If you’re looking for a high-quality latex hybrid bed at an affordable price, your search ends here! The Happsy Organic Mattress is among the best latex hybrid mattresses. Many high-quality latex mattresses sell at a high price, making it impossible for some people to afford them. Happsy Mattress has made this possible by offering the same quality bed at a lower price. Thanks hugely to the fact that Happsy Mattress manufactures its coils system and outsources its latex. So, there is no need for buying from third parties, which results in costly materials. Read this Happsy mattress reviews to know more about this hybrid mattress.

Happsy Mattress was launched in 2017, and they only have one mattress at the moment. Additionally, the company specializes in products made of organic materials. Today, we’ll review the Happsy Organic Mattress. Like Brentwood Home mattress, this is a latex hybrid mattress that comes with GOLS-certified natural latex and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Besides, it also has organic wool batting and an 8-inch pocketed spring layer. In total, all of these layers make up a 10-inch bed. But if you decide to add the organic pillowtop option, you get a 12-inch mattress. You will find all information in this Happsy mattress reviews article that you should know.

Technical Specifications of the Happsy Mattress



Happsy Mattress

Thickness: 12 inches
Firmness: medium firm
Cover: 100% organic cotton
Next Layer: organic latex
Support Layer: pocketed springs
Below cover: natural wool batting
Durability: between 7 and 8 years
Warranty: 20-year warranty
Shipping: free to all the 50 states in the country
Off-gassing: minimal
Trial period: 120-nights free sleep trial period
Fits for: back and stomach sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or more
Temperature Neutrality:  Cool
Pricing: Relatively cheap
Certification: GOLS and GOTS certified

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Without wasting more time, let’s look at the features, performance, pros, and cons of the Happsy Latex Hybrid Mattress.

Happsy Organic Cotton Mattress Reviews

We’ve compiled detailed Happsy mattress reviews so that you can easily find the best mattress for your needs. Read our review to the end before concluding.



The Happsy Mattress is constructed like any other hybrid bed but with organic materials. The cover is made of 100% organic cotton. This enables the sleeper to sleep soundly and healthier. Below the cover is the natural wool batting. The wool makes the mattress breathable and contours to the sleeper’s body. To some extent, the bed helps to relieve pressure. What’s more, the organic cover is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  

The next layer is a 2-inch organic latex. This is the comfort layer of the mattress, and it gently contours the sleeper’s body, helping them to sleep ‘on’ the bed. At the same time, it relieves most sleepers’ pressure; thus, helping them to recover. The organic latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

The support layer features 8-inches pocketed springs, which gives the bed its bounce. The pocketed springs and the organic wool allow the bed to sleep cool as there is free air circulation. The Head dissipates quickly, and the temperature is properly regulated throughout the night.

Finally, there is also an organic cotton encasement that the springs lie on to prevent them from damaging the cover.

If you don’t want the mattress’s medium-firm feel, they have a mattress topper, which you can buy separately. The Happsy’s Mattress topper is made of organic latex. The 2-inch thick mattress topper is also GOLS-certified. When added to the mattress, it adds 2-inches, making the bed have a thickness of 12-inches instead of 10-inches.  


Since the Happsy Mattress has been in the market for a few years, it is difficult to rate its strength. However, being a latex hybrid mattress, this bed should last between 7 and 8 years. Also, considering the quality of materials utilized in its construction, the mattress should sustain the owner for long before he/she starts to see indentations.

What’s more, latex is more durable than memory foam or any other foam material. Therefore, the mattress should last longer than regular hybrid mattresses.


The firmness of the mattress plays a vital role in how the bed sleeps. Softer beds are known to sleep hot, while firmer beds usually sleep cool. The Happsy mattress is a medium-firm bed. Not only does this bed sleep cool, but it can comfortably accommodate all sleepers. This includes back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers. It has a medium-firm rating of 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

Side sleepers may feel a little bit of garbage when they sleep on this mattress. For the best experience, the manufacturer provides Happsy Mattress Topper. The topper brings a medium-soft feel as it has a rating of 4.5. However, the topper is not free but an additional expense.

