Are you looking for an affordable online hybrid mattress? Look no further as the Aviya hybrid mattress has all the features that you can desire in a quality mattress. Starting in 2014, Aviya is growing steadily, and its beds are uniquely built. Aside from mattresses, the brand also makes foundations. Read our Aviya Mattress Reviews to know more bout this mattress.

The Aviya mattress is a premium bed that all kinds of sleepers will enjoy sleeping on, apart from stomach sleepers. The mattress comes in three different options: plush, luxury firm, and firm mattress models—Aviya sells its mattresses on its website and directly to consumers. So, the firm does not operate any brick-and-mortar store at the moment.

Technical Specifications of the Aviya Mattress


Aviya Mattress

3 Layers: high density, upholstery grade foam
Firm version: Plush, Luxury Firm, Medium Firm
Fill material: Memory Foam
Thickness: 12 inches
Type: hybrid
Material: organic cotton
Pressure relief:
above average
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Trial period: 100 night
Durability: 6 years
Edge support: Excellent
Off-gassing: 24 hours
Shipping: free shipping and return within the contiguous US
Weight: 97.8 pounds
Certification: CertiPUR-USÂ approved
Price: Aviya Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon

The Aviya hybrid mattress combines individually pocketed coils and foam in its layers to provide comfort and pressure relief to sleepers. In our Aviya Mattress reviews, we’ve compiled vital information about Aviya mattresses so that you can have an easy time making up your mind.

Aviya Comfortable Mattress Reviews

Go through our Aviya Mattress Review to find out if this mattress is for you or not.



The Aviya mattress is 12-inches in thickness. It has a cover that is made of organic cotton, which is breathable. The cover is quilted with high-density polyfoam and 20 ILD. The next layer is the comfort layer, which has a 1.8 lb density and 20ILD. This layer also allows some sinkage into the mattress so that the owner can have some pressure relief. It features a solid set of springs in the middle of the mattress. The transition layer is below the comfort layer, and it helps the body transition from the soft to the firm side of the mattress. After the comfort and transition layers, the next layers are comprised of 800 coils. This layer gives support to the sleeper and makes the bed bouncy. Also, it makes the mattress breathable as air flows freely in the coils, and no heat is trapped. The final layer is the base layer, which provides support to other layers and is made of high-density polyfoam.

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Rating the durability of the Aviya mattress is quite challenging as it has not been on the market long enough. Considering the materials, this mattress should last for at least 6 years. The Aviya mattress features pocketed coils in its support layer. The number of coils differs depending on the type of mattress. Furthermore, the bed features high-density polyfoam, which is usually more durable than lower-density foams. If properly maintained, the mattress should last slightly longer than the average lifespan of hybrid mattresses.Aviya mattress


Different sleepers have the option of selecting different Aviya mattresses. The brand offers three mattress firmness options: plush luxury firm, luxury firm, and firm mattresses. The plush bed has a firmness rating of 5, the luxury firm has a rating of 6, and the firm mattress has a rating of 7.5. All of these ratings are on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. Depending on your weight and side of sleeping, you will find one of these mattresses to be ideal for you.

Unlike the Lull memory foam mattress, this mattress doesn’t sink deep because of the thin foam layers that it comes with. You will feel more on top than in the bed. This applies to both average-weight and heavyweight sleepers.

Motion isolation

Like many hybrid mattresses, the Aviya mattress does not perform well in motion isolation. This is because it comes with pocketed coils in its structure that make it bouncy like an innerspring mattress instead of absorbing motion. This means that partners will disturb each other when they come to sleep. So, if your partner gets distracted in bed, this is not the bed for you. But if you want a bouncy bed that is very responsive, then you will love this bed.

Edge support

Many people love hybrid and innerspring mattresses because you can sleep anywhere on the mattress. This is not the case with latex or memory foam mattresses. These usually have a weaker edge that cannot support the weight without sinking. The Aviya mattress has excellent edge support. Besides being a hybrid mattress, this bed offers exceptional edge support as it has reinforced perimeters. This means that the owner can sleep on the entire surface of the mattress. Also, when people sit on the edge of the bed, it will not sink as it has support.

The edge of the mattress features a 3-inch thick foam that wraps around the coil layer. The encasement has an ILD of 80, which gives it a firm feel for added support. That’s why the mattress won’t sink when you sit or sleep on the edge.

Temperature control

Do you sleep hot? Worry not, as the Aviya mattress sleeps cool. Thanks to the comfort layer in the mattress that does not conform closely to your body; hence, trapping very little heat. What’s more, the bed has individually pocketed coils in the support layer that allow free circulation of air. As a result, the trapped heat in the mattress is released through the layers making the mattress sleep cool.

