After a long day at work or in front of the computer, you may start experiencing pain in the back, shoulder, or even neck. This is very bothersome as the pain brings about stress and discomfort. Such pain can be done away with by getting a quality massage. Instead of seeking the services of a professional massage therapist or visiting the spa, a person can acquire one of the massage devices such as neck and shoulder massager with heat to feel better and relieve pain and correct their posture. There are various types of massager for the neck and shoulder, which makes identifying the best to be a good thing. In this review, we’ve gathered the five best neck and back massagers on the market. Read on to be more informed.

What to look for when buying a shoulder and neck massager


Almost all home massagers come with shiatsu massage setting. This is very effective in relieving muscle pain and increasing blood circulation. Other devices have other massage settings such as kneading, percussion, and beating. When picking a shoulder and back massager, you should identify the proper device to handle your neck, back, and shoulder issues appropriately.

Different types of shoulder and neck massager with heat come in different designs and styles. There are those that can be wrapped around the neck, while others are created in the form of pillows. When it comes to manual massagers, these are usually designed like canes and have pressure point knobs. Some types of electric massagers must be plugged in for them to work, while others are rechargeable. Opt for a design that meets your needs.

Almost all electric shoulder and back massagers have built-in heat therapy functions. If you often suffer from stiff or sore muscles, then you may desire to use a back massager with heat function.

Consider the size of the neck massager that you want to acquire. Some are small in size which will just fit at the base of your neck, while other models are big enough and will cover several muscles. Ensure you’re comfortable with the design that you select.

There are both costly and affordable shoulder and neck massager devices. Some are favorably priced and offer quality features, while others have more sophisticated features and need one to dig deeper into their pockets to have them. Such models offer more features and, in most cases, come with warranties.

For individuals who are buying shoulder and back massagers online, it’s vital to check out reviews of previous users. This can help to know how they performed on previous buyers. This saves a lot, and no cash is wasted on inferior models and brands.

Importance of a neck and shoulder massager

  1. It relieves muscle pain
  2. It improves flexibility
  3. It heightens blood circulation
  4. Lowers heart rate
  5. Quickens muscle recovery
  6. It corrects body posture

The best 5 neck and shoulder massager

Nekteck Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow with heat

The Nekteck shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow is a powerful massager with a heat function for deep massages. It has an automatic timer and very easy to operate. In addition, the control panel can be accessed easily and is versatile in use. Apply this pillow to get rid of the pain in the neck or shoulders.

Main features:


Belmint Shiatsu Neck Back Massager with heat

This model has 4 shiatsu massage modes that make it ideal for neck, back, and shoulder massage. It will work to relieve pain, improve circulation, relieves tension, and alleviates tight muscles. Also, it has a 20-minute auto-shutoff and 2 power supplies are offered on purchase of the device. You can opt to select heat or just massage without heat.

Main features:


Naturalico Shiatsu Massager

Naturalico shiatsu neck back massager is a quality device that comes with 4 massage nodes, bi-direction movement, kneading massage therapy, auto shut off safety feature, and may others. These features enable this back and shoulder massager to relieve pain and improve the circulation of blood. It is lightweight and can be carried with much ease from home to office or travel with it.

Main features:


Bruntmor cordless rechargeable neck and back shiatsu massager

The Bruntmor cordless rechargeable shoulder and neck massager has two powerful massage modes that help to relieve pain in the neck and improve blood circulation. It has a heat option that soothes stiff and sore muscles. The carrying bag makes carrying the massager to be easy, and it’s as well lightweight. This is one of the best back, neck, and shoulder massager on the market.

Main features:


HoMedics NMS-375 neck and shoulder massager with heat

HoMedics NMS-375 is a simple but well-performing shoulder and neck massager with heat. It has an extended coverage area that aims at the neck and shoulders. In addition, it has flex handles that allow you to customize the intensity of the massage. The neck and back massager allows you to choose from 3 different massage options, which include vibration, shiatsu, and combined. The integrated control, on the other hand, allows you to choose between massage or massage with heat.

Main features:




Now that you’ve read our informative guide and review, we hope that you are in a position to pick the best shoulder and neck, massager. Look for features on a neck massager that you feel will help you have the best massage experience. We have reviewed some of the best and prominent neck and back massager. Make your choice and start relieving pain, increase circulation, and quicken muscle recovery.

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