Beautyrest VS Serta Mattress Features Comparison 2021

If you have been buying mattresses in the past, then there is a high chance that you’ve come across or heard of Simmons Beautyrest and Serta brands. Simmons and Serta are some of the oldest brands in the industry, and their mattress models are all over the country. Read this Beautyrest VS Serta mattress to know more about these two brands.

Simmons bedding company was established in 1870 and offers a wide range of mattress models. On the other hand, Serta was started in 1931, and it’s first-ever mattress was the perfect sleeper mattress. Today, these two mattresses have one of the largest market shares, and they offer competitive products.

Comparison Chart: Beautyrest VS Serta Mattress

Features Serta iComfort Beautyrest
Material Pocketed coils, polyfoam, gel polyfoam, and memory foam Pocketed coils, gel polyfoam, gel memory foam, and memory foam
Durability Great Fair
Edge support Very good Very good
Customer service Great Fair
BBB rating A+ B
Trial period 120-nights 120-nights
Warranty 20 year limited warranty 10 year limited warranty

Simmons is more focused on producing expensive and luxurious products, while Serta pays more attention to designing all kinds of products from cheap to expensive. But which brand is better or offers the best products?

Today, our focus will be on the well-performing Simmons Beautyrest series and Serta iComfort mattress series. Both of these mattresses have other collections under their belt. The Simmon Beautyrest series has collections like the black collection, the platinum collection, and the silver collection. All these collections have several models under them as well. Also, the Serta iComfort series has 23 models under its belt. All the 23 Serta iComfort models come with pocketed coil-in-coil support cores. The Simmons Beautyrest and Serta iComfort high-end series are competing favorably with other popular high-end mattresses like Casper, Purple, and Nectar.

Since many people find a hard time deciding between these two mattresses, we’ve created this detailed review to help them make a simple choice. We have outlined their features, pros, cons, and who the mattress is better suited for.

Detail Features of the Beautyrest and Serta Mattress

Before we compare other features of this Beautyrest VS Serta mattress article, it is vital to know what every mattress is made up of. These two are high-quality mattresses with great features. But what are they made of?

About Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest mattress is made up of several layers that offer the required support and comfort to your body. The mattress features a dual cool memory foam technology. This is a vital layer as it helps to move heat away from the surface of the bed so that the sleeper can remain cool and comfortable.

Another great layer of this mattress is the dynamic response memory foam. This is ventilated memory foam with a uniquely firm feel, and it helps to offer conforming back support. The Beautyrest also has gel touch foams, which are soft gel foam with outstanding conformability that offers soothing comfort.

The Foundation layer of the Beautyrest mattress is very thick, and it provides excellent support, durability, and reduced motion transfer. With the Beautyrest pocketed coil technology, the user of the mattress will experience enhanced conformability and pressure relief.

About Serta iComfort Mattress

This is another durable and reliable high-end mattress. It comes with 4 layers that provide the right level of cushioning and support along the whole length of the body. The first layer is the gel memory foam that is infused with several active beads that regulate temperature and provide a cool to the touch feel.

The second layer is the EverCool Fuze gel memory foam that provides temperature regulation throughout the entire night. So, there won’t be a lot of heat buildup as it promotes airflow. This layer is vital as it provides pressure point relief. Another important layer is the ultimate edge foam core that strengthens the mattress edges and supports your body throughout the night.


A good mattress should offer you the comfort that you need. Some mattresses are too firm or too soft for your comfort. That’s why you need to determine how comfortable a mattress is before purchasing it. In order to do this, you need to know the firmness level of the mattress.

Sert iComfort mattress has different firmness levels depending on the mattress model you’re choosing. The manufacturer did this deliberately in order to serve different people with different needs. From plush to gentle firm and firm, you will have to select a mattress that provides you the comfort that you need.

Just like Serta iComfort, the Simmons Beautyrest series has different firmness to offer from firm to plush and pillow top. But unlike Serta, Simmons focuses on providing plush and luxurious yet essentially responsive mattresses. So, you can easily choose the firmness level that you desire.

Motion transfer

Movements at night from your partner can disturb your sleep, and that’s one of the reasons why you should select a mattress with excellent motion transfer so that you are not disturbed. Both the Serta iComfort and Simmons Beautyrest mattress series have great motion isolation.

The Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are usually innerspring and hybrid mattresses, hence it is created with responsive sleep surfaces, reduces, and isolates motion to a great extent due to its memory foam in the comfort layer. Furthermore, the mattress has a pocketed coil system that helps in preventing some motion transfer issues.

The Serta iComfort mattress is normally made up of viscoelastic foam-based materials, which are excellent at motion isolation. Also, some models have pocketed springs that are great at isolating motion.

Overall, Beautyrest has better motion isolation capabilities than Serta. So, if you want a mattress that will enable you to have a sound sleep with your partner, Beautyrest is the mattress for you.

Temperature control

Both the Serta and Beautyrest mattresses have good cooling features that keep the mattress cool; thus they are good for hot sleepers. The iComfort mattress features innerspring and memory foam, but it is still able to stay cool the whole night. Also, Beautyrest has innerspring and hybrid beds that retain heat, and that’s why it is rated as being hotter than iComfort.

If you want a mattress that will keep you cool the whole night, then I would suggest you go for Serta iComfort as many users have selected it over Simmons Beautyrest.


Not all mattresses support your body as needed. When sleeping, you need a bed that conforms to your spinal alignment for better health. You don’t want to wake up feeling pain in the joints, hips, or shoulders.

When it comes to conformity, these two mattresses are good but not the best. This is because most of their models are either made of hybrid or innerspring mattresses, while memory foam and latex mattresses conform the best. Though these two mattresses have foam in their structure and this allows them to conform to some extent.

Edge support

If you love sleeping or sitting on the edge of your mattress, then you will definitely fall in love with these mattresses. Since most of their mattresses are hybrid or innerspring mattresses, these two series offer one of the best edge support that a person can desire. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses provide strong edge support and very less likely to sink prematurely when you sit or sleep on the edge.

The Beautyrest mattress usually features foam-encased support cores, while iComfort has coil-based support cores.


This is another amazing feature where these two mattresses thrive because of their composition. Since the Serta iComfort and Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are mostly hybrid or innerspring mattresses, they are very responsive and don’t hug or sink a lot. As a result, you can move on this mattress or change position easily without being held back.


Are you a couple looking for the perfect mattress for your bedroom or for sex? Worry not as both of these mattresses flourish in this area. Back to the same point, Serta and Beautyrest have innerspring and hybrid beds, which are normally bouncy and more responsive than memory foam mattresses. Therefore, couples will have an easy time on these mattresses as they can change positions easily or have sex without any problems.

Off-gassing and smell

Even though both of these mattresses produce a smell after being unpacked, Simmons Beautyrest mattress produces more smell than Serta. You may be wondering why this is so since they are both feature innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Yes, it is true that they are made of similar materials, but Beautyrest is made with more memory foam than Serta, which makes it produce more smell. This smell may last from a few hours to some few days before it disappears completely. So, it is not something to be stressed about.


Not all mattresses are silent or noisy. Note that innerspring and hybrid mattresses are usually noisy, but memory foam mattresses are virtually silent. Hence, as you prepare to buy your mattress, you should keep this in mind so that you don’t end up regretting later.

The Serta iComfort mattress series is usually louder than the Simmons Beautyrest series as their mattresses are innerspring or hybrid, which produce noise when weight is placed on them. The Beautyrest mattresses are normally made of foam, which is silent, but they still produce minimal noise because some models feature innerspring and hybrid mattresses.


With so many models and sizes to choose from, this can be a hard task. But if you narrow it down to either twin, queen, or king-size beds with similar features, you will find that Serta products are cheaper than Simmons products. So, if you’re tight on the budget and want an affordable but still quality mattress for your bedroom, then you should consider buying from Serta. Simmons focuses on the quality of their mattresses, and that’s why they are slightly costly than other mattress brands on the market.

Trial period and return

If you want to choose a mattress based on the trial period, I would suggest that you go with Beautyrest instead of Serta. This is regardless of them having the same trial period of 120-nights. Serta has a mandatory break-in period of 30 nights, while Beautyrest doesn’t. Also, there is a fee charged for returning Serta mattresses while Beautyrest doesn’t have. So, in the long run, it may end up costing you more.