Pressure relief

The Aviya mattress provides above-average pressure relief. Depending on your weight, you will find that all the Aviya mattresses are okay for lightweight sleepers. The Plush version of the Aviya mattress conforms more closely to lightweight sleepers, which end up relieving pressure around the hips and shoulders. Also, average-weight sleepers will enjoy sleeping on the luxury firm mattress.Aviya Comfortable Mattress Reviews

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The Aviya mattress is ideal for couples or partners who want to have a wonderful time together. Featuring the innerspring, this mattress is very bouncy and responsive. As a result, changing positions on the surface is easy and fast. Since it features layers of high-density foam, there will be traction as well. Additionally, the durable edge means that couples can have fun anywhere on the mattress without worrying about sinking. However, if you hate noise during noise, this is not the mattress for you unless you want to put up with it.


This is one of the most annoying things about hybrid and Innerspring mattresses. The coils in their layers start to make noise as the mattresses edge. So, if you love silence, then you may have to think twice before buying this mattress. The Aviya has Individually wrapped coils that will make noise during sex or as you sleep or get up from the bed. As the mattress ages, so will the noise increase.


It is usual for box-in-a-bed mattresses to produce odor after they are unboxed. Aviya is shipped mattress bed in a box, which means that it also produces an odor when unboxed. But unlike other mattresses with a strong smell, the Aviya mattress comes with a scent that disappears within 24 hours. Furthermore, the scent is not very powerful as that of memory foam mattresses. Therefore, you should use the mattress within a day after unboxing it.

Trial period

Aviya may be a new brand, but it is reliable. Unlike some brands that provide a short night trial period, Aviya offers buyers 100 nights of free trial period. However, Aviya has a 30-night mandatory adjustment period before you return the mattress. After the 30th night from the date of purchase, you can return the mattress. Aviya will pick up the bed and give you a full refund of the buying price.

Shipping & white glove delivery

The mattress is shipped within the contagious US and not outside the country. So, if you’re from Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, the mattress won’t be shipped to you. Aside from that, they also offer white glove delivery at a fee. If you want old mattress removal, you will be charged an extra fee. Note that the Aviya mattresses are sold only through their website and on Amazon.
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Compared to other hybrid mattresses, the Aviya mattress is slightly cheaper but with exceptional features. They offer all sizes starting with the twin to California King Mattresses.


Buyers will get a 10-year non-prorated warranty; the warranty starts to count from the date of purchase. Note that the warranty is non-transferable. It is important to note that the mattress covers normal wear, sagging, and more significant impressions on the sleeping side. The company won’t cover your mattress if it gets damaged because of negligence, weak foundation, or normal wear and tear. Getting all the technical details from our Aviya Mattress Review, now let’s check some advantages and disadvantages of this bed.

Pros of Aviya mattress

Cons of Aviya mattresses

Who should buy the Avila mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Avila mattress?

How different sleepers will feel on Avila mattressHow different sleepers will feel on Avila mattress

Lightweight sleepers

Lightweight sleepers will enjoy sleeping in any position on the Aviya mattress. Depending on their weight, they can choose either a plush or luxury firm mattress. Plush is best for lightweight sleepers that sleep on the side and back, while the luxury firm is right for lightweight stomach sleepers.

Additionally, lightweight sleepers will have pressure relief when they sleep on the plush mattress, as it conforms to their bodies perfectly. They won’t feel any extra pressure on their hip or shoulder areas. On the other, stomach sleepers won’t feel very comfortable on these mattresses as they won’t align perfectly with their body.

Average-weight sleepers

Average-weight sleepers will find the plush luxury firm and luxury firm mattresses to be comfortable. However, the plush and luxury firm mattresses are best for average-weight sleepers that sleep on the side and back. But for stomach sleepers, the case is different. These won’t have an easy time relaxing on the mattresses as they won’t align properly with their body.

In short, average-weight sleepers that sleep on their side will be very comfortable on the plush mattress. In contrast, those that rest on the back will enjoy the luxury firm mattress, and stomach sleepers won’t be comfortable on any of these mattresses.

Heavyweight sleepers

Heavyweight sleepers will get support sleeping on the Aviya firm mattress. This has good support among the three Aviya mattress models. Heavyweight side sleepers will receive contouring without sinking too much into the bed. Heavyweight stomach sleepers will also get some good body alignment and pressure relief. However, heavyweight stomach sleepers will have some difficulties sleeping on this mattress. Stomach sleepers need a better firmness rating and support, which Aviya doesn’t offer.

