Days are gone when you had to spend a fortune in a spa or visiting a massage therapist from now and then. These services proved to be costly and are still are when compared to having your own massage chair. The best massage therapy chairs gives the user a perfect massage just like that of a human. Thus, having one in your home will eliminate the costly trips of seeing a massage therapist or going to the spa.

One of the best massage chair brands to buy from is iJoy. This brand has been in the market for a while and it offers some of the best massage chairs. Their chairs are uniquely designed and come equipped with some of the latest massage technologies that benefit the users. They have different models that make use of gliding strokes that are smooth and gradual. So, whatever pain you’re experiencing in your neck, back or shoulder, iJoy massage chairs will assist relieve this ache. Also, they help reduce tension, stress and improve circulation.

Factors to consider when purchasing a massage chair for home or office use


Importance of using a massage chair

  1. They assist in reducing muscle pains. These chairs give you the massage anytime you need it or when feeling pain.
  2. It helps you stretch tired muscles and loosen them to offer you the much-required energy boost
  1. They correct your body posture
  2. Also, they assist in increasing blood circulation and correct blood flow.

The 3 best iJoy massage chairs

iJoy – 2580 Premium robotic massage chair

This is one of the famous iJoy chairs on the market. It is made up of an excellent design that is compact and can easily fit in tight areas. The chair has 3 invigorating auto massage programs, which are back refresh, neck and shoulder relief, and lower back release. In addition, this iJoy model has a built-in power with an outlet that enables the user to charge their phone with it. Also, the patented human touch massage system relieves the ache, tension, and fatigue that you might be experiencing. It has easy to use one-touch programs and manual massage techniques, which are kneading, rolling, percussion and compression. Such features make this to be a wonderful therapy massage chair.

Main features:


iJoy – 2310 Recline & relax robotic massage chair

The iJoy 2310 is a sleek and compactly designed massage therapy chair that can help the user correct their posture and eliminate muscle pain. The human touch massage chair can hold up to 200 pounds. It has 4 different manual massage techniques that help a person receive massage on different parts of their body, and they include percussion, kneading, compression, and rolling. They as well have a removable pad for changing the massage intensity. Easily recline the chair to an angle that you feel comfortable in and have an effective massage.

Main features:


ZeroG 4.0 Zero-Gravity massage chair

For those searching for a lightweight but still comfortable human touch massage chair, this is the best product for them. This full-body massage therapy chair comes with 3 advanced auto programs massage options and 4 manual massage techniques for outstanding massage. It can hold a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds and a height of 6’0”. It has a versatile pillow and easy to use recline strap. With its flexglide orbital massage technology and easy to use remote control, this massage chair can give you the same experience as that of a professional massage therapist.

Main features:




After going through various iJoy massage therapy chairs, we discovered the above 3 models to be one of the best in terms of delivering quality massage and user experience. A good massage chair should have features that make massaging to be fun and effective. The chair should fit the user well, and it shouldn’t be difficult to use. Consider picking an iJoy massage chair that is positively recommended by customers and one that is comfortable. This will help you relieve pain, correct your posture, increase blood circulation and relieve emotional tension.

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