Leesa is one of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses that you will come across on the market today. The mattress offers a perfect balance between support and comfort. The Leesa Company was founded in 2014 and currently has two mattress models under its umbrella. These are the Leesa and Leesa hybrid mattresses. Read this Leesa mattress review to know more about this.

The Leesa hybrid and Leesa mattresses are made with different foam comfort layers, with the inclusion of memory foam. The layers that make up these mattresses provide cushion to the sleeper’s body without sagging a great deal, thus leading to better pain and pressure relief, as well as a good spinal alignment for side sleepers. Apart from relieving pain and pressure, these Leesa mattresses also offer great motion isolation to couples.

Technical Specifications of the Leesa Mattress


Leesa Mattress

Firmness: 5-7
Durability & Stability: 1,000+ active response pocket springs
Core support foam: 6″
Micro-coils: core support foam
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 100 night, risk-free trial
Materials: 1.5” hole-punched premium foam
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Designed:  For all sleep positions, back, side or stomach
Made with: three layers of premium foam
Mattress Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified
Shipping: free, no-contact delivery
1 Good Bed: 1 mattress donated for every 10 sold
Cover: Meticulously-crafted, gray seamless cover
Price: Leesa Mattress ReviewCheck Price on Amazon

When compared to other top all-foam and hybrid mattresses, Leesa mattresses are offered at very great prices, but they are still of a high-quality and very versatile. Leesa is a USA brand, and it ships its mattresses to all 50 states. With a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty, this is a reliable brand to buy your mattress from.


Leesa Mattress Review in 2024

In this Leesa mattress review, we’ve highlighted all the features, pros, cons, and all the things that you need to learn about Leesa mattresses in order to make the right decision.


Both the Leesa and Leesa hybrid mattresses feature several layers that offer support and comfort. The Leesa measures 10-inches thick, while Leesa hybrid measures 11-inches thick.

The Leesa mattress is made up of mixed-foam layers. It has two comfort layers – one top layer of 3 PCF LSA200 polyfoam and a second layer of 3 PCF memory. It also has the support core, which is constructed with high-density 1.8 PCF polyfoam, and the cover is woven from a mixture of lycra spandex and polyester.

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The Leesa hybrid mattress, which was referred to as the Sapira, features comfort layers of 3 PCF cooling polyfoam, 4 PCF memory foam, and 2 PCF transitional polyfoam. Additionally, it has a support core that features 14.5-gauge pocketed coils reinforced with a base layer of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam.

With these layers, expect the Leesa mattress to offer support, promote proper spinal alignment, minimize motion isolation, and make no noise when they bear any weight.


The Leesa mattress has multiple firmness and thickness options to choose from. If you want to select a comfortable, firm mattress, it is crucial that you pick a thickness that is fine with your sleeping style and weight. Both of the Leesa mattresses are of medium firmness. The original Leesa mattress comes with a firmness of 5 on the scale, while the Leesa hybrid has a firmness of 6.5. This means that the Leesa hybrid is slightly firmer than Leesa, which makes it be a great mattress for heavier people but bad for those who weigh less than 130 pounds.


When you look at the structure and materials used in designing Leesa mattresses, there is no doubt that they are on par with some of the most durable mattresses on the market. As a result, Leesa mattresses should be able to stay strong for at least 7 years with regular nightly use.

So, if you’re looking for a mattress that will last for many years to come, you can pick Leesa mattress. Even though it won’t stay strong after 7 years, you will still have a quality and durable mattress.

Motion transfer

Some partners just move a lot in bed, which may end up disturbing your sleep. To avoid this, you can get a mattress with great motion transfer to minimize movement. Both of these Leesa mattresses are excellent in minimizing motion transfer. They have layers that absorb and isolate motion transfer very well. So, if you get one of these mattresses, there won’t be more disturbance as your partner changes position or moves in bed at night.

