Idle Sleep Mattress offers some of the unique mattresses on the market. They have hybrid latex and hybrid memory foam mattress. Also, they have plush memory foam options for buyers who want softer or all-foam mattresses. Their hybrid mattresses are flappable with medium-firm and luxury-firm sides. Nonetheless, they have pure medium-firm and luxury-firm beds that are not flippable. Read this Idle Sleep mattress reviews to know more about this unique mattress.

For the past 20 years now, Idle Sleep Mattress has offered quality, supportive, and comfortable mattresses. With their various beds and designs, this bed-in-a-box company has exceeded the expectations of most online mattresses. Its beds usually focus on providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers. We’ve compiled a detailed Idle Sleep mattress reviews so that you can easily find the best mattress for your needs.

Technical Specifications of the Idle Sleep Mattress


Idle Sleep Mattress

Made of: all-foam and pocketed coil layers
Firmness: medium firm
Cover: Thermocool fabric
First Layer: Idle contouring foam
Next Layer: Idle cooling buoyancy foam
Firmness: medium-firm and luxury-firm
Durability: at least 8 years
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Shipping: free to all the contiguous US states and some parts of Canada
Off-gassing: at least 24 hours
Trial period: 120-nights free sleep trial period
Flippable: Yes
Temperature Neutrality:  Cool
Responsive and Bouncy: Yes
Certification: CertiPUR-US certified

In this Idle Sleep mattress reviews, we’re going to discuss the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress. The bed is made up of a combination of all-foam and pocketed coils. However, we’ll also highlight other Idle Sleep Mattresses, such as Idle Latex Mattresses, Idle Plush Mattress, and Idle Gel Foam Mattress.

Idle Sleep Mattress Reviews in 2024


Continue reading Idle Sleep mattress reviews to find out which bed is best suited for your needs and budget. Note that every mattress is created to meet the specific needs of different sleepers.


The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress is made up of all-foam and pocketed coil layers. Additionally, it has similar layers on the medium-firm and luxury-firm sides of the mattress with the center core featuring pocketed coils. The bed features CertiPUR-US foam layers, meaning it does not comprise ozone depleters, mercury, lead, PBDEs, or even TDCPP.

The cover of the mattress features a Thermocool fabric that functions with the body’s natural capabilities. Hence, it keeps you warm when it’s cold or cool when it’s hot. It is followed by a natural fire-resistant barrier-free of gases, carcinogenic chemicals, HCN, toxins, etc.

This mattress’s first true layer is 1-inch of Idle contouring foam quilted into the cover for added comfort and softness. The next layer is a unique and advanced layer of this bed. It is the 2-inch Idle cooling buoyancy foam. This layer responds quicker than memory foam and delivers better support as well. What’s more, it provides better pressure relief, while still sleeping cool.  

After the buoyancy layer is the 1-inch supportive transition foam layer, which prevents the sleeper from sinking deeper into the bed. Last but not least, we have the 6-inch quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils. These provide exceptional support throughout the mattress surface. What’s more, they help to reduce motion transfer and make the bed have the springy feel.

If you turn the mattress to the other side, you will notice that one side is firmer than the other, but they have the same foam layers.


The Idle Sleep Mattress is sturdily constructed to withstand the test of time. Like most hybrid mattresses, this bed will last for at least eight years before showing signs of indentations. However, its medium-firm and luxury-firm beds will last longer than this flippable design. Therefore, you should consider getting one of those if durability is what you desire most. Nonetheless, this mattress is well-built with some of the best materials for longevity.  


The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress comes with a medium-firm and luxury-firm feel. Since the bed is flappable, you can turn it to a side that you treasure most. The top layers of both sides are soft, as they are made of memory foam. As a result, you will get proper contouring, which will result in comfort and support.

Stomach and back sleepers will love the luxury-firm side, while average-weight sleepers will love the medium-firm side. But if you’re a lightweight individual or love sleeping on your back, you should consider getting a plusher bed as this one is slightly above average.

Edge Support

This is among the exceptional features of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress. Unlike memory foam beds, this mattress comes with a 6-inch quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils that help to reinforce the edges. As a result, the mattress’s sides don’t sink too much when the sleeper sits on them. What’s more, there is no rolling off the bed as there is support on the mattress’s entire surface. If you’re a combination sleeper who loves changing positions, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Motion Isolation

Hybrid beds are not fantastic at isolating motion. But since this mattress features both memory foam and layers and pocketed coils, expect it to prevent motion transfer to a great extent. Many users have complained that this bed transfers motion to some extent. This means that you will distract your partner if you sleep late or get in bed when they are fast asleep. Therefore, we do not highly recommend it for sleepers who want a mattress that isolates motion completely.

