Vesgantti is a Chinese-based company and a mattress manufacturing brand. This brand makes all of the Vesgantti products. Everyone wants to make their house warm and comfortable. Significantly, the bedroom is the most preferred area, which should be so comfortable that the homeowners can get a peaceful nap. The mattress is one of the most determining items in our bedroom for increasing peace and comfort.

Where are Vesgantti mattresses manufactured? Who makes it?


Vesgantti mattresses are sold across the world. But the mattresses are manufactured in China. Some users may not trust Chinese products. The products got an excellent design from the UK and a trustworthy manufacturing process from China.

The Vesgantti company was founded in 2012. There is a company in the UK that sells Vesgantti products. The owner of the company is Muzoo Ltd. The headquarters of the company is situated in London.

Are Vesgantti mattresses any good?

Vesgantti mattresses are excellent for comfortable sleeping, and the company is a best seller.

Several types of mattresses for all

Vesgantti mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions. So, however, your sleeping position is, the mattress will be perfectly suited to you.

Vesgantti mattresses have a huge variety of products. Memory foam mattresses, ergonomic hybrid mattresses, Pressure Relief Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattresses, etc., are the varieties of Vesgantti.

Best budget mattress

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mattress, Vesgantti can be your best choice. The mattress costs less than $248, which is not a high price. It is an impressive price range for people in the middle range.

Long-term warranty

Vesgantti mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty period is very long, and you can easily repair any unexpected issue with the mattress. The long-term warranty provides excellent security.

No delivery charge

The Vesgantti is big enough as a product. So, it absorbs the delivery charge in its price. The delivery charge is not thought much of according to the price of the big product. So, it is good news that you are free from having to pay an extra delivery charge for Vesgantti products.

Super built quality

Every material used in Vesgantti is of high quality. More than a hundred trusted reviewers told us that it is really a user-friendly product. Most of the reviewers gave 4.4, 4.9, and 5 scores on average.

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