Puffy and Nectar are some of the latest additions to the ever-expanding online mattress line. These two bed-in-a-box mattress brands may be new on the market, but they are currently trendy. Thanks to the excellent mattresses that they offer at an affordable price. Read this Puffy VS Nectar Mattress Reviews to know more.

Comparison Chart: Puffy VS Nectar Mattress




Material all foam all foam
Cover 100% polyester fabric  Tencel
Firmness 5 6
Thickness 10-inch 5.25-inches
Off-gassing at least 24 to 48 hours at least 24 to 48 hours
Trial period 101 nights 365 nights
Warranty industry-best lifetime warranty Forever warranty

If you search for the best online mattress, there is a high chance that you will come across these two brands. As a result, we’ve decided to create this comparison review for buyers to have an easy time deciding.

Puffy Vs Nectar Mattress Differences


How your mattress is constructed is very crucial. It will determine durability and comfort. That’s why people choose mattresses with certain materials. For instance, memory foam is ideal for people who want comfort, while latex is excellent for people who want a long-lasting bed.

To determine which bed is excellent for you, we must start with how both the Puffy and Nectar mattresses are constructed.

Puffy Construction

The Puffy Mattress is an all-foam mattress. Also, it comprises memory and polyfoam layers in its structure. A 100% polyester fabric covers these layers.

The top layer of Puffy Mattress is made up of a gel-infused cooling cloud memory foam. This layer also acts as the comfort layer, which conforms to the sleeper’s body closely. Therefore, it helps to alleviate pressure and provide comfort. The gel infusion in the layer helps to dissipate heat as memory foam beds commonly trap heat.

Underneath the gel-infused memory foam layer is the cloud climate transitional polyfoam. This layer is 2-inches in thickness and helps transition the sleeper from the softer memory foam to the firmer polyfoam base layer. Additionally, it correctly aligns the spine; thus, ensuring that the sleeper does not experience aches. It also makes sure that the sleepers feel like being hugged without sinking too deeper into the mattress.

Finally, the bed comes with a 6-inch base layer, comprising a firm core support high-density polyfoam. This layer is below the transition layer and provides support to the sleeper’s top layers and weight.

When you combine these layers, they make up a 10-inch profile thickness. This is the average thickness profile.

Nectar Construction

Nectar is also made up of all-foam layers. It has a total of four layers: three memory foam layers and one polyfoam layer. All of the layers are covered by a Tencel cover. This is a breathable material with a soft touch.

The top layer comprises 1-inch of quilted memory foam and 3-inches of medium-density gel memory foam. These layers work hand-in-hand to offer comfort, pressure relief and isolate motion. The memory foam in these layers is gel-infused, meaning it’s breathable and won’t trap heat. Therefore, sleepers will have a cool night’s sleep, even if they usually sleep hot.

Below the comfort, layers are the 1.75-inch layer of Adaptive Hi-core memory foam. This layer acts as the transition layer, meaning it helps sleepers transition smoothly from soft top layers to lower firm layers. Aside from that, it gives the bed some bounce.

Finally, we’ve got the 5.25-inches of polyfoam support core layer. This is also the bottom layer of this bed. The thick polyfoam layer gives support to all types of sleepers. It as well as supports the layers above it.


The durability of the mattress is usually determined by the materials used to construct it. If you want a durable bed, consider getting one made with high-quality and long-lasting materials. That’s why latex beds last longer than memory foam mattresses.

The Puffy and Nectar mattresses are both made of high-quality and durable materials. However, Puffy features slightly more durable materials than Nectar. Puffy mattress comes with a polyester cover, memory foam, transition polyfoam, and high-density polyfoam layers. In contrast, Nectar features a Tencel cover, memory foam, transition memory foam, and polyfoam.

Memory foam is among the least durable mattress materials. Since Nectar features more memory foam layers than polyfoam layers, the bed will deteriorate quicker than the Puffy Mattress.


Whether you’re a lightweight sleeper, back sleeper, or a combination sleeper, you need to find the best mattress for your needs or not get the comfort you desire. Looking at just the material and thickness of the mattress is not enough when it comes to comfort. Firmness is the first thing to look at.

Puffy and Nectar fall within the medium range, with Puffy being softer than Nectar. Puffy mattress has a firmness rating of 5, which is the same as medium feel. In contrast, Nectar has a firmness rating of 6, which is the same as medium-firm.

Therefore, if you’re a lightweight or side sleeper, Puffy will give you fantastic comfort. But if you enjoy resting on your back and stomach, consider going for Nectar.

Pressure relief

Memory foam mattresses are famous for providing excellent pressure relief. This is because they conform closely to the sleeper’s body; thus, relieving the body’s pressure points. Hence, the sleeper does not experience pain or increased pressure in their body’s sensitive parts, such as the hip, lower back, and shoulder area.

