With the competition mattress industry getting better day by day, this has pushed many mattress companies to the limit so that they can deliver the best products. Every mattress brand is coming up with innovative and better mattresses so that they can compete favorably. Sweet ZZZ bed-in-a-box mattress brand is no exception. Read this Sweet zzz Mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

Sweet ZZZ offers some of the most durable and innovative beds on the market. Their mattresses are uniquely constructed with some of the best materials. The brand strives to make mattresses that offer peace, comfort, and good health. That’s why the experts at Sweet ZZZ conduct thorough research to ensure that they meet the needs of customers.

Technical Specifications of the Sweet ZZZ Mattress


Sweet ZZZ Mattress

Firmness: 6-8
Made of: unique cooling gel
Suitable for: all types of sleepers
Pricing: Affordable
Type: hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress
Made of: latex
Pressure relief:
above average
Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
Trial period: 100 night
Durability: 8+ years
Edge support: above average
Off-gassing: few hours and not annoying
Shipping: free shipping and return within the contiguous US
Noise: Virtually silent
Certification: Oeko-Tex certified

Whether you’re looking for memory foam, latex foam, or a luxury hybrid mattress, you will get them at Sweet ZZZ. Today, we will pay attention to the popular Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel Latex mattress. However, Sweet ZZZ has three other collections: Affinity, Affluent, and Hotel Choice Hybrid beds. So, you have a variety of mattress types to choose from.

Sweet zzz Mattress Reviews in 2024

If you have never owned a Sweet ZZZ mattress and want to know what to expect from this durable bed, then continue reading to find out. In our Sweet zzz Mattress reviews, you will find everything that you should know before buying this product.



Every Sweet ZZZ mattress collection is uniquely made. Let’s start with the Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel Latex mattress.

Nature’s Novel Latex mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress. It comes with a quilted cotton and wool cover. Also, it has 4-inches of Talalay latex, which is breathable and enhances the flow of air. The second layer is 7-inches of Eco-Latex foam, which features a blend of Dunlop latex with an indentation load deflection of about 50. These two layers make this mattress to be 12-inches in thickness.

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The second Sweet ZZZ collection is an Affluent mattress. This mattress is made up of a top natural cool cover like all Sweet ZZZ mattresses. It is then followed by a premium open-cell 4 lb density memory foam. Finally, it has a ventilated edge support base foam.

The Sweet ZZZ Hotel Choice Hybrid is one of the best mattresses this brand offers. It is a hybrid mattress, which features foam and innerspring. As usual, the first layer is made of a natural cotton cover. It is followed by a 2-inch thick open-cell cooling gel 4 lb memory foam. This makes the mattress cool as it is breathable. After the comfort layer, we have a solid transition layer, which is made of foam. Last but not least, we have the base layer, which is made up of innerspring and measures 8-inches in thickness.


In terms of durability, there is no doubt that Sweet ZZZ is one of the most durable mattresses on the market. Made of latex, expect this mattress to last for a very long while. Latex mattresses are durable than memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. If you maintain them properly, Sweet ZZZ mattresses may last for more than eight years.

What’s more, the Sweet ZZZ’s Natures Novel Latex Mattress is the most durable of all Sweet ZZZ’s mattress collections. Thanks to the Talalay latex and natural wool that it is made of.


Sweet ZZZ offers a variety of mattresses that come in different firm settings. There are plush, medium-firm, and firm choices. The Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel mattress has two firmness options. It has a medium-soft firmness and firm choices. The Medium-soft bed has a softer feel with a firmness rating of 6 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. At the same time, the firm mattress has a firm score of 8 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. This means you can select a firmness level that you’re okay with. Lighter and average-weight sleepers will enjoy sleeping on the medium-soft mattress, while the firm mattress will be ideal for heavyweight sleepers.

Motion isolation

Latex mattresses isolate motion better than hybrid and innerspring mattresses. However, memory foam and all-foam mattresses isolate motion better than latex. Since the Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel mattress is made of latex, expect it to isolate motion to a great extent.

