Finding the perfect mattress is never easy, as there are hundreds and hundreds of mattresses online. To settle on the best mattress for your needs and budget, you need to compare them head-to-head to discover which one outdoes the other. You have to compare the features, performance, and prices of some of the best mattresses before making up your mind. In this Casper VS Helix mattress article, we’ll be comparing the Casper and Helix mattresses.

Helix and Casper are two exceptional bed-in-a-box mattress companies. Casper was established in 2014, while Helix was established in 2015. These two brands have several beds to their name, but Helix has a wide range of beds to select from than Casper. Casper’s flagship mattress is Casper Mattress or Casper Original, while Helix has six different hybrid beds to its name. With this Casper VS Helix mattress comparison, we’ve simplified your work so that you can easily choose the best mattress.

Comparison Chart: Casper VS Helix Mattress

Feature Casper Mattress Helix Mattress
Construction: 4 layers 4-5 layers
Firmness Level: Medium (Available in one firmness level) Customizable (Soft, Medium, Firm)
Comfort: Zoned Support for targeted pressure relief Customized comfort based on sleep preferences
Motion Transfer: Minimal motion transfer due to foam construction Minimal motion transfer with wrapped coils
Edge Support: Average edge support Enhanced edge support with reinforced perimeter
Trial Period: 100-night 100-night
Cooling: AirScape foam for improved breathability Breathable cover and foams for temperature regulation
Shipping: Free shipping in the contiguous US Free shipping in the contiguous US
Customization: Not available Customizable based on sleep quiz results
Suitable For: All sleeping positions (back, side, stomach, and combo) All sleeping positions (customized to preference)
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty 10-year limited warranty

Choosing any of these mattresses is not an easy feat as they both have several beds to offer. Casper offers Casper Original, Casper Hybrid, Casper Essential, Wave Hybrid, and Nova Hybrid. On the other hand, Helix offers Helix Moonlight, Helix Sunset, Helix Dusk, Helix Midnight luxe, Helix Dawn, Helix Twilight, and Helix Midnight mattress. Picking a Luxury mattress from Helix is slightly straightforward as they have a sleep quiz that the customer fills to land the best bed for their body and sleeping position.

Features Comparison Between Helix VS Casper Mattress


Our detailed comparison of the Casper vs. Helix Mattress will guide you and help you make an informed choice. Read on to find out which bed is best suited for your needs.

The materials used to construct a mattress plays a huge part in the overall comfort of the bed. It determines durability, firmness, feel, temperature control, pressure relief, and safety. That’s why we will start looking at how these two beds are constructed.

Casper Mattress Construction

We will narrow it down to the Casper Original Mattress since we cannot cover all the Casper mattresses. The Casper Mattress comes rolled in a box. The bed is 11-inches in thickness with three mixed memory foam comfort layers. The top cover is made of soft polyester, which is a durable material.

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The first layer is the company’s special blended foam, which forms the comfort layer. The layer gives the mattress its bounce, but it also cradles the sleeper to relieve pressure. It is also breathable, making the bed to sleep cool.

The next layer is the transitional layer. This layer gives support to the center of the body. Additionally, this layer helps your body to align correctly for added comfort.

The base layer, which is also the final layer, features high-density support foam. This layer supports the layers above it and ensures that the sleeper doesn’t sink too deep into the mattress.

Helix Construction

Helix has various hybrid mattresses to its name. Most of the beds are built the same with a few variations.

The Helix hybrid mattress comes rolled in a box and takes a few days to off-gas and expand compared to Casper Mattress. If you answer their quiz, you will get a mattress with a feel and color that you love, but the components will stay the same across the board.

Unlike the Casper Mattress and Layla Hybrid beds, the Helix bed comes with two covers. The first cover is made of removable polyester that you can wash in a washing machine. The second cover is not removable and is made of a breathable jersey knit.

