A massage chair can be a great addition to your home or office when it comes to helping you to be more active, relieve stress, lower anxiety, and bring relaxation. What makes this possible is by getting a quality massage therapy chair that can assist you to attain these and other health benefits of massage. One of the chair brands for a massage that can help you have a perfect massage is the Human Touch massage chair.

The Human Touch brand has been offering customers different types of massage therapy chairs from year 1979. So, whether you are ailing from back, neck, or shoulder pain, chairs from human touch will assist you to recover well and quickly. This brand has a number of excellent massage chairs to pick from. They are well designed and incorporate different technologies that assist the user in having a great massage. They provide the user with a real-life experience like that of a professional massage therapist.

Most of the Human Touch massage chairs are simply designed but are still very effective. They have both luxurious and simple massage chairs, providing a variety for customers to choose from. In this review, we are going to discuss some of the best Human Touch massage therapy hairs.

Features of the Human Touch Massage Chair


To begin with, the human touch therapy chairs are one of the uniquely designed chairs on the market. From big luxurious makes to small and sleek chairs that provide good massage, the human touch brands offer it all to users.

Secondly, chairs from the human touch are lightweight compared to other models. This makes them easy to lift or carry while cleaning the room in which they are placed or transferring them to another place. Though they are lightweight, they still offer the same top features, just like other top brands.

The human touch massage chairs are very comfortable as they are made from quality materials. Also, they have easy to use features, and you will feel like jumping into them after a long day at work.

In addition, this brand has a lot of customizable features that provide the user with many choices to pick from during massage. The features mimic the best movements of expert massage therapists. Some of those amazing massage techniques included in the Human touch chairs include shiatsu and supping massage techniques. Shiatsu is one of the best kinds of massage techniques on the market and just seems like a bonus to have it on a therapy chair.

Furthermore, the human touch chairs have technological presets that enable the user to concentrate on certain parts of the body for a more effective massage. This implies that you will be able to massage the area of your body that you feel urgently needs a massage.

Best 5 human touch massage chair reviews

WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

The 5 auto-massage programs that the wholebody swivel 7.1 chair offers enable the user to have massage to their preferred part of the body. The therapy chair has a CirQlation figure 8 technology that relieves pain, tired feet, and legs. Also, the chair helps people with low blood pressure, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, and many other ailments.

Main features:


HT-5040 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

This is another top chair from the human touch brand. It has comfortable accents that make using this chair to be fun. The remote controller makes the chair be controlled easily. The durable design of the chair with its leather finish makes it look elegant and very long-lasting. In addition, it provides the user with various professional manual massage techniques such as kneading, compression, rolling, percussion, and kneading+compression that makes using this chair to be fun.

Main features:


Perfect Chair “PC-420 Classic Plus”

This is a quality chair with a sleek ergonomic design. The Perfect Chair PC-420 has a recliner lever, articulating headrest, armrest, HD lumbar support, and smooth glide rails, among other features for providing a wonderful massage experience to the user.

Main features:


WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

The wholebody 5.1 swivel base human touch chair is excellently built to offer proper massage like that of a professional therapist. It has 3 auto massage options and 3 manual massage techniques that give the user several massage options. The swivel base makes the chair to be versatile, and it is very comfortable to use.

Main features:


Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Enjoy the 4D massage in the comfort of your home or office by acquiring the Navitas sleep chair. It has a high resolution, easy to use controller, and zero gravity massage. Other top features include the 8 memory settings, acupoint optical scan, and 36 wellness programs. All these and many other features make this chair deliver excellent massage.

Main features:




Human Touch Massage chairs offer some of the best robotic massages. They are uniquely designed and have a variety of chairs to pick from. Depending on your needs, it’s crucial to select a massage chair that meets your massage demands. The Human touch massage chairs provide you with real-life experience as they are crated with some of the best massage technologies that work as a massage therapist. Although there are different Human Touch massage chairs on the market, we managed to choose the best 5, which are considered by many as the best in their respective roles. Hope you have found this review to be helpful and impacted how you will choose your next Human Touch massage therapy chair.

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