Warranty and shipping

Serta iComfort comes with a better warranty period than Simmons Beautyrest. Serta offers its clients a 20-year warranty, while Simmons provides a 10-year warranty. With such great warranties, you can be assured that you are buying from some of the best and reliable brands in the country.

Major similarities

  • These two mattresses come with a trial period of 120-nights which is exceptional
  • Both of these mattresses have great edge support
  • Simmons Beautyrest and Serta iComfort are quality and durable mattresses that offer comfort as well.

Major differences

  • Serta is way cheaper than Beautyrest
  • It offers a 20-year warranty while Beautyrest has a 10-year warranty
  • Serta customer service is one of the best when compared to average or below-average customer support from Simmons Beautyrest.

Advantages of Serta memory foam

  • It offers all types of mattresses, from budget-friendly to expensive ones
  • It provides highly innovative memory foam mattresses
  • Serta has a great variety to choose from in terms of support cores
  • it has an excellent customer support team

Disadvantages of Serta

  • Several users have complained that the mattress has high heat retention
  • It produces higher than the average off-gassing smell
  • It charges returns, unlike other top brands that offer free services

Advantages of Beautyrest Mattress

  • The brand is focused on producing durable, reliable, and comfortable mattresses
  • Its main focus is to produce high-quality mattresses, which can be seen even with its least expensive mattress models.
  • It features pocketed coil technology, which is very good when it comes to comfort and breathability.
  • It has above average motion isolation capabilities
  • The mattresses are available in many brick-and-mortar stores around the country

Disadvantages of Beautyrest

  • It has a limited selection when compared to Serta
  • It is quite expensive when compared to Serta mattresses
  • They are not very durable as clients have complained about sagging after some time of use

Who is Beautyrest made for?

  • This mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleepers as it features 24 different innerspring and hybrid mattress models for great comfort.
  • The Beautyrest mattresses are suitable for couples as they offer above-average support but have a very responsive surface.
  • This is a good mattress for those who sleep hot as it has proper ventilation on every section of the mattress augments. This keeps you cool the whole night.

Who shouldn’t choose Beautyrest?

  • If you want a mattress with great motion isolation, then you should look elsewhere.
  • The mattresses are slightly above average price and not ideal for a person looking for a pocket-friendly but still quality mattress.

Who is Serta made for?

  • This is a very good mattress for couples as the innerspring bed bounces a lot and is more responsive. This is a great bed for sex as well.
  • If you sleep hot and want a mattress that keeps cool the whole night, Serta is a great choice. The innerspring feature will help to promote the circulation of air, thus allowing you to sleep cool.
  • If you love sleeping or sitting on the edge of the mattress, you will be glad to have this mattress. This is because it has a suitable sleeping surface.

Who shouldn’t choose Serta?

  • If you are looking for an extremely durable mattress, the Serta shouldn’t be on top of your priorities as it will perform great for just 7 years.

Which is better? Beautyrest or Serta Mattress?

After reading this Beautyrest VS Serta comparison, it is clear that these are some of the best mattress models on the market. The mattresses are compatible in so many ways, but they also have their own differences. As a result, the final decision lies in what your preferences are.

If you want a luxurious hybrid mattress that combines the peak development in terms of pocketed coil technology with memory foam that remains cool and comfortable as you sleep, then you should go with Simmons Beautyrest.

But if you are on a budget and want a high-quality but still affordable mattress or want a traditional innerspring bed with gel cooling foam technology, then the Serta iComfort mattress is the best option for you.

Overall, we highly recommend Serta as it has even been approved by the National Sleep Foundation. But this doesn’t mean that Simmons Beautyrest mattress series isn’t great as it is also exceptional.

Still have questions after reading this Beautyrest VS Serta mattress article? Comment below.


  1. I had an icomfort that I loved, but we decided to upgrade to a king size. Switched to Beauty Rest Alcove hybrid as it felt better in the store. Husband sleeps fine on it. I toss & turn constantly last 2 weeks since getting this & it just feels too firm for me. I sleep better in the recliner or on couch! Thinking I need to exchange into another icomfort? Big decision, only get 1 exchange from mattress firm.


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