Heavyweight back sleepers felt more pressure when they slept on the mattress as the midsection of their body sunk too much. Overall, stomach sleepers will find this mattress uncomfortable to sleep on, unlike side and back sleepers.

How does Avila compare with other popular mattresses?

Aviya VS DreamCloud

Another popular hybrid mattress that competes favorably with Aviya is the DreamCloud mattress. This mattress is made up of various foam layers and layers of pocketed coils. The DremCloud bed has a firmness rating of 6.5, which is slightly firmer than the Aviya luxury firm with a firmness of 6. Because of this firmness rating, lighter and average-weight sleepers will prefer Aviya over DreamCloud, while heavyweight sleepers will prefer DreamCloud over Aviya. Apart from firmness, the DreamCloud mattress is thicker than Aviya. This makes it a better option for average-weight and heavyweight sleepers.

Other areas where they rate similarly are in terms of temperature control and edge support. However, they have different ratings regarding sex, noise, motion isolation, and pressure relief. DreamCloud ranks are higher than Aviya in these categories.

Aviya VS Saatva

The Saatva mattress is also a hybrid mattress with foam and coils in its structure. Saatva comes in three models similar to the Avila mattress: Plush, luxury firm, and firm. This means that they have a lot in common. So, users can get to choose between these three-bed models. However, all the mattresses are not similar to the plush mattress for Aviya and Saatva differ a little bit. The Saatva plush mattress model has a firmness rating of 4, while Avila has a firmness rating of 5. This means that the Saatva plush mattress is somewhat softer than Avila plush mattress.

Overall, the Saatva is way better than Avila in several ways. For instance, Saatva mattresses provide better contouring the firm options align your spine better for added comfort. Also, it is better for sex, pressure relief, and noise. However, Aviya is more affordable than the Saatva mattress.

Final Thought

Aviya mattress is a high-quality and stylish mattress sold at an affordable price. The mattress comes in three options: plush, luxury firm, and firm mattresses. Being a hybrid mattress, the bed offers excellent edge support, sleeps cool, is exceptional for sex, and has little off-gassing. On top of these outstanding features, the Aviya mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or hot sleeper, you will find that this mattress has different options for every individual. Choose the plush mattress if you’re a lightweight sleeper, the luxury firm if you’re an average-weight individual, and a firm mattress if you love sleeping on your back. Besides, the bed is made of eco-friendly materials, which means that it does not pollute the environment.

We hope you have found our Aviya Mattress reviews to be of great importance and have helped you make an informed choice.


Is Aviya mattress CertiPUR-US Certified?

Answer: Yes, it is. The foams used to make Aviya mattresses meet VOC emissions and rigorous standards for chemicals such as mercury, lead, ozone depleters, phthalates, formaldehyde, and much more. The materials used to make Aviya mattresses are organic, natural, and CertiPUR-US Certified foams. So, they are not harmful to users or the environment.

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Does the Aviya mattress require a foundation?

Answer: Buyers don’t need to acquire a new foundation for the Aviya mattress. This bed can be placed on an existing solid surface or a platform bed. If you intend to place the Aviya mattress on an existing foundation or box spring that is less than five years old, you should ensure that it is in top condition, supportive, and level. But if the foundation or box spring is more than 5 years old, then it is urged that you acquire a new foundation with a strong, durable, and level surface.

How many layers does the Aviya mattress have?

Answer: The Aviya mattress has six layers of foam. The first layer is the quilted cover, which is breathable and secures the other layers; it is followed by the second layer with polyurethane foam, which offers comfort to the user. This layer is followed by another foam support layer, which is also made of polyurethane foam. The fourth layer is made up of innerspring that give the mattress its bouncy feel. There are a total of 800 coils in this layer. Another layer that is not talked about much is the foam casing. This layer is around the perimeter of the mattress and is 3-inches thick. It provides edge support to users. The base layer is made up of 1-inch of stable foam. This offers support to the layers above it.

Does the Aviya mattress sleep hot?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. The Aviya mattress sleeps cool. This is thanks to its premium quilted top layer that is combined with its 1-inch cooling comfort foam. So if you remain warm while sleeping, you have to choose Casper foam beds. When many people learn that Aviya has memory foam layers, they think that it sleeps hot. In a real sense, all Aviya mattresses sleep cool. This includes all their models, which are plush, luxury firm, and firm mattresses. Aside from the quilted top layer and cooling comfort layer, the coils in the mattress allow free circulation of air, which makes the bed sleep cool.

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