If you’re searching to save space in your apartment or studio room, buying a Murphy bed can save you lots of space. Also known as a pull-down or folding panel bed, this mattress can be folded and stored away when not used.

However, Murphy bed has different types of beds on offer that are priced differently. The cost of a Murphy bed is determined by various factors such as materials used, the lift system, types of installation, additional functionality, and the size of the bed.

What is a Murphy bed?


The Murphy bed comes with a hinge at one end, enabling the bed to fold up and be kept against the wall or inside a closet. The Murphy bed is also referred to as the pull-down or wall bed. Because of its flexibility, this bed is perfect for compact rooms as it can be folded away and hidden when not in use. The bed provides additional space for other activities during the day but can be unfolded for use at night.

How was the Murphy bed born?

Murphy bed acquired its name from its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy. The bed was born when William Lawrence Murphy, an Irish immigrant that lived in a tiny New York apartment, desired to maximize the amount of space in his room. As a result, he decided to build a bed that could fold up, changing his bedroom into a living area to entertain visitors.

How much do Murphy beds cost?  

On average, a Murphy mattress will cost you between $1,500 and $5000. The cost can be somewhat higher or lower, depending on the type of bed you pick, add-ons, and the size of the bed. Also, the cost can blow up if you don’t hire a professional to install the bed for you or get a freestanding Murphy mattress.

Here are the most famous Murphy beds and their prices:

The Canvas bed

The Canvas Murphy bed is not only elegant but it’s also made of high-quality materials. The bed comes with a supreme steel frame and plywood core with two good sides. On top of that, the mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. At $4,059, the Canvas Murphy bed is one of the best foldable mattresses on the market. Note that the price will vary according to the size that you select. The above price is for a queen-size bed.

The Soho bed

The Soho Murphy bed is almost similar to the Canvas bed. However, this mattress also comes with a supreme steel frame, side cabinets, and Led lights. It also features night tables and doors. When you buy this mattress, you also get a 25-year warranty. The Soho bed costs $4,035, meaning it’s slightly cheaper than the Canvas bed.

Office/Guest room bed

If you desire nothing less than exceptional, the Office/Guest room bed is the best choice. Besides, it’s one of the most expensive Murphy beds on the market. At $4,417.70, this bed comes with lots of add-ons that can turn your studio into an office. Besides, it also comes with a supreme steel frame, night table, office cabinet, drawers, doors, and molding like the first two mattresses. Again, it’s beautifully made with an Easton Wood Grain Laminate.

The Lancaster bed

If you desire a simple but still functional Murphy bed, the Lancaster bed is ideal for you. This is also a vertical wall bed that comes in two finishes: v-groove and smooth. On top of that, it’s made of elite aluminum hardware and extended legs. The thermofoil doors are conveniently designed for ease of use. Besides, they are also durable, straightforward to clean, and do a great job of resisting changes in temperature and humidity. This bed features a lifetime warranty and costs about $2,999.

The Californian bed  

Another quality and uniquely designed Murphy bed is the Californian bed. This vertical wall bed comes with a high-quality aluminum frame, side cabinets, night tables, extended legs, molding, and drawers. What’s more, it comes in an international white finish, which easily compliments most decors. Like the Lancaster bed, the Californian bed comes with a lifetime warranty. It costs about $3,107.25.

The Bachelor bed

If you have a small room and are short on the budget, the Bachelor bed will be a suitable pick. This is the most affordable and popular Murphy bed, and it takes up very little space. It is fitted with a supreme steel frame and wood grain laminate. It has a chocolate pearwood finish, which matches most home themes. With a 25-year warranty and an initial cost of about $2,190 for the queen bed, this is a good purchase.

The Sleepover bed

Unlike the other Murphy beds that we’ve looked at, the Sleepover bed is a horizontal wall bed and not a vertical wall bed. Nonetheless, this mattress is also made up of a supreme steel frame and wood grain laminate. It comes in a Candy Apple finish, which is lovely and appealing to the eye. Additionally, the buyer gets a 25-year warranty, which is one of the best on the market. At such an affordable price of $2,442, this is a good bed for shoppers on a budget.

The Essential bed

If you want an averagely priced Murphy bed, the Essential Murphy bed is the best choice. This mattress is a vertical wall bed. It’s constructed of an elite aluminum frame with extended legs. What’s more, it has a night table, one side cabinet, and a door. At $2,988.75, you get a quality Murphy bed with a lifetime warranty.

