Tempur-pedic and Purple are some of the most popular beds on the market. Tempur-pedic has been on the market for several years now, while Purple is a new brand. Both of them offer various types of mattresses that will appeal to different kinds of sleepers. Read this Tempur-pedic VS Purple Mattress Comparison to find out the features differences between them.

These two brands have both memory foam and hybrid mattresses. They also come in different firmness ratings, which makes them ideal for all types of sleepers. You will also get a free trial period from both brands and a 10-year warranty.

Comparison Chart: Tempur-pedic VS Purple Mattress




Materials Tempur memory foam Hyper-elastic polymer and poly foams
Cover stretch fabric cover Viscose, lycra, and polyester
Durability at least 6 years at least 7 years
Firmness Medium Medium-firm
Off-Gassing 24 hours to 48 hours less than 24 hours
Trial period 90 nights 100 nights
Warranty 10 year limited warranty 10 year limited warranty
Price: Tempur-pedic VS PurpleCheck Today’s Price Purple VS Tempur-pedicCheck Today’s Price


If you’re undecided about which mattress to pick, continue reading this review to find out.

Tempur-pedic VS Purple Mattress Features Comparison


Knowing how the mattress is constructed helps you to see if it will last longer or not. That’s why we want to compare how the Tempur-pedic Cloud and Purple mattresses are made.

Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress Construction

The Tempur-pedic Cloud is a bed-in-a-box mattress. It is made from all-foam layers; thus, it is perfect for isolating motion. On top of the bed is a stretch fabric cover, which is breathable and soft to touch. It’s followed by two layers of the Tempur memory foam. These can be found in the comfort layer. The first memory foam layers deliver exceptional contouring that results in relieving pressure. In comparison, the second memory foam layer is slightly firmer and provides additional support to the sleeper for a comfortable night’s sleep. Together, they isolate motion entirely.

Below the two Tempur memory foam layers is a thick layer of dense polyfoam. This is also the base and supports the core of the mattress. It offers support to the weight of the sleepers and layers above it.
Tempur-pedic Cloud MattressCheck Today’s Price

Original Purple mattress Construction

The Purple mattress is also an all-foam mattress. It comes in one firmness option, which is medium-firm. On top of the mattress is a polyester-viscose blended fabric cover. This is a breathable and soft cover that makes the bed cool. No heat is trapped as the polyester material dissipates heat.

The bed boasts of two layers of Purple Grid in the comfort layer. The Purple Grid technology is a grid of hyper-elastic polymer that makes the bed responsive and bouncy. It as well as feature an open cell structure that allows the bed to sleep cool. Underneath the Purple mattress is the polyfoam layer that supports the Purple Grid technology.

Due to its unique construction, this bed can accommodate all types of sleepers, even though it’s a medium-firm mattress.
Original Purple MattressCheck Today’s Price


After knowing which materials the bed comes with, you can now know which bed is more durable than the other. Looking at these two mattresses, the Purple mattress is more durable than the Tempur-pedic mattress. This is because of the unique Purple Grid construction that the Purple mattress comes with. The technology is unique and can adapt to different body types without deteriorating quickly. This is not the same as the Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress that comes with memory foam layers.

Memory foam beds are among the least durable beds. This is because memory foam deteriorates quickly than polyfoam and latex foam. If you’re looking for a more durable bed between these two, you’re better off with a Purple mattress. It will give you at least seven years of use, while Tempur-pedic Cloud will provide you with at least six years of service.

If you’re in love with the Tempur-Cloud mattress, you can still extend its lifespan by ensuring only people who weigh 230 pounds and below sleeps on it.


Another critical factor to consider when selecting a mattress is firmness. The firmness of the bed determines whether you sleep soundly or not. Some people prefer a plush feel, while others love a firm feel. Your sleeping position and weight play a significant role in the level of firmness you select.

Lightweight sleepers are better off with a soft feel, while large sleepers are perfect with a firm feel. Both of these beds have varying firmness options. This allows sleepers to select a mattress that best suits their needs.

The Tempur-Cloud mattress comes in a medium feel, while the Original Purple mattress comes in a medium-firm feel. If you think these mattresses are extremely firm or super-soft, both brands have other options. For instance, the Tempur-pedic has soft and firm beds, while the Purple mattress also offers medium beds.

The Tempur-Cloud mattress has a firmness rating of 5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10, while the Purple mattress has a rating of 6 on the same scale. If you enjoy resting on your back or stomach, you will prefer the Purple mattress, as it’s more supportive. But if you enjoy sleeping on your side, the Tempur-Cloud bed is the choice for you.

Pressure relief

Some people sleep with difficulty because their mattresses are too stiff or too soft. If you sink deeper into the bed, you will wake up feeling pain in your back and neck, and if you sleep on the bed, you will feel body aches. Therefore, it is crucial to get a bed that relieves pressure instead of increasing pressure in your body’s pressure points.

