Are you looking for a sturdy but affordable mattress? Look no further than the Sleep EZ mattress. Sleep EZ is a notable latex mattress that has been around since 1976. The company specializes in designing 1005 pure latex mattresses. It can be organic or all-natural latex. Read this Sleep EZ Mattress reviews to know more about this 100% Organic & Natural Latex mattresses.

Most of the Sleep EZ mattresses are flippable and can be customized to meet different sleepers’ needs. Therefore, if you want a durable bed or love the feel of latex mattresses, the sleep EZ mattress will be an exceptional bed for you. The company boasts several mattress models, including Sleep EZ Roma, Sleep EZ Organic, Sleep EZ natural, Sleep EZ hybrid, and Sleep EZ 360 hybrid pillowtop mattresses. Aside from these beds, the company also offers a latex sofa bed, dog mattress, RV mattress, and Crib mattress.

Technical Specifications of the Sleep Ez Mattress


Sleep Ez Mattress

Flippable: Yes
Thickness: 9-inch
Durability: between 7 and 10 years
Cover Layer: synthetic foam
Breathable and Comfortable: Yes
Firmness: firm and medium-firm sides
Shipping: free to all the contiguous states
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Temperature: Sleeps Cool
Off-gassing: dissipate within a few days
Trial period: 90-night free 
Edge Support: Average
Pressure Relief: Not good
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified
Pricing: affordable

In this review, our attention will be on the Sleep EZ Roma mattress. This is the most affordable Sleep EZ mattress. It has two firmness options in one. The 9-inch bed is also made of all-natural latex from cover to the bottom layer. Hence, it is safe and comfortable to sleep on. Continue reading to find the best Sleep EZ mattress for your needs.

Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews in 2024



The Sleep EZ Roma mattress is the most affordable latex mattress provided by Sleep EZ Company. Unlike other Sleep EZ mattresses, this model is not made of all-latex as it has synthetic foam in the cover layer. However, this foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it has low VOCs.

The bed comes with 3-inches of medium latex and 3-inches of firm latex 100% Natural Dunlop. The 9-inch bed has an organic cotton cover that is quilted to a 1.5-inch foam. This makes it breathable and comfortable. This mattress is flippable, allowing you to access either the medium-firm or firm side.


Like many other latex mattresses, the Sleep EZ Roma mattress will have an above-average lifespan. The mattress should support you for at least seven and a half years before it can start to sag. Most latex mattresses last between 7 and 10 years. But if properly maintained, the bed should even last longer.


Not all sleepers know which bed is perfect for them. That’s why having a mattress that gives you options is exceptional. That’s what you get with the Sleep EZ Roma mattress. This mattress comes with a firm and medium-firm sides. Depending on your body weight and sleep position, you can flip it and sleep on the side that you feel the most comfortable.

The 2-in-1 sided mattress is ideal for all sleepers as people prefer a firm or medium-firm mattress, which are both featured in this bed.

Pressure Relief

Latex is not good at relieving pressure when compared to memory foam or foam mattresses. But in this case, the Sleep EZ Roma mattress gives you two firmness options for comfort. Lightweight and a few average weight sleepers will love the medium mattress. On the other hand, most average-weight and heavyweight sleepers will prefer the firm mattress. Also, back and stomach sleepers will love the firm side of the bed, while side sleepers will like the medium side. The medium side offers slight cradling than the firm side.

Motion Isolation

Latex is slightly above average when it comes to limiting the transfer of motion. However, it is not better than memory foam or polyfoam mattresses. Nonetheless, you will get slightly above-average motion isolation, which is good enough for most couples. To get better motion isolation, you will have to sleep on the medium side of the bed instead of the firm side.

Edge Support

Edge support is another weakness of latex mattresses. Even though latex beds perform better than memory foam mattresses in this category, they are not exceptional. Sleepers will get average edge support, meaning they will not get as much support as sleeping on a hybrid bed. Therefore, the sleeper may roll-off the bed or sink when they sit at the edge of the bed.

If you want a Sleep EZ mattress that sleeps cool, you should consider getting Sleep EZ Hybrid or 360 Hybrid mattresses.


Some people tend to sweat a lot at night. These are known as hot sleepers. If you’re one of those people or want a mattress that sleeps cool, the Sleep EZ bed is a perfect choice. Unlike memory foam and polyfoam beds, latex mattresses sleep cool as thy feature an open-cell structure. This implies that air can flow freely through the mattress; hence, preventing it from trapping heat and sleeping hot.

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress sleeps relatively cool. But if you want an even cooler EZ mattress, consider getting the Sleep EZ Hybrid mattress.  


This is among the selling points of Sleep EZ mattresses. The Sleep EZ Roma bed is ideal for couples as it features a springy and responsive surface. Thus, partners can have fun times without worrying about getting stuck in bed. Also, they can change positions smoothly and flawlessly. This is not the same with memory foam beds.


Some people love total silence, and that’s where having a quiet bed is crucial. Not all mattresses bear weight quietly as some make noise, such as hybrid and innerspring beds. The good news is that Sleep EZ Roma mattress holds weight quietly. In short, it is virtually silent as you won’t hear any noise as you sit or sleep on the mattress.


Surprisingly, this mattress does not off-gas, even though it will produce a smell when unboxed. This is normal for all bed-in-a-box mattresses. The scent that comes from this mattress is that of a subtle brand-new latex odor. The smell will dissipate within a few days of unboxing the bed. This is not a foul or dangerous smell like that produced by synthetic mattresses. Instead, it is a natural odor of rubber.

Put the mattress in a well-ventilated room to allow it to release the natural odor quickly.

