Most of the people who undergo upper back pain are as a result of having a bad standing posture or sitting poorly. In some cases, it can be due to a small trauma from exercising or sport. The pain or strain that results from such conditions can be easily and quickly alleviated through performing a massage. At times, people use the wrong massage techniques and that’s why they don’t completely get rid of the back issue. In this article, we have come up with a step by step guide that can help people having back strains or pains to relieve their back easily by following these steps.

Step 1: Effleurage


The first step to take when massaging the upper back is to start with light strokes. The aim of this method is to cover a huge surface area with light, tender motions that are not rushed. When the massage continues, one can increase the pressure gradually. This technique should be carried out at the start of any massage whether it’s the upper back, neck, shoulder, or lower back. Before putting this method into practice, one needs to apply a quality and natural massage oil on the hands to warm up the massage area.

The first step is performed by the hands stroking gently but firmly upwards from the lower part of the back, up to the neck. You should constantly stroke upwards towards the heart as this is the direction of the movement of blood. If it flows otherwise, this can harm the veins. Afterward, tenderly bring the hands down the outside of the back maintaining them in contact but you shouldn’t use a lot of pressure. Repeat the entire motion attempting to cover as much of the surface of the back as you can. Do this method for around 3 to 5 minutes, slowly utilizing pressure on the upstrokes.

Step 2: Petrissage

After warming up the surface that you need to massage, then you can go ahead with petrissage. Utilize circular kneading motions to the upper back and shoulder surface. Target to cover this area as much as possible by the use of hands. Perform this for around 3 to 5 minutes if you can.

Step 3: Apply circular frictions to the upper back

By use of the thumb, apply small circular frictions to the thoracic or upper back area to relax the muscles. This should be done with little pressure. But for a deeper massage, use circular frictions with just a single thumb every side at a time.

Step 4: Strip under the shoulder blade

Put one of the hands of the person that you’re massaging on their lower back so the shoulder blade raises slimly. Put your hand below the front of the shoulder to pull it towards, raising it to a greater extent. Utilizing the second thumb apply sustained pressure around and below the scapular or the shoulder blade. Do this up to 5 times if possible.

Step 5: Strip the lateral rotators of the shoulder

Utilizing the thumb, employ sustained pressure to the muscles that rotate the shoulder outwards on the back of the scapular. Begin at the inner point, which is the closest to the spine, and work outwards. Do this around 2 to 8 times if possible.

Step 6: Circular frictions to lateral shoulder rotator muscles

By use of the thumb, apply continuous pressure to the muscles that rotate the shoulder outwards on the back of the scapular and small circular frictions along the length of the muscle. Repeat this method several times.

Step 7: Strip the upper trapezius

Utilizing the thumb once again, enforce continuous pressure along the length of the upper trapezius muscle. Begin at the shoulder and work gently up to the shoulder and into the neck.

Step 8: Circular frictions to the trapezius muscle

Put small circular frictions to the upper trapezius muscle. Strengthen the thumb utilizing the other hand to exert deeper strokes.

Step 9: Circular frictions to the neck

To sum up, the upper back pain massage, use the finger and thumb of one hand by use of small circular frictions to the back of the neck.

Step 10 Petrisagge and effleurage

As you prepare to finish, you can repeat any of the above steps if you feel need be. Then, complete the message with the petrissage method and lastly, effleurage, as you just started.

Things to note when massaging the upper back pain

Paying attention to the pressure points can help one ease pain and feel relaxed. This is performed on the center of the upper back. It lowers pain in the neck and upper back. Place the fingers of your right hand together and put them on top of your left-back. Ensure that the thumb is against the neck and the middle finger is positioned at the center of the upper back. By use of your middle finger, begin pressing the center of the upper back until you feel some pain. You can utilize your left and raise and support your right elbow so that your middle finger can exert additional pressure on your back. Move your middle finger in a gentle circular motion as you press the center of the upper back. Afterward, give the spot a shake with your middle finger. Then, put your hands on your lap and relax your upper back and neck muscles.

This is one of the commonly utilized upper back massage techniques. Stand on a wall and put the tennis ball in between one of the shoulder blades and the spine. Squeeze your back tenderly on the wall and move left, right, up, and down. Try to avoid rolling the ball on your spine. When you are done with one side, do the same on the second side.

If you have pain in the upper trapezius, you can utilize the yoga tune-up ball. This ball is used while lying down. As you lie down looking up the ceiling, put two big pillows behind the upper buttocks to assist you to create leverage. Afterward, put two yoga tune balls on your upper trapezius and gently roll your back from left to right and up and down. Ensure that the balls are not put in your neck or spine area.

Another wonderful way to relieve pain or strains on your back is by visiting a massage therapist. Having a professional massage can help relieve muscle spasms, promote relaxation, and battle inflammation. Begin with a 20-minute massage of the upper back and after that, drink some water. During the professional massage, enable the therapist to go as deeper as they can so that they can relieve all the pain that you feel in the back. Do this regularly so that the pain doesn’t escalate so much.


A massage performed on any part of the body is very important. Thus, massaging the upper part of your back will relieve pains in the back and neck too. As you perform an upper back pain massage, you can as well massage the shoulders and neck in the process. With the above techniques, you can now get a person, yourself or a massage therapist to perform back pain massage o your back.

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