Both Tempur-pedic Cloud and Purple mattresses are excellent at relieving pressure. However, the Purple mattress is slightly better than the Tempur-Cloud mattress. What makes the Purple mattress better is the Purple Grid Technology that contours to the sleeper’s body, giving the sleeper a cushiony feel. On top of that, the polyfoam below the Purple Grid layers supports the sleeper and prevents them from sinking further.

On the contrary, the Tempur-Cloud mattress provides slightly above-average pressure relief. Thanks to the Tempur memory foam that provides proper alignment to the sleeper’s body. But unlike Purple mattress, Tempur cannot support all types of sleepers, such as stomach and larger sleepers. That’s why Purple mattress is better than Tempur-Cloud when it comes to offering pressure relief.

Motion isolation

Movements on the bed can distract your sleep. Different mattresses perform differently when it comes to isolating pressure. Some are good at minimizing motion, while others are poor. The mattress’s material plays a huge role in whether there is motion transfer or not. Memory foam isolates motion better than latex or polyfoam.

Tempur-Cloud and Purple mattresses do an excellent job of isolating motion. However, Tempur-Cloud is slightly better than Purple mattress in this category. Thanks to the memory foam layer that the mattress comes with. The two Tempur memory foam layers make sure very little motion is transferred from one end of the bed to another. Even though the Purple Grid layer isolates motion, it does not separate it better than memory foam. Also, the Purple Grid makes the bed to be somehow responsive, which may transfer motion to some extent.

If you have a partner who changes excessively in bed, you will love the Tempur-Cloud memory foam bed. But this doesn’t mean that the Purple mattress isn’t great at isolating motion.

Edge Support

A mattress with good edge support makes moving in and out of bed to be easy and seamless. But if the edge is weak, you may even be afraid to sleep near the edge. Therefore, it’s crucial to test the edges of the bed and find out if the mattress provides support or not.

Typically, memory foam mattresses have weak edge support because they lack reinforced edges. On the other hand, hybrid and innerspring mattresses offer the best edge support as they have reinforced edges.

When it comes to the Tempur-Cloud and Purple mattresses, both of these beds are lacking in this category. This is because they do not feature coils or innerspring in their structure. Regardless, the Original Purple mattress is slightly supportive than the Tempur-Cloud mattress. This is because of its Purple Grid technology.

Overall, both of these mattresses are not good for individuals looking for a bed with strong edge support. Irrespective of the mattress you select, you should expect it to sink when you sit on it or roll-off off the bed when you sleep on the edge of the bed.


Some people sleep hot, and that’s why it’s crucial to get a breathable mattress. Memory foam beds are famous for trapping heat; hence, they are not suitable for hot sleepers. Hybrid and innerspring beds sleep the coolest because of their breathable cores.

If you’re a hot sleeper or just want a mattress that sleeps cool, consider getting a hybrid mattress. These beds don’t trap heat; instead, they dissipate heat.

In terms of temperature neutrality, the Purple Grid mattress beats the Tempur-Cloud, hands down. Thanks to its Purple Grid technology that makes the bed breathable and allows it to sleep cool. In contrast, the Tempur-Cloud mattress is made of memory foam, which traps heat and sleeps hot. Many users have complained about the Tempur-Cloud trapping heat, making it undesirable for hot sleepers.

The main reason why the Tempur-Cloud traps heat is because of its close contouring to the sleeper’s body. This prevents enough air from circulating through the bed; thus, it ends up retaining a lot of heat.


Different partners will have varying needs when it comes to sex. Some partners prefer a bouncy and responsive surface, while others want a mattress with excellent traction. Also, most partners like quieter beds as they are more discreet than those that make noise during intimacy.

These two beds are both virtually silent, which makes them perfect for sex. However, the Tempur-Cloud mattress is awful, as it does not have the bounciness or responsiveness that most partners love. But it has got excellent traction, which is vital for changing position so that you don’t feel trapped in bed.

Unlike Tempur-Cloud mattress, Purple mattress is very responsive and has some bounciness. Thanks to the Purple Grid technology that has made this possible. Therefore, a Purple mattress is the better bed for sex as couples can easily change positions, and it has the bouncy feel that they love. Besides, the bed is also virtually silent; thus, it will not create any unnecessary attention.


As stated above, having a quiet mattress is very crucial, especially for partners. Some beds, such as innerspring and hybrid mattresses, normally make noise when bearing noise. This is quite challenging as they cannot have discreet intimacy when people are in the house. Nonetheless, memory foam mattresses are virtually silent as they do not have any metal components in their structure.

Both the Tempur-Cloud and Purple mattress excel in this category. If you love total silence when turning, moving in, or moving out of bed, you will love both of these beds. Like all other all-foam mattresses, these two beds are silent and won’t announce your arrival.

Therefore, we have a tie when it comes to noise. The Purple Grid technology is made of hyper-elastic polymer, so don’t expect it to make noise.


It is usual for most bed-in-a-box mattresses to off-gas. This is very common with foam mattresses, as they feature volatile organic compounds that they release when unboxed. However, some beds have very unpleasant smells that may last for more than days, while others take a few hours to off-gas.

