Are you searching for a high-quality and dependable hybrid bed at an affordable price? The Amore Hybrid mattress has the features that you can desire in a quality hybrid mattress. Amore is a new online mattress brand located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company has a showroom in Chicago where you can see the mattress and feel it. But if you don’t live in Chicago or don’t have the time to visit the showroom, they can deliver the bed and test it within 100 nights. Read our Amore mattress reviews to know more about this brand.

All in all, this review about the Amore mattress will help you to make an informed choice. Amore has several beds on offer, such as Amore Foam Flippable, Amore Hybrid, Amore Luxury Hybrid, and Amore Natural mattresses. All of these beds are made with quality materials to provide durability and comfort. Nonetheless, our attention will be on the Amore Hybrid Mattress. You will find all information in this Amore mattress reviews article that you should know.

Technical Specifications of the Amore Mattress


Amore Mattress

Materials: all-natural
Firmness: select a firmness level according to your body weight
Durability: between 6 and 8 years
Layers: variety of layers
Pricing: Cheaper
Shipping: free shipping countrywide with Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico
Motion Isolation: Not very good
Designed for: different sleepers
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Trial period: 100-night free
Temperature Neutrality: sleeps cool
Warranty:  15-year warranty
Edge Support: Excellent
Noise: may make squeaks or screech
Price: Amore Mattress ReviewsCheck Price on Amazon


Amore Mattress Reviews in 2024

We’ve compiled detailed Amore Mattress Reviews so that you can easily find the best mattress for your needs. Read our review to the end before concluding.



The Amore Hybrid mattress is built to deliver comfort and support to the sleeper. It features some of the most excellent materials that ensure longevity and comfort. The bed is 12-inches in thickness and has 4-inch coils in its structure.

The mattress boasts of a variety of layers that offer comfort and make sure that it sleeps cool. First and foremost, it has organic cotton or copper-ion fabric cover. On top of that, it also comes with a thermo-regulating natural wool blend for excellent comfort. This foam is followed by FusionFlex proprietary comfort foam layer that makes the bed breathable as it wicks away moisture.

A vital layer of this bed is the graphite-infused memory foam layer. This layer allows the spine to align naturally; besides, it offers optimal pressure-point relief to the sleeper. Next is the transition layer. This layer helps the body to transition from the softer layers to the more supportive layers. What’s more, it allows heat to pass through and for the sleeper to sleep cool. The transition layer is made of hyper-contouring open-cell transition form.

After the transition layer, you get the high-density support foam. This layer helps to distribute the weight on the bed evenly and offers targeted lumbar support. It is followed by individually wrapped support coils that support every inch of your body. Furthermore, the coils allow the free circulation of air and reinforce the edges. Finally, we have got the base layer, which is made of an ultra-supportive foam base. This layer supports the weight and layers on top of it.


This is one of the vital features to look at when picking a mattress of your choice. Some people may prefer an okay bed, but others will want a long-lasting bed. If you intend to use the mattress for a short while, there is no need to go for a durable bed. But if you want to utilize the bed for many years, then quality matters.

The Amore mattress is well built with eco-friendly and quality materials. The foam is both Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified. On the other hand, the coils are made out of steel. With this construction, expect the mattress to last for a long while. On average, hybrid beds last somewhere between 6 and 8 years. But since this bed is still new in the market, we cannot specify how long it will last before experiencing indentations.


If you want to sleep comfortably and align your spine correctly, you’ve to consider a mattress’s firmness. The Amore Bed allows different sleepers to select the perfect bed for their weight. It has soft, medium, and firm options. Aside from that, it has some Queen and King-size mattresses with dual-firmness. The soft mattress has a rating of 4, the medium-firm has a rating of 5.5, and the firm bed has a rating of 7. All of these ratings are on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

Take your time and select a firmness level according to your body weight. Lightweight sleepers will be better off with a soft bed. Average-weight sleepers will enjoy the 5.5 firmness rating, while heavyweight sleepers will like the firm bed. Additionally, back and stomach sleepers will sleep comfortably on the firm mattress, while side sleepers will prefer the medium or medium-firm beds depending on their weight.

Pressure relief

Having a mattress that relieves pressure is crucial for a refreshing night’s sleep. However, most hybrid beds do not relieve pressure ideally as they don’t conform to the sleeper’s body. Amore hybrid mattress is slightly different as most sleepers will feel relieved. It depends on the bed that they choose. Lightweight sleepers will feel relief when they sleep on the medium mattress, while heavyweight sleepers will feel relieved when they sleep on the firm bed.