Every Helix Hybrid Mattress comes with four layers. However, the layers vary according to the Helix Mattress model that you choose. To make things easier for you, we narrowed it down to one of their popular hybrid models – the Helix Dusk Mattress.

Helix Dusk Mattress features the Company’s Dynamic Foam as the first transition layer. This layer is bouncy and breathable. The second layer is the transition foam, which helps body contouring and spinal alignment. Next is the third layer, which is also the support core with pocketed coils. It gives the mattress its bounciness and responsiveness. Last but not least, we’ve got the base layer. This is made of high-density polyfoam that supports the coils, top layers, and the sleeper.


Apart from just considering how the mattress is constructed, it is also vital to know if it’s durable or not. Some beds may have quality materials, but they may be poorly made.

Both Casper and Helix Mattresses are durably made to last between 6 and 8 years. As usual, hybrid mattresses last longer than memory foam mattresses. The longevity of your bed will depend on the Casper or Helix model that you choose.

Casper mattresses will have the most significant variations in durability as the bed, such as the Casper Nova hybrid bed, will have a better lifespan than Casper Wave Hybrid or Casper Original. On the other hand, all Helix Mattress models will have an almost similar lifespan as they feature the same materials.

If you were to select the most durable mattress between the two, Helix would stand out, but some Casper models like Wave Hybrid may last longer than most Helix mattresses.


The firmness of the mattress determines if you sleep comfortably or with stress. Helix has various mattress types to choose from; mattress offers different firmness options that range across different sleepers. This is not the same case with Casper mattresses.

Helix mattresses have a firmness that ranges from plush to firm. The softest mattress has a rating of 2 and the firmest 8 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. On the contrary, the Casper Mattress has a few mattresses with a limited firmness range of between 3 and 6 (medium firm). This means that you will not get a very plush bed or a very firm bed.

Pressure relief

It has to conform to your body and align your spine properly for a mattress to relieve pressure. And since Casper Mattress is made of memory foam, you will get better pressure relief from Casper Original Mattress than any other Helix mattress. Its mixed foam support layer is ideal for deep compression and correct spine alignment. Hybrid mattresses are not good at offering pressure relief, but Helix features considerable foam layers that help alleviate pressure to most back and stomach sleepers. Also, lightweight sleepers will feel relief pressure on the plusher Helix mattresses.

Even though Casper relieves pressure better than Helix and affordable Linenspa Mattress, not all sleepers will enjoy this bed. This is because it has limited medium firmness options for all sleepers. For instance, Heavyweight stomach and back sleepers will notice slightly increased pressure when they sleep on the firmest Casper mattresses. This is because such people need a firmness of at least 7 or more, while the firmest Casper bed is at 6.

Motion isolation

Another area where Casper excels better than Helix is isolating motion. All-foam Casper mattresses like Casper Original are outstanding at isolating motion. On the other hand, Helix mattresses are very responsive; thus, they provide slightly above-average motion isolation.

If you want a bed that isolates motion exceptionally well, then a memory foam mattress such as Casper bed, Bear Athletes mattress, and Simmons Beautyrest should be your choice. This is more important to partners who desire little to no disturbance while taking a nap.

Edge support

So Helix vs Casper mattress: which mattress offers better edge support? This is one of the least considered features when buying a mattress. Having a bed with strong zoned support allows you to comfortably sit along the edge or even lie on the mattress’s entire surface.

Helix excels in this area as it features a reinforced perimeter. This means sleepers can sit along the edge without sinking or even sleep on the bed’s entire surface without rolling off. Casper may have generous edge support, but it will sink after a short while. So if you want a zoning support system, you should get a Helix bed.

Temperature neutrality

Many people sleep hot on their mattresses because of the materials the mattress is made of. Before you acquire a bed, ensure that it has substances that don’t trap heat if you sleep hot. For example, hybrid beds are known to sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses. This is because the coils and breathable covers allow free airflow. On the other hand, most memory foam traps heat, which makes the mattress sleep slightly hot.

