Nectar Mattress Reviews 2020 [Review From an Actual USER]

If you love memory foam mattresses, then you will love Nectar. This is because it not only offers memory foam features of other high-quality brands, but it does so at a slightly lower price. Since its launch in early 2017, Nectar has gone on to become one of the most popular mattresses in the United States. The company provides free shipping, a 365-night risk-free trial period, and a lifetime warranty. Read this Nectar mattress reviews to know more about this brand mattresses.

The mattress is excellently made for different sleepers as it features 4 distinct layers. These include the support core layer of breathable polyfoam, the adaptive memory foam layer, the gel memory foam layer, and a fully quilted cooling gel memory foam layer. Moreover, this memory foam mattress comes with a breathable Tencel cover that promotes air circulation and resists bedbugs.

Technical Specifications of the Nectar Mattress Comparison


Nectar Mattress

Firmness: 6.5
Freebies: 2 Pillows, Mattress Protector and Sheets
Can support: up to 400 pounds and 800 pounds
Layers: gel memory foam, breathing base layer, quilted gel memory foam, and adaptive hi core memory foam
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 365-night risk-free trial period
Materials: Gel Memory Foam
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Designed: for all sleepers
Made with: 4 layers
Mattress Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king
Certification: Certi-PUR US and OEKO-TEX
Shipping: free shipping and return
Optimal level of: firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort
Height: 11”

Even though the Nectar mattress is offered in just one firmness option, which is a medium firm, it comes in all standard sizes and each of the sizes is 11” in height. You will love this mattress if you’re tight on the budget, love sleeping on your stomach or back, or if you usually suffer from shoulder and hip pain after a night’s rest.

Nectar Mattress Reviews 2020

Without much ado! Let’s look at the features, pros, and cons of the Nectar mattress.

In this Nectar mattress reviews, I have explained each important feature that every mattress should have.


The Nectar is a foam memory mattress made up of 4 layers. These are gel memory foam, breathing base layer, quilted gel memory foam, and adaptive hi core memory foam.

Before we discuss the 4 layers in detail, let’s talk about the Tencel cooling cover. The Tencel cooling cover blends Tencel and cotton to form a favorable sleeping environment, on a soft surface that feels extremely cool. If you’re worried about bedbugs, then this is the most ideal mattress for you. The Tencel cooling and breathable cover will keep these parasites at bay and you will have a good night’s sleep

The first layer is the gel quilting foam. It provides a comfortable loft for proper circulation and contour to your body. So, regardless of the position that you sleep in, you will find this mattress to easily conform to your body. This top layer is quilted utilizing a premium process that most mattress companies stay clear of, but Nectar embraces it.

The second layer is the 3-inch layer of gel memory foam. This is a very vital layer as its where weight distribution takes place. It also helps to effectively minimize painful pressure points. Also, this layer contours to the curves of your body and provides support to the shoulders and hips.

The third layer is made up of a 1/2 –inch layer of adaptive hi core memory foam. There is a high chance that you haven’t heard of this material as there is no other direct bed-in-a-box company that builds it into their mattresses. The premium adaptive foam is an optimal inner layer for a great contour to your pressure points. If you’re heavy, this layer will give you the support that you need for a sound night’s sleep.

The fourth and final layer is the 5, ½-inch breathing base layer. This layer is made to draw fresh air in through special channels and it also serves as the stable foundation of the mattress.

Firmness and sinkage

The Nectar mattress has a firmness rating of 6.5, which considered being a medium firm and this means that it is slightly firm and ideal for heavy people and stomach sleepers. Besides testing firmness, it is good to test the sinkage of the mattress as well. Users of this mattress say that it sinks a lot, but this also depends on how much you weigh. Heavier people will tend to sink more than lighter people, who may find this mattress to be somehow firm.

