Vacuum sealing a mattress is a process that helps protect the mattress for a long period of time.

Exact time to vacuum seal a mattress


Why should I vacuum-seal a mattress? Generally, the vacuum sealing process saves a mattress from dust, allergies, dirt, and other harmful things. When a mattress gets dirt on its surface and loses its outlook, so, every user must apply the vacuum sealing process to the mattress when they are not using it.

But how long should the vacuum sealing process be continued? Generally, the vacuum sealing process on a mattress takes about 30 minutes to an hour. The time it takes to continue the process depends on the size of your mattress. If your mattress is large, you have to continue it for about an hour.

How often should I vacuum-seal my mattress?

You should vacuum-seal mattresses every three to six months. However, it would help if you kept the mattress clean. Because if you vacuum seal the mattress within three months, it may wear out quickly.

Is there any risk of vacuum sealing a mattress?

Vacuum sealing is a process to protect the mattress, but it has some disadvantages too. So every user must follow the instructions included in the manual before vacuum sealing it.

Less comfortable

When you vacuum seal a mattress, it may lose its comfort as the mattress is compressed. So, if your mattress becomes soft after using it for a long time, you should not vacuum seal it. Otherwise, the mattress will be softer, which will be a barrier to getting much comfort from it. On the other hand, if the mattress is hard, you can vacuum seal it to make it more comfortable. But you should always measure the mattress before vacuum sealing it, as you can get the desired comfort after the sealing process.


The vacuum sealing process is a significant risk for innerspring mattresses. The coils under the innerspring mattress get a lot of pressure during sealing. As a result, there is a big chance of the coils being damaged soon.

Growth of mold

Every homeowner knows how terrible mold growth is. If the mattress area is moist and you start vacuum sealing it, the place can easily grow mold inside it. So, you should make the entire mattress dry before starting the vacuum sealing process.

How can I vacuum seal a mattress?

Now, we are showing the necessary steps for vacuum sealing a mattress so that you can make it safe when you are not using it.

Step 01: Get a good vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is the most essential part of the vacuum sealing process. If you cannot choose a good sealer, it will not work on your mattress effectively. There is a huge collection of vacuum sealers from several brands. You can gather experience from the experts and purchase the most suitable and affordable one.

Step 02: Seal the chamber

There is a sealing chamber for the vacuum sealer. You have to confirm that the mattress has been positioned properly inside the chamber. However, choosing the proper sealer is also a good preparation because it helps to set the mattress with the sealer. Although some sealers are likely to be compatible with all types of mattresses, it is not admirable to purchase them.

When you close the lid and turn on the machine, the vacuum sealer will take all the wind out of the chamber. Therefore, a tight seat around the mattress will be made, which will protect the mattress from any damage for a significant amount of time. If your mattress is larger, the process can be longer. You have to go to the next step when your mattress has become tight enough; otherwise, you must apply this step again.

Step 03: Take out the mattress

Now, your vacuum sealing process for the mattress is complete. So, you should remove the mattress from the sealing chamber. Set the mattress on your bed properly and enjoy sound sleeping experiences.

How can I keep my mattress good?

When you start using the mattress after the vacuum sealing process, you must be careful about its proper care. Otherwise, the mattress may be damaged quickly.

  1. You should place the mattress on a flat surface. Generally, the bedframe is flat, but you should also find a flat surface when you want to store the mattress for a short amount of time.
  2. Make the mattress completely dry before starting to use it. Otherwise, the accumulated water inside the mattress may gradually damage it.
  3. After the vacuum sealing process, you may notice spots on the mattress. So, you should not take any risk and vacuum seal the mattress again.
  4. Take proper care of the mattress and check it randomly. Proper care can make the mattress last longer.

The vacuum sealing process is simple which makes our mattresses good and increases their sustainability.

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