Purple and Tempur-Cloud both feature foam in their structures. When these beds are unboxed, you should expect both of them to off-gas. The polyfoam layer in the Purple mattress will produce the VOCs, while the memory foam and polyfoam layers in the Tempur-Cloud bed will produce gases.

Nonetheless, the gas produced by Tempur-Cloud will be slightly stronger than that produced by Purple mattress. This is because Tempur-pedic Cloud has more layers that release VOCs in the air than Purple mattress.

Therefore, it will take more time for the Tempur-Cloud to get rid of the gas than Purple. But if placed n a well-ventilated room, it should take between 24 hours to 48 hours. On the other hand, it should take Purple mattress less than 24 hours to be fit for sleeping.


Most of today’s mattresses have an online presence but not a physical presence. As a result, this limits people as they cannot try out their choice of a mattress before purchasing. However, this is not a hindrance as most brands offer trial periods for customers to try out the beds.

Even though physical stores are cool, trial periods are even better. Physical stores allow you to test the mattress of choice for only a few minutes, but trial periods give you months to know if the bed is perfect for you.

The Purple Mattress features a 100-night free trial, which is excellent. However, they have a mandatory break-in period of 21 nights, which is somehow inconvenient if you want to return the mattress before this period.

Tempur-Cloud comes with a 90-night free trial period. This is equivalent to three months. Unlike Purple, it has a 30-night break-in period. This is kind of harsh to the client as some may find it undesirable within 14 days, but they will have to wait for 30 days before returning it.

Generally, Purple has a better trial period as it comes with 10 more nights than Tempur-Cloud, and it has a shorter break-in period of 21 days compared to 30 days.


Tempur-Cloud ships for free to 48 contiguous states. This means clients from places like Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will have to pay for their beds shipped. Besides, buyers will not get services like white glove delivery or old mattress removal. However, some high-end Tempur-pedic mattresses come with this service.

Original Purple mattress also ships for free to 48 contiguous states. Therefore, customers from Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will have to pay a small fee to deliver their beds. Additionally, they do not provide white glove delivery or old mattress removal services. If you desire these services, you will have to contact someone else.


Both of these mattresses are constructed using some of the best materials on the market. The Purple mattress comes with Purple Grid, while Tempur-Cloud comes with Tempur memory foam. Nevertheless, the price is very different as the Purple mattress is way cheaper compared to the Tempur-Cloud bed. Size doesn’t matter as all Tempur-Cloud sizes are costlier than Purple mattress sizes.

Tempur has an excellent reputation that it has created for several decades, while Purple is still a new brand. If you’re ready to pay more for a more reliable and trusted brand, then Tempur is the way to go.


Tempur-Cloud mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The guarantee covers faults in materials and workmanship. However, the client will have to take care of shipping charges.

Purple Mattress as well as comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty also covers defects in material and workmanship. But unlike Tempur-pedic, Purple comes with two warranties – one for the mattress’s cover and another for the bed. The 10-year warranty is for the mattress, while the cover comes with a 2-year warranty.

About Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-pedic was established way back in 1991. It’s the pioneer of memory foam mattresses and has some of the best memory foam beds. The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are ideal for relieving pressure, cushioning, and isolating motion. It has many mattresses on offer, which include memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Some of the popular models include the Tempur-pedic Cloud, Tempur-Adapt, Tempur-Adapt Hybrid, Tempur-LuxeAdapt, Tempur-ProAdapt, and much more.

About Purple

Purple is another top online bed. It was established in 2015 and has quickly gained popularity because of its unique Purple Grid Technology. Aside from the exceptional technology, Purple mattresses are affordable and come in medium or medium-firm alternatives. Purple has three varying models to select from, which are Purple mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier.

In this comparison review, our focus will be on the Tempur-pedic Cloud and Original Purple mattress. Find out which bed suits your needs and demands.

Pros of the Tempur-pedic mattress

Cons of the Tempur-pedic mattresses

Pros of the Purple mattress

Cons of the Purple mattresses

Who should buy a Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress?

Who should buy a Purple mattress?

Final Decision: Purple or Tempur-pedic mattress?

The Tempur-pedic and Purple mattresses are two exceptional brands with great beddings. They also offer well-built, comfortable, durable, and pressure-relieving beds for different sleepers. With various mattresses to choose from, you can always find a perfect mattress for your needs.

However, the Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress is best suited for people looking for an affordable and luxurious bed. On the contrary, the Purple mattress is ideal for people searching for a breathable and pressure-relieving mattress. Most sleepers can use both beds as they fall within the medium firmness range. Take your time and select the best mattress for a cool night’s sleep. I hope that this Tempur-pedic VS Purple Mattress comparison article has given you a clear idea about these two mattresses.


Question: What are the similarities between the Tempur-pedic and Purple mattresses?

Answer: Despite these beds differing in construction and design, they have a lot of things that they share. These are as follows:

Question: What are the differences between the Tempur-pedic and Purple mattresses?


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