Pressure relief

When it comes to relieving pressure, most sleepers will be happy to have this mattress. The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress relieves pressure to a greater extent and most sleepers. Thanks to the top memory foam layers and the cooling buoyancy foam layer. These layers conform to your body according to your spine. Hence, you will feel cozy and get the much-needed support.

Back and stomach sleepers will get the best pressure relief, while lightweight and side sleepers will have increased pressure relief. Side sleepers may also feel uncomfortable as this bed won’t conform to their bodies properly.

Temperature Neutrality

If you sleep hot or want a mattress that sleeps cool, the Idle Hybrid is the perfect bed for you. This mattress is made of cooling buoyancy foam and pocketed coils, which allow free circulation of air. It also has a Thermocool fabric cover, which works with the body’s natural thermal capabilities to keep the sleeper’s body cool or warm. This is an excellent bed with these layers that won’t sleep warm unless the weather is cold.


Most hybrid mattresses are great for sex. This is because they are very bouncy and responsive. Thanks all to the pocketed coils that they come with. The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress is not different, as it is also great for sex.

The bed is bouncy and responsive. Moreover, the sleeper won’t feel suck because of its firm feel. Therefore, couples having sex won’t have issues changing positions on the bed.   


All-foam mattresses are virtually silent, while hybrid mattresses may produce some noise when bearing weight. The Idle Sleep Hybrid bed does make some noise when you get in and out of bed. When you’re having fun on the bed or jumping on the bed, you will hear some squeaky noise. The noise occurs because of the pocketed coils in the support core of the mattress. However, the noise is minimal but may become louder as the bed ages.


Off-gassing is typical for almost all bed-in-a-box mattresses. Nonetheless, the level of gas produced varies from one mattress to another. The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress produces gas, but it is not as strong as other hybrid mattresses. On top of that, the gas produced does not last long as the pocketed coils allow free circulation of air, which helps to get rid of the gas.

After unboxing your bed, you may have to wait for at least 24 hours for the gas to dissipate and the mattress to expand.

Trial Period

Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress comes with an 18-month warranty, which is enough period to know if the mattress is for you. This is one of the best trial periods on the market. What’s more, they don’t have a mandatory break-in period, which is impressive.

Visiting a store is good as you get to sleep on the bed, but testing the mattress for 18 months is exceptional.


Idle Sleep Mattress ships for free to all the contiguous US states and some parts of Canada. But if you’re a buyer from Alaska or Hawaii, you will be charged a small fee to have your bed shipped to your address. Idle Sleep does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal services. After placing your order, you should get this bed within 3 to 5 business days. Nonetheless, if you still want white glove delivery services, the company may contract a third-party to help you.


The Idle Sleep All-foam Hybrid mattress is not as expensive as other high-quality hybrid mattresses. For instance, it is cheaper than the Idle Sleep Latex Mattress. However, hybrid mattresses are usually costly, making it hard for all people to get them. This is mostly because of the pocketed coils that they feature in their core.

Overall, the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress is quite cheap. This is despite the quality feature that it comes with.


The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. This implies that you can return the mattress for repair or replacement of a damaged part. What’s more, if you decide to return the bed, the company won’t charge you anything for returns. Also, the warranty covers indentations, which many mattress companies don’t. Note that the warranty only covers the original purchaser and not a third-party.

Pros of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Cons of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattresses

Who should buy the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress?

Who shouldn’t buy the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress?

How does the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress compare to other Idle Sleep beds?

The Idle Gel Foam Mattress

The Idle Gel Foam Mattress is a sleek and comfortable bed that is best suited for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress has a firmness rating of between 5.5 and 7 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. It is made of all-foam layers, making it similar to the next mattress that we’ll be looking at, “Gel Plush Mattress.” Nonetheless, this mattress is somehow firmer than the Gel Plush bed but softer than the Idle Hybrid Mattress.

The Idle Gel Foam Memory Mattress boasts a top quilted cover, a natural fire-resistant barrier, Idle cooling buoyancy foam, transition foam layer, and high-density foam base, fireproof cloth, and base cover. On the other hand, the Idle Hybrid Mattress a Thermo cool cover, a natural fire-resistant barrier, contouring foam, transition foam layer, and 6-inch quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils. The layers are the same on both sides of the mattress.

When it comes to isolating motion, silence, and pressure relief, the Idle Gel Foam mattress is the better choice. But when it comes to sex and sleeping cool, the Idle Hybrid mattress is the best option. It is as well as vital to understand that the Idle Sleep Hybrid bed is more expensive than the Idle Gel Foam bed.

