Massage therapist understand that having the right skills and tools will enable them expand their customer base by offering a wide range of massage services. Massage therapists usually visit their clients in homes, offices, and businesses or where they may be stationed to offer massage services. A huge part of the massage services is the use of a massage chair. With portable massage therapy chairs available on the market, massage therapist can choose a chair that is excellently made and light enough for easy transportation from one client to another. These are different from the traditional automatic massage chairs in that they are portable and convenient to keep and travel with.

To find out the best portable massage chairs on the market, read on.

Factors to consider when buying a massage chair



Many massage therapists search for a portable massage therapy chair that is comfortable and provides a great feeling when someone sits on them. As long as the seat is comfortable, then the chair can be great for providing massage services.

Quality of the chair

Also, the quality of the massage chair is important. Consider something that is robustly built so that it can support different weights of clients whom may visit you. A good size is also ideal, it shouldn’t be too small or too large but of the ideal size.


Always consider the weight of the massage chair as you will be carrying it from one place to another. This is very crucial especially for massage therapists who will be travelling to distant places. Even though the chair should be light, it should as well be sturdily made.


Is the portable massage therapy hair you are acquiring easy to setup or difficult? Look for a massage seat or a table that can be easily setup instead of one that needs additional assembly. This might help you visit more clients and also prevent using up most of the client’s time.

Adjustable features

Most of the massage chairs on the market today have features that are adjustable such as arm rest, height, seat, leg support, chest pad and head rest, and many others. Pick a chair with adjustable features so that you can provide your client with complete body massage.


There are average priced portable massage chairs on the market. Although you can acquire a quality chair at a very fair price, it is important to look at one that offers more features so that you can serve your clients better.


These chairs can at times cost you a fortune. For this reason, going for the best brands that offer a warranty of at least one year or more can be a great move. Check the warranty as some covers just some parts while others cover the whole massage chair.

Benefits of using portable massage chair

The best 5 portable massage chair

Earthlite vortex portable massage chair package

The 15 pound Earthlite vortex chair is light for easy movement from one area to another. It has a rugged nylon case for storage and is durably made to hold different weights. The cushioning is comfortably made and manufacturer offers limited lifetime warranty.

Main features:


Master massage professional portable massage chair

If you are searching for a portable massage therapy chair that can hold up to 650 pounds, then the Master massage professional chair is the suitable choice for you. It weighs just 15.2 lbs and is made of aluminum metal that is lightweight. It is comfortably and can be stored with ease.

Main features:


Therabuilt apex portable massage chair

Te Therabuilt apex portable massage chair with a free carrying case is very lightweight and suitable for use by massage therapists. The chair can handle a weight of up to 250 pounds. In addition, it weighs just 18.5 pounds which makes it easy to carry. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty against defect in frame.

Main features:


Stronglite ErgoPro massage chair II

The stronglite ErgoPro chair is one of the best with its simple but efficient design when it comes to massage. This lightweight massage therapy chair is built with rounded pads that provide comfort to the user. The durable semi-gloss aluminum frame is able to hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Get one today and provide your clients the best massage ever.

Main features:


Best Choice products folding portable massage chair

This is regarded by many massage therapists as the best portable massage chair. Rated #1 best seller in salon and spa on Amazon with over 4.5 star rating, this is defiantly one of the best. It excellently designed to provide a good massage and is made up of heavy duty aluminum frame that can hold a maximum weight of 350 pounds. It has a carrying case and the chest pad, arm rest and seat are all adjustable.

Main features:




Massage therapists can make their services to be more lucrative to their clients by using portable massage chairs whenever they visit a client. Thus, massage therapists should choose the best portable chairs for massage so that they can offer better and broader services to their clients. The chair they purchase should be durably made, comfortable, have adjustable features and possess the right weight and size. We’ve highlighted for you some of the best portable massage therapy chairs on the market above.

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