This is thanks to the considerable foam layers that this bed comes with. If you select the right mattress for your weight and sleeping position, your body will align well and get the relief that you desire.

Motion isolation

Like most hybrid mattresses, the Amore mattress is not very good at isolating motion. Nevertheless, it does a better job of isolating motion than Eco Terra hybrid mattresses. This is due to the several layers of foam that the bed features. Hence, if you’re a couple searching for a bouncy and responsive bed but also does an excellent job of isolating motion, you will enjoy the Amore Hybrid bed.

Several users have said that the bed transfers motion to some extent and cannot be entirely relied on by individuals who don’t want any motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner who adjusts a lot in bed, there is a chance that you will be distracted.

Edge support

Firm edge support is one of the features that make hybrid mattresses stand out. The Amore bed has excellent edge support that can bear weight without sinking too much. This mattress comes with reinforced sides, making the edge durable and not sink like foam mattresses.

As a result, people who love sitting on the mattress’s edge as they tie shoes can feel relaxed. Besides, you can sleep on the entire surface of the bed without the fear of rolling off. Some users have reported rolling off the bed with inadequate edge reinforcement.
Amore Hybrid MattressCheck Price on Amazon

Temperature neutrality

Another crucial feature of hybrid mattresses is how they sleep cool. If you sleep hot, you understand how most all-foam beds can become uncomfortable and unbearable. Unlike all-foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses sleep cool as they have coils in their support core that allow free air circulation.

The Amore Hybrid mattress is not different as it comes with steel coils. These allow free circulation of air in and out of the mattress. Moreover, the mattress boasts of a graphite-infused memory foam layer that wicks away moisture. If that’s not enough, the bed has a breathable cover that dissipates heat. All these features allow this bed to sleep cool, making it ideal for hot sleepers.


If you’re a couple and want a bouncy and responsive bed, the Amore bed is for you. Hybrid beds are very responsive, unlike Vesgantti foam mattresses. The bounciness can be linked to the coils in the support core. Apart from being bouncy, the mattress is also very responsive. This implies that changing positions on the bed is not a problem at all.

Couples looking for a perfect bed for sex will love the Amore hybrid mattress with these two characteristics. The bed will bounce up and down and also allow the users to change positions easily. In short, you will have fun without restrictions or struggles.


In terms of noise, this is not the best mattress for your bedroom. If you’re a person who needs total silence to sleep cool, the Amore hybrid bed is not for you. The coils in the mattress may make squeaks or screech as you turn in bed or move in and out of bed. The noise may become even more noticeable as the bed ages.

What’s more, the mattress may make noise during sex, which is not a good thing. If you’re looking for a virtually silent bed, the Amore luxury hybrid bed is not for you. However, you can consider the Amore Foam Flippable Mattress. This is an all-foam bed that will not make any noise while bearing weight.


Off-gassing is a common problem with most bed-in-a-box mattresses. Since the Amore bed is a bed-in-a-box mattress, it is essential to know if it is off-gassing and how long. Amore hybrid mattress off-asses, but not as much as memory foam or all-foam beds.

When the mattress is unboxed, it may take at least 24 hours to sleep on it. This is better considering all-foam beds take between 24 and 48 hours for the gas to dissipate. The Amore bed is made with lots of natural materials that don’ have dangerous chemicals. As a result, the odor disappears quickly.

Trial period

Having enough time to test a new mattress is vital. It is hard to guess whether a mattress is comfortable or not by just looking at it. And since most online beds have no showrooms for testing, the company must give buyers enough time to try out the mattress.

Amore gives its clients a maximum of 100 nights to try out their beds. Before you return the bed, the brand has set a 30-night mandatory break-in period. This means that you cannot return the Amore mattress before sleeping in it for 30-nights.


Amore is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. You can visit their showroom and check out the bed that you want or buy directly online. The fascinating news is that they ship their beds countrywide with Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Also, they send their beds to Canada. However, buyers from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada will have to pay additional fees. The rest will receive delivery for free.

Unfortunately, Amore does not offer free white glove delivery services. They charge a fee for white glove delivery. However, they do not provide old mattress removal. So, if you’re looking for this service, then you will have to consider another brand.


Amore mattresses are relatively cheap when compared to other high-end beds like Brooklyn Bedding or Dreamcloud. Regardless, they feature some of the best materials on the market that make them stand out. Thus, you get value for your money.


