Serta Mattress Reviews 2021 [Worth to Buy?]

Serta is one of the best mattress companies in the country. Since they first introduced the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931, they have gone on to produce different models and a new series in the iComfort mattress. Serta provides both hybrid and innerspring mattresses that are currently in two series which are the Perfect Sleeper with 18 mattress models and iComfort with 23 mattress models. Read this Serta mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

The Serta mattresses vary in thickness and firmness levels. The least firm mattress has a rating of 2, which is soft on the firmness scale of 1-10 while the firmest has a rating of 8. They are also sold in different sizes with twin being the smallest and California king being the biggest. Most of these mattresses can be found on the Serta website and on brick-and-mortar stores.

Technical Specifications of the Serta Mattress


Serta Mattress

Firmness: 8
Perfect Sleeper: 18 mattress models
iComfort: 23 mattress models
Durability: lasts for 7 years
Type: Hybrid
Trial: 120-nights free trial period
Materials:  Certified Polyurethane Foam
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Designed: All types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, and combo)
Thickness 10, ½” to 16, ¼”(Perfect Sleeper), 12” to 16”(iComfort)
Off-gassing: last for several days
Certification: Certi-PUR US
Shipping: free shipping and free white glove delivery and old mattress removal
Designed and Assembled: in the USA
Type: innerspring mattresses

Additionally, Serta is considered to be the number one mattress producer in the United States and is famous for its exceptional products apart from just the mattresses they offer. Every single mattress that Serta designs are of great quality and very comfort to the user.

Serta Mattress Reviews 2021

In this Serta mattress reviews, we’ve expounded on the Serta mattress in order to help you make an informed decision as you select the next mattress for your bedroom.


Considering the many models that Serta mattress offers, we could not exhaust all of them but just single out the key features of different mattress series. Note that Serta mattresses usually feature memory foam/polyfoam comfort layers and pocketed coils in the support cores.

Let’s begin with the Perfect Sleeper. This series is made up of 18 mattress models which are hybrid and innerspring mattresses. The models vary in terms of thickness, firmness, height, and layer components. In their comfort layers, they usually have a mix of standard or gel memory foam and standard or gel polyfoam. In addition, all 18 mattress models are made with foam-encased pocketed coil support cores. Some of these models include Laraine luxury firm, Hynes plush, Luxury hybrid Blackfield plush, Visby lake plush, Castleview plush, and much more.

The second series is the iComfort mattress which features 23 hybrid mattress models. The iComfort mattress models normally feature a mix of standard or gel memory foam and standard or gel polyfoam. Also, there are a handful of models with mini-coils in the comfort system. But all the 23 mattress models have pocketed coil-in-coil support cores. Some of the iComfort mattress models include HB700S SmartSupport, HB500S SmartSupport, Visionaire Firm, Expertise firm, Advisor pillow top, and much more.


Since the Serta mattress is made up of coils in its structure, the mattress doesn’t last for a long time and many users say that it lasts for 7 years. When compared, the Serta Perfect Sleeper has a lesser lifespan than the Serta iComfort mattress series. This is because most of the iComfort mattresses come with more foam than the Perfect Sleeper mattresses. Overall, when compared to other mattress models, the Serta mattress has a below-average lifespan.

Firmness and Thickness

The firmness depends on the mattress model that you pick. All the Serta mattresses have a firmness rating that lies between 2 and 8 with 2 being the softest and 8 the firmest. Additionally, Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses have a thickness that ranges from 10, ½” to 16, ¼”, while the Serta iComfort mattresses have a thickness that ranges from 12” to 16”.

Other details like cover components, coil gauge, and foam density are not disclosed. With the different firm ratings, you can easily select a mattress with the firmness that you want.


Most innerspring and hybrid mattresses tend to conform to less than foam and latex mattresses. This results in less spinal alignment and pressure relief to the most sensitive parts of the body. That’s why most Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress conforms less when compared to memory foam mattresses. But when you compare the Perfect Sleeper and iComfort mattress series, you will find that the iComfort mattress offers better conforming than Perfect Sleeper as it is a hybrid mattress while the former is an innerspring mattress.

