Since we live in a dynamic world, technology changes quickly, and so do mattresses and how they are designed. A few decades ago, memory foam mattresses were the most popular, but today, they have got a lot of competition from hybrid and mixed foam mattresses. As a result, picking a mattress of choice can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for or expect from the different mattress brands and models. Read this DreamCloud Vs Nectar mattress to know more about these two mattresses.

Comparison Chart: DreamCloud Vs Nectar Mattress

Feature DreamCloud Nectar
Construction: Hybrid (Foam and Coils) All-Foam
Firmness Level: Medium-firm (6.5/10) Medium-firm (6/10)
Height: 15 inches 12 inches
Cooling Features:
  • Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Breathable Cashmere Blend Cover
Tencel Cover, Gel-infused Foam Layers
Motion Isolation: Good Excellent
Edge Support: Good Fair
Pressure Relief: Good Very Good
Sleep Trial: 365 nights 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime Lifetime
Returns: Free Returns within Trial Period Free Returns within Trial Period
Certifications: CertiPUR-US certified foams, OEKO-TEX certified cashmere cover CertiPUR-US certified foams, OEKO-TEX certified Tencel cover
Price: Dreamcloud VS NectarCheck Today’s Price Nectar VS DreamcloudCheck Today’s Price


In this DreamCloud Vs Nectar comparison, we’re going to make your work easier by comparing two of the most popular online mattresses. Both the DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses offer comfortable, durable, reliable, and affordably priced mattresses. But which one is the best? Is it the all-foam Nectar or the hybrid DreamCloud? The DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses are sturdily built to last long, have one of the best trial periods, and come with the best warranties on the market. Most mattress brands like Purple mattress, Simmons Beautyrest mattress offer a 7-10 years limited warranty. But the Nectar and the DreamCloud both offer a lifetime warranty to their customers. Both mattresses come with different models and sizes like Twin XL, Twin, King, split king, Queen, and California King.

Without a proper comparison of their features, pros, cons, and who they are best suited for, it isn’t easy to choose one over the other as they seem to have the same attributes. When choosing a bed, there are many things to consider, such as firmness, durability, price, motion isolation, ease of moving, trial period, and even warranty. As a result, we spent time reviewing these two mattresses, and this is what we found out.

Features Comparison Between DreamCloud Vs Nectar Mattress

Before we can look at anything else, it is good to know how these two mattresses are constructed. Let’s start with the DreamCloud hybrid mattress.

DreamCloud construction

Just like other Bed inside box mattresses, the DreamCloud bed is packaged and compressed into a bag and delivered to your doorstep. The uppermost comfort layer is the 2-inch TrueTufted Cashmere Eurotop blend cover that is hand-tufted to the 15-inches of the mattress below its surface. This soft layer allows the sleeper to sink into the bed and have a comfortable sleep throughout the night without aches and pain.

The next layer is made of gel-infused memory, and it measures 0.5-inches. This layer counteracts the heat and cradles the body. After this layer, we’ve got the comfort foam with quilted memory, and it measures 1.75-inches. The layer provides the mattress with its softness, thus making the sleeper feel like they are sleeping n the cloud.

The third layer is 5-inches in thickness and is made of natural latex foam. This offers some mid-level bounce, which should be ideal for repositioning. The fourth layer is the DreamPlush supportive memory foam, and it measures 0.25-inches in thickness. It provides deep contouring and support to the body. Another great layer is the transition layer. This is 0.5-inches, and it is made from the company’s super dense soft DreamPlush memory foam. It is constructed to offer natural spine alignment and acts as a transitional layer between the foam layers and coils blow.

The final two layers of the DreamCloud mattress are the support layer and base or foundation layer. The support layer is 8-inches, and it is made of a patent-pending five-zoned pocketed steel micro-coil system that promotes advanced support with a conventional innerspring feeling. The base and final layer of the mattress is 1.5-inches, and it is made of a higher density, super soft memory foam layer. The work of this layer is to not only protect the mattress but as well as give great compression support to the sleeper.
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Nectar construction

The Nectar is vacuum sealed and packaged within a plastic bag before being delivered to your doorstep. Before we look at the different layers, let’s look at the cover first. The cover is made of long-staple cotton meshed with Tencel and half of memory materials with gel. These materials allow air to pass through and wick heat away so that sleepers can have an easy time sleeping with regulated temperatures.

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The top layer is made of a patented 3-inch of memory foam, also referred to as LushFoam. This layer contours to your body, and the surface heat washes away easily. The second layer is the gel memory foam which is ideal for providing weight distribution and pressure relief.

The third layer is the adaptive hi-core memory foam, and it measures 1.5-inches in thickness. This material helps in transitioning your body as it sinks into the bottom base layer. Last but not least, we’ve got the bottom layer which is 5.5-inches and supports the bed as well as your body. This base layer is made of a high vegetable base super core designed to not only provide support but as well as promote better spinal alignment and alleviate aches and pains.
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Both of these mattresses are durably made to last long. The DreamCloud mattress features high-density foams that should last for at least 7 years or more. On the other hand, the Nectar foam is made of dense foam layers which are above-average in durableness. So, if you were to choose the most durable mattress, then DreamCloud mattresses should be the best option for you.


Both of these mattresses score in the medium-firm range on a scale of 1 to 10. Most companies make firm mattresses with medium firmness because they tend to suit different types of sleepers. The DreamCloud mattresses have a firmness level of 6, and the Nectar bed has a firmness level of 6 to 6.5. In terms of support, these mattresses appear to be similar. But when it comes to hug and sinkage, the Nectar memory foam mattress provides a deeper hug while DreamCloud provides a gentle cradle.

