Barry A. Cik owns the Naturepedic mattress brand. He is the founder and technical director of Naturepedic. He always wanted to make an industry out of organic products. Therefore, using the products may preserve the environment in both the US and worldwide. Finally, he founded the Naturepedic mattress manufacturing company, which makes safe products that are good for both health and the environment.

Where are Naturepedic mattresses manufactured?


Most Naturepedic products are made in Ohio, USA. There is a GOTS-certified organic factory at Naturepedic, so most products are manufactured here.

Naturepedic mattresses are manufactured in Ohio. The factory is located outside of Cleveland. The place is in an area with one of the country’s largest Amish populations.

Why is NaturePedic so famous?

There are several reasons why Naturepedic is a famous mattress manufacturer. The following features of Naturepedic will clarify the reason:

There are very few GOTS-certified factories in the country. Naturepedic is one of them.

Naturepedic products are safe for both our health and the environment. It manufactures almost no petroleum-based products. So it does not affect the environment. Moreover, the waterproof mattress is brushed with polyethylene made from food-grade material. So, you do not have to worry about your children’s health and safety.

Naturepedic products avoid highly flammable materials like polyurethane foam. Even the foams were tested by placing cigarettes on the mattresses.

Naturepedic mattresses types

There is a huge collection of several types of mattresses at Naturepedic. Now, we are going to discuss the products and their price ranges.

Chorus organic mattresses

These types of mattresses from Naturepedic are available in the most affordable price range. Their prices range from $1199 to $2499, and they have both non-toxic and organic certifications. Most of the features, including organic cotton batting comfort layers, pocketed coils, organic cotton fabric, etc., are user-friendly. But not expecting the natural smells of the untreated ingredients caused negative reviews from several customers. Overall, the product is good.

EOS organic mattresses

The EOS collection has three different types of mattresses. They are the EOS Classic, EOS Pillowtop, and EOS Trilux mattresses. The EOS Classic and EOS Trilux are similar in terms of getting the highest sentiment. On the other hand, the Classic and Pillowtop are similar because both of them have 3” latex comfort layers and 8” encased coils. But the Trilux has three layers of latex.

Kids mattresses

The specialty of kids’ mattresses is that they have all the certifications because kids’ products are very sensitive. There is a lack of comfortable layers in the mattress. But, it is ideal for the children because it will help them outgrow more quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Naturepedic’s manufacturing facility is located in an area of Ohio with a large Amish population. But both Amish and non-Amish people make the products equally.

Every piece of Naturewise is organic. Naturepedic is famous for manufacturing chemical-free and safe products for children. However, the higher-quality materials of the mattresses prove that they are really money-worthy products.

Naturepedic products have a high demand because of their use of materials, including organic cotton, wool, and latex. The cost of these materials is much higher than that of non-organic materials. As a result, Naturepedic cannot prepare the products at a lower rate.

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