Mold is a terrible thing that makes our things dirty and unable to be used for a while. Significantly, when mold is on our mattress, we should try to remove it with more effort because a mattress is directly related to our sleep and health.

How to get rid of mold from latex mattresses?


The process of removing mold from a mattress is not difficult. If you can use the cleansing materials in the proper amount, you can solve the problem easily. However, there are several mold removal techniques, so you can select any one of them to your liking.

i) Remove the mold with disinfectant

A disinfectant material is so effective on any product to remove dirt, including mold. But, when you use disinfectant on your mattress, you must spray the chemical cleaner on the mattress equally in every mold-affected place.

You can also make disinfectant solutions at home instead of buying them from the market. You should arrange 12 cups of vinegar, 34 cups of water, and 5 drops of tea tree oil. Now, mix them efficiently and apply the solution to your mattress. The action of the mixture will work on the mold-affected places and clean the mattress quickly. After waiting for one hour, you have to apply a vacuum cleaner to the mattress to dry it properly.

ii) Use sunlight to get rid of the mold

UV rays of the sun are harmful to our health. But the good news is that we can utilize the UV rays to eliminate the mold. So, using sunlight is the natural process for removing mold from a mattress.

You can gently take the mattress outside of your home and keep it in the sunlight. You can also take the entire mattress set, including its box spring. Finally, when you notice that the mold has been removed from your mattress, you can rest it inside your house and set it on your bed. After taking the mattress out of the sunlight, it may seem to be hotter. So, it would be best if you turned on the fan on the mattress or the air conditioner to bring the mattress’s natural temperature.

iii) Hire professional cleaners

You may not get the proper cleanliness after using baking soda solution, sunlight, or other methods. So, There are some professional mattress cleaners in your city who can make your mattress likely new by removing the molds on the mattress.

iv) Sanitizing the fabric

When you remove mold from your latex mattress, your task is not completely finished. You have to do something more, which is known as “sanitizing,” and then dry your mattress.

There are fabric sanitizing solutions available on the market. You can buy a fabric sanitizer spray and apply it to your mattress. It is an essential task after removing the mold from the mattress because the sanitizer prevents mold growth. Therefore, you can be free from the trouble of cleaning the mold from your mattress for a long time.

v) Dry the mattress

If you apply mold-removing techniques except using sunlight, you should keep the mattress under the sun until it becomes dry. You can also run the fan over your mattress if you think too much sunlight may damage its color.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, natural latex is mold-resistant. But if you use the mattress in an environment that is damp and where there is no air circulation, your natural latex mattress can get moldy easily. So, you must select a good place to use a latex mattress; otherwise, you have to change your bedroom.

Yes, removing black mold from a mattress is possible. Significantly, the materials used for removing mold from a mattress are the same. But if the mold becomes so dark that it is hard to remove from the mattress, you can increase the amount of cleaning solution. Finally, hiring professionals is the last stage that may be helpful for you in that situation.

Final thoughts

Getting rid of the mold on our latex mattresses is a vital task that can provide us with a healthy and enjoyable experience of using them. The process of treating mold is not so difficult if you have good experience with it. So, whenever you notice mold on your mattress, you should not be late to take steps to remove it.

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