The Lull mattress is an all-foam mattress with medium firmness. It features 3 layers that offer support and comfort to users. The Lull is a bedding company that was started in 2015 and had its headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. Reputed mattress brands offer better durability and firmness. The Lull mattress is designed for sleepers who love medium firmness and an average thickness profile. Read this Lull mattress reviews to know more about this.

Moreover, the Lull mattress provides close conforming without a lot of sinking, making this mattress ideal for people with aches and pains in their back, neck, hips, and other parts of the body. In addition, the Lull is a great mattress for couples as it has great motion isolation and is very silent.

Technical Specifications of the Lull Mattress


Lull Mattress

Firmness: 6
Created: for a wide range of sleepers apart from very heavy individuals that weigh more than 230 lbs
Layers: 3
Top & 2nd layer: gel-infused memory foam and conventional foam (1.5″) with attractive polyester and rayon cover
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 100 Night sleep trial period
Height 10 inches
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Ideal for: side sleepers, with aches and pains in their back, neck, hips, and other parts of the body
Very affordable: Yes
Off-gassing: disappear after some few hours or days
Durability: 6 years
Shipping: free shipping and return
Mattress Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, king, queen, and California king 72 x
Foundation or layer: made up of dense support polyurethane foam (7″)
Price: Lull Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

When compared to other mattress brands on the market, the Lull can be said to be of a below-average price. Unlike other mattresses, shipping the Lull is free, and so is the return. It is also backed by a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

Lull Mattress All-Foam Mattress Reviews


Continue reading this Lull mattress reviews to find out more about this all-foam medium-firm mattress.


The Lull is a 10-inch mattress all-foam built with 3 individual layers. These are the top layer which is made with viscoelastic memory foam, middle layer, and bottom layer.

The top comfort layer, which is for support and cooling, is made up of Gel Infused memory foam and measures 1.5-inches. The Lull mattress layer is created to offer a cooling effect on the sleeping surface of the mattress while at the same time providing comfort by relieving pressure points for different sleepers.

The second layer is the support layer, and it is made of conventional foam. It measures 1.5-inches, and it offers proper spinal alignment and balanced weight distribution. The support base layer combines with the top comfort layer to offer great support to light, average, and heavy sleepers.

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Last but not least, we have the base or foundation layer. Measuring 7-inches, this layer is made up of dense support foam. This is the foundational base for the mattress, and it offers a strong, stable, and dense foundation that functions with the two top layers to offer much-needed support.


A good mattress should be durable enough to serve you for several years. But again, not every individual wants a mattress that will last for more than 10 years. With the Lull mattress, you can be certain that it will give you 6 years of very good use. As a matter of fact, this is the expected lifespan of a memory foam mattress. But if you want a mattress that lasts longer than this, then you should look at other models.


The Lull mattress features a firmness of somewhere between medium firmness and a slightly firm feel. So, if you’re looking for a firmer or softer mattress, this is the wrong mattress for you. If a softer mattress is your priority, then you should check our firm mattresses list, where you can choose a mattress with different firmness ratings.  With this kind of firmness, this is a mattress created for a wide range of sleepers apart from very heavy individuals that weigh more than 230 lbs. On the firmness scale, the Lull is considered to be at 6, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest.

Motion isolation

This is a very important feature for people who have partners or for those who share a bed. A mattress with low motion isolation can be frustrating, especially if your partner turns a lot or sleeps late at night when you are already asleep. But since the mattress Lull is made of memory foam, it provides exceptional motion transfer. This is because it features two layers of memory foam that exceptionally absorb and isolates motion.

Temperature control

If you sleep hot, then you know the importance of having a mattress with great cooling features. Some people have complained that the Lull mattress doesn’t sleep cool but offers a neutral environment. The Lull mattress may not have the best cooling features like Molecule Air-Engineered Mattress have, but its breathable cover and gel-infused top foam layer help the bed to sleep cool than many other memory foam beds.

Edge support

Edge support is very important, more so if you prefer sitting or sleeping on the edge of your mattress. So, before you purchase any mattress, you should find out if it offers excellent edge support or not. The Lull mattress is made of memory foam which is known to provide little or no edge support. As a result, there is a lot of sinkages when you sit or sleep on the edge of the mattress as there is very little support. To avoid sinking and maximize edge support, you have to buy an Aireloom Zoned-supported latex mattress.


This is one of the least things that you should worry about the Lull mattress. The mattress conforms closely to the sleeper’s body and relieves pressure points to a great extent. Therefore, you won’t experience any pains or aches associated with sleeping poorly due to the bed’s poor alignment.


