Lull and Nectar offer some of the best foam mattresses on the market. That’s why it is challenging to decide between these two beds. If you’re like many other sleepers who don’t know which mattress to select between the Lull and Nectar mattresses, you’re in the right place. Read this Lull vs Nectar mattress review to know more about the features difference.

Lull and Nectar may be new in the market, but they are already trending because of their high-quality beds. Both brands sell bed-in-a-box mattresses and provide free shipping. They are also made of all-foam layers, making their beds alleviate pressure, isolate motion, bear weight quietly, and give comfort to different sleepers.

Comparison Chart: Lull VS Nectar Mattress

Feature Lull Mattress Nectar Mattress
  • 1.5″ gel-infused memory foam
  • 1.5″ transition foam
  • 7″ high-density polyfoam base
  • 1″ quilted gel memory foam
  • 3″ gel memory foam
  • 1.75″ adaptive hi-core memory foam
  • 5.25″ breathable base layer
Firmness Level: Medium (5-6/10) Medium-Firm (6-7/10)
Cover Material: Soft, breathable polyester blend Tencel lyocell and cotton blend
Cooling Technology: Gel-infused memory foam, breathable cover Gel memory foam, Tencel cover, breathable base layer
Motion Isolation: Good Excellent
Edge Support: Fair Good
Pressure Relief: Good for side sleepers, fair for back and stomach sleepers Good for side and back sleepers, fair for stomach sleepers
Sleep Trial: 100 nights 365 nights
Shipping: Free in the contiguous US, additional fees for Alaska, Hawaii Free in the contiguous US, additional fees for Alaska, Hawaii
Certifications: CertiPUR-US certified foams CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified foams
Warranty: 10-year warranty forever warranty

Nectar has two mattresses on offer, while Lull only has one. The Nectar flagship mattress has a medium-firm feel, while its latest Nectar Lush bed has a medium feel. Lull only comes with a medium-firm feel bed.

With such exceptional features, it is easy to see why many sleepers are fascinated about these mattresses. To assist you have a straightforward time choosing between these two beds, we’ve compiled a comparison review. We’ve compared their construction, comfort, firmness, price, warranty, and other features.

Lull VS Nectar Mattress Features Comparison


In this Lull VS Nectar review, we’ve taken our time to research and go through reviews of both the Purple and Lull mattresses in order to bring you this detailed information about them.

Lull Construction

The Lull mattress is an all-foam bed. The mattress comes with three layers covered in a quality cover made from a polyester and rayon blend. With such a quality cover, expect this mattress to sleep cool and offer a smooth feel.
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The topmost layer of the Lull mattress is a 1.5-inch of gel-infused memory. It is followed by a 1.5-inch blend of polyfoam and latex layer. Lastly, it has a 7-inch polyfoam layer, which acts as the mattress’s foundation and the support layer. Every Lull layer is uniquely constructed to play a part in the overall feel of the mattress. The bed has a medium-firm feel, just like the Nectar Memory Foam mattress. The top memory foam layer offers comfort and contours to the sleeper’s body to provide pressure relief. At the same time, the base layer provides support to the top layers and the sleeper.

Nectar Construction

Nectar has two mattresses, which are all-foam beds. This means that sleepers who love all-foam or memory foam mattresses will like these beds. However, the mattresses vary in the type of foams used in construction. But they have the same kind of cover. Each mattress comes with a Tencel lyocell cover. This cover is soft, smooth, and breathable. It also helps the bed to sleep cool as it wicks away heat.
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The Nectar Memory Foam mattress features four layers. These include 1-inch of gel-infused memory foam quilted to the cover, 3-inches gel-infused memory foam layer, 1.75-inches of Adaptive Hi Core memory foam, and 5.25-inches of high-density polyfoam base layer. All of these layers come together to provide the mattress its medium-firm feel. The top memory foam layers offer comfort and relieve pressure, while the two base layers offer support.

