With hundreds of mattresses in the market, finding the best mattress is not an easy feat. Regardless, it’s crucial to find the best mattress to avoid having back, shoulder, or even neck pains. Also, it’s vital to select the bed with the right type of materials so that you don’t have to suffocate.

Mlily mattress is not your ordinary online bed. Even though this mattress is connected to China, it’s made with some of the best materials. Its materials are not toxic and have several benefits to the sleeper. You have to pick the right Mlily mattress for your needs and budget.

Since its inception in 2008, Mlily Mattress is among the top mattress brands in China. The bed became famous worldwide when it entered into a partnership with England Premier League giants, Manchester United soccer team. In 2010, the company formed Mlily USA, but Healthcare Co. Ltd manages it.

Mlily Mattress Reviews 2024


Whether you want a hybrid, memory foam, affordable, or luxury mattress, Mlily has several options to offer. They also offer medium to large profile beds. So, the choice is yours. Even though Mlily has a wide range of mattresses to provide, our focus will be on the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress. This is the most popular Mlily mattress. Nonetheless, we will also highlight some of the features of other Mlily beds.


Mlily Fusion Luxe is an exceptional hybrid mattress that measures 12.5 inches. It is the most popular Mlily mattress for an excellent reason. But how is the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress constructed?

The Mlily Fusion Luxe bed is made up of both foam and pocketed springs. Additionally, it has thick layers of memory foam and high-density polyfoam. Together with the top cover, these layers make up 12.5 inches.

The topmost layer of this mattress is the mattress cover. Made of a cooling knit fabric of polyester and spandex, the cover is breathable and sleeps cool. Besides, it also has polyethylene phase change material that maintains proper temperature for a fabulous night’s sleep. What’s more, it makes the bed breathable and cool to touch.

Below the cover is a layer of gel memory foam, which offers comfort, relieves pressure, and sleeps cool. This layer is also luxurious and delivers a highly soft, sinkable feel. On top of that, the gel-memory foam or AirCell foam in this mattress has an open-cell structure to enhance airflow and assist the bed in sleeping cool.

Mlily Fusion Luxe also comes with a small layer between the comfort and transition layers. This layer is referred to as ‘Smart Foam.’ It’s made up of 1.5 inches of polyfoam. Aside from that, this layer makes the mattress flexible, supportive, and breathable. What makes this layer special is its latex-like feel that makes it very responsive. So, you will never feel like you’re stuck in bed.

After the 1.5-inch polyfoam layer, there’s the transition layer made up of Aero-Flex foam. This layer adds support and firmness to the bed. Besides, it assists in dispersing body weight gently through the mattress. In addition, since Aero-Flex has an aerodynamic design, it helps to maximize airflow and body contouring.

Last but not least, the mattress has pocketed spring system in its support core. Unlike ordinary pocketed springs, these springs are tucked into foam layers, allowing the bed to isolate motion better. Moreover, the springs enable air to flow freely, allowing the sleeper to sleep cool. On top of that, pocketed springs make the bed responsive and bouncy.


Like most hybrid mattresses, the Mlily Fusion Luxe is a durable mattress. Thanks to the high-quality materials that the mattress is made of. If properly maintained and placed on the proper foundation, this bed should last more than seven years.

Aside from being durable, this mattress is also comfortable and can accommodate a variety of sleepers.


Before buying a mattress, it’s vital to determine whether it’s firm or not. The firmness of a mattress determines whether the bed will be comfortable for your weight and sleep position. For example, the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress has a medium-firm rating of 5 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10.

The Mlily Fusion Luxe is an exceptional mattress for lightweight stomach sleepers and average-weight individuals with a medium-firm rating. So, if you weigh more than 240 pounds, you should stay away from this mattress as it may not relieve pressure well.

When it comes to sleeping positions, both back and side sleepers should feel comfortable on this mattress. Side sleepers will get excellent contouring that will ensure that they sleep soundly. Back sleepers won’t also have any problem, but they will sink into the bed a little bit.

