Choosing a mattress of choice is never an easy thing as there are several mattresses to select from. However, the bed that you acquire should provide comfort, alleviate pressure, sleep cool, isolate motion, and last longer. Essentia Mattress is one of the most exceptional mattresses that you can think of. The mattress is made of all-natural materials and has different firmness options. This means that different sleepers will have an opportunity to pick a mattress that comforts them the best. Read this Essentia mattress reviews to know more about this comfortable Natural Memory mattress.

Essentia is a Canadian brand founded in 2006. The company sells its mattresses in Canada and the USA. It also has seven mattress models from 3 mattress collections: Lifestyle collection, Performance collection, and Wholebody collection. The mattress models include Stratami, Tatami, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausement, Dormeuse, and Dormeuse Dior. These mattresses have a thickness profile of 8-inches, which is slightly below the average profile of 10-inches. You will find all information in this Essentia mattress reviews article that you should know.

Technical Specifications of the Essentia Mattress


Essentia Mattress

Layers: 2
Outer Cover: organic cotton cover
Top Layer: organic latex foam
Models: Stratami, Tatami, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausement, Dormeuse, and Dormeuse Dior
Collections: Lifestyle collection, Performance collection, and Wholebody collection
Durability: between 7 and 8 years
Shipping: free shipping to the contiguous US and Canada’s ten recognized provinces
Warranty: 20-year warranty
Thickness: 8-inch
Off-gassing: within 24 hours
Trial period: 120-nights free
Motion Isolation: Fantastic
Noise:  Virtually Silent
Pricing: Expensive than other natural latex mattresses
Certification: GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard certified
Certification: GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard certified

In this Essentia review, our focus will be on Essentia’s most famous mattress, “Stratami Mattress.” Nonetheless, we will also discuss other Essentia mattresses so that you get to choose a bed that meets your needs.

Essentia Mattress Reviews in 2024

We’ve compiled a detailed Essentia mattress reviews so that you can easily find the best mattress for your needs. Read our review to the end before concluding.



The Essentia Stratami Mattress is a quality and comfortable bed. The mattress has a thinner profile of 8-inches in thickness. Additionally, it comes with two layers, which make up the shape of the mattress. The outer cover features a GOTS certified organic cotton cover. This cover is removable and washable. It is also incredibly soft and breathable. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for the cover alone. After the cover is a thin Kevlar liner. This layer protects the latex layers below and prevents them from moving.

Next is the top layer, which is made up of 3-inches of organic latex foam. This layer is responsible for providing pressure relief and comfort to sleepers. Below this layer is the base and support layer. The base layer is 5-inches in thickness and gives the mattress its shape. Besides, it supports back and stomach sleepers and prevents them from sinking too deep into the bed.

The Stratami Mattress has a medium-firm feel with a rating of 6 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. This is bst suited for both stomach and back sleepers.


Since Essentia Mattresses are constructed from all-natural materials, expect this bed to last long. What’s more, latex mattresses last longer than memory foam or polyfoam mattresses. On average, a latex mattress should last between 7 and 8 years, but can it last even longer if maintained properly.

The Essentia Mattress is not only made of a latex mattress, but its natural latex material has undergone a unique process that makes it even more durable. That’s why this bed is sold at a somewhat higher price than other latex mattresses.


This is one area where Essentia Mattresses stand out. The manufacturer offers seven different mattress models with separate firmness rating. It is as well as essential to know that the manufacturer discontinued one mattress model, the “Essentia Dontia Mattress.” Essentia Mattresses have a firmness level that falls between medium and medium-firm. This means that they serve many people since most people fall between these categories. If you weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds, you should find an Essentia mattress that meets your needs. The least firm bed has a rating of 5, while the firmest bed has a score of 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1-10.

Edge Support

Edge support is crucial if you love sleeping on the entire mattress. Also, individuals who enjoy sitting on the mattress sides need beds with reinforced edges. However, memory foam and all latex beds usually have weaker edges than hybrid or innerspring beds.

And since the Essentia mattresses are made of latex and memory foam layers, the beds should provide substantial support. Users say that the bed’s edges offer better support than memory foam or all-foam beds, but you will still experience some sinkage. If you require a mattress that supports the edge very well, consider going for a hybrid or innerspring mattress with reinforced edges.

Note that the firmer beds will have stronger edge support that the softer beds.

Motion Isolation

Latex beds offer excellent motion isolation, but they don’t eliminate motion transfer. Essentia mattresses are made of latex, which means that they should provide above-average motion isolation. Latex does not isolate motion totally because of its bouncy and responsive nature. So, expect the Essentia Mattresses to transfer minimal movement, which may go unnoticed by most sleepers. Also, the rate at which the beds isolate motion varies from one model to another.