The Nectar Lush all-foam mattress comes with three layers. The top layer is 3-inch gel-infused memory foam with an Aquacool feature. Next is 2-inches of Energex polyfoam layer, and at the base is a 7-inch high-density polyfoam layer. Note that the Nectar Lush mattress is 1-inches taller than the Nectar Memory Foam mattress. It has a medium feel of 5 on a firmness scale of 10. The top layer with the Aqucool features makes the bed sleep cool. At the same time, the Energex foam layer makes the bed bouncy. Finally, the polyfoam base layer gives support to sleepers.  


The durability of the mattress is determined by the materials and how they are held together. Most all-foam mattresses last between 6 and 8 years. Since both the Lull and Nectar mattresses feature quality materials, expect them to last for at least seven years. Regardless, the Lull mattress features better materials than the Nectar mattress.

So, if you want a durable and long-lasting mattress, consider choosing the Lull bed over Nectar mattress.


The feel of the mattress is another feature that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It determines whether the mattress will be comfortable or not for you. Lull has only one bed with a medium-firm feel, while Nectar has two beds with a medium-firm and medium feel. With these firmness settings, these mattresses will suit many sleepers from lightweight to average-weight, and heavy-weight sleepers.

However, lightweight and average-weight sleepers will feel the most comfortable. Also, side sleepers will enjoy sleeping on this bed as it will align their spine correctly. Both the Lull and Nectar Memory Foam mattresses have a medium-firm feel, but the Lull mattress is quite firmer than the Nectar Memory Foam mattress.

Edge Support

Most all-foam beds have weak edge support. This is because they don’t have reinforced edges that support the weight. Also, most mattresses have a different feel in the center and on the side of the mattress. Both the Lull and Nectar mattresses feature weak edge support, meaning they will not support sleepers.

Nonetheless, the Lull offers considerable support compared to Nectar. If you love sleeping on the entire bed, you should opt for the Lull mattress. Thanks to its sturdy base layer and middle layer with a blend of polyfoam and latex foam.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam mattresses are known to isolate motion fantastically. A mattress with strong motion isolation limits movement on the bed. As a result, partners or couples cannot interfere with one another during sleep.

Made of all-foam layers, Lull isolates motion well. Nevertheless, some users have complained about feeling some slight movement. This may be as a result of the latex-like layer in the middle of the mattress. Latex is slightly bouncy, which makes it challenging to isolate motion completely like memory foam.

Hence, if you want a mattress that isolates motion perfectly, pick a Nectar mattress.

Pressure relief

Picking the right mattress for your type of body and sleep position is crucial. If you select the wrong bed, you will feel increased pressure and pain in your body. The fascinating thing about these two mattresses is that they are in the medium-firm range, suitable for almost all sleepers. It doesn’t matter if you love resting on your back, side, stomach, or a combination sleeper.

The Lull will matches best with average-weight and heavy-weight sleepers, while the Nectar Lush mattress fits best with side sleepers. All the mattresses will cradle to the sleeper’s body and offer pressure relief.

Temperature Neutrality

Some people sleep hot, and the type of mattresses they sleep on makes things even worse. Memory foam mattresses are famous for sleeping warm. Nonetheless, this is slowly changing, as many manufacturers incorporate unique technologies that allow beds to sleep cool.

These two beds may be made of all-foam layers, but they sleep considerably cool compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. The Lull mattress boasts of a gel-infused memory foam layer and a blend of rayon and polyester cover that sleeps cool. Also, Nectar comes with a gel-infused memory foam layer and Tencel cover that wicks away heat, allowing the bed to sleep cool.


Another area where memory foam mattresses lack is when it comes to sex. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses perform far better than memory foam in this category. Therefore, many couples won’t love any of these beds. Instead of being bouncy and responsive, they will feel stuck, which is not ideal for sex.

But if you still want a better bed for sex between these two beds, you should select the Lull mattress. This mattress has a blend of latex and polyfoam in its core. Latex makes it slightly bouncy; thus, better than Nectar mattress.