Edge Support

Typically, hybrid mattresses like Dreamcloud offer excellent edge support than memory foam and all-foam beds. The Happsy Hybrid Mattress is not an exception. On top of that, it has a thick coil system, which makes it provide better edge support than hybrid beds with a thinner coil system. This mattress features an 8-inch coil support layer, which ensures that the sleeper doesn’t sink too much as they sleep or sit along the bed’s edge.

If you’re looking for a bed with firm edge support, you can’t go wrong with the Happsy Organic Mattress. You can sleep on the entire surface without worrying about rolling off the bed or even tie your shoelaces while seated along the mattress’s edge.  

Motion Isolation

Regardless of this bed being bouncy and very responsive, you can still count on it to isolate motion very well. However, you should expect some movement to be transferred as it is typical for hybrid mattresses. And since this bed comes with latex, it may not absorb motion to a higher degree. Latex is naturally responsive, which means that it cannot isolate motion completely.

According to sleepers, the mattress does isolate motion completely, as many sleepers notice some movement when their partner gets in bed. Therefore, this bed provides slightly above-average motion isolation.

Pressure relief

The Happsy Organi Mattress should provide pressure relief for most sleepers as it has a medium-firm feel. The mattress will conform well on average-weight back and stomach sleepers and poorly on lightweight side sleepers. Also, heavyweight sleepers will feel a slight increase in pressure, but they should feel good overall.

If you’re a lightweight side sleeper, you will be better off by adding the Happsy’s Latex Mattress Topper, which is softer and ideal for side sleepers. Also, most lightweight sleepers will be comfortable sleeping on the softer mattress topper.  

People who weigh more than 130 pounds should feel fantastic and have their pressure relieved on the medium-firm bed. On the other hand, those who weigh less than 130 pounds should be okay sleeping on the mattress topper.

Temperature Neutrality

If you’re a person who usually sleeps hot, Happsy Mattress is a fantastic choice. This is because it is a hybrid mattress, but it also features a latex comfort layer and a pocketed spring layer. Latex usually is more breathable than memory foam or polyfoam. The organic latex layer in this mattress sleeps exceptionally cool, which outdoes other hybrid latex mattresses. Also, the pocketed coils and natural cotton cover allow free air movement in and out of bed.

If you usually sleep hot on a bed that traps and retains heat, the Happsy Organic Mattress is the best mattress. However, the mattress may become warmer if you decide to install the Happsy’s Latex Mattress Topper.


If you’re a couple who desires a bouncy and responsive bed for sex, the Happsy Mattress will be an exceptional choice. Thanks to the pocketed coils and bouncy latex surface that makes the bed bouncy and responsive. This means changing positions while having fun with your partner shouldn’t be a problem at all. Besides, you can quickly get in and out of bed without feeling trapped. And with firm edge support, you won’t have to worry about rolling off the bed as you have a fantastic time on the mattress’s entire surface.


As it is with most hybrid mattresses, the Happsy Organic Mattress should make some slight noise. This is because of the pocketed springs in its support core. But since the springs are batted with wool, the noise should be slightly minimal than other hybrid mattresses. Nonetheless, the noise will become more pronounced as the mattresses age.

If you want a quiet bed that won’t create attention as you toss and turn in bed, opts for a memory foam or all foam mattress.


Off-gassing is usual with most bed-in-a-box mattresses. And since the Happsy Hybrid Mattress is one of those beds, it is not an exception. Off-gassing occurs when mattresses are unboxed after receiving the shipment. What’s exciting is that latex mattresses do not produce an overpowering smell like memory foam or polyfoam mattresses. Yes, they are off-gas, but the scent is not strong, and it does not last for long.

Additionally, the Happsy Hybrid Mattress features a pocketed coils system that allows the smell to dissipate faster than all-foam mattresses. The steady air circulation gets rid of the smell quicker, and you can sleep on it after a few hours. However, you will have to stand by as the bed expands, which might take around 24 to 48 hours.