If you sleep with your partner on the same bed, you will love this mattress. The Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel mattress has a 4-inch comfort layer that absorbs motion and avoids distractions. The Sweet ZZZ Affluent memory foam mattress offers the best motion isolation among Sweet ZZZ mattresses, while Hotel Hybrid Choice offers the least motion isolation.

Edge support

People love sitting at the edge of the mattress as they put on shoes or go to sleep. If the edge is weak, then the mattress will sink quickly, while a durable edge will support the weight above it. Different mattress collections from Sweet ZZZ provide different edge support. The Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel mattress has fair or above average edge support. This means that you will sink to some extent as the Dunlop latex does not provide strong resistance.

The best Sweet ZZZ mattress when it comes to edge support is the Sweet ZZZ Hotel Choice Hybrid. This mattress model is ideal for side sleepers as it has coils in its structure that reinforce the perimeter. As a result, the bed has firm edges that can support the weight without sinking too much.

Temperature control

The Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel bed sleeps cool. Thanks to the aerated Talalay latex, which allows air to circulate freely throughout the mattress. As a result, the surface of the mattress stays cool as no heat is retained. On top of that, it has a natural cotton and wool cover that is breathable and suitable for all kinds of weather. These natural materials give the mattress its temperature-neutral feel.

Pressure relief

All Sweet ZZZ mattresses offer some kind of pressure relief. Whether it is Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel, Affluent, Affinity, or Hotel Choice Hybrid, you will get some pressure relief. Nature’s Novel latex mattress provides above-average pressure relief. The bed will conform to the sleeper’s body, but he or she won’t sink a lot. Additionally, the sturdy latex layers can put up with excessive sagging and indentations.


The Sweet ZZZ mattress does not conform excessively to the sleeper. As a result, it will be great for sex. Aside from that, the mattress is responsive and firm, which means that couples will enjoy having sex on the bed. Also, it has excellent traction, which is vital during sex.

However, the bed is not very responsive and bouncy, which means changing to different sex positions will be quite challenging.


One of the best features of the Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel latex mattress is that it is virtually silent when bearing weight. Therefore, you won’t hear the mattress making noise as you get on or off the bed. Also, the mattress won’t create attention during sex, as it won’t make squeaky and creaky sounds.


All-foam mattresses produce odors when unboxed. Nature’s Novel bed is no exception. Featuring latex foam, this mattress produces some off-gassing when unboxed. But unlike memory foam mattresses, this unit does not produce dangerous gas that is irritating. The smell produced by the Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel bed lasts for a few hours and is not annoying. Therefore, you can start using the mattress after a few hours.

Trial period

Similar to many bed-in-a-box mattresses, this product comes with a 100 nights free trial period. The manufacturer requires the sleeper to break in for 30 nights before returning the mattress. As a result, it is inconvenient for some people who want to return the mattress instantly.

Shipping & white glove delivery

Sweet ZZZ offers free shipping within the contiguous US. Besides, it also ships to Canada at a fee. But if you’re from one of the US overseas territories, the company doesn’t send its mattresses there at the moment.

Additionally, the Sweet ZZZ company offers white glove delivery at a fee. Old mattress removal is also provided together with white glove delivery at an added fee. Note that standard deliveries do not qualify for old mattress removal.


Sweet ZZZ mattresses are neither expensive nor cheap. When compared to other latex mattresses such as Zenhaven or organic Sleep Ez, they can be considered to be affordable. However, they are costly when compared to memory foam or all-foam mattresses.


They offer a lifetime limited warranty, which is a kind gesture from the company. The best part is that the warranty is entirely non-prorated. So, if you realize that you were sent a defective mattress, you can always return it for repair or replacement. The warranty covers visible sagging or indentations on the surface of the bed. Nonetheless, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Pros of the Sweet ZZZ mattress

Cons of the Sweet ZZZ mattresses

Who will use the Sweet ZZZ mattress?