Edge support

Like most hybrid mattresses, the Mlily Fusion Luxe bed should offer strong edge support. So, of course, it does, and sleepers won’t have a hard time sitting or sleeping on the mattress. This is because they won’t sink excessively into the bed like with memory foam or all-foam mattresses. Thanks to the reinforced edges as it contains pocketed springs in its support core.

Pressure relief

Not all people enjoy sleeping on hybrid or memory foam mattresses. Some people feel that some beds hug them excessively, while others think they are substantial and uncomfortable. However, most side and back sleepers will feel great when it comes to the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress.

However, this bed performs excellently for side sleepers as the top gel-infused memory foam layer will contour them perfectly without exerting a lot of pressure. Back sleepers will also sink slightly deep into the mattress, but they will get considerable support from the transition layer. The only people who will get little support are stomach sleepers, more so heavyweight sleepers.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer is very crucial to people who sleep with their partners, pets, or kids. Since movement can happen at night, this can distract other people’s sleep. So, if you are generally disturbed because of this, the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress will be ideal for you.

Even though most hybrid mattresses are lacking when it comes to motion transfer, the Mlily mattress performs considerably well. Thanks to the pocketed springs that are tucked together with high-density polyfoam, which prevents excessive movement; thus, isolating motion to a great extent.


If you’re a couple looking for a perfect mattress for fun, the Mlily Fusion bed is an ideal bed for you. This mattress is bouncy and responsive, making it perfect for intimacy. Thanks to the AirCellfom and polyfoam layers in the mattress. The pocketed springs make it bouncy and responsive as well. 


One of the things that makes the Mlily mattress unique is its made of CertiPUR-US certified foam layers and OEKO-Tex certified materials. This means that the mattress contains materials that are accepted in the USA. Besides, most of the materials are not toxic like the ones most online beds are made of.

Therefore, this bed does not off-gas excessively. After unboxing, you can leave this mattress for a few hours or up to 24 hours if you suffer from allergies.

Trial period

Unfortunately, Mlily doesn’t offer a trial period for its mattresses. This means you won’t have enough time to test the bed and know if it’s ideal for you or not. However, Mlily has several stores to try their beds, but this is not convenient for everyone.

But if you want to get a sleep trial, you can get it from Amazon, a third party. Amazon provides a 30-day return policy. However, if you buy from Amazon, this will void your warranty.  


This mattress ships within a few days of buying it. It may take five days to 2 weeks to receive your mattress. The only issue is that you cannot make returns after receiving the bed. This is a blow to people who will find one of Mlily’s mattresses uncomfortable.

Even though returns are not allowed, the mattress ships for free, and it arrives compressed in a box.


Mlily provides buyers with a 10-year, prorated, and limited warranty. This is fair enough, and it’s on par with other online mattresses. Nevertheless, if you do not buy your mattress from Mlily, you will not get a warranty. Therefore, shop from their online store or physical stores to get a warranty.


If you’re looking for a low-end mattress, stay away from Mlily. Yes, Mlily has a variety of mattresses for different sleepers, but their mattresses are not cheap. Most of Mlily’s beds are averagely priced, but they also have high-end models that cost a lot. But, overall, their beds are worth the cost.

Who should buy the Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy a Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress?

Types of Mlily Mattress

Mlily Harmony is an outstanding memory foam bed from Mlily. Made of all foam layers, Mlily Harmony Chill measures 13-inches, meaning that it has an extensive profile. This bed is best suited for side sleepers, as it’s built to support the spine’s curve.

On top of that, the Mlily Harmony Chill is one of two in the Chill line. The mattress is well-built to deliver comfort and relieve pressure. Thanks to top-of-the-range features like gel-infused memory foam that sleeps excellently, a cooling knit fabric, and bamboo charcoal memory foam.

Besides, the Mlily mattress is created uniquely to relieve pressure at every point that the body touches the bed. Additionally, it has bamboo charcoal memory foam that delivers support without trapping heat.

If you want an even bigger mattress, the Mlily Mprove is an excellent bed. Measuring 15-inches in height, the Mlily Mprove is among the biggest mattresses on the market. Therefore, it will need good support or base. So, ensure to install an excellent foundation for this bed.