Both Puffy and Nectar excel in this area, making them suitable for people who wake up feeling pain in various sections of their body. Thanks to the memory foam layers in both of these mattresses. Sleepers will have a feeling of sleeping “in” the bed, instead of sleeping “on” the bed, regardless of the mattress they select.

Motion isolation

Are you bored of being awoken in the middle of the night by your partner? Worry no more! Puffy and Nectar are both exceptional when it comes to isolating pressure. Both of these beds do a great job of minimizing motion transfer. Therefore, your partner’s movements on the bed won’t have a significant effect on your sleep.

These mattresses feature memory foam in their comfort layers, which is great for isolating motion. Hence, there will be almost no motion transfer from one end of the mattress to another. In this category, both Puffy and Nectar do a great job. Thus, it depends on your preference.

Edge Support

All-foam mattresses typically have weaker edge supports compared to hybrid or innerspring beds. This is because most of them don’t come with reinforced edges, which are crucial for supporting weight. Because of this, you should expect to sink in when sitting on the edge of Puffy or Nectar’s mattress edges.

Puffy and Nectar provide slightly above average edges support. This is not enough to prevent sinking around the mattress edges. If edge support is something you’re considering, you may have to change your mattress choice. Choose from the hybrid options offered by the two brands.  These feature reinforced edges that will allow the sleeper to use the whole surface.


If you typically sleep hot at night, stay away from memory foam mattresses. Memory foam beds are known to trap heat, which causes the bed to sleep hot. Both of these mattresses feature memory foam in their comfort layers.  Memory foam may offer comfort, but hybrid and innerspring beds are the best when it comes to temperature neutrality.

Puffy and Nectar are made of all-foam layers, making them less breathable. Although these beds are more breathable than most memory foam mattresses, they still sleep hot. Thanks to the gel-infused memory foam layer found in Nectar and Puffy. They make the beds sleep fairly cool but no close to hybrid mattresses.


Many couples love bouncy and responsive beds for intimacy. However, memory foam mattresses usually lack this. As a result, many couples prefer hybrid mattresses over all-foam mattresses unless they have latex in their comfort layers.

Nectar and Puffy both perform poorly in this category. This is because the memory foam in the comfort layers offers minimal traction, which is crucial when changing positions. Also, they are not responsive or bouncy enough to make sex enjoyable.

The only positive thing that these beds have that couples can like is their quietness. These beds are virtually silent, meaning they will not make noise as you move up and down on the mattress.


Hybrid beds may be perfect for sex, but they are noisy. The coils in the hybrid usually produce some noise when they bear weight. That’s not the case with all-foam mattresses. Puffy and Nectar are made of all-foam layers, meaning that you will not hear any noise coming from the mattress as you sit, sleep, or jump on the bed.

If you want discreetness, Puffy and Nectar are the perfect beds for you. They also allow you to turn and toss in bed without being awoken by creaky sounds of worn out coils.


As expected, both of these mattresses will off-gas for several days before using them. They both come compressed in a box and have to release harmful chemicals (gas) when unboxed. The memory foam and polyfoam layers contain VOCs, which some people may find their smell to be irritating. If you’re allergic to strong odors, you should not sleep on the mattress until it has dissipated.

Leave the beds for at least 24 to 48 hours before using them. Additionally, you can put them in well-ventilated areas to get rid of the gas faster.


Investing in a quality mattress doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you have to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible for your needs. Both Puffy and Nectar costs several dollars; thus, you don’t want to acquire a mattress that will bring discomfort instead of comfort.

Trial periods allow sleepers to test mattresses for a certain period before deciding whether to take or return the mattress. Both of these brands come with excellent trial periods.

Puffy comes with a 101-nights free trial period. But it also has a 14-night mandatory trial period. At the same time, Nectar offers even a better warranty and one of the best on the market. It has a 365-night free sleep trial period. Nonetheless, it also requires buyers to break-in the mattress for 30-nights before returning it.

In this category, Nectar is the clear winner by afar. They have one of the best warranties on the market.


Puffy and Nectar both ship for free within the contiguous US. Clients in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will be charged some additional fees to process their shipment. On the same note, these brands sell their products through their websites and on Amazon. Nonetheless, Nectar also sells through 1, 000 plus mattress and furniture stores across the country.

If you want the white glove to deliver services or old mattress removal services, you will be required to pay a small fee. This applies to both Puffy and Nectar mattresses.


Whether you invest in Puffy or Nectar, you can relax knowing that you’re investing in reliable and quality brands. Both of these brands use some of the best materials on the market. However, Puffy is expensive than Nectar, although the differences are minimal. If you want durability, go with Puffy, but go for the cheaper Nectar if you desire comfort and support.