The Idle Plush Mattress

Our second comparison is the Idle Plush Mattress. This is not a hybrid mattress as it is made of all-foam layers. The gel-infused memory foam layer in this mattress makes it unique. Together with the cooling buoyancy foam layer, the sleeper gets to sleep cool. Apart from the gel-infused and buoyancy foam layers, this mattress also comes with a natural fire-resistant barrier, Idle memory foam, Idle high-density foam base, fireproof cloth, and washable base cover.

Surprisingly, both the Idle Plush and Idle Hybrid mattresses are 14-inches in thickness. However, the Idle Plush Mattress is softer than the Idle Hybrid Mattress. This means it is best suited for lighter individuals than the Idle Sleep Hybrid bed.

If you want a bed that isolates motion better and provides excellent pressure relief, the Idle Plush bed will be the best option. On the other hand, the Idle Hybrid is perfect for individuals who want a bouncy and responsive bed. Also, if you sleep hot, you will love the Idle Hybrid bed.

The Idle Latex Mattress

The Idle Latex Mattress has a lot of similarities with the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress. Both of these beds are hybrid beds but with different foam layers. They also have foams on their medium-firm side and luxury-firm side with the coil system in the middle. The mattresses are also flippable to allow users to choose a side that comforts them the best.

Unlike the Idle sleep Hybrid Mattress, the Idle Sleep Latex Mattress has two options. The user can select Dunlop latex or Talalay latex beds. Talalay latex is soft, while Dunlop latex is dense. Also, Talalay latex offers the best pressure relief, while Dunlop provides excellent support. Regardless of the Idle Latex Mattress that you select, you will get a bouncy, responsive, and comfortable bed.

In terms of firmness, the Idle Latex Mattress is slightly on the firmer side, which is expected of a latex mattress. However, both the Idle Sleep Latex Mattress and Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress have three firmness options: medium-firm, luxury firm, and double-sided mattresses. What’s more, the Idle Latex Mattress is costly than the Idle Hybrid Mattress.


If you’ve been looking for a quality hybrid memory foam mattress, the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress should be one of your top choices. This mattress comes in three options, allowing different users to select a mattress that best suits their needs. All three beds are flippable and durable. Overall, all Idle Sleep Mattresses are durably constructed to last long and perform at a high level.

Whether you choose the Idle Hybrid all-foam Mattress, Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress, Idle Sleep Gel Foam Mattress, or Idle Sleep Plush Mattress, you will get the comfort and support that you desire. What’s more, the mattresses feature some of the best materials, and they are CertiPUR-US certified.

With a 120-night free trial period and a lifetime warranty, you can rest knowing that you’ve invested in a quality and reliable brand. I hope this Idle Sleep mattress reviews article has given you a clear idea about this memory foam mattress.


How does the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress compare to other hybrid beds?

Answer: The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress stands out from the rest of the hybrid beds because of its exceptional construction. First and foremost, the mattress features a flappable design, which allows the user to turn the bed to a side they are comfortable with. Additionally, the mattress is bouncy, responsive, and sleeps cool. With two firmness options, many sleepers will find comfort in one of the comfort levels. With such exceptional features and performance, this is one of the best hybrid mattresses that you can get on the market.

How long should I expect the Idle Sleep Mattress to last?

Answer: Several things have to be considered when it comes to the durability of the mattress. These include materials of construction, the weight of the sleeper, and maintenance. The Idle Sleep Mattress utilizes some of the best materials. On top of that, it is a flippable mattress, which means it can last longer by being turned.

As a result, the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress should last at least eight years. Depending on the weight of the sleeper, this mattress can last even more than 10-years. This bed will last longer if used by lightweight sleepers than heavyweight sleepers. However, the difference won’t be as huge as the bed is well-made, overall.   

What other products does Idle Sleep Mattress sell besides the hybrid mattress?

Answer: Apart from the Idle Sleep Mattress, you will also get Idle Gel Foam Mattress, Idle Gel Plush Mattress, Idle Sleep All Natural Latex Mattress, Idle Sateen bedsheets, Adjustable base, Tencel mattress protector, Gel Memory Foam pillow, Idle foundation, and much more. In short, you get more than just the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress.

Is the Idle Sleep Mattress ideal for side sleepers?

Answer: No, it isn’t. The Idle Sleep Mattress comes with two firmness sides, which are medium-firm and luxury-firm. This is opposite to what side sleepers prefer as they are better off on a soft or plush mattress. As a result, this bed will exert more pressure on their spine, resulting in slight discomfort.

Is it okay if I flip my mattress?

Answer: Yes, you can flip your mattress to prolong its lifespan. However, you should do this every three months. What’s more, you can rotate this bed to ensure that it ages evenly. It is highly recommended to turn the mattress every six months.  

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