Who should not use the Sweet ZZZ mattress?

Sweet ZZZ mattress collections

Sweet ZZZ has a variety of mattresses on offer. This gives users a chance to pick a mattress that meets their demands and budget. Their mattress collection includes Sweet ZZZ Nature’s Novel bed, Sweet ZZZ Affluent mattress, Sweet ZZZ Affinity mattress, and Sweet ZZZ Hotel Choice Hybrid bed.  Every mattress model has its pros and cons. So, take your time and go through one by one before landing on the mattress that you desire. Every Sweet ZZZ mattress collection is unique as some are made of hybrid, other memory foam, and latex foam.

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However, all the mattresses are durably constructed with eco-friendly materials. Also, the mattresses are thick and heavy. With breathable material, these mattresses will offer a cool surface that is comfortable and isolates motion outstandingly.


The Sweet ZZZ mattress brand offers some of the best mattresses on the market. Whether you want a bed made of latex, memory foam, or hybrid, you will get the mattress of choice. Every mattress is designed with attention to detail and suits different users.

The company is more committed to ensuring that the environment and your bedroom are clean and healthy. That’s why it uses eco-friendly materials to make its mattresses. The company is reliable as it provides buyers with a 100 night free trial period and a lifetime warranty. With various firmness options on offer, you should pick a mattress that suits your needs and budget. I hope this Sweet zzz Mattress reviews article has given a clear idea about this brand of mattresses.


How does the Sweet ZZZ compare to other latex mattresses?

Answer: Sweet ZZZ compares favorably with other high-end mattresses. Their beds are sturdy, which is typical for most latex mattresses. So, the bed should last for at least 8 years or more. Additionally, the mattress has a firm feel and 12-inches thickness, which is the standard size for most mattresses with its firm rating; this mattress is best suited for heavier sleepers.

Other outstanding features of the Sweet ZZZ mattress include excellent motion isolation, quiet operation, and excellent temperature neutrality. As you can see, this mattress offers exceptional features that ensure comfort and pressure relief.

Why do manufacturers recommend flipping mattresses?

Answer: Manufacturers recommended flipping or rotating the mattress for it to last longer. If you always sleep in one position, the mattress will tend to sink around that area, which will make it deteriorate faster. So, when you flip the mattress, the entire surface of the mattress can share the weight and age evenly at the same time.

Is a sweet ZZZ mattress worth buying?

Answer: Sweet ZZZ is one of the best mattresses that you can put in your bedroom. It gives users perfectly balanced, gentle comfort, which ensures that they sleep soundly. Foam mattresses such as Layla or Puffy sleeps hot. But it has a unique open-cell cooling technology that dissipates heat three times quicker than memory foam beds. As a result, you won’t sleep hot. Furthermore, the mattress does a beautiful job of relieving pressure on several parts of the body. Thanks to the open-cell foam that will contour to the shape of your body. With these features, it is simple to comprehend why people have fallen in love with the Sweet ZZZ mattress.

Is the Sweet ZZZ mattress safe to sleep on?

Answer: Yes, this mattress is safe for use by even kids under the age of 3. The foams used to make Sweet ZZZ or Newton Baby mattresses are eco-friendly, meaning they don’t feature harmful chemicals. The Sweet ZZZ mattress is Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it is free of dangerous materials such as lead and mercury.

However, CertiPUR-US rates this mattress as low emission foams as it contains amines in meager quantities.

Where does Sweet ZZZ take returned mattresses?

Answer: When a person returns the Sweet ZZZ mattress after testing it, he or she is given a full refund. Afterward, the mattress is taken back to the company for recycling or donated to charity for no additional charge. This means that Sweet ZZZ is a reputable company as it takes care of the less fortunate in society.

Sweet ZZZ is also a member of the 1% For The Planet, donating 1 percent of all sales to environmental causes. Also, Sweet ZZZ works closely with the LA Food Bank and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where it donates some of the returned beds.

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