Trial Period

Happsy is a very dedicated company with measures to ensure that buyers get the best services possible. The company offers a 120-night sleep-free trial period. Unlike most mattress companies, they do not have a mandatory break-in period, which is a bonus. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends buyers try out the mattress for the first 30-nights before returning it.

All returned mattresses are either recycled or given away to charity. They don’t charge anything to return the bed as they provide courier services.


Happsy ships its mattresses for free to all the 50 states in the country. But for buyers based in Hawaii or Alaska will charge you a fee to have the mattress delivered. You should receive your bed within 3 to 14 business days from the date of purchase. Note that the company does not provide white glove delivery or old mattress removal services right now. For the fastest delivery, order The Loom & Leaf mattress that offers white glove delivery.


When compared to other high-quality hybrid mattresses, the Happsy Mattress is relatively cheap. Therefore, you get value for money. But if you compare them to ordinary mattresses such as memory foam beds or all-foam beds, this bed is slightly costly. Overall, this is an affordable bed considering it is made using quality organic materials.


All buyers of the Happsy Mattress get a 20-year warranty. The only challenge is that the warranty is prorated from the 10th year. So, between years 1 to 10, the warranty is not prorated, but the warranty is prorated from years 10 to 20. During the prorated period, you will pay 50% of the mattress’s original sticker price. The prorated percentage increases by 5% from year 12 up to 20.

Pros of the Happsy Mattress

Cons of the Happsy Mattresses

Who should buy the Happys Mattress?  

Who shouldn’t buy the Happsy Mattress?


Generally, the Happsy Hybrid Mattress is among the top hybrid latex mattresses on the market. This bed features organic materials, making it safe and convenient to sleep. The mattress is a medium-firm bed, which is perfect for all sleepers. But if you desire a softer feel, you can add the Happsy’s mattress topper to get a medium-soft surface.  

What’s more, the Happsy Hybrid Mattress matches most of the set standards. So, no need to worry if the bed is safe or not. Additionally, the mattress is affordable, despite featuring quality materials. The buyer gets a 120-nights free sleep trial period and a 20-year warranty. I hope that this Happsy Mattress Reviews article has given you a clear idea about this mattress.


What differentiates Happsy from other Green mattresses?

Happsy Hybrid Mattress is made from non-flammable retardants. This means that it does not feature any flame retardant chemicals or flame barriers of any nature, such as PBDEs, boric acid, etc. Also, it does not contain glues or adhesives anywhere in its layers. Finally, the Happsy Mattress is 100% certified as it meets the strict standards of organic and non-toxic substances. That’s why Happsy is known as an eco-friendly green mattress.

What other products does Happsy Mattress sell?

Aside from the Happsy Hybrid Mattress, Happsy also sells an organic mattress topper, natural foundation, organic sheet set, pillows, and organic mattress pad. If you want to have the best comfort on this mattress, consider buying these items to make your bed more comfortable and also to protect it.

Does the Happsy Mattress feature zones?

No, it doesn’t. Many hybrid mattresses come with zones, but the Happsy Mattress doesn’t. Happsy wants to ensure that every individual is comfortable as people have different needs. Mattresses with zones do not consider things like the height and weight of different sleepers. That’s why Happsy mattress comes with even support throughout its bed.

Does the mattress sleep hot or cool?

Happsy Mattress sleeps cool. Thanks to the breathable oil system, organic wool, and organic cotton construction. All of these materials help air to circulate freely within the mattress. As a result, no heat will be trapped; thus, the mattress ends up sleeping cool.

Do I need to flip this mattress?

No, this is not a flippable mattress like Layla. Happsy Mattress should not be flipped, but you can rotate it every six months. This helps the mattress to age evenly. This means there will be no uneven surfaces if you tend to sleep on one side of the bed. 

Still, have questions after reading this Happsy mattress review? Comment below.

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