Buying a new mattress is never easy. Not only are there hundreds of beds to choose from, but as well as sizes and types. On top of that, new mattresses are expensive, making it hard to find an affordable and quality bed.

But why are new mattresses so expensive?


If you have been to a department store or conducted a quick search online for a new mattress, you will realize that they don’t come cheap. One of the reasons why mattresses are expensive is because retailers mark up their costs. Besides, finding a used mattress is not easy, leaving people at the mercy of retailers. Other reasons include materials used in the construction, marketing tricks, and specialist needs.

To understand better why mattresses are expensive, we’ve expounded on the above reasons. These are as follows:

Where you buy your mattress is very crucial. Usually, online mattresses are slightly cheaper than mattresses purchased in a store. Besides, most online beds give you enough time to test and determine if the mattress is best suited for your needs.

Mattresses sold in stores are expensive because of enormous mark-ups. According to many people who work in mattress stores, the mark-up may be between 40% and 60%. In some cases, it may go even over 100%. Stores charge higher to cover up rent, advertising costs, payroll, commissions, and other expenses.

Despite new mattresses being expensive, you can still get a new affordable mattress by buying your bed online. At least, you won’t have to pay for the hidden costs that don’t show up at the store.

Another reason why new mattresses are expensive is because of limited second-hand mattresses. Most people prefer buying new mattresses because of the risk of purchasing a worn-out and unsupportive mattress. Besides, most used mattresses are usually unhygienic. Therefore, people are afraid to introduce new members such as bedbugs to the family.

Many mattress companies use tricks that make mattress prices shoot up even when they are not supposed to. For instance, most mattress companies make a few adjustments to a single mattress model to change the name and sell it as a different model to different retailers.

As a result, shoppers find it hard to compare different mattresses’ prices. But if you want to avoid such a trick, you’re better off buying a mattress online. Most bed-in-a-box mattress companies highlight all the features contained in the bed. Hence, the shoppers know what they are paying for.

The main reason why mattresses are expensive is due to the high-quality materials used in the construction of mattresses. A mattress can be made of foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid. Foam mattresses are the cheapest, while hybrid beds are the most expensive.

Even though the price of a new mattress is costly, the cost can go up if you want its hybrid version. Hybrid mattresses are normally made up of a mixture of coils and foam or latex. What’s more, if you’ve allergies and want a unique mattress, this can also drive the cost of your bed higher.

Some of the materials that make mattresses expensive include natural fibers, GOLS certified organic latex, proprietary memory foam, individually wrapped coils, and natural fibers. Therefore, if you decide to choose a cheap material like memory foam or polyfoam, you will have a slightly cheaper mattress. But if you choose to select latex or hybrid materials, you will have to pay more.  

Some people require special mattresses. As a result, such mattresses end up being very costly. If you want a bed with one of the following features, be ready to pay more than the standard mattress price. The features are as follows:

The above features usually make the mattress price increase. So, if you’re considering purchasing a mattress with one of the above features, be ready to pay more.

Why buy a new mattress instead of a used mattress?

It’s easier to get a used mattress from a friend or relative, but many people prefer buying a new mattress. Even though purchasing a new mattress is not cheap, many people prefer new instead of used mattresses. But why do people choose to buy new instead of old?



Generally, mattresses are expensive because they are made of high-quality materials that make them comfortable and durable. However, other things like marketing tactics, where you buy the bed, limited second-hand mattresses, and special needs make mattresses costly.

So, before you buy any mattress, do your homework very well so that you can end up with the best mattress possible. Check the materials, go through reviews, and compare the bed with other similar mattresses. This will help you know whether you’re paying more than what is required.


Are expensive mattresses worth the price?

It depends on the type and standard of the mattress. If a mattress is expensive but offers comfort, pressure relief, and enough support, then it’s worth the price. But, on the contrary, some beds are costly for nothing. So, check the materials the mattress comes with before deciding to pay the exorbitant prices.

An expensive mattress should also be breathable and should accommodate almost all types of sleepers. Consider buying a costly mattress that has a latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils in its structure. Besides, the mattress cover should also be breathable.

What is the best month to acquire a mattress?

The best month to buy a new mattress is in May. This is because most mattress companies roll out new products in June, which sell out throughout September. So, when the month of May arrives, most bed companies want to get rid of the older models and change them with new ones.  

What is the most expensive mattress?

The most expensive mattress in the world is the floating bed. This fantastic bed makes you feel as if you’re resting on a cloud. Besides, the mattress is super comfortable and delivers a peaceful sleep. This mattress floats because it is suspended by way of a magnet system that enables it to hover about 16 inches from the floor.

What is the most durable mattress?

The most durable beds are usually made of latex. However, it’s also vital to note that not just any latex, but Dunlop latex. Talalay latex is excellent but not as durable as Dunlop latex. Unlike memory foam which lasts between 6 and 7 years or hybrid mattresses that last between 7 and 8 years, Talalay latex can last for over 10 years.