-top layer gives it a slight edge when it comes to relieving pressure. However, both mattresses are best suited for heavyweight sleepers but not lightweight sleepers. What’s more, the beds are responsive and great for sex.


The Birch and Awara mattresses have a lot in common. First of all, they both are environmentally friendly beds with medium-firm latex hybrids. This is an indication that both average-weight and heavyweight sleepers will enjoy sleeping on these beds. What’s more, owners of the mattresses will receive support and pressure relief. However, this does not apply to lightweight sleepers but to heavyweight and average-weight sleepers.

Apart from having similarities, the Birch by Helix and Awara beds differ in several ways. The Birch mattress features two comfort layers: 2-inch of Talalay latex and wool. Talalay latex is more breathable than Dunlop latex found in Awara. Also, wool is known for regulating temperature. As a result, the Birch mattress sleeps cooler than the Awara bed. In terms of motion isolation, Awara isolates motion better than Birch. However, Birch is more costly than Awara bed.


Awara is one of the best hybrid latex mattresses on the market. What’s more, this bed is made with natural materials, which makes it hygienic and healthy. Since the bed features coils and latex foam in its structure, it is bouncy, responsive, durable, and has stable edge support. The mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers because it is firm. Side sleepers and lightweight sleepers will find this bed somehow uncomfortable as it won’t align their body well.

Overall, the Awara mattress is a good investment, even though it doesn’t come cheap. Additionally, this bed-in-a-box mattress does not operate in any brick-and-mortar store. Nonetheless, the brand provides 365 nights free trial period, which is one of the best on the market. On top of that, they provide a lifetime limited warranty to buyers of the Awara bed. I hope our Awara mattress reviews article will help a lot to make the right decision.


Question: Does Awara provide Old mattress removal and white glove delivery services?
Answer: Yes, it does offer. However, the white glove delivery service is optional and delivered together with old mattress removal at a fee. So, get in touch with the company if you want these services.

Question: Can people with latex allergy sleep on the Awara Mattress?
Answer: Of course, they can. A few people are allergic to latex, but still, they can sleep on the mattress comfortably. This is because the material’s manufacturing procedure usually features a wash that gets rid of the soluble proteins in the latex that lead to allergic reactions. Additionally, the skin will not get in touch with the latex as the latex foam is under the quilted cover. But for those who will still experience some reactions, you’ve 365 nights to find out.

Question: Is Awara’s bed safe to sleep on?
Answer: Yes, it is. Awara mattress is safe to sleep on as it meets several standards, such as GOLS certified Latex and GOTS certified organic cotton. Additionally, Awara is Rainforest Alliance certified, which implies that the natural latex was acquired responsibly and sustainably, monitoring the production line from the forest to the factory, ensuring standard manufacturing.

Question: Does Awara operate any brick-and-mortar store?
Answer: No, Awara doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar stores or even showrooms. Additionally, they don’t sell their mattresses in any physical retail store. This means that you can only get their beds exclusively from their site. The good news is that they provide one of the best free sleep trial periods of 365-night, which is equivalent to a full year.

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