Temperature control

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause sleepless nights. This is because when you sink in a mattress, heat can get trapped, thus preventing you from experiencing temperature change. Traditional memory foam mattresses are known for this. But with the Leesa mattress, you won’t experience a lot of heat or sleep hot as its design promotes airflow. Also, the Leesa mattress absorbs a lot of body heat which helps you to sleep cool in the end.

Bounce and sinkage

This is another crucial feature that you should look at when looking for a comfortable and breathable mattress. When the mattress is responsive, it is said to have a good bounce. A responsive mattress should get back to its original shape after moving from it. Also, if the mattress doesn’t hug you when you sleep in it, it is considered to have good sinkage.

The good news is that both the original Leesa and Leesa hybrid mattress thrive in this area. So, no more getting stuck in your bed as you get from it. In addition, you can have a nice time with your partner as the mattress has a great bounce.

Edge support

Another area that the Leesa mattress offers exceptional support and comfort is at its edge. You know how important edge support is for those who like sitting or sleeping at the edge of the mattress. The Avena foam’s latex-like bounce that the Leesa mattress features helps in making the transition out of bed to be a little easier. With strong edge support, you can sit or sleep on the edge of the mattress without it sinking or becoming saggy after some time. So its Avena latex foam makes this mattress ideal for side sleepers.


Who wants a mattress that makes noise when you can have a silent one? Before you choose a mattress, find out if it is silent or not. Mattresses with coils usually produce some squeaky noise which can be a nuisance. The Leesa mattresses are neither silent nor noisy, but they produce some noise because of the coils that they feature in their structure.

Therefore, as you prepare to acquire the Leesa mattress, you should be aware that there is a slight chance that the mattress will produce some noise as it contains coils. This only applies to the Leesa hybrid mattress, as the Leesa mattress is virtually silent when bearing weight. So if you’re searching for a noise-free mattress, you have to either choose an Amerisleep mattress or a Puffy polyfoam mattress.


If you’re a couple, then you know how important it is for a mattress to have the right bounce and responsiveness. Some mattresses are very bouncy, while others offer very little bounce. A bouncy mattress is great for sex, and many couples prefer it over one with a little or no bounce.

Between the Leesa and Leesa hybrid, the Leesa hybrid mattress has a great bounce making it an ideal mattress for couples.  In addition, it is very responsive, which means that you will have an easy time getting out of bed as well.


Tired of waking up feeling pain in your shoulders or hips? Leesa is here to help you change this and start sleeping comfortably without any pain or pressure. The Leesa mattresses conform to your spinal alignment, thus minimizing pressure and supporting your body. This is all thanks to the triple-layer foam system that conforms closer and relieves more pressure points. However, some larger sleepers say that the Leesa mattress does not offer the much-needed support as the Leesa hybrid.

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Size and pricing

Leesa offers two types of mattresses which are Leesa and Leesa hybrid. These two mattresses offer different mattress sizes, which include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Every mattress size has its own price, with the twin mattress being the least expensive and the King and California king being the most expensive.

All-in-all, Leesa mattresses are sold at a below-average price, which makes them be a great choice for people looking for quality mattresses at an affordable cost.

Trial period

The Leesa is a brand that you should be proud of as they let you experiment with their mattress for 100-nights risk-free. During this period, if you find out that the mattress is not comfortable or less than what you expected, you can return it for free and get a full refund. The returned mattress is not sold but donated to their charity work.
Leesa bed-in-a-box MattressCheck Price on Amazon

Return and shipping

After 100-nights of a free trial, if you decide to return the mattress, the manufacturer will not charge you a single cent. They will pick up the mattress and ship it back to the company. Also, shipping the product to you is free as long as you are within one of the 50 states in the country.

Leesa mattress Warranty

One question a buyer has in their mind is the Leesa Mattress warranty. Besides having a great trial period and return-free policy, Leesa also offers its clients a good 10 year warranty period. This is to assure their clients that their products are top quality and they can be relied on in case of any defect in material or workmanship. This is the same warranty period provided by other top mattress manufacturers like Casper and Simmons Beautyrest.