Apart from offering some of the best trial periods on the market, these two direct-to-consumer brands offer exceptional warranties. Puffy provides a lifetime warranty, while Nectar provides a forever warranty.

About Puffy

Puffy is a new company, and it started selling its mattresses in 2017. The Puffy Mattress is their flagship bed, but they have expanded their collection to include the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. All of Puffy’s mattresses are made of all-foam layers. The Puffy flagship mattress comes with memory foam and polyfoam, while the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal add a cooling technology and some extra layers.

About Nectar

Nectar was started in 2017 and has grown to become one of the best online mattress brands. Nectar is their flagship mattress, but they also offer Nectar Lush mattress. All of Nectar’s mattresses are made of memory foam and polyfoam layers. Nectar beds are famous for their ability to alleviate pressure, offer comfort, and provide support. The brand offers one of the best warranty and sleep trial periods.

Pros of the Puffy mattress

  • It is excellent at isolating motion
  • Relieves pressure
  • It is virtually silent
  • It falls in the medium-firm level, which is ideal for most sleepers
  • Puffy provides buyers with a 101-night free trial
  • Lifetime warranty

Cons of the Puffy mattresses

  • It tends to sleep hot
  • Not ideal for large or stomach sleepers
  • Its slightly expensive

Pros of the Nectar mattress

  • Provides excellent support and relieves pressure
  • It is cheaper
  • The bed is excellent at isolating motion
  • Ideal for back and stomach sleepers
  • The bed is breathable
  • It offers an exceptional 365-nights free trial
  • Forever warranty

Cons of the Nectar mattresses

  • It sleeps quite hot
  • Not ideal for lightweight sleepers

Who should buy the Puffy mattress?

  • If comfort and pressure relief are what you’re looking for, consider getting this bed. With a medium feel, the Puffy mattress is an ideal mattress for you.
  • If you enjoy resting on a memory foam mattress, the Puffy mattress is an exceptional choice for you. This mattress comes with memory foam n the comfort layer that cradles the sleeper’s body.
  • If you’ve got a partner who turns a lot in bed, you will love this bed. The mattress does an outstanding job of isolating motion.
  • If you’re tired of a bed that makes noise when bearing weight, the Puffy mattress is an ideal choice. This mattress is virtually silent.
  • If you desire comfort and support in one bed, the Puffy mattress is the best option. This bed comes with memory foam and polyfoam layers to give sleepers both comfort and support.

Who shouldn’t buy the Puffy mattresses?

  • If you usually sleep hot, avoid this mattress as much as possible. The bed features memory foam in the comfort layer, which tends to trap heat.
  • If you weigh over 230 pounds, this is not the mattress for you. This bed is best suited for lightweight side sleepers and people who weigh less than 230 pounds.
  • If you like taking a nap on your stomach, you may feel unsupported by this mattress. Thus, it would be ideal if you searched for another bed or feel pain in several parts of your body.

Who should buy the Nectar mattress?

  • If you’re looking for a top-quality memory foam bed at an affordable cost, the Nectar mattress is for you.
  • If you enjoy relaxing on a memory foam bed, you will fall in love with this bed. The Nectar mattress comes with three layers of memory foam in the comfort and transition zones.
  • If your weight falls between 130 pounds and 230 pounds, you will love resting on this mattress. The bed has a medium-firm feel, which is perfect for most sleepers.
  • If you sleep with a better half that loves turning in bed, the Nectar mattress is an ideal bed for you. This bed does a fantastic job of isolating motion.
  • If you enjoy sleeping on your stomach and back, the Nectar mattress is made for you. It offers enough support for most back and stomach sleepers.

Who shouldn’t buy the Nectar mattresses?

  • If you enjoy resting on a bouncy and responsive mattress, stay away from the Nectar mattress. This bed does not feature a bouncy or responsive feel.
  • If you usually sleep hot, look for another bed. Even though this mattress comes with gel-infused memory foam layers, it’s not breathable as such.
  • If you’re looking for a long-lasting mattress, consider getting another bed as you will only get six years of quality use from this bed.

Which is Better? Nectar or Puffy mattress?

Puffy and Nectar are two top-quality online mattresses. As you can see, both of these beds come with a ton of beautiful features that will bring comfort and coziness to your bedroom. Pick a bed that suits your needs as they are both outstanding.

Puffy is perfect for lightweight side sleepers or individuals who desire a softer mattress. On the other hand, Nectar is excellent for a person who wants a bed to support all types of sleepers. Also, the Nectar mattress is cheaper with a better warranty and trial period. In contrast, Puffy is slightly more durable than Nectar.

If it was up to us to select the best mattress, we would choose Nectar as it’s cheaper but with better features. The only thing that Puffy beats Nectar with is durability. We hope that this Puffy VS Nectar Mattress Reviews article has given you a clear idea about the mattress and helped you make the right choice for your own needs and budget!  

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