Are you on a budget but still need a comfortable and breathable mattress? Then, the Linenspa mattress is the best option for you. This company uses low-quality materials to create exceptional beds. Even though Linenspa mattresses are not as durable as other popular mattresses on the market, they can save you if you want a temporary mattress but don’t want to spend.

Linenspa Mattress was founded in 2003. The company focuses on creating super affordable mattresses meant for kids, teens, and college students. Apart from manufacturing mattresses, they also produce mattress pads, mattress toppers, pillows, comforters, sheets, blankets, bed frames, and much more.

Technical Specifications of the Linenspa Mattress



Linenspa Mattress

Hybrid Design (Foam and Springs): Yes
Mattress-In-A-Box: Yes
Material: Memory Foam + Innersprings
Available in: medium firm 8 inch profile, a medium 10 inch profile, or a plush 12 inch
Comfort Layer: 1.5-inches of polyfoam
Durability: six to six and a half years
Pressure relief:
Warranty: 10 year limited
Temperature Control: Neutral to Good
Trial Period: 30-night sleep trial period
Edge support: solid
Off-gassing: more than 48 hours
Shipping: free shipping and return within the contiguous US
Weight: 55.00 lbs
Pricing: affordable
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Linenspa is a bed-in-a-box mattress that can be found online on its website or Amazon. Besides, several retailers also sell this bed. One of the main reasons that make Linenspa an attractive mattress brand is the variety of mattresses. Sleepers can pick a gel memory foam bed, memory foam hybrid, gel memory foam hybrid, latex hybrid, and innerspring beds. In total, it has six different mattress options to pick from. In addition, the memory foam hybrid has two options: 8-inch and 10-inch beds.

Linenspa Mattress Review

Even though Linenspa has a total of 6 different mattresses to choose from, our focus will be on the Linenspa mattress, which is the 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress. If you want to get to know more about the Linenspa mattress before making up your mind, here is a full review of the Linenspa mattress:


As stated above, Linenspa comes with a total of 6 different mattresses. The smallest bed measures 5-inches. A 6-inch bed follows it, then an 8-inch bed, two 10-inch beds, and a 12-inch bed. All of these beds differ in construction apart from the 8-inch and 10-inch memory foam hybrid mattresses. These two mattresses feature the same layers and materials but only differ in height.  

Since our focus is on the 8-inch memory foam hybrid bed, we’ll go straight to analyzing its construction. This mattress comes with a cover that is made of Polyester, Rayon, and Polypropylene blend. On top of that, it’s quilted memory foam to create a comfortable and breathable surface.

Next is the comfort layer, made up of 1.5-inches of polyfoam. This layer offers a quick response to pressure, which prevents the sleeper from feeling stuck in bed. Beneath this layer is the support core, made up of 6.5-inches of tempered steel coils. The coils not only absorb motion but as well as give the bed its responsive feel. Additionally, the tempered coils allow air to flow freely, and heat dissipates for a fabulous night’s sleep.

The 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress is the most popular Linenspa bed, and it’s also affordable. However, other Linenspa mattresses are also well-built and will hold up very well. Here’s how they are made up:

This is the smallest and cheapest Linenspa mattress. At 5-inches, this is among the least comfortable beds that you can desire to have. However, the bed is well made with two layers. The top layer comprises 1-inch gel memory foam, and the second layer comes with 4-inches of high-density support foam.

It’s critical to understand that this bed is best suited for stomach sleepers due to its firm feel. Back and side sleepers may feel some pain around pressure points. Also, like most Linenspa mattresses, this bed is not durable.

This is a simple bed as it’s made up of a 6-inch innerspring support core. Therefore, the mattress is somewhat firm. Nonetheless, the mattress is slightly comfortable as it’s fitted with a quilted cover, which provides some comfort to the sleeper.

These two mattresses feature the same number of layers as the popular 8-inch Linenspa mattress. The 10-inch memory foam hybrid mattress and the 12-inch gel memory foam hybrid mattress come with a quilted cover with memory foam, a polyfoam, and tempered steel coils. The only difference is that one bed has memory foam, while the other is made up of gel memory foam. The bed with gel memory foam sleeps slightly more excellent.

Besides, the gel memory foam in the 12-inch bed is thicker, making it more comfortable than the 8-inch and 10-inch Linenspa mattresses. Overall, these beds are ideal for all types of sleepers. The 8-inch bed is firm, the 10-inch bed is medium, and the 12-inch bed is somewhat soft.

This is the most durable Linenspa mattress. Thanks to its outstanding construction with quality materials. Linenspa 10-inch hybrid bed features a 2-inch quick response foam blended with latex. Below this foam is a 7-inch layer of pocketed coils that supports the sleeper, makes the mattress breathable, and gives it a bouncy feel.