Advantages of Leesa

Disadvantages of Leesa Mattress

What types of sleepers should buy the Leesa mattress

Not every Leesa mattress that you see on the market will be great for you. Depending on your sleep position and weight, you may find the Leesa or Leesa hybrid to be a good choice for you.


The Leesa mattress is one of the most versatile mattresses that you will come across. This mattress can accommodate all kinds of sleepers, from the stomach to side and back sleepers. In addition, it also accommodates people of different weights. Whether you weigh less than 130, over 130, below 230, or over 230 pounds, you will find the Leesa model to be comfortable and very supportive.

Leesa hybrid

Unlike the Leesa mattress, the Leesa hybrid mattress is not very versatile as it cannot accommodate all kinds of sleepers perfectly. This is a great mattress for back sleepers and a few side and stomach sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper or side sleeper and weigh less than 130 pounds, then look elsewhere as you will find this mattress somehow uncomfortable. But if you’re a side or stomach sleeper and weigh more than 130 pounds, then this is a good mattress for you.

Who is this Lessa mattress made for?

Who shouldn’t use this mattress?

Where can I buy Leesa mattresses?

Leesa mattresses are sold on the Leesa website, Amazon.com, and in their brick-and-mortar stores in Virginia Beach and New York. In addition, the company has also partnered with West Elm and Pottery Barn, which are home furnishings chains. Make a stop in one of these places if you want to buy Leesa or Leesa hybrid mattresses.

The Leesa is a high-quality luxury hybrid mattress, and it comes in a wide range of sizes to pick from. Additionally, the mattress is built to serve different users, which is a good thing. But if you weigh more than 250 pounds, you may find this mattress to be unsuitable for you. Overall, this is a versatile mattress that gets rid of the negative effects of memory foam mattresses, such as stacking in bed, but it still contours well to your body.

Besides, Leesa offers an exceptional 100-night risk-free warranty and a 100% refund when returned. On top of that, the brand offers a 10-year warranty which is the same as many other top brands like Casper and Simmons mattresses.

If you have been looking for a bed that will suit your different sleeping positions, responds well, and is great at transferring motion, then you should consider a Leesa mattress. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Leesa mattress review article.


Question: Does Leesa offer other sleeping products?
Answer: Yes, it does. Apart from offering the Leesa and Leesa hybrid mattresses, Leesa also offers other sleeping products such as Leesa pillows, Leesa bed frame, Leesa blankets, Leesa Foundation, Sapira hybrid mattress, and Leesa adjustable bed frame.

Question: Is weight very important when choosing a mattress?
Answer: Of course, Yes. Regardless of how soft or hard the mattress is, it is important that you consider your weight before purchasing any mattress. If you weigh 230 pounds or less, you have a wide range of mattresses that you can choose from. But if you weigh more than 230 pounds, then you need to look for a mattress with very supportive layers and great firmness, unless you want to sink or be uncomfortable on most mattresses. For instance, the Leesa mattress is suitable for people who weigh 230 lbs or less.

Question: How does the Leesa mattress feel like?
Answer: Leesa has one of the unique feelings as it provides a neutral feel. This is because Leesa uses a combination of foams in its mattress structure. Actually, Leesa feels like a bed made of general, soft foam. Some people may find this feeling to be boring, but it’s a good thing as it’s odd and different from other foam mattresses.

Question: Are returns rechargeable or hassle-free?
Answer: After you have tried out your Leesa mattress for 100 nights, you can decide to return it or, if you like it, continue using it. The best part of all this is that Leesa offers full refunds for the returned mattress, and it is free of charge. This is great, considering some brands charge for returns and even deduct a fee on the mattress’s cost.

Question: Is Leesa CertiPUR-US certified?
Answer: Yes, it is. This means that the mattress is designed without heavy metals and certain dangerous chemicals. So, you can rest assured that you’re acquiring a sturdy and durable mattress for your bedroom.

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