This is one area where both of these beds excel exceptionally well. Since the beds feature foam layers, expect no noise from these mattresses. Both Lull and Nectar mattresses are virtually silent.


Foam mattresses usually produce some sort of gas when unboxed. This is normal as they are compressed during transportation. When unboxed, the beds produce a smell that comes from the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Give some time to both beds to off-gas. It will need more than 24 hours for the smell to disappear completely. Also, allow the mattresses to expand before sleeping on them.

Trial Period

Lull mattress comes with a 100-night free trial period. So, you have some days to find out if the bed is okay for your body. On the other hand, Nectar provides a 365-night free trial period. You have exactly a full year to know if the bed is perfect for you. However, they have a mandatory 30-night break-in period.  


Nectar offers free shipping within the contagious US, while Lull provides free shipping to 48 states. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada have to pay some fees to have their mattresses delivered. What’s more, Nectar offers a white glove delivery service at a charge, while Lull doesn’t provide this service.


Even though these two mattresses feature quality materials and perform outstandingly, they are sold at a very affordable cost. Both of these beds are favorably priced, and it’s just a matter of choice.


Lull offers a 10-year warranty, and Nectar provides a forever warranty. Despite Nectar having a better warranty, its warranty is prorated from year ten onwards.

About Lull

Lull mattress was introduced into the market in 2015. The company was set up to deliver outstanding mattresses at an affordable price. Currently, Lull only offers one mattress: the Lull mattress. Nonetheless, they as well as sell other products such as beddings and bed frames.

The Lull mattress is made of all-foam with three layers. The layers are made up of memory foam, a blend of polyfoam and latex layer, and a polyfoam layer. These layers are outstandingly constructed to provide support, relieve pressure, isolate motion, bear weight quietly, and bouncy feel. The mattress has a medium-firm feeling, which is the same as 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

About Nectar

Established in 2016, Nectar is one of the top bed-in-a-box mattress companies. The company offers two all-foam mattresses: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress and Nectar Lush Mattress. The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is the flagship bed for Nectar. It features four layers of foam to deliver excellent support, comfort, relieves pressure, sleep cool, and isolate motion. On the contrary, the Nectar Lush mattress is the latest addition to the Nectar line of mattresses. This model is slightly expensive than Nectar’s flagship mattress. The bed also comes with three layers instead of the four layers that the Nectar Memory foam mattress comes with. What’s more, it has a softer feel than the Nectar Memory Foam bed.

Who should buy the Lull mattress?

Who should buy the Nectar mattress?

What are the main differences between Lull and Nectar mattresses?

Even though both Lull and Nectar mattresses are all-foam beds with memory foam, they vary in several ways.

The Lull mattress has a 10-inch profile, while the Nectar mattress has an 11-inch profile. This means Nectar is slightly thicker than Lull in terms of thickness.

Both mattresses may have a medium-firm feel, but the Lull bed has a slightly firmer feel than the Nectar mattress.

Lull mattress provides sleepers with a balanced foam feel, while Nectar has a softer memory foam feel.

In terms of price, the Nectar mattress is slightly costly than the Lull bed.

Final Decision: Lull or Nectar Mattress?

It is evident that both of these mattresses are excellently constructed, and picking one over the other is quite challenging. The two beds provide outstanding motion isolation, relieve pressure, bear weight quietly, and are durable. However, these beds have a few shortcomings, such as edge support and breathability.

Overall, these two beds are perfect for any sleeper as they feature a medium-firm feel, suitable for every individual. The Lull mattress is ideal for you if you want a reliable brand with excellent customer support. In contrast, the Nectar mattress is an excellent match if you want a mattress with a more extended trial period and warranty.

We hope that you’ve been well informed and can now select a mattress based on your needs and demands. When it comes to price, these beds are close, and you shouldn’t base your purchase on this. All the best, as you choose a perfect bed for yourself or your loved one! I hope that this Lull VS Nectar mattress review has given you a clear idea about these mattresses.

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