We spend around 6–10 hours every day lying in bed. As a result, the mattress on the bed becomes dirty. So, cleaning the mattress is necessary to maintain its appearance and performance.

How often should you steam-clean a mattress?


A mattress becomes messy after a long time of use. It may get dirt, spread bad odors, and stain. Generally, a mattress should be steam cleaned every 5 or 6 months. But this time duration for cleaning the mattress is appropriate when you use the mattress only for sleeping.

Additionally, if you eat, feed your children and pets, and do several other tasks on the mattress, it will probably get dirty more often. So, you must steam-clean your mattress randomly.

How can I steam-clean my latex mattress?

Steam cleaning is not a difficult process. Although some people think it is a different process than general cleaning, it is not impossible at all.

To steam-clean your latex mattress, you must arrange several instruments and materials.

  1. A vacuum and steam cleaner
  2. baking soda
  3. laundry stain remover
  4. microfiber towel
  5. water

Steps for steam-cleaning a latex mattress:

Now, we are discussing the process of steam-cleaning the mattress in detail.

Step 01: Wash the bedding

You must follow the care instructions for the bedding while washing it. Use clean water and rinse the mattress properly. Be careful about the specks of dirt on the mattress. If you find any dirt, you must remove it.

Step 02: Apply baking soda

If you want to deodorize your mattress, you can apply a sufficient amount of baking soda to it. Take baking soda in your hand or in a small container and sprinkle it throughout the mattress surface. Take a soft brush to rub the surface to remove the dirt.

Step 03: Rinse and dry

Apply water and rinse the mattress properly. You can use an electric dryer to dry the mattress and prepare it for steam cleaning.

There are several types of steamers; you can choose one according to your budget. There is a water tank inside the steamer; you have to fill it. Now, turn on the machine to allow the steamer to heat up. Your steamer’s user manual includes all the tasks.

Step 04: Apply the steam

You should hold the steam near the mattress very carefully. The steam should be close to the mattress but should not touch it. Move the steamer right and left slowly until the entire surface of the mattress gets hot. After steaming, the mattress surface will be damp. But it should not be wet. If you think that the mattress surface is too wet after steaming, you should call the service provider for the steamer or the manufacturer company to repair it.

Step 05: Dry the mattress

Finally, you should dry the mattress for about 4–6 hours to make it entirely suitable for fit on your bed. The amount of steam you put on the mattress will determine how long it takes to dry it. However, you can also turn on the fan to speed up this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The steaming process is not the only way to keep the mattress free from the bad odor and stain of urine. Instead, you must apply other types of ingredients to remove the stain. You should use baking soda and water to remove the urine stain from the mattress and a sufficient amount of vinegar to accelerate the process.

Yes, it is possible to clean your latex mattress with hydrogen peroxide. You have to mix 2 tablespoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide with a single tablespoonful of liquid dish soap. Now, apply the mixture to your mattress by sprinkling it. You can also use a spray to apply the material.

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