Most Casper mattresses sleep hot, apart from the hybrid ones. But if the Casper Hybrid beds are compared to Helix mattresses, Helix still carries the day. Helix beds feature pocketed coil in their support core, but they also feature a breathable cover, making them sleep even cooler.


An excellent bed for sex should be bouncy and responsive so that couples can change positions quickly and have fun. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses, such as the Casper Original, are not as sensitive as Helix hybrid mattresses. Also, this bed is less responsive. As a result, the Helix hybrid bed is the better bed for sex as it allows partners to change positions and give them the springy feel that makes sex fun.


Hybrid and innerspring beds, including Eco Terra and Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses, are known for making noise when sleepers get in and out of bed. If you hate noisy beds, then you should stay away from Helix mattresses. These mattresses may produce a creaky or squeaky sound, depending on your activity on the bed. On the other hand, Casper mattresses made of all foam are virtually silent. You won’t hear any sound when the mattress is bearing weight. Also, the Casper Original bed may be perfect for partners who want total privacy as they do their thing.


Off-gassing is typical with all bed-in-a-box mattresses. Since these mattresses are compressed in a box, they need time to expand and unleash the gas of chemicals used in their construction. But one thing is for sure; hybrid mattresses off-gas quickly than memory foam mattresses.

So, expect the Helix mattress to off-gas quicker than Casper Original Mattress. Thanks to the coil system in their structure, that allows the free flow of air. On the other hand, Casper is made of all-foam, which takes time to dissipate the gas. To get rid of the off-gassing smell, you can use a Molecule Air-Engineered mattress.

Trial period

Both Casper and Helix mattresses come with a 100-nights free trial period. However, the free trial periods differ as one brand has a mandatory break-in period. The Casper Mattress offers a free trial period without a break-in period. This means you can return the mattress after a day, two days, a week, or before the 100 nights elapse.

Helix also comes with the free 100-nights trial period, but they have a mandatory 30-night break-in period. This means that you cannot return the mattress until you have slept on it for 30-nights.


Casper ships its mattresses for free to the contiguous US and Canada. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and other overseas territories will have to pay an additional fee. The mattresses ship within five days of placing the order.

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Helix ships its mattresses for free to all 50 US states. Customers based in Canada and other overseas territories will have to pay an additional fee. The company ships beds within five to ten business days. Thus, it takes a little bit longer than Casper. Both companies offer white glove delivery and old mattress removal services at a fee.


In terms of price, these brands compete favorably, with some models being expensive than others. Things that determine prices are mattress materials of construction and profile. Also, it varies of different mattress sizes such as King, queen, California King, XL, Twin XL, etc.


Both Helix and Casper Mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty is non-prorated, which means you won’t have to pay a single fee apart from shipping and transportation fees. In addition, they cover defects in material and workmanship. But if you want a lifetime warranty, you should get the most popular Puffy mattress.

From our Helix vs Casper mattress comparison article, you have got all the technical information about these two popular mattress models. Now let’s check some advantages which I listed below.

Pros of the Casper Mattress

Pros of the Helix Mattress

Who should buy the Casper Mattress?  

Who should buy the Helix Mattress?

Final Decision: Which is Better? Casper or Helix mattress?

Both Casper and Helix are two exceptional online mattress brands. They have several similarities in terms of price, firmness, responsiveness, and much more. One of their main difference is in the way they are made. The Casper Mattress is an all-foam bed, while the Helix Mattress is a hybrid bed. Apart from that, both mattresses have notable features that distinguish them from the other. Casper is excellent at motion transfer and quietness, while Helix is a mattress ideal for side sleepers. In addition, it is famous for providing strong zoned support and a bouncy bed.

In terms of price, these mattresses compete favorably, and it depends on your preference. Also, they have the same trial period and warranty. With such a close matchup, the final decision depends on your choice and preference. Regardless of which bed you choose, you can go wrong with your choice as they are both quality beds.

Still, have questions after reading this Casper VS Helix mattress review? Comment below.

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