The Mlily Mprov bed is also made of memory foam layers. But unlike the Mlily Harmony Chill, this mattress comes with CBD infusion. As a result, it’s more expensive than the Mlily Harmony Chill. However, CBD infusion allows people with different sleep problems to sleep soundly and peacefully.

Furthermore, CBD-Infusion helps to relieve pain and insomnia. Aside from that, this mattress is cozy and isolates motion perfectly. On top of that, it relieves pressure and sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses. However, you will have to spend to get this bed.

The Mlily Ego comprises a mixture of memory foam and supportive coils in its base layers. As a result, it offers outstanding support to stomach sleepers. In addition, it has a height of 12 inches, which is almost average. So, it will easily fit on most foundations.

What makes Mlily mattress to be exceptional is the layers of open-cell foam that it is made of. Even though these layers are breathable and allow the mattress to sleep cool, they still offer enough support. Hence, this bed is very supportive and also helps to relieve pressure.

In terms of price, it’s not as expensive as other top-end hybrid mattresses but has some of the best features.

If you’re unsure what Mlily mattress to select, the Mlily Fusion Ortho is the best mattress to try out. This is because this bed can accommodate all types of sleepers. So whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the Mlily mattress will match your needs.

Unlike the mattress we’ve discussed above, this bed is somewhat smaller as it comes with a height of 10.5 inches. Additionally, it’s a hybrid bed, meaning it sleeps cooler than the memory foam mattresses on this list. It’s also responsive and bouncy, making it excellent for couples.

Since it’s fitted with pocketed springs, this mattress limits motion well, and it also has a supportive edge. So, no more sinking when you sit on the bed or rolling off when you sleep at the edge of the mattress.

The final Mlily bed on the list is the Mlily The WllFlex mattress. Made of memory foam, this mattress has a height of 12 inches. Despite being made of memory foam layers, this mattress sleeps cool and is not like its counterparts. Thanks mainly to the cooling fabric outer cover, which assists in regulating temperature.

Moreover, the Mlily The WellFlex mattress helps relieve pressure as it contours perfectly to the sleeper’s body. You won’t experience pain around the neck, shoulders, or even back as it’s very supportive. What’s more, it’s slightly affordable when compared to other hybrid mattresses from Mlily.


Mlily mattress is a popular bed, and they provide support to Manchester United Soccer Team. The brand has several mattress options that can suit different sleepers with different needs. The most popular Mlily mattress is the Fusion Luxe, but this brand also boasts of various beds, usually hybrid or memory foam mattresses.

However, before you buy a Mlily mattress, you should know that they don’t offer a sleep trial period, which is the main setback. Apart from that, Mlily mattresses have high-end and quality beds that will last for several years.


Question: What makes Mlily mattress special?

Answer: Unlike most online mattresses, Mlily comprises several unique materials, including aloe vera and bamboo. These materials bring about a special feeling that makes sleepers feel comfortable and relaxed on the bed. Also, they not only sell their beds online but as well as in several brick-and-mortar stores.

Question: Where is Mlily’s bed made?

Answer: Mlily bed is currently made in the United States. However, this bed’s production started in China, and its operational headquarters are in China. Mlily states this openly and has nothing to hide. What’s more, Mlily uses top-end materials to make most of its mattresses. Therefore, you can relax knowing that you’re getting quality beds.

Question: Does the Mlily mattress contain fiberglass?

Answer: No, the Mlily mattress does not feature fiberglass in its cover or layers like other low-end mattresses. Instead of fiberglass, Mlily comes with layers of AirCell and airy foam on its surface. Because of such materials, this mattress is more expensive than the average online bed.

Question: Can I turn Mlily mattress?

Answer: No, you cannot. Since Mlily mattresses are constructed with a single sleeping surface, you don’t have to flip or turn them. Nonetheless, you should rotate the mattress after six months so that it can age evenly. Always rotate the mattress from head to foot up to 180 degrees.

Question: What does CBD infusion in a mattress do?

Answer: If a mattress is infused with CBD, it helps the sleeper to remain calm and relaxed for an incredible night’s sleep. This is because CBD has special calming effects that help cool down a restless sleeper or wake up multiple times at night.