If you’ve not been in the market for a while, you will be amazed by the many best quality comfortable mattresses that have been introduced. Picking a mattress today is three times harder than it was 10 years ago. This is because the competition is stiff, and companies have upped their game. But even with all this competition, some mattresses like Dreamcloud still stand out from the rest. Read our Dreamcloud mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

The Dreamcloud mattress is one of the best luxury hybrid mattresses on the market. This is a specially designed bed as it features 8 layers of comfort and support. The 15-inch mattress comes with a mix of the memory foam layer and polyfoam layers. It also has pocketed innerspring coils in its structure, which makes it bouncy. The mattress has a medium-firm feel. Thus people who love sleeping on top instead of being hugged will love this mattress. Also, Dreamcloud is an ideal mattress for an overweight person. The mattress provides great support to the sleepers closer to 230lbs.

Technical Specifications of the Dreamcloud Mattress


Dreamcloud Green Mattress

Firmness: 6.5/10
Plyfoam 8 layers
Good use: 7-8 years
Off-gassing: takes less than 24 hours
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 365-night
Materials: Gel-infused memory foam
Warranty: Lifetime
Designed:  For Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers
Great for Hot Sleepers: Yes
Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 14 inches
Weight: 115.2 pounds
Shipping: Free Shipping and Return
Height: 15 inches
Part of the: Resident House of Brands
Price: Dreamcloud Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon


Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews 2024

In our Dreamcloud mattress reviews and guide, we’ve simplified things for you by highlighting its features, pros, and cons. Read through to make an informed decision before buying this luxurious bed.

Mattress Construction

Dreamcloud is a bed-in-a-box mattress that is delivered in a big duffel bag to your door. The 15-inch mattress has 8 layers that offer support and comfort to the sleeper. Since this mattress is big, it is best suited for basic frames, box springs, or even on a flat surface.

On top of the mattress is the quilted Euro-top made from various foam, and it gives the mattress a plush feeling. The first transitional layer is the half-inch memory foam, and its infused gel memory foam provides a cool sleeping surface.

The second layer is the quilted memory foam, which measures 1.75-inches. This is a soft layer, and it provides the mattress with a cloud-like feeling to its users. The third layer is made from natural latex, and it gives the mattress some bounciness. This comfort layer features a half-inch latex and coil system that makes changing positions simple. Usually, the mattress comes with two comfort layers below the blend cover.

The fourth layer, which is a quarter an inch, offers added support and contouring. This layer is made of higher-density memory foam. The fifth layer is very crucial when it comes to offering comfort. It is made of the highest density layers of memory foam, and it supports a good spine alignment for different sleeping positions. Besides, this layer also functions as a 0.5-thick transition between the foam and coil.

The sixth layer comprises durable pocketed coils that occupy an 8-inch space and provide great support and limited motion transfer. This layer makes the bed have the traditional innerspring feel. It also makes the bed sleep cool as it increases the flow of air into the mattress layers. The final layer of the Dreamcloud is the base layer, and it is made of high-density memory foam. It measures 1.5-inches and forms the foundation of the mattress. So with the eight layers of Gel-infused memory foam, the approximate thickness of the Dreamcloud mattress is 14 inch which is higher than a purple mattress.

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Featuring 8 layers of polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed innerspring coils, this is a sturdily made mattress that will last very long. Unlike other hybrid mattresses, this mattress should give you at least 7 to 8 years of good use. This is slightly above most hybrid mattresses considering that Dreamcloud is sold at a favorable price. Another thing that stands out is the support that the buyer gets from the manufacturer, which is the Everlong warranty. This shows that the seller has full trust in the mattress, and it should offer you many years of good use.


Depending on your body weight, you may find this mattress to be firm or soft. Heavier individuals will love the feel of the Dreamcloud mattress as it will be soft, while lighter individuals will find the mattress slightly firm and uncomfortable. If you are a lightweight sleeper, then a Dreamfoam Mattress would be a great ideal mattress for you. The mattress has a firmness rating of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. This is considered to be medium-firm. So, if you like sleeping on top of the mattress instead of being hugged, then you will truly love this bed.

Motion isolation

Most sleepers find it difficult to share a bed with their partners because they move a lot in bed. But this issue is more common in innerspring beds and not memory foam beds. Being a hybrid bed, the Dreamcloud mattress does a great job of isolating motion as it features both memory foam and individually wrapped coils in its structure. This bed offers fair motion isolation, and when compared to innerspring mattresses, we can say that it is better. But if you want a bed that almost transfers zero motion, then consider acquiring a memory foam mattress.

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Similar to motion isolation, this bed doesn’t conform properly to your body like memory foam mattresses. Many users say that this mattress offers little conforming, but it is great at relieving pressure to the back, hip, and shoulder areas of the body. The lack of conformity by this mattress can be connected to the innerspring coils that it comes with, which makes it very bouncy.

Temperature neutrality

Sometimes, sleeping may be uncomfortable, especially if you sleep hot. If that’s the case, then you need to get a mattress that sleeps cool. The Dreamcloud is one of the best hybrid mattresses that sleep cool. Some of you may be wondering how, since this mattress is made of lots of polyfoam and memory foam layers? The Dreamcloud has two layers of coils, which are the third layer of latex combined with coils, and the sixth layer, which features an 8-inch layer of pocketed innerspring coils. These allow the free flow of air in the mattress, making it breathable and cool. But if you want to remain warm while sleeping, you can choose multiple layered foam mattresses like Lucid Mattress or Nectar Mattress.

