The latex mattress is very popular because of its well-performing features. But it is important to have the proper knowledge about the thickness of an ideal mattress before buying it.

How thick should a latex mattress be?


Generally, an ideal latex mattress should be 7 inches thick. It will provide proper support for the sleeper’s body. Although there is controversy about selecting the thickness of a comfortable mattress, 7 inches of the thickness of a latex mattress is enough.

The desired thickness of a latex mattress depends on how much comfort you want while sleeping. Actually, it is recommended to choose a regular mattress with about 10 inches of thickness.

However, the desired thickness varies when the weight of the user is high. The 10-inch thickness of the mattress is sufficient for the medium weight of the users.

It determines that you are an obese person and that you need about 12 to 14 inches of thickness in your latex mattress. Moreover, your mattress must have a 6-inch-thick comfort layer inside it.

How to measure the density of a mattress?

The density of a mattress is a crucial part of having proper comfort and health benefits. It is the measurement of weight per unit of volume. Suppose the foam layers weigh 100 pounds and the volume is 25 cubic feet. So, you should divide 100 by 25, and the density of the mattress will be 4 pounds per cubic foot (4 PCF).

How can I choose the perfect mattress with the proper thickness?

Sound sleep is very important for every mattress user. A mattress is the most vital thing that is directly related to our health. There are several aspects that determine the quality and performance of a mattress. So, we must consider them before purchasing a mattress. The thickness of a mattress is also measured according to the following features:

i) Number of sleepers

If two or more sleepers lie on the bed, the pressure on the mattress will naturally increase. So, when you lie on the bed alone, you can purchase a low-profile mattress that has less than 8 inches of thickness. But if you want to add more members and give the mattress much pressure, you must purchase a thick mattress 12 to 14 inches thick or an extra thick mattress that is more than 14 inches thick.

ii) Weight of the sleeper

If you are a heavy person, you should use a mattress that is thicker. Significantly, people who are above 230 pounds need a mattress of more than 14 inches in thickness. Otherwise, the mattress will get too much pressure and cannot give proper comfort to the sleeper.

iii) Physical condition of the mattress user

If you are physically fit, you can use any mattress of your choice and comfort level. But if you have any health problem that is related to your bones, muscles, or other parts of your body, you should choose the mattress very carefully. Significantly, sleepers with arthritis, hip joint pain, or shoulder pain must use a mattress with 10 to 14 inches of thickness. This mattress is ideal for patients because it helps them be cured quickly.

iv) Durability of the mattress

The thickness of a bed mattress also significantly impacts the mattress’s durability. If you want your mattress to last a long time, you should purchase a mattress with a minimum of 8 inches of thickness. Moreover, it should include a 2 to 3 inches comfort layer and a 5 to 6 inches thick base layer.

v) Sleeping position

Different people have different sleeping positions. The interesting matter is that the thickness measurement of the mattress also depends on your sleeping style. Now, we are discussing the different styles and the usual mattress measurement.

This sleeping position is ideal because it is suitable for good health. If you are a side sleeper and want to get good support for your hips and shoulders, your mattress must be 12 to 14 inches thick. This thickness of the mattress will provide you with an extra-cushioned feel.

Back sleeping is also a good sleeping position. It requires a 10 to 12-inch thick mattress. Therefore, the thinner comfort layer of the mattress will support the natural spinal alignment. However, if your bed and mattress are firmer, the 10–12 inch mattress layer is enough to provide a firmer mattress for carrying a heavier user.

Stomach sleeping is not a good practice for your health. But there are a large number of stomach sleepers who cannot change their habit. A thinner layer is enough to resist the compression beneath our abdomen. So, a 10-inch-thick mattress can be appropriate for stomach sleepers.

Bottom Lines

As a health-conscious mattress user, you must be careful about every single feature of a mattress. It is needless to say how essential the thickness measurement of a mattress is. However, you can also consult with a health expert about the depth of a mattress before purchasing the product. Therefore, you may enjoy both a sound sleeping experience and a healthy life.

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