Trial Period

As expected of most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Sleep EZ Roma bed also comes with a free trial period. The manufacturer gives buyers a 90-free trial period. During this time, the buyer can test the mattress and return it if they feel it is not okay.


The mattress is shipped for free to all the contiguous states. Clients in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will be charged a small fee to have their mattress shipped. Unlike many online mattresses, there is no mandatory break-in period. Hence, you can return the mattress any time that you feel within the 90 nights of buying.

Besides, Sleep EZ does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal at the moment. However, they have service providers that they can direct you to get white glove delivery services at a fee.


Many people don’t buy latex mattresses because of their exorbitant prices. However, that’s not the case with Sleep EZ latex mattresses. Their beds are affordable but still feature organic and natural latex layers.


The manufacturer awards buyers of the mattress with a 10-year limited warranty. So, you can fully trust the company as the warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. But if you decide to buy the Sleep EZ Organic mattress, you will get a 20-year warranty. The warranty is not transferable.


Pros of the Sleep EZ Roma mattress

Cons of the Sleep EZ Roma mattresses

Who should buy the Sleep EZ Roma mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Sleep EZ Roma mattresses?

Other Sleep EZ mattress models

Apart from the Sleep EZ Roma mattress, the company also boasts of other mattress models, which we’re going to discuss further. These are as follows:

Sleep EZ organic

The Sleep EZ Organic latex mattress comprises 100% natural Dunlop and 100% natural Talalay latex. It also features a 100% organic cotton knit CoverQuilted to Eco Wool. Like most Sleep EZ mattresses, this bed comes with split side firmness customization options. This means that your partner doesn’t have to endure the firmness feel of your choice. Additionally, the bed is responsive and bouncy but quite heavy.

Sleep EZ Natural mattress

The Sleep EZ Natural mattress shares the same features as the Organic mattress but with a few differences. Unlike the Organic mattress that features organic latex, this mattress comes with all-natural latex layers. It also has a cover that is made of a mix of cotton and wool. Like the Organic mattress, this bed allows couples to adjust side firmness to fit their partners’ feel.

Sleep EZ Hybrid mattress

If you want a latex hybrid mattress, you will be glad to sleep on the Sleep EZ Hybrid mattress. This bed boasts of latex and coils in its structure. It has 3-inches of latex in the top layer, 8-inches of pocketed coils in the middle, and 2-inches of latex in the bottom layer. You can flip the mattress to have the firmness that you desire.

Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid mattress

The Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid mattress is perfect for individuals looking for a luxurious hybrid mattress. This bed shares the same features as the Sleep EZ Hybrid mattress but with a pillowtop on it. The adjustable 3-inch latex pillowtop gives this mattress a plusher feel. Besides, it also comes with a quilted, organic cotton cover, which is breathable and comfortable at the same time. However, the additional features mean that the mattress is slightly expensive as well.

Final Thoughts

Sleep EZ has continued to design high-quality and durable latex mattresses. For several decades now, Sleep EZ is still among the top latex mattress manufacturers. It boasts of several customizable mattress options, which allow different sleepers to meet their needs. Besides, the mattresses come in other firmness options and heights. With five mattress models to choose from, you will get a bed that matches your needs and desires.

What stands out the most about the Sleep EZ mattresses is the natural, breathable cover. It makes the surface soft and allows people to sleep undisturbed. Unlike most latex mattresses that cost an arm and a leg, Sleep EZ offers its products at an affordable price. Buyers also receive a 90-night sleep free trial period and a 10-year warranty. I hope the this Sleep Ez Mattress reviews article has given you a clear idea about this durable mattress.


Why are Sleep EZ mattresses affordable?

Answer: Unlike most online mattress companies, Sleep EZ mattress manufacturers their mattresses in their company. As a result, their mattresses are slightly cheaper than the same beds with the same quality materials. Additionally, don’t have expensive marketing strategies like most online mattresses. 

Are Sleep EZ mattresses safe to sleep on?

Answer: Yes, they are. These beds are safe to sleep on as they meet or exceed several standards, such as OEKO-TEX, GOLS, GOTS, Eco-Institut, and Eco Wool. What’s more, the foam materials used do not affect rainforests. Therefore, these beds are not only safe but as well as eco-friendly.

Can I flip my Sleep EZ mattress?

Answer: It depends on the type of Sleep EZ mattress that you select. They have flippable beds and dual-sided mattresses. However, the models that cannot be flipped should be rotated. This will assist to extend the lifespan of the mattress. The bed should be rotated every six months.

What type of mattresses does Sleep EZ provide?

Answer: Sleep EZ offers latex mattresses only. This includes organic and natural latex mattresses. Unlike foam mattresses, latex has unique features such as anti-microbial, dust mite, and mildew resistant. Additionally, it is breathable, making it perfect for hot sleepers. What’s more, most of the Sleep EZ mattresses can be customized to meet different individuals’ needs.

How does latex mattresses compare to memory foam mattresses?

Answer: Latex mattresses provide bouncier and more responsive surface than memory foam mattresses. This makes them perfect for couples. What’s more, latex mattresses have an open-cell structure that makes them breathable; thus, they sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses. Because of the rubber cell structure, latex is a very resilient and durable foam than memory foam and polyfoam. Therefore, you should expect it to last longer.  

Can I place the Sleep EZ mattress on any foundation?

Answer: No, you can’t. This mattress should be placed on a sturdy and solid foundation. You can also put it on a box spring, adjustable bed, and slatted bed with slats that are 3-inches apart or less. Besides, you can set the mattress on the floor.

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