If you want to have fun in the bedroom with your partner, you may want to look elsewhere. But this doesn’t mean that this mattress is totally a jack when it comes to sex. The mattress lacks bounciness, which is great for sex, but it has great motion isolation, which partners also require. Additionally, the mattress is not very responsive, which may make some people look away.


Do you want a silent bed in your bedroom? The Lull is very silent even when a lot of weight is placed on it. This is because it is made of all-foam and not coils which may start to make noise after some time. So, no more disturbances as you have sex or play with your partner on the bed.

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Similar to many other memory foam mattresses, the Lull mattress produces some smells as well. After you have unboxed the mattress, you will smell some odors, but it will disappear after a few hours or days. The Lull off-gassing is not as strong as in other competing mattresses. Therefore, you shouldn’t get carried away because of this. Just ensure all the plastic is off for the mattress to breathe well. But if you do not like the off-gassing smell, you have to buy luxury Hybrid mattresses.

Trial period

Are you not sure about the Lull mattress? Worry not, as the manufacturer provides the buyer with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial period. This is enough time for you to test and find out if the mattress is ideal for you or not. After 100-nights, you can either return or continue using the mattress if you find it to be comfortable and supportive. But if not, you can feel free to return it and have a full refund.

Return and shipping

One of the best things about owning the Lull mattress is that it can be returned if you feel it’s not the mattress that you desired or doesn’t provide the comfort that you were looking for. The return is free, and so is the shipping. The Lull ships their mattress in all the contagious states of the United States. So, you have nothing to worry about. The shipping and returns are free of charge.
Lull MattressCheck Price on Amazon


When compared to other top memory foam mattresses on the market, you will find that the Lull mattress is below the average price, which is a good thing considering it is of great quality. So, if you’re an individual looking for a quality but affordable mattress, the Lull should be on top of your list. The mattress has different mattress sizes to choose from, such as twin, twin XL, full, king, queen, and California king. Choose the right mattress for your bed and budget.


If you buy one of the Lull mattresses, the company offers you a 10-year warranty. This is the same as the industry standard, as most top mattress brands offer the same warranty period. With this warranty, you can relax knowing that your mattress is backed up in case of any defect. Stay on in our Lull mattress review to find out the advantages and disadvantages of this mattress.

Advantages of Lull Mattress

Disadvantages of Lull brand Mattresses

Who should choose Lull mattress foam?

Who shouldn’t choose Lull mattress for sale?

Why pick Lull Mattress over the other brands?


The Lull mattress is a great choice for individuals looking for a budget-friendly, comfortable, and supportive mattress. It is suitable for all kinds of back sleepers, whether light, medium, or heavyweight. But if you’re a light sleeper who sleeps on your stomach or side, then this is not the mattress for you. Additionally, the mattress has a neutral feel and offers great motion isolation.

However, the mattress is not great at keeping cool as it is made of all-foam, which isn’t very breathable and a problem for hot sleepers. Besides, this is a great mattress that will offer you support at night and comes with a 100-night risk-free trial period. On top of that, shipping and returns are free, and it has a 10-year warranty. I hope you have got all the necessary information after reading our Lull mattress reviews article.


Does the Lull mattress sleep hot or cold?

Answer: Even though many memory foam mattresses are famously known for trapping heat because of how the material contours around your body, the Lull bed is, to some extent, temperature neutral. Regardless, if you’re a person who sleeps hot, then you should look away as you will not be as comfortable as with other mattresses with cooling features. Therefore, we can say this mattress is neither hot nor cold but neutral.

Besides the Lull mattress, what other products does Lull offer?

Answer: When you buy the Lull mattress, you can as well match it with other products from the Lull, such as Lull pillow, Lull metal bed frame, Lull duvet comforter, Lull mattress protector, and Lull platform bed frame. It is advisable that you always use a foundation with this mattress. This doesn’t mean that you can put it on the floor, but contact with organic surfaces can lead to mildew as a result of decreased airflow.

Is this a good bed for people who weigh more than 230 lbs?

Answer:  Through my Lull Mattress Review, I have already answered the question. The answer is no, and it isn’t. The Lull bed is not a great bed for heavier people since it is made of memory foam which may hug them and cause them to be uncomfortable. So, if you weigh more than 230 lbs, you should look for a mattress that provides enough support to the obese. If it is for temporary use, the Lull may be just fine but not for long-term use.

How do I unbox the Lull mattress?

Answer: After the mattress is shipped to your doorstep, you will have to unbox it. It comes compressed, and thus you will have to remove the rolled-up mattress from its box. Afterward, get help from another person and position the mattress on the bed. Then, carefully cut the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Finally, pierce through the final layer of plastic, and the mattress will expand.

Where can I buy the Lull mattress?

Answer: Lull mattress can be found on the Lull website and on This brand doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar stores like other top brands on the market.

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