Amore mattresses come with different warranties. Some have 10-years, others 15 years, 20 years, and even 25 years. The Amore Hybrid mattress comes with 15 years warranty. If you find that your bed is damaged or has a defect, you can always have it repaired or replaced.

Pros of the Amore Mattress

Cons of the Amore Mattresses

Who should buy Amore Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy Amore Mattresses?

How does the Amore Hybrid bed compare to other Amore beds?

The Luxury Hybrid bed

The luxury hybrid bed is an improved version of the Amore hybrid bed. This bed is slightly expensive than the Amore hybrid bed. Also, the layers and coils in this bed are much larger than the hybrid bed. Surprisingly, this bed has fewer layers than the hybrid bed. However, the mattress features 6-inch wrapped coils, while the hybrid bed has 4-inch wrapped coils. Additionally, this mattress comes with a better warranty of 20 years, while the hybrid bed comes with a 15-year warranty.

The Flippable bed

The Amore Foam Flippable Mattress is the smallest of all Amore mattresses. This bed has a thickness of 11-inches, which is okay for most foundations. This bed is unique as it is two-sided. You can flip it to experience the firm side or soft side. It depends on your needs and preferences. Unlike the other hybrid mattresses, this mattress is only made of all foam, which means that it is not bouncy. Instead of a support core, this mattress features a high-resilience core construction, which supports the weight above it. What’s more, it features a 10-year warranty, which is the shortest among Amore mattresses.

The Natural bed

The Amore Natural bed is the perfect choice for individuals who want a natural bed. Unlike the Amore beds that we’ve discussed, this mattress features 100% natural Dunlop latex foam, and New Zealand imported organic wool and organic cotton. The materials utilized to build this mattress are eco-INSTUT, OEKO-TEK, and GOTS certified. As a result, the bed is free of all toxic substances; thus, safe to sleep on.

This bed has two options, which include the Amore Natural with pillowTop and Amore Natural Plush. The PillowTop bed is 13-inches in thickness, while the Plush model is 11-inches in thickness. Additionally, this mattress comes with a unique zoned hybrid support system. Among all Amore beds, this mattress has the best warranty of 25 years.

Final Thoughts

The Amore Mattress is one of the best online beds. Even though the mattress has not been in the market for long, they offer some of the best beds. They have all-foam and hybrid beds. However, their most popular beds are Amore Hybrid mattresses. These beds are comfortable, bouncy, breathable, and responsive. They sleep cool and come in different firmness options.

The Amore Hybrid bed is an excellent mattress that retails at a fantastic price. It has three firmness options with a flappable design for added comfort. With a 15-year warranty and a 100-nights free trial period, the Amore Hybrid bed is worth investing in. I hope that this Amore mattress reviews article has given you a clear idea about this online bed.


How long does it take for a buyer to receive their new Amore Mattress?

Like most online beds, Amore beds take approximately 4 to 8 business days to arrive at your doorstep. However, beds are released quite earlier, such as within two or three days of placing your order. The fascinating thing about their delivery is that the mattresses are delivered in a box at your doorstep.

Does Amore offer white glove delivery and old mattress removal?

Unfortunately, Amore does not provide white glove delivery or old mattress removal for its clients. This is disappointing, considering they offer free shipping. Hence, if white glove delivery and old mattress removal services are a must for you, look elsewhere.

How many Amore beds can you return per household?

Amore only allows the return of one bed per household. As a result, if you purchase more than one Amore Mattress for a single home, you may be forced to remain with the other mattresses. So, you should think about this before buying it.

What are the requirements for the return of Amore Mattresses?

Amore requires all buyers or owners of the mattress to sleep on them for at least 30-nights before returning. Apart from that, the company needs a mattress to be in a great state. It should look like a new bed. Therefore, the bed you intend to return should not have blemishes, odors, or even stains. Additionally, it should not have any other sign of damage. Furthermore, the buyer should attach the mattress law tag.

Which bed frames are right for the Amore Mattress?

This bed can be placed on various surfaces such as on a solid foundation, floor, adjustable base, platform bed, box spring, or a slatted foundation. Make sure that the bed frame is new or in good condition to avoid damaging the mattress. This is vital if you want to return the bed after the 30-nights break-in period or before the 100 night trial period ends.

Is the luxury hybrid bed safe to sleep on?

Yes, it is. The Amore Luxury Hybrid Mattress is made with some of the best materials on the market. All foams are both Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified. This means that they are free of dangerous chemicals. Additionally, the natural foam layers do an excellent job of dissipating heat, even better than gel memory foam.

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