Motion isolation

This is another big weakness of innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Since these mattresses have coils in them, they offer little to no motion isolation. Memory foam mattresses are the best at isolating motion as they absorb and minimize motion than any other material on the market.

Both the Serta Perfect Sleeper and Serta iComfort mattress series provide little motion isolation. This is because they are extremely responsive and makes a person easily shift in bed. Even though these two mattresses are poor at isolating motion, many users say that Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are better at isolating motion than iComfort mattress models.

Temperature control

If you sleep hot, then you will love the Serta mattresses. Unlike memory foam mattresses that retain a lot of heat and sleep hot, innerspring mattresses don’t retain heat and they sleep cool. That’s the case with both Serta Perfect Sleeper and the iComfort series as they feature coils in their comfort layers. Also, these mattresses have memory foam but this doesn’t affect them as they still sleep cool.


If you are partners looking for a wonderful bed for sex, then Serta is the brand to consider. Serta mattresses are great for sex because they are bouncy and very responsive. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are poor for sex as they are neither responsive nor bouncy enough. So, if you want a good mattress for sex, both the iComfort and Perfect Sleeper mattress will be ideal for you.

Edge support

Foam mattresses are known to have poor edge support as they tend to sink when weight is applied to their edges. This is because most of them don’t have support cores on their edges. The iComfort and Perfect Sleeper mattresses feature innerspring mattresses with frames that are encased to support the springs and offer a good sleeping surface. Therefore, as a result of their coil-based support cores, both of these mattress series provide excellent edge support.


Memory foam mattresses are the most silent as they don’t feature any metal components in their structures. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses have coils in their structures which make them be slightly noisy when weight is applied to them. They usually produce a squeaky and creaky noise with many using pointing out that iComfort mattresses are slightly silent than Perfect Sleeper mattresses.

Ease of moving and rotating

Just like many other innerspring and hybrid mattresses, the Serta iComfort and Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are very heavy. As a result, rotating or moving them may be very challenging and cumbersome. If you want a mattress that you can move with much ease, then you should consider getting a memory foam mattress.


There are some mattresses that produce off-gassing with a smell that can last for several days. This is common with types of mattresses with large layers of memory foam. When unpacked, the smell produced by these mattresses can last for several days. The good news for individuals who intend to purchase Serta iComfort and Serta Perfect Sleepers mattresses is that they produce very little gas. The smell produced may last for one or two days before it completely dissipates.


The prices of Serta mattresses vary from one mattress to another. The twin size mattress is the cheapest and the California king mattress is the most expensive. When compared to other mattress models, Serta mattresses are slightly expensive which may be a disadvantage to some people. As a matter of fact, the Serta mattresses are above average price. Also, the iComfort mattress series is more costly than the Perfect Sleeper series.

Trial period

This is one of the most confusing features of the Serta mattress brand. Some mattresses have a sleep trial period of 120-nights while others have 45-nights. Serta offers a 45-night sleep risk-free trial for its Perfect Sleeper mattress series and 120-night risk-free trial for its iComfort mattress series. The worst part is that both of these sleep trials come with a 30-night mandatory break-in period. This is not good news to some and many brands don’t have a mandatory break-in period.

Returns and shipping

When you purchase a Serta mattress from its website, you will get free shipping and free white glove delivery, and old mattress removal. But the same cannot be said about returns as there is a fee that you will be charged for in order for the mattress to be shipped back to the company if you dong like it. Also, you won’t get a full refund as a fee of 15% of the original price of the mattress will be deducted from it. This is really worrying as there is no full guarantee of the refund.


Apart from shipping the mattress free to your doorstep, the manufacturer also provides a 10-year limited non-prorated warranty. This is the industry standard and many people will be okay with it.

