Why are mattresses so expensive?

Buying a new mattress is never easy. Not only are there hundreds of beds to choose from, but as well as sizes and types. On top of that, new mattresses are expensive, making it hard to find an affordable and quality bed. But why are new mattresses so expensive? If you have been to a […]

How much does a Murphy bed cost?

If you’re searching to save space in your apartment or studio room, buying a Murphy bed can save you lots of space. Also known as a pull-down or folding panel bed, this mattress can be folded and stored away when not used. However, Murphy bed has different types of beds on offer that are priced […]

Mlily Mattress Reviews 2024

With hundreds of mattresses in the market, finding the best mattress is not an easy feat. Regardless, it’s crucial to find the best mattress to avoid having back, shoulder, or even neck pains. Also, it’s vital to select the bed with the right type of materials so that you don’t have to suffocate. Mlily mattress […]

Can you steam clean a latex mattress?

We spend around 6–10 hours every day lying in bed. As a result, the mattress on the bed becomes dirty. So, cleaning the mattress is necessary to maintain its appearance and performance. How often should you steam-clean a mattress? A mattress becomes messy after a long time of use. It may get dirt, spread bad […]

What is the ideal thickness for a latex mattress?

The latex mattress is very popular because of its well-performing features. But it is important to have the proper knowledge about the thickness of an ideal mattress before buying it. How thick should a latex mattress be? Generally, an ideal latex mattress should be 7 inches thick. It will provide proper support for the sleeper’s […]