Edge support

This is one of the shortcomings of this mattress. The edge of the Dreamcloud mattress does not offer much-needed support. You will sink or roll-off when you sit or sleep on the edge. This is an issue that many users have raised, and the company should address it. The edge is not supportive as it doesn’t feature any reinforcement.  This is a huge challenge considering the Dreamcloud 15-inch mattress is sturdily made. So if you are a side sleeper, you should go after for an edge-supported mattress such as Brooklyn Bedding mattress or WinkBeds Mattress.


Finding a quality bed for sex is vital if you want to have a good time with your partner. Most of the hybrid and innerspring mattresses are bouncy and very responsive when compared to memory foam, latex, and polyfoam mattresses. This is the same case with the Dreamcloud bed. This mattress is very responsive and bouncy at the same time. However, it doesn’t rebound as such, so partners will love having it in their bedroom for fun and comfort.


Just like many other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Dreamcloud mattress produces some off-gassing, but it doesn’t last long. Unlike other mattresses that take more than 24 hours for the gas to completely dissipate, this model takes less than 24 hours. Many customers were pleased with this as they could use the mattress after one-day of receiving and opening it.


This is another challenge that is very common with innerspring mattresses. Mattresses that are built with innerspring, for example- Avocado Green Mattress, produce some noise while tossing or turning. But the good news is that several users have reported very little to no noise with this hybrid mattress. As a result, the user won’t be disturbed by the squeaking sounds made by most innerspring mattresses.

Trial period

Sleeping on a mattress that is not suitable for your body type can cause some serious discomfort every time you wake up in the morning. That’s why you need to test a new mattress and ensure that it is an ideal type for your body. Some brands offer a 30-night trial period, while others a 120-night trial period. Dreamcloud offers the best free sleep trial period of 365-nights. This is a full year and enough time to determine if the mattress was really built for you.

Dreamcloud offered such a great sleep trial period because they have full confidence that buyers will love their mattress, and they backed it up with a lifetime warranty.
Dreamcloud Hybrid MattressCheck Price on Amazon<

Returns and shipping

The best thing of all is that after the 365-night free trial period, the buyer can still return the mattress and be given a full refund and free shipment. Also, after you purchase the mattress, it is shipped to your address for free as long as you stay within the contiguous states.

The only thing that you’re charged for is the white glove delivery. This service includes old mattress removal, in-home assembly, and waste packaging. Just pay a small fee to enjoy this service from Dreamcloud.


The prices of the Dreamcloud mattresses are determined by the size of the mattress. Dreamcloud has different sizes to choose from, which are twin, twin xl, twin xl 39 x, full, queen, king, and California king 72 x. Compared to other luxury hybrid mattresses, Dreamcloud offers its mattresses at a perfect price. You can also choose Dreamcloud premier if the budget is not a problem for you. It is neither low nor high, which makes this mattress a good purchase considering the wonderful features that it offers.

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Warranty is essential when buying an online mattress. This is because the mattress may arrive damaged, or even the wrong mattress size may be sent to your door. With a warranty, you will be certain that your investment is secure, and in case of an issue like this one, you will get a refund or have it replaced.

Dreamcloud comes with an industry-leading Everlong warranty. This is a lifetime warranty. Thus, you can relax knowing that you are covered as long as you own the Dreamcloud mattress. This also indicates that the company is fully behind its product, and they have full trust in them.

What we liked about the Dreamcloud mattress

What we didn’t like about the Dreamcloud mattress

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Final Words about Dreamcloud mattress

Dreamcloud is one of the most affordable luxury hybrid mattresses on the market. It features 8 layers that offer comfort to the user. It is durably made and great for people looking for a medium-firm and very responsive mattress. Besides, it features one of the best free night trial periods of 365-nights and has the best warranty with its Everlong warranty. You definitely get what you pay for with all the amazing features that it offers!

So, if you’re a heavy sleeper or love the floating feel of the mattress instead of the hugging feel, then the Dreamcloud 15-inch mattress will be a good investment for you. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Dreamcloud mattress reviews article.


Does Dreamcloud offer white glove delivery? Is it free?

Answer: The Dreamcloud brand offers a white glove delivery option for customers who request it. However, this is not a free service as they charge a fee for it. Also, clients who ask for white glove delivery get free old mattress removal. Another service that they offer in the white glove delivery package is in-home assembly and packaging waste removal. This is a great service if you’re busy or don’t have time to do all these activities by yourself.

Is this mattress expensive?

Answer: Compared to other luxury beds, Dreamcloud can be categorized as affordable. This excellent price can be linked to the brand selling its mattress directly online instead of involving middlemen, distributors, and stores. So, if you’re looking for a thick and sturdy hybrid mattress, then this is a good mattress that is sold at a great price.

Why should I buy the Dreamcloud mattress?

Answer: I informed all the features and functionality of this mattress in this Dreamcloud mattress review article so that you can make the right decision before buying this mattress. This is a durable and thick mattress that will give a sound sleep throughout the night, especially if he/she is a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or combo sleeper. The mattress also provides excellent support to your hips and shoulders. With a medium-firm rating, this mattress is also great for individuals who weigh more than 150 lbs. Besides, it has nice edge support that makes sitting or sleeping on the edge to be fun. Furthermore, Dreamcloud offers a 365-night trial period and an Everlong warranty.

Still, have questions after reading this Dreamcloud mattress reviews article? Comment below.

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