Advantages of Serta mattress

  • Many users applaud Serta for its exceptional temperature cooling and strong edge support
  • The beds are also bouncy and very responsive, making them good for sex
  • This brand is considered to be the largest mattress producer in the US and they have a lot f mattress models on offer that can accommodate different types of sleepers.
  • The Serta mattresses work perfectly with adjustable bed frames
  • The Serta mattresses are comfortable to sleep on
  • Serta mattresses are available for purchase at different brick-and-mortar stores around the country and on their online website.
  • Serta offers free white glove delivery for all online customers and old mattress removal
  • It has an industry standard of a 10-year non-prorated warranty

Disadvantages of Serta mattresses

  • Most of Serta’s mattresses are sold at an above-average price
  • The company has a mandatory 30-night break-in period which some people are not comfortable with.
  • Many users have complained about Serta’s hybrid and Innerspring mattresses for below-average durability and poor motion isolation.
  • The return procedure is costly as there are charges for both shipping and on the original price which is unlike other brands that offer free shipping and full refund.

Why choose Serta over other brands?

  • If you love the feel of an innerspring mattress, then the Serta mattresses are for you. Most of Serta mattresses feature coils in their structure which makes them be bouncy and very responsive.
  • If you want a mattress with free white glove delivery and free old mattress removal, Serta offers that. So, you will have your mattress changed and the new one setup without a lot of hassle.
  • If you want a bouncy mattress that is good for sex. This is one of the strongest points of Serta mattresses as they are all bouncy and great for sex.
  • If you are looking for a mattress that sleeps cool, you will like Serta mattresses. Since most of them have coils inside, heat is not trapped thus they are able to sleep cool with free air circulation in the structure.

Why not choose Serta mattress?

  • If you want an affordable mattress, look elsewhere as the Serta mattress’s prices are above average. This applies to both the Serta innerspring and hybrid series.
  • If you want a mattress that will last for more than 10 years, this is not the mattress for you. Many users say that Serta mattresses are not very durable and shouldn’t be relied on by a person who wants a mattress that will last for more than 10 years.
  • If your partner moves in bed a lot and you want a mattress that minimizes motion, this is not the mattress for you as it is poor in isolating motion.


Looking at the different Serta mattress series and models, it is clear that Serta is one of the most prestigious brands as it offers a wide range of mattress models to choose from. So, regardless of your sleeping position, you will get a comfortable mattress with the qualities that you want. From perfect sleeper to Sertapedic and iComfort mattresses, you will definitely get a mattress that meets your needs.

Furthermore, the Serta brand offers buyers of its product free shipping and a 10-year non-prorate warranty. However, there is no free shipping on returns and no full refund. Apart from this, the Serta is an amazing mattress with a great bounce, good temperature, and outstanding edge support. I hope, this Serta mattress reviews article will help a lot ot take the right decision.


Question: What other products does Serta Sell?
Answer: Serta is an amazing company with lots of bedding products on offer. Apart from the two mattress series, Serta also sells mattress protectors, pillows, blankets, bed frames, and even sheets. In addition, Serta sells baby and puppy products which is an amazing thing as they deserve to sleep comfortably as well.

Question: Why choose an adjustable bed over the other types?
Answer: An adjustable bed has become very popular off late and many people are embracing them. These beds give the user the opportunity to adjust the bed to different positions to best match their sleeping requirements. Some come split so that your partner can sleep in different positions as they wish to. They are also great for relaxing, watching a movie in bed or even reading a book in bed.

Question: What type of bed is good for hot sleepers?
Answer: Sleeping hot can cause sleepless nights. So, if you sleep hot, you should look for a mattress that sleeps cool or at least neutral. Memory foam and latex mattresses sleep hot as they usually trap heat, especially if they are very soft and your body sinks in them. The best mattress to acquire is one with cooling gel or innerspring. These two types of mattresses normally allow air to pass through them thus allowing your heat to escape and not get trapped, thus end up sleeping cool.

Question: What makes a good mattress?
Answer: First and foremost, there is nothing like the best mattress as different mattresses suit different people. With variations in size, weight, sleeping positions, health conditions, and much more, it is difficult to find one mattress that can serve all people’s needs. So, when choosing a mattress of your choice, you need to know if it meets your needs before taking it home. If you make a mistake, then you will have to carry the mattress back to the store. Always consider your sleeping position, health condition, weight, and overall comfort when picking a mattress.

Still, have questions after reading this Serta mattress reviews? Comment below.


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