Comfort and support

If you’re a heavy person or sleep in different positions, you will find this mattress to be a good choice. The product can support up to 400 pounds of individual weight and an outstanding 800 pounds of combined weight. But even if you don’t carry a lot of weight, you may still find this mattress to be a great option as it has comfortable upper plush layers that contour to your body. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress isn’t all about hugs and high sinkage but it offers excellent support for different sleeping positions.

Motion isolation

One of the greatest features of memory foam mattresses is its exceptional ability to counteract motion transfer. Nectar mattress does this very minimally and thus you will have a wonderful night’s sleep. So, if you have a partner who sleeps late or changes in bed the entire night, then this is a great mattress for you. This mattress is great at absorbing motion and it bounces very well. This means that not only will you have a good night’s sleep but you will enjoy being with your partner.

Edge support

Edge support lacks in most of the all-foam mattresses. But this is not the case with Nectar as it provides some support. When you sit at the edge of the Nectar mattress, you will be surprised at how supportive the edges are unlike other foam mattresses. Also, being a bed-in-a-box mattress, you will be surprised at how much little compression it creates when placing weight on the edge of the mattress.

One of the best things about having a mattress with a supportive edge is that it just doesn’t give you comfort and support when you sit on it but as well as you sleep on it. This means that you’re not just limited to the middle of the mattress where the support is enormous but you can as well as sleep near the edge of the mattress without any problem.


When the Nectar mattress is unpackaged and set up on your bed, it will produce a temporary odor. This is referred to as off-gassing and it doesn’t last long. These odors have been reported by Nectar mattress users but they say that they don’t last very long.

Breathability and temperature regulation

This mattress may have good breathability but it takes time before it cools down. So, if you sleep hot, you may find this mattress to be somehow uncomfortable as it will take a lot of time to cool down. When compared to other memory foam mattress, Nectar offers more breathability due to the Tencel cover and gel memory foam that it comes with.

Nectar certifications

Nectar meets most of the certifications required in the US such as for environmental stewardship and quality. Some of these certifications include Certi-PUR US and OEKO-TEX. Other standards that this mattress meets are mattresses made without ozone depleters, mattresses made without lead, mercury, and lead, and banned azo colorants, cadmium, formaldehyde, nickel, and pentachlorophenol.

365-night risk-free trial

Nectar provides a 365-night risk-free trial. This is one of the longest in the industry and if at any point you feel that this is not the right mattress for you, the company will pick it up and fully refund you.


Besides providing one of the best nigh-free trials, Nectar also provides one of the best warranties. This is the lifetime warranty. This means that you are covered fully and can feel free to return the mattress or have it replaced in case it comes with a defect. Note that the warranty is not transferable.

What type of sleeper is better suited for the Nectar mattress?

Side sleepers

If you sleep on your side, parts like your shoulders and hips sink into the mattress with increased force. As a result, this makes uniform pressure relief to be very vital. The Nectar mattress did a wonderful job of giving support to these pressure points. Whether you’re light or heavy and sleep on your side, this mattress will provide you the comfort that you need.

Back sleepers

This is a great mattress for back sleepers as it has the right combination of support and contour. The lumbar area needs the right support and since this mattress has high-density base foam and memory foam comfort layer, this area will the right support it needs.

Stomach sleepers

If you are heavy and prefer sleeping on your stomach, you will find this mattress to be suitable for you. This is because it is of medium firmness. When you sleep on this mattress, you will notice the cradling of the hips, but the supportive lower layers keep them from sinking in too deep.

Is this a good mattress for small and average size of people?

Nectar mattress is the perfect bed for small and average size people. The mattress provides great support and can accommodate them very well. But if you weigh less than 150 lb, then you may find this mattress to be somehow smaller. Overall, small and average sized individuals will find this mattress to be exceptional. This is because it won’t sink a lot and it will give the needed support and contour to your body to relieve the user from nasty pressure points.

Will couples have ample time sleeping on this bed?

Some of the vital factors that couples do look for in a mattress are motion isolation, edge support, and bounciness. The good news is that Nectar mattress performs exceptionally in all these categories. So, as your partner turns in bed, he or she won’t disturb your sleep as it has excellent motion isolation.