Among the Essentia Mattresses, the Dormeuse Mattress isolates motion better than all the other mattresses.

Pressure relief

Most sleepers give praise to the Essentia mattress when it comes to relieving pressure. The mattress conforms closely to the sleeper’s body, which results in comfortable sleep. Latex mattresses don’t conform closely to the sleeper’s body the way memory foam does. However, they provide better pressure relief than hybrid beds.

If you want to get excellent pressure relief, it is vital to select the right mattress. Essentia mattresses with a medium-firm rating are best for stomach and back sleepers, while those with a medium feel are perfect for side sleepers. Overall, Essentia mattresses will offer outstanding pressure relief and comfort to sleepers who weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds.

Temperature Neutrality

Many customers say that Essentia mattresses sleep cooler than other latex beds. Latex mattresses usually sleep cooler than memory foam beds. And with the addition of the GOTS organic cotton cover, expect the Essentia mattresses to sleep cool. This means that sleepers won’t suffocate during hot nights as Essentia beds are breathable.


If you’re a couple and want a fantastic mattress for having fun, you won’t regret acquiring this bed. Essentia mattresses may not have coils in their structure, but they are made of latex layers. As a result, the beds are bouncy and responsive, which is vital for exciting sex. On top of that, the mattresses are virtually silent, meaning they will not create any attention as you move up and down on it. Hence, you will have fun without attracting the attention of outsiders.


Similar to all-foam beds, latex mattresses are quiet when bearing weight. The mattresses only feature latex layers with no coils or any other metal to make noise. This makes them suitable for individuals who want seclusion or a quiet environment. Hybrid beds make noise because of the springs in their structures.

Many users are delighted to have a quiet bed to jump or get in bed without creating any attention.


Essentia is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will have to be given time for the gasses to dissipate when unboxed. This is normal for all bed-in-a-box mattresses as they come compressed in a box. However, the gas produced by Essentia mattresses does not last long as they are made of all-natural materials. There are no chemicals that will create an odor, and the gas will dissipate quickly. It is estimated that the gas will disappear within 24 hours, and the bed will expand within 48 hours. Wait for the bed to off-gas and expand before sleeping on it.  

Trial Period

You will be delighted to find out that the Essentia Mattress Company provides a 120-night free trial period. This is enough time for the buyer to find out if the mattress is suitable for them. Besides, there is no mandatory break-in period, like other online brands do. Also, you can test the bed in one of their brick-and-mortar stores in the country or Canada. They have a total of 5 stores in the USA and several in Canada.


Essentia Mattress provides free shipping to the contiguous US and Canada’s ten recognized provinces. Customers who live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada’s recognized territories will have to pay an additional fee to deliver the mattress. They also offer white glove delivery and old mattress removal at an expense. Additionally, the delivery may take longer as it takes 15 days to produce a mattress.


There is no doubt that the Essentia Mattress is expensive than other natural latex mattresses. This can be attributed to the process that the latex undergoes. Also, the mattresses are only made with organic GOTS and GOLS certified materials. With such quality materials, you get what you pay for.


Essentia Mattress comes with a 20-year warranty. However, the warranty is prorated, and the prorated coverage starts from year 11. As stated earlier, the warranty does not include the cover, as it has its 2-year warranty. The guarantee includes defects in material and workmanship. What’s more, the manufacturer will replace or repair the product free of charge up to year 10.

Pros of Essentia Mattress

Cons of Essentia Mattresses

Who should buy the Essentia Mattress?

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What makes up other Essentia Mattresses?


The Essentia Tatami Mattress is the second most popular bed from Essentia. This mattress has a thinner profile of 8-inches, like all the other Essentia beds. The top layer is a 1-inch comfort layer of memory foam. This layer comes with a Kevlar liner for increased durability. It is followed by a 7-inch support core, which gives the mattress its shape. The thick core layer is also responsible for providing support to the sleeper and allows proper spinal alignment. What’s more, it has a GOTS, certified organic cotton cover. The cover is breathable and helps the bed to sleep cool.

If you want a firmer bed than the Stratami, you will love the Essentia Tatami mattress.

