Our feet are busy almost every time. This is because they lift the rest of the body and only get to rest when a person sleeps. With such a heavy task, the feet need to be kept healthy and in good condition so that they can function exceptionally. There should be free circulation, little or no pain, and the muscles and joints should be in good condition too. To reduce the pain that the feet usually undergo, you can use a foot therapy machine. These machines are either powered by electricity or manually. Also, look for one with features that you need so that you can get a massage of your choice. Some machines are incorporated with shiatsu technology, while others have infrared.

With various brands and models being offered, we decided to come up with this review to assist you to find the best foot massager for your particular foot needs. Most of the foot massager machines that we’ve discussed in this review function similarly to a human massage therapist. So, expect to get the best massage for your feet if you acquire one of these devices.

Benefits of foot massager machines


Which kind of people benefits from foot massagers?

When a massage is carried out, it increases the blood flow in the area. Also, it stimulates the peripheral nerve endings. This, in turn warms up the muscles and heightens the blood circulation in the legs.

If you usually have joint problems, foot massage can help to relieve this condition. All you need is a gentle massage motion that functions on the inner structures, bettering the range of motion and mending the synovial joint fluids. The outcome is reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.

If a runner carries out a regular foot massage, he or she will be able to improve the range of motion and flexibility and at the same time reduce injuries from running. In addition, it restores posture and gait. Also, it assists in lowering muscle soreness and fatigue.

Foot massage aids in soothing sore muscles and joints. This leads to improved range of motion, the overall function of the joints, stiffness, and pain decrease.

This is a common injury among runners and other athletes. It entails damage to the plantar fascia, which is a thick band of tissue running across the bottom of the foot and linking heel bones and toes. It just needs deep tissue massage for one to feel better. The deep tissue massage is performed on the achilles heel and fascia. This leads to loosening of the muscle tissue and an increase of blood circulation and oxygen in the area.

Factors to look for when selecting the best foot massagers

The first and foremost step to take when looking for a quality foot spa machine is to identify the type that you want. Usually, there are foot therapy machines that are powered by electricity; others are manual, while some are just foot spas. In addition, there are those that use shiatsu, infrared, and others water technology to offer foot massages. Pick the one that you think suits your massaging needs.

Different brands and types of massage machines come with different features. Though a good number of these foot massage machines have similar features. Look for devices with features that you need instead of buying just for the sake. Some of the features to consider include control options, cushion surface, speeds, heating function, and overall comfort.

Look for a foot spa that you can use easily without needing assistance. Some come with sophisticated features that make using the machine to be a bit challenging, especially for the elderly. Also, there are some advanced models that allow you to operate them using your toes.

If you want a device that you can carry, then you should consider a portable one. Actually, most of the foot therapy machines are very portable, with some few models being heavy and good for stationary application. The elderly need a device that is easy to lift instead of heavy models.  Look for lightweight devices so that you can have a simple time carrying them from place-to-place.

Foot therapy machines should be durably made to last long. You don’t want a device that will break some few weeks after purchase. Search for a unit that can sustain different weights, and your feet should settle on them comfortably. There are those made of wood, metal, and even hard plastic, among other materials.

As you prepare to cash out for a new foot spa, you should have its use in mind so that you don’t acquire a device that doesn’t meet your needs. Not all devices function the same as they come with differing massage technologies. Some of the roles that they play include reducing pain, pain and improve circulation.

It is worth getting a foot massager that will ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Not all brands offer quality devices, so you should go for the best if you want to get effective results. There are various notable brands such as Homedics, Belmint, Beurer, Kendal, MediMassager, and uComfy.

What budget have you set aside for your foot therapy machine? Work with the money that you have allocated for this device and pick a device within your range. Ensure it has the features that you require so that you fully benefit from it. If you want a device with more advanced features, then you will have to pay more. But there are averagely priced devices that provide excellent massages.

Most of the best brands offer a warranty on their devices. Ensure that the foot spa that you buy has a warranty of at least one year. This may help you in case you acquire a device with a problem.

The best 5-foot massagers

Foot massage machines play a huge role in improving circulation, relieving pain, and support healthier feet. The only problem comes in when a person wants to choose the best. Since there are so many types of massagers for a foot on the market, picking the best becomes an issue. We’ve made this task to be easy for you by picking the best 5-foot massage machines for you. These are as follows:

Homedics FMS -270H deep kneading shiatsu foot massager

Homedics is a powerful brand with a number of excellent foot massagers. This model has 18 massage modes that give you a wonderful experience. The device can be operated by simple one-touch control. Also, it has a soothing heat that gives the user a wonderful shiatsu feeling. The device is portable and can be carried to different places.

Main features:


Belmint shiatsu foot massager

Belmint shiatsu foot therapy machine is an excellently built design. It is sturdily built for longevity. In addition, the user can apply their toes to control the speed, power, heat, and pressure of the device without the requirement to bend down. Also, one can carry it easily to any destination and place their feet in the deep dual footbeds for a perfect massage.

Main features:


Beurer Foot Massager with built-in heat function

The Beurer foot massager comes with a built-in heat function that gives the user comforting warmth for tense feet. The surface of the device is made of breathable mesh material that also provides comfort. Also, it has 18 rotating levels and 2-speed levels for effective massages. A unique feature of this device is that it can be adjusted to fit your feet very well.

Main features:


TheraFlow Dual foot massager roller

With 10 independent rollers, the TheraFlow dual foot massager roller functions well to soothe your feet and relieve pain. This device is portable and can be carried from one area to another. It has two operating modes, which are acupressure and kneading. With a lifetime guarantee and quality constriction from high-quality theaceae wood, this is a great massager for a foot to have.

Main features:


Premium massage balls with free Ebook from Physix gear sport

These premium massage balls offer a number of health benefits to the user. They heal conditions such as boost mobility, loosen tight muscles, and increase flexibility, among many other uses. They are well designed to offer massage and are durably made for longevity. The manufacturer includes a free Ebook guide on how to use the balls and provide the buyer with a lifetime guarantee.

Main features:




Our feet undergo a lot of pressure on a daily basis. This is because they are constantly being used, and keeping them healthy and in the best form is crucial. So, if you feel pain, have arthritis, stiff muscles, or even feel stressed up or without sleep, a foot therapy machine will help you feel better and be back to your best. But before you end up with a less effective device, it’s important to understand the features that you need on a foot massage therapy device. Consider choosing a portable and easy to use the device.

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