Is this a great mattress for heavy people?

This can be a “no” and a “yes” at the same time. It is yes because the mattress is a bit thick and has medium firmness. On the same note, it can be a no because the best mattress for heavy people should have coils, which are more supportive than dense foam and allow easy circulation of air.

Advantages of the Nectar Mattress

  • It doesn’t produce noise while bearing weight
  • It has good conforming and motion isolation
  • The company offers 365-night risk-free trial
  • It features a high-density memory foam mattress at a much more affordable price than the competition.
  • There is free shipping in contiguous US and white glove option
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Disadvantages of the Nectar Mattress

  • Some users have reported having issues with customer support
  • It has a weak edge support

How does Nectar ship its mattresses?

First and foremost, the Nectar mattress ships for free. You will also return it for free if you find it to be unpleasant within 365-nights. The mattress is delivered at your door rolled up in a protective bag. After you unpack it, you will allow it to decompress before fully enjoying it.

Does the mattress expand instantly?

No, it doesn’t. After you have unpacked the mattress from the protective bag, you will have to allow it to decompress and completely inflate for around one to two days. When it has fully expanded, you can go ahead and use it. The speed at which it expands heavily depends on your climatic conditions.

What makes the Nectar mattress stand out from the competition?

With so mattresses on offer, choosing the best can be quite a daunting task. But even with this competition, Nectar mattress still standouts. This is because it is one of the most affordable memory foam mattress that you will lay your hands on. Also, the mattress has 3 layers of memory that provide support to all kinds of sleepers.


If you’re an individual who loves the contouring support of memory and the feel for a firmer mattress, then the Nectar mattress will be an ideal bed for you. At such a great price, you won’t be able to find any other high-quality memory foam as its competitors sell their products at a slightly higher price. So, this is a great bargain but the quality is still great.

The Nectar mattress is made up of high-density memory foams with the gel-infused foams helping with airflow, while the quilted foam layer offers additional loft and breathability. Since the mattress is slightly medium firm, it is great for people who sleep on the back, stomach, on their side or even couples who don’t want disturbance at night.

It is hard to judge how durable this mattress is as it has been on the market for only a few years. But this is a reliable brand as it offers a lifetime warranty and a 365-night risk-free trial. They also provide free shipping and a full refund. With these features, this is a bed-in-a-box mattress that you can rely on and it is very comfortable. I have explained everything in this Nectar mattress reviews that you should know.


Question: Is it a must to use a foundation with Nectar mattress?
Answer: No, it’s not. But it’s important to keep in mind that since the mattress will be in direct contact with organic surfaces on the floor; this can highly reduce airflow and promote the development of mildew. For this reason, we highly recommend that you use a foundation.

Question: How does Nectar compare with other mattress brands?
Answer: Nectar is a quality mattress and offers the same advantages as other high-end materials in its foam category. As a matter of fact, Nectar is more affordable than top brands like Leesa, Casper, and Tuft & Needle. But this doesn’t mean that it is of a lesser quality as its mattress is still one of the best.

Question: Does Nectar offer a trial period?
Answer: Yes, it does. Actually, Nectar offers one of the best if not the best night trial period at 365 days. This is very outstanding considering most mattress brands offer a trial period of 100 days. On top of that, the buyer gets a full refund if they find the mattress to be not ideal for them after the trial period.

Question: Should I buy a mattress pad or protector for my mattress?
Answer: This solely depends on you. Even though it’s not a must to have a mattress protector, it’s never a bad idea to consider buying a quality mattress protector to increase the durability of your mattress. A mattress protector is very vital, especially if you have kids or pets around who will be using the mattress.

Question: Can I get Nectar Mattress on online stores?
Answer: No, you can’t. Nectar mattresses are exclusively sold on the Nectar website. In addition, Nectar mattress doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar store and online sites like Amazon or Walmart don’t sell them. So, if you want a Nectar mattress, simply visit the Nectar website.

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