If durability is what you’re looking for in a bed, stay away from the Linenspa mattress. This mattress is among the least durable beds on the market. They use low-quality materials to construct their mattresses, which don’t last long like most quality beds.

The 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress has an expected lifespan of around six to six and a half years. This is fair, but most quality hybrid beds can last for more than seven years. On the other hand, the 12-inch gel memory foam mattress has a softer foam, making it less durable than all the other Linenspa mattresses. Nevertheless, it has a lifespan of 6 years. Finally, the most durable Linenspa mattress is the 10-inch latex hybrid mattress. It has a lifespan of 6 to 7 years.
Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and InnerspringCheck Price on Amazon


The Linenspa mattress also comes with a firmness feel of 7 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. This is slightly above medium firm with a rating of 6.5. Regardless, many people love a firm feel as it provides enough support to almost all types of sleepers.

Nonetheless, people who desire a softer feel should consider getting the 12-inch gel memory foam hybrid, while those who prefer a medium-firm feel should pick the 10-inch memory foam hybrid mattress. Other mattresses with a firm feel include the 5-inch gel memory foam bed and the 6-inch innerspring mattress. The 10-inch latex hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel.

So, even though the Linenspa 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress is the most popular bed, you can always select another Linenspa bed with a feeling you love.

Motion Isolation

Hybrid beds perform badly when it comes to isolating motion. The Linenspa mattress, on the other hand, provides moderate motion isolation, which is slightly below what other hybrid beds offer. However, the quilted memory foam and polyfoam layers do an excellent job of isolating motion.

However, the coil support core is not pocketed, meaning that there will be a transfer of movement on the bed. Besides, vibrations will not be limited, which may also distract a partner in bed. Since the coils in the bed make the mattress bouncy, movement will be felt from one end of the mattress to another.

If you want a Linenspa mattress that isolates motion well, the Linenspa 12-inch gel memory foam hybrid mattress is the ideal pick. Thanks to its large memory foam layers that limit movement to a greater extent.

Edge Support

Unlike memory foam mattresses that sink at the edge, hybrid mattresses are solid and able to support the weight. That’s what you get with the Linenspa 8-inch memory foam hybrid bed. Thanks to the durable, steel-tempered coil layer that offers enough support.

Therefore, most sleepers should feel safe enough to sleep or sit on the edge of the mattress. The bed won’t excessively sink like it would on the 5-inch Linenspa gel memory foam mattress. Nonetheless, heavier sleepers may notice more sinkage when they sleep or sit at the edge of the bed.

Ease of movement

Overall, hybrid mattresses are easy to move in and out of bed. Linenspa mattress is not an exception. This is mainly because of the coils in the support core. The coils make the bed responsive; as a result, sleepers cannot feel stuck in bed.

What’s more, the quilted cover and polyfoam comfort layers hinder movement to some extent, but since they are thin layers, the impact is not that huge. This is because the polyfoam used in this bed returns to its natural shape faster than most memory foam beds on the market.

Temperature Control

Temperature control on the Linenspa can be said to be neutral to good. This is because the mattress comes with coils in the support core that allow airflow. Moreover, the coils in the support core enable heat to dissipate instead of getting trapped. Therefore, most sleepers should have a good night’s sleep.

Unluckily, people who sleep hot may notice some heat being trapped in the upper cover. The quilted memory foam can trap some heat, which may make the bed sleep slightly hot. Overall, the bed sleeps pretty cool, and it delivers neutral temperatures.

The most breathable Linenspa mattress is the 10-inch latex hybrid bed. This mattress comprises latex and pocketed coils that allow air to flow freely. Latex is more breathable than polyfoam and memory foam layers, making this bed more breathable than even the innerspring mattress with quilted memory foam.

Pressure Relief

Unlike most hybrid mattresses, the Linenspa mattress offers minor pressure relief. This is because it has thin layers of memory foam and polyfoam. Unfortunately, these two layers cannot align the body properly and prevent the pressure points from hurting.

Additionally, the Linenspa 8-inch bed comes with firm coil support that increases pressure around several parts of your body. Therefore, people who sleep on the side, back, and heavier sleepers may feel added pressure in some parts of their bodies.


If you’re a couple and want a quality and affordable bed for fun, the Linenspa bed is a great choice. Most couples love responsive beds that they can move in and out of bed quickly. Also, a bouncy mattress is excellent for sex as partners can change positions easily.

And with the quilted memory foam and polyfoam layers in the bed, this bed provides adequate traction, perfect for couples. However, the coils in the support core may produce some noise, which may not be so good for some couples.