Motion isolation

A partner’s movements in the bed can disrupt your sleep or even cause you to have a sleepless night. For this reason, having a bed with great motion isolation can be important if you have a kid or a person who moves a lot in bed. And in this case, the Nectar mattress is way better than DreamCloud in terms of motion transfer. This is because Nectar is made of memory foam, while DreamCloud is a hybrid bed with springs in it.

Edge support

Similar to many other memory foam bed mattresses, the Nectar mattress doesn’t have a very strong or supportive edge. On the other hand, DreamCloud has no reinforcement on edge, which makes it be weak and not very supportive. When comparing these two mattresses, it is clear that the Nectar mattress’s dense layers are more supportive, although users have complained of sinkage after one year or so of use. So if you need extreme edge support, then you can buy a Brooklyn Bedding mattress or an Avocado Green Mattress.

Sinkage and bounce

If you’re looking for a bed that bounces a lot, then you should go for the DreamCloud hybrid mattress as it features springs. The Nectar is maybe somehow bouncy as it is made of memory foam, but it is not as bouncy as the DreamCloud mattress. In addition, when you sink in the DreamCloud mattress, it gives you a gentle cradle feeling, while if you sink in the Nectar mattress, it gives you a deep hug feeling.

Temperature control

Do you want a mattress that sleeps cool or neutral? The DreamCloud hybrid mattress comprises of DreamCloud’s cover and a coil support bottom that helps to keep airflow across the surface. The Nectar mattress has a lyocell cover and gel memory foam that provides more breathability and keeps the mattress somehow cool. When comparing these two, the DreamCloud mattress is way cooler than the Nectar and thus very suitable for people who sleep hot.

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A mattress that conforms perfectly to the body is able to relieve pressure points. The Nectar comes with dual layers of memory foam that provide close conforming and pressure and pain relief in the shoulder, neck, and other sensitive parts of the body. On the other hand, DreamCloud has a firm feel which doesn’t conform to the body to a great extent, but it is still t par with most hybrid mattress models.

In this DreamCloud VS Nectar comparison, the Nectar is the best mattress on the market for those looking for a mattress that contours perfectly to their body.


Since DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress with some springs built in its layers, the mattress is not very silent as some noise may be hard. But the noise is not distractive but can be a nuisance, especially at night. The Nectar mattress is very silent and doesn’t produce any noise as it is purely made of memory foam layers.


A responsive mattress is great as it doesn’t hug you too much or hold you back as you try to get from it. Also, if a mattress is very responsive, it is considered to have a great bounce. The DreamCloud mattress is very responsive and provides a great bounce to the sleeper. This means that it is perfect for sex and for couples. On the other hand, the Nectar mattress is somehow bouncy but not responsive enough for some couples. So, it is not the best bed for sex.


So Nectar vs DreamCloud mattress: which one is a cost-effective mattress? Whether you decide to go with the DreamCloud mattress or the Nectar mattress, you should also consider their price. Both of these mattresses have outstanding features, but it is clear that DreamCloud has the edge over Nectar mattresses. That’s why it is priced slightly higher than the Nectar mattress. The prices vary on different mattress models, like Dreamcloud Premier would cost 200$-300$ more than Dreamclould. All-in-all, pick a mattress that is within your budget and one that you love. After all, you will have to sleep on it for the next 6 plus years. So, make a wise decision and spend wisely, even if it means digging deeper in your pockets to get the best. If your budget is low, don’t worry. We have reviewed the Saatva mattress in our previous article that will solve your budget issue.

Trial period

This is one of the best features of these two mattresses. While most online mattress brands offer a 100-night free sleep trial period, DreamCloud and Nectar offer a 365-night sleep free trial period. This is a lot of time, and it will let you know if this is a great mattress for you or not.

Returns and shipping

After the trial period is over, you are free to return the mattress if you find it to be uncomfortable or not what you expected. Both the DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses provide a full refund on the returned mattress. But it doesn’t end there as they also offer free shipping for bought and returned mattresses.


These two are very reliable brands as they both offer long-life warranties. The DreamCloud provides an Everlong limited warranty, while the Nectar offers a lifetime warranty. This means that you can fully rely on these two mattresses, and if you have an issue with the bed, you can always get in touch and have it sorted out as long as it doesn’t violate the warranty.

So, you have already gathered some technical and constructional information between Nectar vs Dreamcloud mattress. Now let’s check some advantages and disadvantages of both of these mattresses.

Advantages of Dreamcloud Mattress

Disadvantages of Dreamcloud

Advantages of Nectar Mattress

Disadvantages of Nectar

Who should choose the Dreamcloud mattress?

Who shouldn’t choose Dreamcloud?

Who should choose the Nectar mattress?

Who shouldn’t choose Nectar?

Which is better? DreamCloud or Nectar Mattress?

From our comparison, you can clearly see that the DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses offer similar features, but they vary slightly in some features and price-wise. Overall, the Nectar mattress is cheaper than the DreamCloud mattress apart from its twin size bed that is more expensive than the twin size bed for DreamCloud.

Both of these brands offer comfortable, durable, and pressure-relieving beds. Almost all types of sleepers can use them as they are of medium firmness. They also offer a 365-night free trial period and a lifetime limited warranty. Also, shipping is free, and they are 100% refundable in case the client isn’t pleased with the mattress.

However, these mattresses differ in some ways, such as in the level of their firmness. DreamCloud is firmer than Nectar, while Nectar is great at conforming and motion isolation than DreamCloud. But depending on your preference, body weight, budget, and sleeping position, you may find one of the two mattresses to be ideal for you.

Make the best choice and select a mattress that you will enjoy sleeping on for the next 7 years or so. With the 365-night trials, ensure that you fully test the mattress and don’t settle for less.

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