What factors affect the cost of the Murphy bed?

One of the factors that affect the cost of a Murphy bed is the size of the bed. The larger the bed, the more expensive it will be. Note that the single and twin Murphy beds are the most affordable, while the full, queen-and king-sized Murphy beds are the most costly. The most common Murphy beds are twin, full, and queen sizes.  

Another factor that makes Murphy beds costly is the lift system. This mechanism uses hydraulic pistons, which drive the cost up. However, some Murphy beds don’t feature a hydraulic piston system, and they usually are cheaper.

The best thing about acquiring a Murphy bed with a hydraulic piston mechanism is that you can easily lift and lower the bed. Besides, you don’t have to use a lot of energy doing so, unlike a bed without this system.

Before you buy a Murphy bed, you need to know whether it needs professional installation or not. If the bed requires professional installation, not only will it be costly, but it will also cost you a lot to set it up. Nonetheless, it’s wise hiring a professional installer instead of installing the bed poorly. A small mistake during installation can be costly.

Murphy provides an alternative bed for people who can’t afford costly installation. In addition, the company offers a freestanding Murphy bed cabinet that doesn’t need to be set up on the wall. So, if you’re short on cash or don’t want to spend, you can get this fantastic bed.

One of the beauties of installing a Murphy bed is that you can customize it. This means you can add features that you desire, such as a desk, a bookcase, a sofa, or a TV stand. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that adding features like the sofa and seating can make your price shoot through the roof.

That’s why you need to consider including several add-ons that you only need unless you’re ready to pay the additional cost.

The materials a Murphy bed is made of also determine whether the bed will be cheap or expensive. Murphy beds made of MDF, laminate, and particleboard are cheaper than those made of hardwood, solid wood, and other high-quality materials. However, despite being expensive, these materials last longer than the cheap ones.

If you want to save some cash, you’re better off buying a Murphy bed that comes with a compatible mattress. However, if you make up your mind to purchase them separately, then you will end up spending more. This is because the Murphy bed’s mattress is relatively thinner and not of good quality. But if you buy a mattress separately, you will get a better quality mattress that will cost you more.

Hence, the most affordable way to buy a complete Murphy bed set up is by a frame and compatible mattress together. Nonetheless, this as well as means that you will have to sacrifice comfort and durability. The compatible mattress is not comfortable and is made of low-quality materials that don’t last long.

Buying a Murphy bed is costly, but the price can also increase if you live in places where shipping is not free. Most Murphy retailers like Murphy Bed Depot and Wayfair typically ship for free within the contiguous US states. Nonetheless, customers in hard-to-reach states like Alaska and Hawaii may have to pay a small fee to have their beds delivered.

Murphy bed comes with a standard warranty that doesn’t cost a single dollar. However, if you opt to pick up an extended warranty, you may have to pay on average $500 for such a service. Nonetheless, this is worth it if you want the extra protection of your Murphy bed.


On average, a Murphy bed costs between $1,500 and $5000. The price of different Murphy beds is determined by the materials used in construction, size of the bed, lift system, additional functionality, type of installation, and type of installation.

Depending on your needs, various Murphy beds on offer will fit both your needs and budget. It’s only a matter of selecting the ideal bed with the right features. Then, make the right choice and save some space in your compact room.


Is a Murphy bed worth it?

It depends on your needs. If you want to save space in your tiny room, a Murphy bed is the best choice. Also, Murphy beds are straightforward to use and comfortable. But, on the contrary, Murphy beds are pretty expensive to purchase and install. So, if you’re not ready to spend, buying a Murphy bed is the wrong choice.

Can a Murphy bed kill you?

Yes, a Murphy bed can kill you. Murphy beds require professional installation, which is quite expensive. As a result, many shoppers take matters into their hands and install the bed by themselves. However, this is dangerous as improper installation can cause death. Besides, a Murphy bed has to be adequately secured and used to avoid any accident from happening.

What differentiates a wall bed from a Murphy bed?

A conventional Murphy bed is normally floor or wall-mounted and utilizes complex springs and metal frames to lift and lower the mattress. In contrast, a traditional wall bed uses a spring system and features cabinets on both sides of the bed; thus, the bed looks like a typical wall when in an upright position.

Do Murphy beds ruin mattresses?

No, if you use the recommended mattresses, you have got nothing to worry about. So, Murphy beds don’t ruin mattresses as long as the proper mattresses are used on Murphy bed frames. Get to know which mattress is compatible with Murphy beds.