A noisy bed can disturb your sleep when you have a partner who loves changing in bed or sleeps late in the night. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most hybrid mattresses, and the Linenspa mattress is among them. This bed will even get louder as it edges and the coils disintegrate.

The Linenspa 5-inch gel memory foam bed is an exceptional choice for those looking for a virtually silent bed. Unfortunately, this bed is very uncomfortable and lacks much-needed support. On the contrary, the noisiest Linenspa mattress is the 6-inch innerspring bed.


Almost all bed-in-a-box mattresses have some odor. This is because of the materials used in the manufacturing process. Since Linenspa is also a bed-in-a-box mattress, you should expect this bed to produce some gas when removing it from the box.

But since the Linespa Mattress is a hybrid bed, the gas produced won’t last more than 48 hours as it comes with coils in its structure. The coils make it breathable; thus, air flows freely through the bed, and the gases disappear faster than polyfoam and memory foam mattresses.

Trial period

The Linenspa mattress may be one of the least durable mattresses on the market, but what is even worse is its mediocre trial period. This bed comes with a 30-night sleep trial period, which is one of the worst on the market.

Yes, the Linenspa mattress is affordable, with various beds to choose from, but a 30-night sleep trial is one of the worst on the market. So, if you want a mattress with enough to find out whether the bed is good or not, stay away from the Linenspa bed.

Shipping and White glove delivery

At the moment, Linenspa doesn’t provide white glove delivery or old mattress removal. However, the company can team up with a third-party provider to give you these services at a fee. On top of that, Linenspa ships its beds in the contiguous US states alone. So, if you live outside of these states, you may have to pay a fee to have your bed delivered to your doorstep.

If you order the Linenspa mattress from their website, you should receive it within 48 hours. Shipping usually takes between one and two days, and the bed will arrive within a week.


When it comes to pricing, the Linenspa mattress is one of the most affordable beds that you can lay your hands. However, this means that you won’t get a durable mattress, as several users have complained about their comfort and durability. The 5-inch gel memory foam mattress is the cheapest, while the 10-inch latex hybrid mattress is the most expensive.

The Linenspa Mattress is way cheaper when compared to the average price of memory foam hybrid mattresses. So, you get a better deal but don’t expect this bed to last longer.


Despite being cheap with a short sleep trial period of 30-nights, buyers are awarded a 10-year limited warranty. When you consider its cost and quality, this is a good warranty. The warranty takes care of defects in material and workmanship. Nonetheless, it does not cover normal wear and tear, stain misuse, alterations, and indentations that are more than .75-inches deep.

Who should buy the Linenspa mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Linenspa mattress?


If you’re looking for an inexpensive hybrid mattress, the Linenspa mattress is a good start. Even though this bed is not as durable as other hybrid mattresses on the market, it’s worth investing in. Linenspa offers multiple firmness options and sizes. Apart from that, the beds can serve different people, including kids, teens, college students, and adults. Just ensure to pick the right mattress for your needs.

The Linenspa 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress has a firm feel. It’s also responsive, breathable, and relives pressure. However, this notable Linenspa mattress is not best suited for home use as it deteriorates faster. But if you have a hostel or want a bed for AirAirbnb, it can make a perfect mattress.  


Question: Is Linenspa a good mattress?

Answer: Considering the price and features that it comes with, Linenspa is a good mattress. This is because it has multiple options to pick from; it sleeps excellent, responsive, and affordable. Most hybrid mattresses are pretty expensive but slightly better than Linenspa.

Question: Which Linenspa mattress is the best for kids?

Answer: The best Linenspa mattress for kids is the Linenspa 5-inch gel memory foam mattress. Unlike other Linenspa beds, this mattress will contour to your kid’s body and relieve pressure. Besides, the mattress is not very responsive, which is suitable for kids who love changing in bed.  

Question: How long does a Linenspa mattress take to off-gas?

Answer: Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Linenspa bed may take up to 84 hours to fully off-gas. However, most Linenspa beds don’t take long to off-gas as they have coils or springs in their support core. Air circulates through the coil and helps the gas to dissipate faster.

Question: What bed frames are the best for Linenspa 8-inch mattress?

Answer: If you have acquired the Linenspa mattress, you should never use a box spring. Nevertheless, Linenspa recommends placing your bed on a wooden frame, platform, or even metal. You can also place your mattress on a solid surface.

Question: Where are Linenspa mattresses made?

Answer: Linenspa mattresses are made in China. Therefore, the quality of the foam used is questionable, which is why many people don’t trust their mattresses. Nonetheless, this explains why Linenspa mattresses are cheaper than most hybrid beds on the market.

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