Classic 8

Another top quality bed from Essentia is the Classic 8 mattress model. This mattress is from the Performance collection and provides a classic memory foam feel, as its name suggests. The 8-inch bed is made up of natural memory foam and latex layers. The cover is a GOTS, certified organic cover. This means that it is safe and eco-friendly. The first layer is made of a 2-inch molded high-density patented natural memory foam. A Kevlar liner follows it. Finally, it has a 6-inch natural support foam, the base, and support layer of the bed. The mattress has a medium-firm feel of 6.5 ratings.


This bed is almost similar to the Classic 8 model, with a few differences. Both mattresses have natural foam and latex in their composition. However, this bed’s layers are both 4-inches in thickness with a softer feel than the former. The Eluxe mattress has a firmness rating of 5 from the firmness scale of 1 to 10. The cover is GOTS certified. It is followed by a Kevlar liner and then the two layers. The first layer is a 4-inch ultra-adaptive high-density natural memory foam, while the base layer is a 4-inch natural Hevea latex support foam.

Energie Opus

The Energie Opus Mattress is also very similar to the Essentia Classic 8, with the main difference being the thickness of their memory foam comfort layer. This mattress has a 3-inch comfort layer, while the Classic 8 has a 2-inch comfort layer. Another difference is in the firmness ratings. This bed is considered to have a medium feel, while the latter has a medium-firm feel. The base layer, which is constructed from natural Hevea latex is 5-inches in thickness.


If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you will love the Beausommet mattress. This mattress also has an 8-inch thickness, but with three layers instead of two as most Essentia beds. The cover is made of organic cover and is followed by the Kevlar liner. Next is the top layer, which is 2-inches in thickness and made of high-density natural memory foam. Below this layer is a 1-inch high-density natural memory foam. And finally, the base layer is a 5-inch natural Hevea latex support layer, which supports the top layers and proper alignment to sleepers. This mattress has a medium-firm feeling.


This mattress is very similar to the Beausommet model. The main difference is in the thickness of their comfort layers. Both of the Dormeuse comfort layers are 2-inches in thickness, while the Beausommet has one comfort layer with 1-inch and another with 2-inches. The base layer, which is also the support layer of the mattress has a 4-inch thickness. The layer features latex, which is dense and supports the layers and weight on top. It also has a firmness rating of 5.5, which is a medium feel.

Dormeuse Dior

Last but not least, the Essentia Dormeuse Dior is another outstanding that is made of natural foam and latex materials. It is also 8-inches in thickness with three layers. The topmost layer is 3-inches of high-density memory foam, followed by 2-inches of high-density patented natural memory foam. The base layer, which is also the support layer, is 3-inches in thickness and is made of natural latex. As usual, the mattress comes with GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It is also one of the softest Essentia mattresses with a rating of 5 out of 10.   

Final Thoughts

The Essentia Mattress is an exceptional choice of mattress for an individual ready to spend to get an all-natural bed. Featuring GOTS and GOLS certified materials, this mattress is eco-friendly and good for the environment. With several mattresses to choose from, this bed will serve all types of sleepers. It is also comfortable and will help to relieve pressure for most sleepers. The bed is also breathable and isolates motion very well.

However, it is quite costly and not suitable for all. It also comes in a thinner profile of 8-inches, which may not be loved by many people. Overall, this is a durable bed that you can depend on with a 120-night sleep trial period, there is enough time to examine the mattress and find out if it is ideal for your needs. I hope this Essentia mattress reviews article has given you a clear idea about this exceptional mattress.


Answer: The Essentia Mattress is more expensive than its competitors because it is made using high-quality materials that pass several standards. The beds from Essentia are GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard certified. This implies that they do not feature toxic chemicals that are harmful to use and bring about discomfort.

Answer: Many people confuse the Essentia’s natural memory foam layer with being made of memory foam. In real sense, this layer is a natural latex layer. Essentia has created a type of latex-derivative that they refer to as “natural memory foam.” Yes, this layer performs similar to memory foam, but it is made from rubber trees’ milk. This is a very costly procedure, which also explains why the bed is expensive.

Answer: Essentia Mattresses can be bought directly from their online site. Also, they operate several brick-and-mortar stores in the USA and Canada. However, they do not sell their mattresses on Amazon at the moment. Their brick-and-mortar stores are located in California, Colorado, New York, Illinois, and Florida. In Canada, the stores are in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. You can visit their brick-and-mortar stores or check out the mattresses online and tests them for 120-nights.

Answer: Essentia offers a variety of products apart from the mattresses that we’ve looked at. These include Essentia comfort pillow, memory foam topper, organic cotton sheets, and waterproof mattress protector. Apart from the beds that we’ve discussed, Essentia also provides baby mattresses, such as the La la cribbed and Grateful Bd Jr.

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